Heater Control on 1966 Bug?

Heat to the inside of your bug is completely dependent upon the exhaust manifolds and the valves used to divert air around them. These must be perfect so as not to route exhaust gases ,along with fresh air, into the cabin of your car. The hoses connect the redirected air into channels built into the body and if these channels are rotted through to the outside air-they become completely ineffective. The lever pulls closed the valves that re-direct the air into your cabin. This may be working but if those channels are swiss-cheese, you will never recieve this heated air

1. water heater at seasonal lake property?

If the water was not contaminated to begin with, it should be fine. The bacteria in question typically grows in exposed, impure water. Since the water presumably pure and in a closed container, it should be fine to drain it onto the ground. Even if it did, by some strange chance occurrance, have Legionella in it, you would need to spray the water into the air, inhale some of the bacteria, and have a compromised immune function, similar to that of an elderly person.

2. Is a heater core necessary for the the operation of a car?

nope ! you still can drive it and it won,t overheat either. all that will happen is this winter you won,t get any heat in the car. all it needs is the heater core changed

3. Induction heater - please identify device

This is a part of a snubber circuit. As capacitor is connection across positive and negative and negative leg of a capacitor is going from inside of a toroidal core . As the spikes generated across IGBT, capacitor charges and it delivers the energy to toroidal core which is then wasted at the second core which is cooled by water copper pipe. One can use a 100watt resistor also but this design is cost saving but not reliable.

4. solar powered electric heater?

Why not just use the solar heat for heating?

5. Garage heater (moden) is not working.?

Looks like there might be a problem in the thermocouple installation particularly if this is your first time doing it. The no.1 cause of pilot lights that wo not stay lit is a worn-out thermocouple so it might not be properly installed. Also get some professional help too.

6. Heating/heater issues HVAC?

I like Kirk D's anwers. Your system should not be cutting out until it reaches the temp you set on the thermostat. The vent leading into the chimney is to vent "out" gas exhaust to prevent carbon monoxide. Also, in the summer your air conditioner uses the vent to draw fresh air as well. Good luck.

7. After I clean my beta bowl I notice it swims strange for a little while, like if it doesn't know how to swim..

this happens becos you have to do a complete water change in a bowl...this upsets the chemistry of the water he was living in...he gets stressed getting used to the new water. ..which ofcourse will take time for him to adjust to...try getting a 3-5 gallon tank with filter and heater and then you will be doing 30-40% water changes every week...so it wo not stress him...also betta do not tend to do that well at room temperatures. ..a heater to a setting of 80 degrees F is necessary..try these things...and he wont do that....AND distilled water has got nothing to do with it...50% distilled water is ok...but try and avoid it...regular tap water is absolutely fine for the betta. ..also if possible get your water tested at a pet store..they usually do it for free

8. Car heater won't work?

Check your antifreeze / coolant level

9. Is a Heater Core necessary?

There was a time long ago when a heater was actually considered a luxury option in a car. Yes, it can be completely bypassed without causing any engine problems. You can replace both heater hoses with a single hose that would feed the coolant back into the engine. Nothing fancy, just buy or cut a length of hose of the proper diameter. They sell heater hoses by the foot at most auto parts stores, or you can probably just cut up one of the old ones

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99 Escort Lx Idle Low When Heater Is Turned on Just Started to Do This After I Replaced the Serpenti
timing belt has absolutely nothing to do with the heater, there is an idle-up solenoid that keeps the idle from decreasing when the fan is turned on(whether it is the heater or AC), check this solenoidHow to replace a Passenger side window for a 1989 Ford Mustang LX Hatchback.?Get a Haynes manual and call your local auto shopwhere can i find a repair manual for my 1993 ford escort lx wagon?the best thing i did was to buy an alldata.com subscription. It was as cheap as the book at the store and more completeCost to replace exhaust/cat manifold and o2 sensor for honda civic 96 lx?Shops would cost you $200 for o2 sensor replacement. Oxygen Sensor ranges from $40-$50. Exhaust Manifold Gasket replacement cost $250. Exhaust Manifold Gasket ranges from $25- $30 Check the links for further details.What type of gas to use for the 2012 accord coupe lx?Use exactly what the owners manual spec's, in this case, for this year and engine, 87 Octane regular. Using higher octane fuel will actually do no good for the car and generally make it run more poorly in the winter and while the engine is warming up. Using high octane fuel in a low compression engine can lead to coking problems. Higher octane fuel is harder to ignite (that's what makes it higher octane!) and so will run poorly when the engine is cold. As to brand of fuel, any quality supplier is just fine. Shell, BP, HEB are all good brands. Mostly you want to be sure you buy gas at stations that do good volume. Stations that move a lot of fuel are less likely to have issues with water in the fuel. Astrobuf94 Honda Accord LX Power Windows (Passenger) Not working!?Bigmac01 is correct. Did you buy a brand new motor, used, or aftermarket. If you bought a new one or a used one then you will probably have to pay for another one, but if you bought an aftermarket or rebuilt one from an auto parts store they usually carry a warrantyIs the new sidekick 08 any better or worse then the lx?Well tht's debatable if you want a business phone than get the 2008 but if you would like just a regular phone for texting and such get the LXMy 94 Honda Accord LX still overheating HELP?The radiator might need to be flushed and the proper coolant/water mix added. If this has not been done in a few years that might be the problemDriver Window Honda Accord LX 97?Sounds like the master switch maybe faulty and I would suggest that you start with checking the owners manual and fuse box covers for any fuses or relays in the electric window circuits.According to autozone.com that vehicle has no relays in the electric window circuits but again check and see. One test probe I like to suggest that you use is a positive and negative 12 volt auto test probe.This would help a lot since it reads both positive and negative voltage.For example it has a red positive alligator clip wire that you clamp onto the the positive battery post or another constant 12 volt positive feed.Then you clamp the black lead wire to a clean/solid metal ground surface or a the battery's negative post.How if you popped out the master window control switch you could then slightly puncture any of the wires for example you select the wire on one side of the drivers side switch.Now you might see a green led light on the test probe light up or a red light or no light.Try moving the switch now in the upper position and lower positions you should be seeing those lights come on.So if you say saw the green light on with the switch off and then when you turned switch on for up window function the green light went off but the red light is now on.This would suggest that the switch in that position is working. Once you've tested all 4 switches in the up window and lower window positions then you also could note the colours of the wires you tested for the drivers side window switch.Take the door panel off and test those wires at the motor for the window and at the regulator.See if the led tester responds the same at the motor end etc of the same coloured wires as on the switch.Now you could take a look at the passengers side. See if those readings are the same at the master switch for the passengers front window wires as the motor wires.This should be enough to know whats going on and what part/parts need replacing.
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