HELP! I Got a Banana Peel Stuck in the Garbage Disposal and My Room Mate Will Be Home in 1 Hour. 10

try just letting water run and turn it on as long as possible,you need to try removing more of the peel

1. Is there a discreet service that will come remove any toys that might be stuck in your garbage disposal?

Need to call in the nice guy/girl from the servicing company Would not touch one of those things unless you knew how. Would not want to loose an arm. Mind you depends on the type of toys If there are Adult toys involved - I suggest you look up a local service for a "Naked Plumber" -- they do exist. You get "Naked Cleaning" services too. Seen them on some TV shows

2. Why Are Garbage Disposal & Cleaning Jobs Widely Judged As Demeaning Jobs What Makes Their Jobs Less Important?

Its the best service job what we get from these people. if any one feels that this is backward job then ask him not to clear his rubbish for month, not clean his house, ........ then we will know the value of the people who does this jobs.

3. How do I unclog my Garbage disposal?

You could try putting SEVERAL inches of water into the sink and then try plunging the drain from the sink to see if you can get the drain to start to run Otherwise, the drain will probably have to be snaked if that does not work

4. What can I use to keep my garbage disposal clean & not smelly. I rarely use it. But it smells.?

Put a lemon down the disposal now and then. Also it seems oranges work. I clean mine out after I finish dishes even if I havent used it. I run it with a bit of dish soap after I empty the sink, then rinse.

5. My garbage disposal quit working..why?

Yes but you should be able to fix it yourself. You tossed something in there that was either too bi or hard like a bone, or is a utensil like a knife or fork. 1. First turn the switch off and PULL THE POWER PLUG OUT. 2. Look down into the disposal and try to pull out the obstruction. A pair of pliers or narrow tongs might help. 3. Go under the sink. Usually taped to the disposal is a tool that looks like an allen wrench (diameter looks like a hexagon or octagon). Stick it in the bottom center of the disposal which will enable you to turn the blades (probably counter clockwise) which should enable you to then pull out more debris from the top. If you can turn the blades 360 degrees, then you should have most of the debris out of there. Remove the tool and put it back where you got it. 4. Somewhere on the disposal, often on the bottom, there is a circuit breaker button that you need to push to reset. 5. Make one more check for more debris. Plug the unit back in and try it with running water. There is a chance you will have more that you will need to remove but make sure you unplug the power first. .

6. I switch on the garbage disposal and i hear the motor hum but the disposal unit does not rotate. i stick a?

Make sure you are pressing the red reset button on the bottom of the unit. Check your breaker to see if it has tripped. You may want to turn it off and back on as sometimes the lever wo not move. If the disposal has power wo not run, the motor's bad

7. how do i get rid of the disgusting smell that is coming from my garbage disposal?

The best thing you can do for your garbage disposal is to cut up a fresh lemon (one half at a time, but cut it into small pieces) and grind it up. If it is as rank as you say, do the entire lemon. You can do one half a lemon once a week to help it stay that way. It will really sweeten up your entire kitchen. Good luck, I hope your stinkies go away

8. How do I get a clog of melted cheese out of my garbage disposal?

Remove the disposal and clean it out. It is gonna take half hour and messy

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