Help with Building My First Gaming Computer Rig?

Help with building my first gaming computer rig?

The motherboard provides four DDR3 memory sockets and supports Dual Channel Technology, not Triple Channel Technology. When enabling Dual Channel mode with two or four memory modules, it is recommended that memory of the same capacity, brand, speed, and chips be used and installed in the same colored DDR3 sockets for optimum performance.

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What was your first game on PS3 that got you hooked to being a gamer?

Very First Game That Got me hooked was Grand Theft Auto Vice City for the PS2 (Not Vice City Stories that sucked) The first PS3 game was either MLB: The Show, Madden, or GTA IV. Ima sports/GTA guy

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1960 Major League Baseball All-Star Game (first game)

The 1960 Major League Baseball All-Star Game was the 28th playing of the midsummer classic between the all-stars of the American League (AL) and National League (NL), the two leagues comprising Major League Baseball. The game was held on July 11, 1960, at Municipal Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri the home of the Kansas City Athletics of the American League. The game resulted in the National League defeating the American League 5-3. A second all-star game was played two days later on July 13 at Yankee Stadium in New York City.

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Building first gaming PC, any advice on parts?

U will choose here aspects for appropriate overall performance:- a million. a third gen intel processor center i5/i7 2. a motherboard making use of a Z77 chipset might do gud 3. a 8GB RAM is gud 4 a cost selection pc 4. ur maximum well known no longer undemanding disk- 1TB might help 5. a 2GB DDR5 pictures card is better than sufficient (evaluate NVIDIA Geforce over AMD Radeon) 6. different hardwares like the visual exhibit unit,mouse,keyboard,audio gadget,cabinet,... author,etc u will could choose pondering ur cost selection 7. a ability grant (500W ) is sufficient 8. united states9. one greater cooling gadget (relies upon on ur config. and ur cabinet) thats it. .......ur dream gaming pc is waiting. responsive to approximately different small aspects regarding interior the build,os,antivirus,different softwares on the time of assembling.u don hav to wry approximately them now.......:) better of success dude.....:)

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I'm trying to built my first gaming computer at a 1200 dollars budget price help me out?

I bought my 2500 dollar computer there and everything works great. and you can find something there with your budget. you can get a good i7 for 200, a motherboard for 200, a good monitor for 200, 1tb of memory for 80 bucks! a good card for 200-300. a good case from 100-200 (even cheaper to) good RAM and power supplys for cheap my specs are.. 12GB of RAM 2gtx 470s SLI ready 1TB memory i7 930 (3.6mhz) (OVER CLOCKED) (comes with 2.8) evga 3 way SLI motherboard 1250watt PSU Full tower case that lights up blue =) I also have a logitech keyboard and mouse but i did not buy it there. but im sure they have the same one I have but cheaper. got mine at target =/ hope this helps

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Teams in North American leagues that won their first game ever? [closed]

If you can count their first appearance being an exhibition game, the Orlando Magic won their first ever appearance against the Detroit Pistons in 1989

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Who is your team playing the first game of the season?

My team is the Milwaukee Brewers and they will be playing the Giants in San Francisco on April 7th. Come on April! I am ready!

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will ya'll please help me build my first gaming desktop? i'm a complet newbie to it and have a budget.?

Your build is fairly perfect. The processor you have, shop it. you dont could desire to be needlessly spending money on bigger geared up stuff while the only you have already got is definitely wonderful. Your memory is wonderful, pictures card is amazingly sturdy. each and every thing is definitely wonderful. the only ingredient im going to remark on oftentimes is your not easychronic. i might quite propose getting, before everything, a Sata 6.0 Gb/s and a couple of of them at that (Doesnt remember approximately not easychronic length) yet they could desire to be the comparable authentic ingredient. 7200rpm, needless to say. Than once you get the build and do each and every thing you have performed to get it to paintings. After this, ask a query on a thank you to place your not basic drives into Raid 0 so as that your velocity is in simple terms approximately doubled. this way once you game and do enhancing each and every thing a lot a lot speedier. have confidence me it works. I positioned my in many circumstances happening not basic drives (resembling yours) into raid 0 and it did like a a million.8x velocity strengthen. i might answer your question interior the i7 and i5 ingredient. the version between them is not there clock velocity, not there cores, yet there cache. i7 has so a lot extra l3 cache. i5 is interior the middle, balanced. and i3 has a low volume of cache. There are different issues yet i forgot. Dont substitute your motherboard, the extra effectual it is the longer your laptop will final and the extra overall performance you are able to squeeze out

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