Hi There, My Car Needs to Change Its Engine Oil and I Dont Know Which Oil Should I Buy.?

Mobil 1 is great oil, Mitsubishi's are junk and will leak or burn anything you put in it

1. what kind/how much of a common engine fluid/oil will slow/stop an engine oil leak when added to the oil.?

Best is to find source of leak and repair or replace gasket

2. I can't find were I have to change the engine oil on my 50cc Cpi Aragon 2009?

2 stroke scooters do not have a crankcase that holds oil. The rear drive case is considered the "transmission". The case is at the rear wheel and usually holds motor oil. Look near the bottom, or underneath for a bolt with a sealing washer on it - that would be the drain bolt. Different manufacturer's have different methods of filling with oil. The oil fill plug (or bolt) will be near the top. If the bolt is on the side, fill with the recommend type of oil until the level is up to the threads of the bolt hole. OR fill with the recommend amount of oil (the number will be stamped on the case).

3. I drive a 1994 Mercedes-Benz C280. Engine oil gets into the radiator at an alarming rate?

There's a lot to owning a Mercedes. That head must have cost you thousands and the other cooling system parts are going to have you crying harder. Sorry- too bad. I would sure cry about it!

4. My motorcycle won't start. Kick-starter barely moves now. Could it be engine oil? I was a little low.?

weird and wonderful. yet, the two issues are unrelated. attempt this -- unscrew the spark plug. which will take all rigidity off the engine, only in case it fairly is caught between 2 strokes or something. Then press on the kick starter. If it fairly is been sitting for 2 years, i might like to spray some WD40 into that cylinder besides, to lube the jewelry earlier I crank up. positioned it into 1st equipment, sit down on the scooter to characteristic weight, and roll forward and dad the seize. ..that would roll the engine slightly and get issues going

5. Why does the engine oil in 84 Dodge Ram D100, smell like gas after I've changed fuel pump and carburetor?

Sound like you have a crack in the manifold

6. Why is my Bajaj Avenger 150 giving me a 35kmpl mileage even with timely servicing, maintaining the recommended air pressure, doing a regular chain lubing and using Motul engine oil?

The kilometrage you have mentioned is not bad at all. Has the vehicle completed 5000 km ? If it has not your average should further improve . But also switch to premium fuel . If fuel quality is bad or adulterated then not only will average be low , but could damage engine leading to expensive repairs . Also keep your riding style defensive . Avoid three digit speeds or hard revving the engine, since it affects the engine average. Stick to hiway speeds of about 80 km. And before exerting load on a cold idle for about 90 seconds . That is allow lubricant circulation and warming up. Tyre pressure and brake drags also keep mileage low. Check for drum heating . Ensure you stick to recommended tyre pressure or simply switch to nitrogen, where you need to top up pressure only once in a month. nEnjoy your ride astride the Avenger !

7. I have accidentally poured water in engine oil in my car Hyundai. What to do . Will a oil change help ?

change your oil and oil filter NOW. As long as you don;t drive it far 10 miles or so, you will be OK

8. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of car engine oil thats leaked onto a tarmac drive ?

this is a bio hazard.. good to ask, call the local trash collectors or State department

9. Hi there, my car needs to change its engine oil and I dont know which oil should I buy.?

What year is your Lancer? The best 100% synthetic oil in the world is AMSOIL it goes 25,000 miles on the same oil and filter as well as giving you a 6% savings in fuel. AMSOIL has beat Mobil 1 in every test. AMSOIL will keep your vehicle running at Supreme Performance/Durability/Economy

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