Hit with a Speeding Fine Lately? Don't Cop It - the Age

Any driver hit with a fine by Victoria's virus-addled speed cameras this month should strongly consider challenging it in court, traffic law experts say.

The potential legal challenge has been foreshadowed at the same time as Fairfax can reveal camera-operator Redflex's own staff held serious concerns about outdated and unmaintained software well before this month's attack.

Computer security experts have also raised serious doubts about whether the virus blamed, WannaCry, was actually responsible for the attack, raising questions about Redflex's response to the crisis.

The state's entire speed camera system is suspended after Redflex said they had detected the WannaCry virus, a dangerous piece of ransomware already wreaking havoc across the globe, on the cameras' systems.

On Friday police said the virus was confined to 55 cameras, upped that number to 97 on Saturday, and then finally had to suspend all 280 cameras after the government announced it feared the virus had infected the whole network.

Almost 10,000 fines have been withdrawn or suspended in case they are incorrect.

A review is under way by Road Safety Camera Commissioner John Voyage, who will decide if fines issued between June 6 and 22, when the virus was on the cameras, will stand.

Even if Mr Voyage rules they will, traffic lawyer Michael Kuzilny said drivers should seriously consider challenging a fine in court.

"My view is Victoria Police are trying to play this whole thing down, and it's a lot more serious than anticipated," he said.

"At this stage we know about 100 cameras in the system have been corrupted. How do we know the entire system has not been corrupted? This is a very powerful and dangerous virus." Sylvie Maranis, a partner with GTC Lawyers, said fined drivers should definitely speak to a lawyer.

"I expect we'll see a few court cases run soon," she said.

A former Redflex staff member told Fairfax the software running the state's speed-camera network was ancient and rarely updated.

In one case, an important security patch took more than a year to get government approval to be rolled out.

"The government takes forever to approve an update - so it's not the company's fault. Anything, performance patches, system patches, it takes forever." The virus was spread by a USB stick used by an independent contractor who was supposed to be testing the cameras.

The former staff member said independent contractors regularly damaged speed cameras when they tested them.

"When they broke, we were happy as a company, because it meant it was outside the contract - because we could charge the Department of Justice when they broke things." The suggestion the virus spread via USB means it is highly unlikely to be WannaCry, according to several security researchers.

Fairfax understands government investigators are strongly leaning toward another virus being responsible.

WannaCry is designed to exploit a vulnerability in older versions of Windows. There are no recorded instances of it spreading by USB, several security researchers told Fairfax.

"The more information that comes out the less it looks like WannaCry is involved," University of Melbourne cybersecurity expert Dr Chris Culnane said.

Whatever the virus ends up being, the experts questioned how the government could maintain it has confidence the camera network was working normally.

"The idea that these machines run Windows XP is shocking but not overly surprising - it's a sign of widespread poor information security culture," said the University of Melbourne's Toby Murray.

"I can't see how Redflex or the government could claim to have full confidence that these cameras are operating as intended." Redflex declined to comment. The state government has been contacted for comment.

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Serco Wins Traffic Camera Contract
A BRITISH company was yesterday awarded a $150 million contract to operate Victoria's controversial traffic camera system over seven years.Police Minister Bob Cameron said Serco would take over the management of traffic camera services from Tenix Solutions at the end of October.Despite several bungles, Tenix Solutions will still enforce traffic fines under a new contract worth $330 million over eight years.Serco will be responsible for installing and maintaining speed and red-light cameras, including the placing of mobile cameras at locations decided by police.All film mobile cameras will be replaced with improved technology - 11 megapixel digital cameras - over the next year for better image quality.Mr Cameron said Serco had been warned that significant fines would be imposed for any traffic camera error that occurred, to eliminate the likelihood of breaches."We want to make sure that there is more tension in the system and that's why part of this contract there are penalties of up to $50,000 as a consequence of any human error," he said, while admitting there would always be human error in any system.Tenix was heavily criticised in June last year after it was revealed that more than 1100 speeding tickets had been wrongly issued.The company was given a six-figure fine and then forced to withdraw a further 72 speeding fines after another embarrassing processing error.Serco's Australian chief executive, David Campbell, said the company was pleased to have won the contract."We will be drawing on our experience as the largest provider of traffic camera services in the United Kingdom," Mr Campbell said.Serco planned to offer jobs to Tenix staff where possible.Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Noel Ashby said the cameras played an important role in reducing the state's road toll and police would continue to use the cameras as an integral part of practices aimed at reducing speed."Reductions of speed is a good thing. It's one of the key killers on our roads," Assistant Commissioner Ashby said."The red-light cameras have also proven highly successful, not only in reducing speed through intersections but stopping people running red lights. They are reducing crashes in that context."Victoria Police will continue to assess high-risk locations and continue unapologetically to target the areas particularly where road trauma is likely to happen or has occurred previously."
Do We Really Need a New Camera System?
How would we know what YOU need, JoJo?1. Matching Vintage CZ Lenses to Camera System(s)?It all depends on the mount. If you can find an adapter to connect the two then you are good to go. There are lots of adapters at eBay. IF it's M42 you could easily mount it to any dSLR brand with a screwmount adapter2. how to setup security camera system in school?If you are in a position to make the decision to deploy a security camera you are in a position to know how3. Are DSLRs a dying breed, making now the time to switch to a mirrorless camera system? [closed]I think entry level DSLRs are going to disappear. I've noticed people who buy those rarely use another lens than the kit zoom, and with newer cameras that have live view do not even use the viewfinder anymore. For them a MFT camera is better and will replace it because cheap DSLR do not last that long either. As mirrorless cameras are getting better people who care about the weight of their equipment (like me) are going to switch as well4. Should you choose a camera system based on camera body or the lenses?I chose my camera based on economics. I too am a Nikonian. I came to that conclusion based on the long term costs of being a photographer. While Nikon may not be the least expensive brand, the fact that their lenses can be used on every dSLR they make made me consider Nikon first. Its a big money saver when it comes to upgrading the body. It saved me a ton when upgrading from a D80 to a D300s5. Installation guide for security camera system for home ?did it come with instructions? no idea of what type you are talking about6. what digital camera system should I upgrade to? Professional photographers only?I think ideally for you the Canon 1DS MKIII would be the camera. At 21MP, it is unequaled. With the work that you are doing, the 35mm lenses would be a major plus and Canon L lenses are superb. As we all know, 35mm lenses are sharper and much faster than medium format lenses. Just think, you will be able to throw your backgrounds out of focus with lenses as fast as 1.2. Canon has a 50mm 1.2 and an 85mm L 1.2 they both are a photographer's dream come true. Unlike the medium format, you have a very wide variety of zoom lenses to choose from, many of them 2. 8 or faster. They also have a number of pimes that are 2.0 or faster. With this system, you can also move into the mystical world of fisheye photography economically. Their awesome 15mm 2.8 is less than $600.00 which is in great contrast to the cost of a medium format fisheye lens and it is sharper too. This camera can be had for $7999. 00 and with 2 or 3 of their fine lens for about $10000.00. I say go for it!7. What is a good Home Surveillance wireless camera system?One from Harriet Carter........they look just like the real thing and a whole lot cheaper8. Which mirrorless camera system is the most versatile?Micro Four Thirds. It's the original mirrorless system, the most complete, and the most flexible.It's got the most complete collection of lenses, fisheye to super telephoto. Prime lenses and zooms, consumer, enthusiast, and professional glass. Including high-end cinema lenses, for those who need them.And a surprising number of really fast lenses, f/1.2 to f/0.95.And like any mirrorless system, it can adapt lenses from SLR, DSLR, or rangefinder systems. It's got excellent stills-oriented cameras.Compact cameras, some not much larger than a nice compact digital point-and-shoot.Fantastic video cameras.And full-on camcorders.And drone and action cameras.Micro Four Thirds wins on size and weight. I can carry twice the range of gear in a 10 lbs pack than I had in my 25lbs pack with my old Canon 6D system. And the 6D was a fairly light full frame, as full frame goes. The ability to take your camera with you is a key part of being versatile. You can probably claim other advantages from other systems. But when it comes to versatility, the Micro Four Thirds system stands alone.Which mirrorless camera system is the most versatile?.
Filming of Women's Gynecological Surgeries Draws Hospital's Apology; Lawsuits Pending
A California hospital issued an apology to several women this week who have filed lawsuits claiming they were unknowingly filmed during gynecological surgeries.Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, Calif., issued a statementMonday apologizing to more than 80 women who aresuing the medical facility, sayingthey were accidentally recorded by motion-activated cameras installed in three separate operating rooms in an effort to catch someone who had been stealing drugs.Hospital officials discovered in 2011 that someone had been taking "powerful drugs" and equipment from anesthesia carts in several operating rooms.IOWA MAN AWARDED $12 MILLION AFTER CLINIC MISDIAGNOSIS CANCER, REMOVES PROSTATEAfter the hospital was unable to find the thief using "other investigative methods," officials decided to install a computer monitor with a motion-activated camera in direct view of the anesthesia carts."Although the cameras were intended to record only individuals in front of the anesthesia carts, others, including patients and medical personnel in the operating rooms, were at times visible to the cameras and recorded without sound," the statement read.Plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuitfiled three years agoincludeone woman who said she was recorded while giving birth by emergency cesarean section."The purpose of this investigation was to determine how the anesthesia drugs were going missing in order to ensure patient safety and quality of care," the hospital's statement said.The thief was eventually caught using the hidden cameras and officials said that the individual was no longer affiliated with the hospital.The hospital said that while it is unable to comment further on the lawsuits, it did say that the videos in question were kept in a "secured safe" and were then provided to third parties as a part of the litigation.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"We sincerely apologize that our efforts may have caused any distress to the women who were recorded, their families, and others we serve."Officials said the camera system is no longer in place.
Setting Up a Wireless Security Camera System
The beauty of a wireless security camera system lies in the simplicity of its installation and use. Your multiple wireless cameras can simultaneously transmit video images directly to a receiver hooked up to your television or computer. It's a discreet way to keep an eye on your kids, your employees, your business or property.You don't need to spend a thousand bucks on buying your equipment and then another grand for the guys who'll set it up. Instead, buckle up for a quick job that will bring you great peace of mind because all you need are a few good cameras, a computer and a stable software.Get The Picture: Wireless Cameras By building your own surveillance system you have the liberty to chose your assortment of cameras. You can have four cameras or 30 cameras, as many as you need. If you intend to conduct outdoor surveillance, you will need to place cameras at the houses' main entrances, lawn, garage, pool area or backyard.Good outdoor cameras better be weather resistant and have night vision. Indoor surveillance is a lot less complicated as you can use even use a simple computer or spy camera. These are inconspicuous and easily disguised.Camera Buying Tips Before making your purchase, be sure to check the range of the cameras' signal to ensure that it reaches your receiver. Larger properties may need cameras with more powerful transmitters.To minimize the data input, opt for a motion or voice activated camera or you'll wind up with hours of data to skim through.Receiver Wireless cameras transmit video images through walls at a distance of 300 feet to 10 miles. You will need to get a DVR receiver to pick up the signals transmitted by your cameras. The receiver is a vital part of your system as without it, you will be unable to view the images your cameras take.The device can be easily plugged into your computer or television where you intend to view the images. Some cameras come equipped with their own DVR cards and can broadcast directly to the Internet, but you can also buy the receiver separately from any security and surveillance store.Software You will need to install a stable version of a surveillance software that lets you monitor your cameras 24/7. Whether you use Mac, Windows or Linux, you will find plenty of paid and free softwares on-line. These wares let you monitor, store and transfer files. You can view live feeds on your laptop, phone or desktop with equal ease.Data Storage Space The data from all your video cameras will need to be stored safely. With multiple cameras at different locations taping all day long, your data storage requirements will shoot up drastically. You will need to rent out server space on-line or buy a separate 1 TB hard drive to store your video data. You will also have to regularly monitor your data.
Light Up the Night & Improve Video Quality
Using Infrared and White LED Illumination may be the key to improved video This article looks at two technologies; Infrared and White LED illumination that are extremely helpful when nighttime surveillance is a primary focus of the surveillance camera system. Each lighting type can benefit video quality and depending on the environment and particular application one technology may be preferred over the other. Also available is a "hybrid" lighting which combines the two technologies and can offer superior video performance when used properly for your CCTV system.First we will examine infrared illumination. This technology has been used in video surveillance for many years. Color cameras cannot detect the infrared light spectrum but black and white cameras can. Today's camera manufacturers offer cameras that are color during the day and black and white at night. They do this by removing the IR cut filter in the camera. Removing the IR cut filter allows the camera to view the infrared light spectrum. Using what is called today a "Day/Night" camera combined with infrared lighting these cameras can see in almost complete darkness. The human eye cannot see the infrared light spectrum so to potential intruders this light in nearly invisible. Using infrared lighting is ideal for covert application or when lighting an area may not be neighbor friendly.White LEDs are a fairly new technology being used in surveillance camera systems. White LEDs are white light that can be seen just like traditional lights. The white light they produce is visible to both color cameras and the human eye. White LED lights offer a number of benefits compared to traditional lighting systems.1. Less Power Consumption White LEDs use low voltage and require very little power compared to traditional 120/240 or 480 Volt outdoor lights. Lower power consumption provides an energy efficient "green" solution that saves on power costs.2. Lower Installation Costs Since these lights are low voltage they can be installed by the CCTV installation company at the same time the cameras are being installed. This leads to a lower cost of the installation and a single point of contact for the lights and cameras.3. Built-in Photocell These lights come with a built-in Photocell that automatically turns the lights on when it gets dark. This further saves on system costs.White LEDs also offer benefits over infrared illumination because they allow the camera to still produce a color image. Color images are far superior than black and white images and can offer far more forensic details. Allowing a Day/Night camera to remain in its color mode will improve video quality and provide details that would otherwise be missed by the camera system. Visible light and well lit areas are always a crime deterrent so using White LED's for illumination can provide protection of property and assets.For the best of both worlds there are "hybrid" illuminators. These illuminators have both an IR and White LED lighting system. They work by providing IR light at night when there is no motion. This allows live viewing of the camera by guards or anyone wishing to remote monitor the camera. When motion is detected the White LED lights turn on and the area is lit up. The camera will produce a color image and can potentially scare off a potential intruder or vandal.When nighttime surveillance is a goal of your camera system then exploring the use of these lighting options is critical to the success of the system. Select the lighting that best suits your security goals and ensure that the cameras work seamlessly with the illumination chosen.
NFL Lauds MetLife Stadium's Security System and Programs As Trendsetting
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - A shoving match breaks out in a section of the MetLife Stadium stands. While security officers hustle to the scene, a beyond state-of-the-art surveillance system is recording every detail.No more conflicting accusations and complaints. The cameras show all.The cameras installed late last year before the stadium hosted the Super Bowl feature a mega-pixel system that provides comprehensive, undisrupted video coverage throughout every part of the venue. MetLife Stadium previously won a security award and recently was nominated for another one for the system, which cost close to $1 million. Praise has come from the NFL for implementing a program that the league wants expanded to every team's home."We can validate people's accounts of any dispute, see what actually happened," says Daniel DeLorenzi, director of security and safety services at MetLife Stadium, which opened in 2010. "We can simply call our command center, see on video exactly who was involved and what occurred."The video also has evidentiary value; it's been used to see if anyone should be arrested and who."It's also utilized when medical issues crop up somewhere in the building."You get unique situations with 80,000 people in your stadium," DeLorenzi adds. "The diversity makes this system invaluable."From the command center, video operators can watch every nook and cranny of the stadium except inside the luxury boxes."The idea is to see every seat in the bowl," DeLorenzi says.Cameras also monitor concourses, escalators, the outside of the building and the parking lots. The system has the ability to provide views of about a quarter-mile away, showing surrounding roadways and even the Giants' practice facility.It took several months of investigating products and suppliers before the stadium settled on the camera design by Arecont Vision and management of the system by Genetec Security Center, according to MetLife Stadium President and CEO Brad Mayne. Installation took nine months, but the system was in place well before last February's Super Bowl.The stadium has about 40 events a year, including 10 home dates each for the Giants and Jets, college football games, concerts and motor racing.And it's not all about the cameras. When the stadium opened, DeLorenzi implemented a program emphasizing fan conduct.If someone is ejected from MetLife Stadium, that person is banned for all events until completing a readmittance program. That program entails having the barred person fill out a form that basically is an ejection report; explain to DeLorenzi what his or her actions were; and take an online conduct course vowing to act responsibly.Once that person has a certificate of completion, readmittance is granted."We've had no repeat offenders from people who have taken the class," says DeLorenzi.The NFL is so impressed with the fan conduct course it will be making it mandatory throughout the league.What began as an alcohol awareness class morphed into a program addressing other issues. The class includes anger management and stress management techniques courses to provide an understanding of the impact of bad behavior on others."Our class registrations are up," says Ray DiNunzio, the NFL's director of strategic security programs. "If fans violate one of the principle tenets, they are required to be ejected from the stadium and prohibited from returning to the stadium until completing the course. And new in 2014, they are barred from any NFL stadium."DiNunzio notes the "number of ejections are way below 1 percent" of people in attendance at games. There were fewer than 8,000 ejections leaguewide in 2013."We will have a better picture of compliance after the fan conduct inspection process concludes this season," he said.Fans can report issues at the New Jersey Meadowlands stadium directly to the security command center in the bowels of the building through texting to 78247 and typing "MLS," followed by a request for assistance and a location; by calling a Hotline at 201 559-1515; or by sending a tweet to @MLStadium.The stadium also has undercover security and police officers who play a role in game-day security."We're tracking stats as much as we can to learn if the fan conduct class is an effective tool," DiNunzio says. "The last thing we want is to have a program that requires this much effort on the part of the fan and the league and for it to not be effective."MetLife Stadium's DeLorenzi has no doubt about the effectiveness of the course and of the camera system."The message is simply that what you do and how you behave is subject to scrutiny," he says. "And we have the means there to see what you did."___AP NFL website: www.pro32.ap.org and www.twitter.com/AP_NFL
Ford's New Pickup Is Ready for the Call of Duty
When the 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty Pickup goes on sale this fall, it will do so with a host of mind-bogglingly huge power and performance figures, including a scarcely believable, Bugatti-beating 925lb-ft of torque.The Super Duty is Ford's most serious pickup. It's the go-to vehicle for those that need to tow over 32,000lbs in their wake or be able to load over 7600lbs in the rear without any ill effects or road-holding discomfort.But don't think for a moment that this ultimate beast of burden is something aimed solely or exclusively at agricultural or heavy industry. Horse trailers are heavy and put strain on engines; yachts, schooners and jet skis need to be transported between dry docks -- and those that love their outdoor activities want to be able to head off on an adventure knowing that their car can cope with whatever the road ahead will throw at it."This is the best heavy-duty truck we've ever made," says Doug Scott, Ford truck marketing manager. "We listened to our customers and created the toughest, smartest and most capable Super Duty ever."And tough it is, built from high-strength steel and military grade aluminum and with a 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbodiesel calling the shots. As well as 925lb-ft (1254Nm) on tap it also outputs 440hp to all four wheels as standard, without any clever tuning making it the best in class and not just in terms of power. It can tow and carry more than any other vehicle in the same segment.But for those purists that prefer gasoline, Ford has also tweaked its 6.2-liter V8 so that it offers 385hp and 430lb-ft of torque.But strength is just one element. Ease of use and comfort are just as crucial. The new Heavy Duty is the first truck to come with adaptive cruise control, brake support and collision warning systems optimized for when towing a trailer. The blind spot monitoring system is also able to "see around" the trailer for vehicles that may be coming up on the inside.There is a high level camera that monitors whatever's attached to the tow hook and that's on top of the existing 360° camera system that is designed to help drivers negotiate parking spaces and off ramps when a trailer or caravan is attached. For those that will be using their Heavy Duty for towing alone, there's even the option of a sixth camera that can be mounted at the back of a trailer or caravan, etc for even better visibility when maneuvering.
Top 10 Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System of 2021
As believed commonly, technology has made us susceptible alternatively; it has also made us protected. Days are very near to see when all will use the best long range wireless security camera system. Since long, classy security, camera system and siren were set aside for affluent homeowners. However, today owing to the affordability and their helpfulness as crime prevention, they have become a necessity rather than a luxury! Nevertheless, all credit goes to the global market and companies like Amazon, technology has become increasingly reachable. Today's cameras all have updated security features to make home supervision hassle-free and trouble-free like the best long-range wireless security camera system. In short, these cameras witness both inside and outside of the home. Sometimes they stay connected with smartphones to give live updates what is happening at home, viewed remotely from anywhere in the internet-connected world. Now the question arises - How to focus which long-range wireless security camera system to buy? While reassessing long-range wireless security camera system in the market, here is the inference is drawn, starting with the best of the best... Quick Setup and Intuitive Operation: The HD 1080P Wi-Fi camera is up and running in a matter of minutes on any iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, True Day & Night and Ultra-Wide Angle. The HD 1080p camera features an advanced IR Cut Filter for accurate, vibrant colors and a Night Vision mode to capture clear, illuminated footage up to 30 feet, Ultra-Wide 90 degree viewing angle lets you dive into the whole room scene. More than a DIY self-contained best long range wireless security camera system, free-on-board and cloud offsite storage, and universal security camera remote control None 3 Megapixel with 4mm focal length wide-angle lens: Horizontal: 90, Vertical: 50, gives a wider view to maximizing your recording coverage without compromising quality. None Free apps for iOS and Android and free instant in-app alerts of motion events None It is quick to upload captures to Dropbox or email them directly Very easy to use and Installation None The wireless extender is recommended to ensure best results if no high power router is there None Direct wiring from computer to router and router wired to a camera is good to use. Sequro GuardPro DIY Long Range Wireless Video Surveillance System has a distant way in and live viewing through the internet. It is versatile with easy to use interface, motion/scheduled/manual recording, immediate playback videos and lives view in one screen. Sequro GuardPro is a true DIY Surveillance System with Monitor. Gone are the days when all had to hire a contractor to set up a camera surveillance system in your property. The Sequro GuardPro DIY Surveillance System is one of such camera systems. A user-friendly and easy-to-use camera system is also built for roughness and harsh weather conditions. The monitor is capable of instant playback and live views, capable of recording video and audio directly to an optional SD Card None Touchscreen monitor sets aside clear 720p superiority and audio streaming from the camera and real-time quad view for 4 cameras monitoring simultaneously. MicroSD Card Recording Maximum capacity of 256GB microSD card which individually record clear HD or VGA quality video and audio. None Sequro GuardPro offers free smartphone App, hence security is accessible even when you are not at home, can observe it live wherever you go! None Cables could sometimes be infuriating, the extra distance is seen without limitation. All the footages are double-way encrypted to prevent hacking activities over the internet. None Gives beep alerts when it records & other functions. None It is simple to review the videos and delete them. None Several settings for recordings and manual recording None The picture or video quality is poor, hence lesser security Complete home security monitoring system. Setting up a DVR has never been this simple! One of the best long-range wireless security camera systems The Guardpro2 has included an HDMI output, alternative storage methods having HDD external port, USB flash drive and Micro SD card slot. Usable, comprehensible interface, Motion detection/Scheduled/Manual Recording, Instant playback videos and Live view in one screen, free Sequro Smartphone App on iOS or Android for Remote Live-Viewing and playback Easy security system with true DIY surveillance, with Sequro Guardpro2, one can browse 4-channel wireless security camera systems, for super FHD, or even 1080p reliable videos. The monitor menus with a microSD card, HDD and App install can view and record on monitor/smart device while away. Stay informed when detects motion that prevents invasion. Replay video records on phone through free Sequro App. Sequro Guardpro2 is a compact surveillance system, with weatherproof IP66 cameras, can be placed anywhere. Weather is no hassle. Simply place it anywhere, no Internet while using 7'' monitor in a range at home for local use, as is the battery duration between monitor charges. Get an internet cable and hook the monitor to the Internet through the router so that you can browse a live view from SequroApp via mobile phones. None With highly sensitive PIR motion sensor, Sequro GuardPro2 system starts recording for at least 15 seconds as the motion detector senses activity. None Embedded with HDMI output, helps those who are eager for watching live views on a bigger screen. None Enhanced resolution from 720p to 1080p can get sharp and clear video/images day and night. None Trouble-free cameras just to be plugged in & turned on near the monitor in your home when you open the box & they synchronize to the monitor. None Security is not up to the standard Involuntarily by wireless without complicated settings, no video cables are needed, installation flexibility and ease. One of the best long range wireless security camera system offers distinct high definition video, ensures security recording and enhanced night vision capability. It supports continuous day and night surveillance. No signal interference. None Cameras are pre-configured to connect with the NVR None False motion detections that initiate recordings with no movement None Good for indoor use, if outdoors and using motion detection to minimize useless recording, lot of separating to be done through a useless video A free 30-day cloud recording trial is included with your purchase. Advanced Night Vision, provides a clear view in complete darkness, never to be missed. Long Range HD Wi-Fi Camera by Amped Wireless, first of its kind, built with High Power Wi-Fi technology to provide up to 3X the Wi-Fi range of other cameras. The reach is achieved with high power amplifiers and a high gain antenna that enables the camera to be installed almost anywhere in a home or office. None is good for daily use. None No detection when leaving/arriving in/from your property to auto turn off the motion detection Remote monitor your home/business/front door/back Yard in clear 1080P full HD video and get motion alerts, alarm recordings with iPhone, Android smartphone apps anytime anywhere. Long-range motion sensor, Motion Zone elect, threshold, sensitivity and alarm Interval feature maximizes your alarm coverage up to 300 ft. More than a self-contained security camera, free-on-board and cloud offsite storage, and universal security camera remote control. FEATURES None 3 Megapixel with 6mm focal length lens: Horizontal: 60, Vertical: 40, gives you a narrower view angle to maximize longer None Super low light performance: Large 2.8-inch SONY CMOS sensor allows maximum light through the lens None Free apps for iOS and Android and free instant in-app alerts of motion events None The Free software for Windows and Mac viewing and full access to camera settings interface from IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Edge for full flexibility and control None Night vision is STRONG, but low spread. It can see effectively out to almost 100 feet, but there is not much spread to the night vision None TRUE high definition - and it is remarkable in quality! None Included "Camera Live" software needs to be installed for true configuration, otherwise, the camera's firmware overrides SOME settings Remotely access security camera feed, motion events, includes free local recording, optional Foscam Cloud remote storage is also available. Easy to Use with Smart Technology The FI9900P combines a high-quality HD digital video camera with a powerful built-in web server to provide live video anywhere; IP camera comes equipped with 30 high-powered IR LEDs for night vision up to 65ft and sophisticated motion detection with optional alerts. best long range wireless security camera system is very easy to install None The feature set is very rich and flexible and works well with Blue Iris None Build quality is really for outdoor use None Works fine with Ethernet cable plugged in. Even 10 feet from the router, no signal Works with Alexa for voice control, night vision cameras work even in the dark, motion-activated cameras and real-time email or app notifications FIRST 100% wire-free, HD, Indoor/Outdoor video cameras for home monitoring, motion-activated cameras initiate automatic recording and alert via email or app notifications, free apps enable remote monitoring and with the built-in night vision. None Product Dimensions of this best long range wireless security camera system is 9.4 x 11.7 x 5.1 inches None Good product for a police officer as it has access to HD video showing the suspect taking items from the victim. Able to e-mail the video in 10-second clips in mp4 format as evidence. 8 Channel Wireless Camera System, expandable, weatherproof and enhanced night vision, remote monitoring and playback, the reliable technical sort with no monthly fees None Recorded playback is easy to use None Picture quality is good in day and night None The cameras have a good image, easy to set up, truly plug & play, but cannot be viewed by a mobile device. Whether it is rain or shine, day or night, this outdoor bullet best long range wireless security camera system features heavy-duty, weatherproof IP67 housing. With an intuitive interface, live-stream of footage is possible, Quick and easy setup, wide 128 FOV, remote web access from smartphone or tablet, intelligent digital zoom, night vision up to 98ft, smart motion alerts, and updated firmware None Picture quality is great even at night None Beware of the very wide field of view, although useful for security, introduces noticeable spherical aberration. None Some defects are found in some versions of the camera. B&W arch over the image What is the best long-range wireless camera for identification day and night? Distance outdoor best long range wireless security camera system record clear videos hundreds of feet away from their mounting point. To monitor a barn, a farm, a deep driveway, front and back yards, a large parking lot and recognize faces and license plates, long-range wireless camera for both day and night are needed. The best long-distance surveillance camera should be capable of a varifocal zoom lens, rather than a fixed lens. To help get a reliable long-range wireless camera outdoor, at least four aspects to be taken care: HD, excellent night vision, optical zoom lens, and long-range wireless. Many users prefer wireless outdoor security IP cameras rather than wired ones. Long-range wireless cameras also meant lengthy Wi-Fi range.1. Daisy chaining PoE switches for IP security camera systemAs long as each switch has its own independent power source for the cameras plugged into it, this should work as long as your NVR can handle that much incoming video. The links between switches should be for data only.While you are running the wire, you might as well run CAT5e so you can easily upgrade to gigabit PoE switches and higher-res cameras in the future if desired. It would not be a bad idea to use gigabit switches from the start2. Where can i download firmware for my dvr camera system?The manufacturers website3. Can you recommend a great home security camera system?type "home security camera" in google search
Las Vegas Police Release Video Footage Recorded Inside ...
The officers sweep the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on their way up to the gunman's suite on the 32nd floor, telling patrons to leave and head south away from the shooting.They arrive at the room and blow open double doors into it from the hall, only to find the suspect dead in a pool of blood in the darkened room - the blinds are all closed tightly - from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound. Guns are strewn around the room. They take note of the wires that web throughout the room, but relax when they see that they're linked to an elaborate camera system: they see one perched on a service cart outside the room, and another attached over the peephole."He has an intricate camera system set up," one of the first officers to arrive in the suite observes, "so he knew when officers were coming down the hallway." The footage, seen publicly for the first time on Wednesday, was recorded on two body cameras worn by police officers who stormed the hotel suite of gunman Stephen Paddock, who killed 58 people and injured hundreds in the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.Its release is part of a cache of evidence to be made public after a judge sided with media organizations in a legal debate with the police. Police had sought to delay releasing the video footage and records, saying they were part of an ongoing investigation. Media organizations - including The Washington Post - argued in court that the department should have to make public recordings, 911 calls, affidavits and interview reports, among other things.Paddock opened fire on a country music festival from his suite at the resort hotel in October, pumping bullets into a massive crowd that had gathered on the Las Vegas Strip. And when it was over, police say, Paddock turned one of his guns on himself.The cameras capture the human moments of officers responding to what in a previous era might have been unthinkable: the massacre of concertgoers in a major American city inflicted by a lone man with no clear agenda, political or otherwise."How many did he put down, downstairs?" one officer, in a helmet and tactical gear, says to another during a lull after wiping his eye."A lot," the officer wearing the body camera responds.Though police have released a preliminary report on the massacre, Paddock's motivation for the attack he planned meticulously remains an unsettling unknown. The Las Vegas police's preliminary report said that they still did not know why the gunman carried out the attack, although they ruled out any political or ideological radicalization. He acted alone, investigators said, and left behind no suicide note, manifesto or other explanation.After some mass shootings, attackers make clear their reasoning, either in confessions to police or videotaped rants left behind. In other cases, answers remain elusive, leaving victims and their loved ones to struggle with explaining the horror unleashed upon them.He has an intricate camera system set up, so he knew when officers were coming down the hallway Authorities said the Las Vegas gunman had prepared carefully for the attack as well as the sprawling inquiry that would ensue, saying in court filings that he worked "to thwart the eventual law enforcement investigation." A search of the gunman's computers found an Internet search history that included queries for information about outdoor concert venues, SWAT tactics, weapons and the locations of various gun stores. Officials also said they found "numerous" images of child pornography on the gunman's computers.Surveillance camera footage, released earlier this year showed Paddock bringing the more than 20 guns and a large amount of ammunition into the 32nd floor room in more than a dozen suitcases.Joseph Lombardo, the Las Vegas sheriff, has been critical of the fact that police have to release the body camera footage and other evidence. He said it would be onerous and difficult for the police department to handle the releases and described the footage as harmful to people who were injured in the massacre or lost loved ones."We believe the release of the graphic footage will further traumatize a wounded community. For that, we apologize," Lombardo told reporters during a news briefing Tuesday, during which he did not take questions. "Further victimization is certain to occur and is something we wanted to avoid." After a district court judge in Clark County sided with the media outlets and said the records should be released, the Las Vegas police appealed to the Nevada Supreme Court. Last week, the court rejected that appeal.Lombardo said detectives would have to be reassigned from their main duties to handle the release of the records, adding: "Many of our employees will have to endure reliving the incident." The other materials will be made public "on a rolling basis," Lombardo said. He also said a final report on the police investigation would be published at an unspecified later date and "give context to the different documents that we have been ordered to release." Further victimization is certain to occur and is something we wanted to avoid Days after the attack, police published harrowing recordings captured by officers' body cameras that showed the horror unfolding outside as the gunfire began.Officers are seen scrambling to figure out where the shots were coming from. At one point, an officer is heard saying: "They're shooting right at us, guys. Stay down! Stay down!" Images were also leaked that week offering glimpses both inside and outside the gunman's suite, a disclosure that Lombardo called troubling. When his department released its preliminary findings on the shooting earlier this year, that report included several photographs taken inside the suite. Among them were pictures of the guns stockpiled in the room and a chilling view that the gunman would have had of the concert venue while he fired.Before Wednesday, the Las Vegas police had released some body-camera footage from the night of the shooting as well as photographs taken in the gunman's suite.
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