Hot Water Heater Tripping Reset?

that will depend on the condition

1. Who has a tankless (demand) water heater?

You first have to know if you have enough electrical service to supply the unit. A small unit, just to run a continuous stream of water would take at least 70 amps. All new home will have a 200 amp. electrical panel. Older home with just a 100 amp. service would be pushed to the limit by the demands of modern appliances. And, do you understand that each sink has to have one or you have no hot water at the sinks without a heating unit

2. Which 40 gallon water heater is the best?

probably need a thermocouple,avil at local hardware,if this dont do it call a pro,water htrs should last at least 10 years

3. Gas Water Heater Thermocouple replacement question?

You should not have to remove the burner assembly to remove the thermocouple. But you have seen it's going to be darn hard to remove that thermocouple and install a replacement. Disconnect the thermocouple nut on the outside control box, and you should be able to pull the thermocouple body out of the bracket it is installed in, as it should be just a simple friction fit that is not very tight. Installing a new thermocouple just involves pushing the new one into that bracket. Years ago I had a gas water heater and over the years had to replace the thermocouple twice. That heater lasted 30 years before the valving quit working, probably worn out. I had to lie on my stomach and struggle to get the new thermocouple installed, as the heater was not on a platform that lifted it several inches off the floor. I also have big hands, and it was difficult manuevering my hand in that small space to install the new thermocouple body in the bracket.

4. How to stop a leaking hot water heater?

You have done about all that you can do by turning off the power and water supply. You might try putting various pots/pans/etc under it to catch the runoff

5. How good is RAINSOFT water treatment system for the house? Is it worth it? Any better alternatives?

I love it, it helps the water pipes and water heater. less soap is needed for the washer and showers. If you are not used to soft water it will feel like you are still soapy in the shower. its better for my clothes as well. the filters are a bit pricey when they need to be changed, but i wouldnt be without one now

6. Tankless water heater not functioning properly! HELP?

Truth is: You cannot have low flow shower heads and expect water temp to be normal.

7. Does a hot tub use the same hot water supply as your house?

if its the bathroom type of spa tub then yes..but if its one of the tubs that is for outdoor use then you figure out if you water heater is 40 or 60 gallons and then take into account the size of the tub in her bathroom. .and if it were me i would ask her to have a water heater installed for specifically for your unit

8. My hot water heater is making a splashing noise?

on older water htrs sediment has built up in the bottom and h20 gets under it and boils out because its trapped,,there is nothing u can do about it and its harmless,,,to confirm this draw hot h20 at the laundry tub when the htr is on u may hear the Noise increasing as u draw h20,,,if the htr is over 10 yrs old i would recommend replacing it

9. What things were considered luxuries a few decades ago?

When I was growing up luxuries were: tv (when we did get it, it was only on during the noon news and in the evening to save on the electric bill,) indoor plumbing, water heater, furnace with duct work throughout the house, automatic washer and dryer, more than 1 vehicle, a lawn mower with a motor, restaurant meals, store-bought bread, cake mixes, snacks such as potato chips, and cereals other than oatmeal, ice cream, sodas, OTC medicines other than aspirin, mercurochrome, Vaseline and Vick's, more than 2 pairs of shoes (one pair for church, one pair for everything else,) nylon stockings, ready-made clothing, except socks, underwear, coats and footwear, vitamin tablets, doctor and dental appointments, insurance policies of any kind, small electric appliances, going to beauty shops for a haircut or perm, going to a movie, shopping other than once a week for groceries, and I could go on and on. We were probably happier and healthier back then. I do not remember ever being bored or thinking we were deprived of anything.

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