How Can I Be Financially Stable at a Young Age?

How Can I Be Financially Stable at a Young Age? 1

Other than having family money passed down to you, you have to find the right subject to study in order to get a high-paying job. Believe it or not, going to a trade school can land you good jobs, like electrician, plumber, computer science, etc. If you took out loans for education, then you will have to make good money in order to pay back those loans. At this point, talk to a financial planner so you have good investments that will make you financially stable

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Best way to get an abortion at a young age?

Sweetie, call your local doctor or planned parenting place, find out prices, Bad thing is, since your only 15 you need parental consent. Also, i would recommend going on to the pill or something else other then just using condoms, Ive been told it does not hurt much, (depends on how far along you are,) and only feel cramps and a little bit of bleeding after You dont need a lecture, you where using protection and its just a mistake good luck sweetie. hope all goes well

How Can I Be Financially Stable at a Young Age? 2

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Job choice at a young age ?

Horses are not used for much in the US anymore. There are stables and 'riding academies' where people board horses and learn to ride (mostly teenage and pre-teen girls, in my observation). They need 'wranglers' (if that's what they are called) and farriers. I do not imagine the jobs pay very well but if you really enjoy working with horses it would give you the opportunity to do that. There are still a few ranches that breed race horses. Schooling is growing more and more important as time goes by. It's never been as important as it is now! I think even to work with horses would require some education past high school. You might get away with working while you learned. But I am guessing you learn mostly on the job. I am not the best example. I never did decide what I wanted to be. I went to college but spent only a couple of years in the job I was trained for, because it turned out I did not like it and was not that good at it. I had a couple of other 'entry level' jobs but finally ended up working with my dad and doing what he did. I am convinced that my education and training helped me, though, even though I did not have the career I wanted at first. I tend to think that education is never wasted, at least I feel that mine was not .

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I have to go through hell at such a young age =(?

typicly, the one with the troubled past comes up as the one with the beautiful sole and good life you can always change your life for how you want it, you have to set your mind to it

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do you think that 13 is to young of an age to have sex?

I would say NO! NO! NO! Firstly it is illegal under 16 (in most countries) and if you were to get pregnant the boy would be in BIG, BIG trouble There is a thing called Statutory Rape and as you are a minor he could be charged with it, if he was discovered. You are also still maturing and you will cheapen the experience if you let any Tom, Dick or Harry have sex with you. Let alone the reputation you will get when the boys gloat about it with their friends ...SLUT comes to mind and you wouldn;t want to be called that. Just because they say they have done it with other girls of 13 does not mean they have and even if they did doe sn;t mean it was a sensible thing to do. If you are contemplating it then get on the Pill immediately and never have sex with a boy who is not wearing a clean, unused condom that you see him take out of a sealed package. However I still recommend that you do not have sex until you are at least 16 and with someone that you care deeply for and who cares deeply for you.. Sex (intercourse) should be an expression of love for each other and should be preceded by forplay and not treated like a gross bodily function! Please consider the consequences carefully. Best wishes and good luck ...........MGD,

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