How Can I Explain to My Kids That Their Friends Have Been Put in Foster Care and Why It Happened?

How Can I Explain to My Kids That Their Friends Have Been Put in Foster Care and Why It Happened? 1

I was a foster parent for many years and I should tell you that children go into care for many different reasons - and most (my experience here) do go home eventually. The important thing is not to stigmatize the children or the family so try and be non-judgemental - even if you know there are issues. Maybe something along the lines of: Johnny is living with these other people for a little while to give his parents some help, sometimes it's tough being a Mom/Dad. I have found being factual, without giving negative would etails', trying to express a supportive vibe often works great with children. They usually just want to understand 'what is what'. You also do not want to scare your children into thinking they can be taken away.

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If my parents abuse me and I call the police, will I be placed in foster care while pregnant?

Well first off your parents would definately go to jai for this. Chid abuse is not taken lightly ANYWHERE! Also you can ask the police about it. Ask them if you would be able to live with your b/f and his family because ifyou are under the age of 18 you have to live with someone over the age of 18. I am not sure if they would have to become your legal guardians or not but its worth asking. Get help soon,do not let them abuse you anymore because next time they do this you and baby might not be so lucky

How Can I Explain to My Kids That Their Friends Have Been Put in Foster Care and Why It Happened? 2

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Where can i find out about Foster Care?

Call your county Social services office they will talk to you about it and then send out the application forms. You will need to talk to the lieciecing Social worker for foster care

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Whats it like going into foster care?

1, What is the matter with your Mother to give away her child? That is not the correct term 'giving up her rights as a parent' It is called abandoning you child and leaving it/them to the direction of the state. How any Mother can do this to her child is beyond me. I hope you are lucky in finding someone who will love you and treat you as their own, but in most cases Foster care, at least here in Australia is just ****! I am sorry, but that is the best way I can describe it here in Australia.

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I have a good chance of being placed in foster care, what's it like?

Yes, you get a bed. You may or may not share a room, it really depends on the family. There are regulations about how much space each child in the family must have, counting any biological children in the family. Whether or not you move depends a lot on the family. Hopefully you will go to one that does not move, etc. A friend of mine went into a foster home a few years ago when she was 14 and she got a great family. Hoping you do too. Wishing you well!

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Does the state of Nevada give a monthly stipend to Foster Care Parents? Or why did this psycho FCP become one?

I know in the state of VA, FCP *do* receive monthly payments for housing the children, so do adoptive parents (who have adopted children who were/are wards of the state). Pretty hefty checks, too, I may add

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I have some questions about foster care and adoption?

O_o Do you hear yourself? Let me cut and paste a couple of your key points and see for yourself if you see the ugly in these statements. "but I would like a child that's either not emotionally attached to their birth parents, or that has been so neglected by them, that I do not feel bad in taking the parental role instead of the birth parents." Nice. Every child is emotionally attached to their parents at birth. You are wishing for severe emotional heartbreak as opposed to usual amount of emotional heartbreak to placate your own insecurities. "I would love to adopt a newborn that a teen mother decided to carry to term, rather than abort... " That's not foster care. That is blank slate theory and still a desire to placate your own insecurities. Adoption is messy. Adopted people come with plurality of emotions that will run every which way and for you to wish for it to be not messy means you are not ready for this yet.

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