How Did Your Childhood Trauma Impact You?

I had a normal childhood, never hit, abused or raped. None of my parents got drunk, did drugs and I never went hungry. Every time we got into trouble at one school I got the flack because I 'should have known better' or had no excuse. Some kids stole some money when I was away on holiday. I was expelled as they were believed when they said it was my idea and that they couldn't expel the others as they 'had a rough start in life.' So many people claim on here to be suffering from some sort of 'disorder', had a parent/partner with a 'disorder'. (narcissism seems to be the one their ex-partners are all suffering from at the moment) or have been sexually abused that I'm having a hard time believing them all. Most people do not have sex with their kids/nieces/stepsons etc. Most people do not have mentally illness running amok in their families. I'm sure some of the stories that I read are just people who like playing the victim or looking to be 'in a group'. For those that it does happen to, it must be awful but I find it hard to believe that it is that rampant

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If reincarnation is real, why would people be reincarnated into people who don't believe in reincarnation?

To the question: "If reincarnation is real, why would people be reincarnated into people who don't believe in reincarnation?" I would answer on the following way, to believe in reincarnation doesn't have to do with people reincarnate in people that doesn't believe on it, as doesn't have to do also with the fact that there is people that reincarnates on Earth and doesn't believe that Earth is round or that doesn't believe that there is Heaven.So to don't believe in reincarnation is like don't believe that Man doesn't born on Earth also, because to born, Man must reincarnate on a body since there are things that exist and don't reincarnate, for instance, the stone.Therefore how can Man call to the existence of stone or metals on Earth, they came for the same process than living beings?I don't believe and because the existence of stone or metals is made for another way than by the one of living beings one must be taken to think that reincarnation exists and with the reincarnation, the existence of living beings' soul by which Man will answer to is real Creator, at His image, that is God that reincarnated also on the person of His Son, Jesus more or less two thousand years ago.


Is there life after death? Is reincarnation real?

Allah Subhanatalla says in Al examples are given in this world.A baby in mother,s womb.Space is 411.11cft.After 4 months when baby's heart is beating and brain is if the baby is told he will come to a new world after 9 months where he will start breathing.

Hospital room will be millions time bigger than her mother,s womb. It is not dark and batterywill grow up changes fall in love?Marry.etc all world things.The baby will not belive and would laugh to death.

As soon the baby is born the three dimentional world becomes reality.Same as soon one dies 4th dimensional world with out time starts.One can see the life after death. Heaven and hell.The hell fire is just under the earth you can not see.

Only a volcanic eruption is a reality.

From unseen sperm a human is born and vanishes to dust again.He will be awaken from the dust to back to life for trial on the judgement day.That's the happy ending for the good people and dooms day for the bad.

It is up to you to use your brain. Read the book of life for life for all mankind send by your creator AllahSuhanatallah.and make your life happy here in this earth and there in Jannah.Or you become a looser for everything.80%of world resources given to the people who obeys Allah Subhanallah. 20% to disbelievers.


What are some tips for telemarketing success?

To be able to provide top notch telemarketing services, a person needs to be able to have the patience and skills required to perform tasks presented in the situation.Have a script ready. This usually includes a greeting, the name of the telemarketer and a simple introduction. So when the need for it comes, you wont be stuttering while on call.

Successful telemarketers often suggest that a person must have the patience to engage in a conversation with a total stranger. There are situations where customers tend to be verbally aggressive in the course of the conversation, and it is in these kinds of situations that telemarketers are needed to professional in their dealings.A telemarketer is also expected to talk slow and clearly when engaging with the customer. It is important that the customer understands you and that they are given concise idea of what you are trying to convey. When a customer has no idea of what you are trying to say, the call would essentially be for nothing.Always engage the customer in a light conversation and avoid questions which can only be answered by yes or no. A telemarketer is supposed to catch the interest of the customer and not bore them with yes or no conversations.Ultimately, it all comes down to being friendly and being in tune with your customer. Starting out as a telemarketer is never easy, but with patience and practice, its easy to get the hang of it.

Of course, if youre interested to know more, you can always check out this link and many more:10 Effective Tips and Techniques to Successful Telemarketing


What if people never overcome childhood trauma?

If it's anything like what I've experienced they may likely live with anxiety, addiction or other dysfunctional behavior the rest of their lives. We can try to cover it up, ignore it or really not even know and live in denial. But if you know, if you realize it and don't address it, well that's another story. You are denying yourself now. You are aware and in avoidance.

It can be very tricky but it really can be done. It takes an open mind, continued awareness, the desire to do the work it takes and some grace in asking for help when you need it.And the results are amazing! Once you rid yourself of all that old, repressed, painful, hidden emotional's like night and day. I can't stress that enough. I went from being unconscious, drug down by daily drama to mindfully conscious.One of the biggest issues that blocks us (other than major distraction, avoidance and denial) is our inability to understand our own emotions. They are not innate, we don't just naturally know how to handle them and it's not our faults. But it is one of the things that keeps us in hiding for so long.I'm just today started a space for emotional wellness. I will post more of this and how my own story unfolded there if anyone is interested.

For those of you who read this and it makes sense, thanks for reading. For those of you who ignore it, I understand


Has anyone sampled all meal delivery services? Who's the best.. Blue Apron? Hello Fresh? Plated? Home Chef? Sun Basket?

Yes, I literally have sampled all of the ones you've listed (and many many more). I actually write about my experience here: Food Box HQ | In-Depth Meal Delivery Service ReviewsBlue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Plated are very similar. They all send dinner ingredients recipes. Blue Apron and Hello Fresh have wine pairing options.Home Chef is somewhat similar to Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Plated but the recipes tend to be simpler and can be a bit more health-conscious.Sun Basket has the most meal plan options. It's best if you're looking to stick to a specific diet (e.g. paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian).If you are looking to stick to a specific diet, another consideration is Green Chef. They have a ton of different meal plan options like Sun Basket (e.

g. keto vegan, pescatarian). Funny enough, they're actually owned by Hello Fresh.One more to consider is Freshly. They're a pre-made option so you don't have to cook the meals. They're delivered cold (never frozen) and stay good for about a week or so. I really enjoyed their meals and they save you a bunch of time since you don't have to cook them.However, if you want to use a meal kit to learn how to cook or because you enjoy cooking, any of the ones you listed are great options :).Let me know if I can be of any further help!P.

S. All those links I included are my referral links which will get you the most amount of money off your first order


Can you show me the best ways and websites to learn Korean?

Learn basic grammar and simple vocabulary. It is one of the easiest language to learn. And there are several ways to learn but in my view learning via online courses is the fastest way. You can learn from them. I can also suggest you the best courses.

Best Korean online Courses:.

.Learn Korean! Start Speaking Korean Now!Learn Korean for Beginners: The Ultimate 100-Lesson CourseChoose the first course.. From this course you may learn about:This Korean Foundations course is for you if you have always wanted to learn Korean but just never got around to getting started. It is also for you if you have tried to start learning Korean but found the materials to be either too boring and not relevant to you. If you are someone who doesn't like book studying and enjoys jumping right in to get the feel of things, then this course is perfect for you!The entire course leads you through the learning process step by step with sound and images to help strengthen your memory of the words and sentences you are going to learn. When we say without any studying, we mean it! There's no review or concentrated study needed to learn what you are going to learn in this course. It is designed specifically to make you learn, as opposed to making you do the learning on your own.

And also.

.Actually speak basic Korean sentences without any "studying"Understand the basic sentence structure of Korean, including the word order in which the verb comes at the end of the sentenceUnderstand the differences in pronunciation between English and KoreanRelevant resources:Korean Grammar for Beginners (TOPIK Test I)


If we reincarnate, can some of the plans for the next life already be in our minds, and can some people see it before they reincarnate?

Theres a man named Robert Schwartz who has written multiple books about the plan that we choose for ourselves before we are born in order to grow as souls. In them, he uses channelers and psychics to find out what a particular person planned to learn in their current lifetime. For example, in his book Your Souls Plan a man named Jon planned to be a gay male in a time and place where homosexuality was severely scorned. In addition, he also planned to contract AIDs which was also highly stigmatized at the time. Jon planned this, according to the psychics, in order to learn to accept and love himself. Being gay and having AIDS was used as a means to strengthen that acceptance. If we were to know what our lessons were, our lives on Earth would not be as effective in helping us learn them because our reactions to situations would not be as genuine. It is like taking a test. If you knew all the answers, there would be no point in taking it. This is why we are born not knowing our souls plan. Although knowing who we were in a past life would not necessarily hinder our souls plan, it is perhaps blocked from our conscious minds as a byproduct of blocking memories from our time in the spirit world

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