How Do I Attach a Led to a Shure 55 Microphone?

Do you want a LED or a lead? do you want to drill holes in your expensive toy and what for? It is easy to tape a LED & battery onto the case or even drill a hole, but why?

1. LED headlight strip legal in NJ?

if they catch it you get ticket/hard to spot when its not colored light

2. How to toggle LED on button press?

success case tested OK,modified from arduino examples.UNO r3,atmega 328 try it !!!!!


Led Zep!

4. Stuff about under-car led lights?

Yes theyre probably illegal to use on public streets. If theyre illegal, you get a fine (and probably have to remove them)

5. Who led the WWE in each eras?

Bruno Samartino, bob backlund, Superstar Billy Grahm Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior Bret Hart, HBK, Undertaker Steve Austin, The Rock, HHH Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Batista John Cena, Cm Punk, Sheamus Not sure if I am right about all those, because I did not start really watching until the Attitude Era!

6. LED help yo. 3V led with 3V battery?

If you have a 3 volt LED, it means that the junction offset is 3 volts. What happened is that the battery discharged and it's voltage dropped slightly to something below the offset by a few millivolts. LEDs are current driven, so if your LED is a 10 mA device, you need a higher voltage, like 4.5 volts with a resistor in series. The resistor would be 1.5/0.01=150 ohms. If you omit the resistor, you will destroy the LED as the current will try to go to infinity.

7. laptop led-backlit display ?

I do not have one, but i have been looking into it. What I have read about say that the led lights use abour 10% to 15% less power then the regular ones


When i connected the 5v source to the circuit the led started blinking, but afer 5-6 seconds the became very fade. When i connected the circuit to a 7v source the the led did not blink, it bliked for 2 sec. and remained stable and fade. The changes which i have made to the circuit are:- Resistors - 100k instead of 47k, And no resistor at the place of 100 ohms. And i will soon post the images of my circuit. Ihave checked every thing and everything is working

9. pink floyd vs led zeppelin?

Both bands are perfect in their own ways. Asking me to choose between them is like asking a dog to stop licking himself. It just ai not gonna happen man. It is an impossible decision to make. Both bands are 10s in my books

10. Is my nail lamp UV or LED?

UV is about the frequency of the light. It means Ultra Violet, like Beyond Violet. LED means how the light is made. It means Light Emitting Diode. How long your cure your nails depends on the instruction that came with the gel. Your light is a UV light. The light is made by an LED to save electricity.

11. Fixing a flickering led

Hard to say without a bit more info (photo might help) but here's a few thoughts: It's probably got a little WLED driver IC (here is an example) that's stopped regulating properly. This could be due to one of the components involved in it's operation (inductor, diode, capacitor, etc - see datasheet) failing. It could be something to do with the dimming control if it uses it, or even power supply problems/dry solder joint somewhere.Follow the trace from the anode of the LED to the nearest IC and take a look at it and surrounding components. Check all the solder joints look okay. You could try powering it up it, and tapping gently around this area with a plastic implement and seeing if the display lighting "responds", this can give clues as to the problem area. Also heating with hairdryer or cooling with freezer spray can tell you things. Thanks for the pictures, they are helpful. Could you possibly take another one of the area highlighted in the picture below and also post the part number just in case it's not readable (you can gently bend the large inductor L7 leaning over it out of the way):I would try tapping/wiggling the connector (the one with LED /- on it) a bit and around the highlighted IC too. EDIT - here is another better snip of what I think is likely to be the LED driver, although I still can not quite make out the part number (I had a couple of tries on find chips with the characters I can see but no luck):Notice what looks like it may be some corrosion around the IC, the solder joints look like they could be a potential problem. Tapping/pushing gently directly on each individual pin may locate the problem. If the problem does lie with IC6, simply reflowing all the IC pads may fix the issue. If you do this use plenty of flux if you have it, if not at least tin your tip with some fresh solder then wipe the excess off. Do not solder the pins for too long, you should just be able to touch for a second or two and it will do the trick.

Articles recommandés
Design and Analysis of Constant Current Driving Circuit for LED Display Screen
1. IntroductionLED display screen is a new type of information display media developed rapidly in the world in the late 1980s. It uses dot matrix modules or pixel units composed of light-emitting diodes to form a large-area display screen. It has the characteristics of high reliability, long service life, strong environmental adaptability, high performance price ratio and low cost, It has been widely used in the field of information display.LED display screen mainly includes LED array, driving circuit, control system, transmission interface and corresponding application software. The design of driving circuit plays a very important role in the display effect, production cost and system operation performance of LED display screen. Therefore, it is necessary to design a control drive circuit which can not only meet the requirements of control drive, but also use fewer devices and low cost. This paper analyzes the design of conventional driving circuit, and puts forward the design method of constant current driving circuit.2. Design of conventional driving circuit of LED display screenThe design of LED display driving circuit, combined with the control system used, is usually divided into two categories: dynamic scanning driving and static latch driving. The following analyzes the design of dynamic scanning driving circuit as an example:The dynamic scanning driving mode refers to that n rows of light-emitting diodes such as 4 rows, 8 rows and 16 rows on the display screen share a set of column driving registers. Through the time-sharing work of the row driving tube, the lighting time of each row of LED accounts for 1 / N of the total time. As long as the refresh rate of each row is greater than 50Hz and the visual persistence effect of human eyes is used, people can see a complete text or picture.The design of conventional driving circuit generally uses serial in and parallel out general integrated circuit chips such as 74HC595 or mc14094 as column data latch, 8050 and other low-power n PN triodes as column drive, and Darlington triode TIP127 as row scanning tube. The circuit is shown in Figure 1.Such as monochrome dot matrix, 16 lines & times; If 64 is listed as a basic unit, 8 74HC595, 64 8050 and 16 line scan tubes are required. Its working principle is that eight 74HC595 are connected in stages and share a serial clock CLK and data latch signal str. When the data to be displayed in the first row passes through 8 & times; 8 = all 64 CLK clocks will be moved into 74HC595. At this time, a data latch signal str will be generated to lock the data in the subsequent latch of 74HC595, and the 8050 corresponding to each output bit will be saturated on or off; At the same time, the line scanning control circuit generates a signal to turn on the first line of scanning tube, which is equivalent to that the positive ends of the first line of LED are connected to the high level. Obviously, the lighting of the first line of LED tube depends on the signal locked in 74HC595; While the first row of LED tubes are lit, move the data to be displayed in the second row in 74HC595, then lock it, and at the same time, the row scanning control circuit closes the first row of scanning tubes and turns on the second row to light up the second row of LED tubes. By analogy, when the sixteenth line is scanned and then returned to the first line, as long as the scanning speed is high enough, a complete text or image can be formed. Its working sequence is shown in Figure 2.Fig. 2 working sequence diagram3. Defects of conventional driving circuit(1) when a row of driving tubes is effective, the lighting current of all led corresponding to the row will flow through the row driving scanning tube, and the number of lighting LED tubes in a row will change continuously with the text or graphics to be displayed. Therefore, the current flowing in the row scanning tube will change greatly, which will change the tube voltage drop;(2) the change of current caused by the number of LED tubes lit will also affect the fluctuation of power supply voltage, which will affect the voltage at both ends of the first row of LED tubes, make it fluctuate with different display words or graphics, and affect the brightness uniformity of the whole display screen.
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