How Do I Babyproof an Electrical Baseboard Heater?

I do not know the layout of your apartment, but wo not some kind of baby fence do the trick?Otherwise it will be difficult to baby proof it, since there has to be a distance between the proofing and the device.Depending on how hot it gets you may be able to use corner or edge softeners with a little help of duct tape (but not the paper/transparent one, a proper thick electrical tape!)

1. water baseboard heater causing mildew in house, how do i stop it?

they are possibly on the fringe of an same performance. I genuinely were using 1 and then the different those days and it type of feels that the radiator heats slightly more beneficial, possibly because of larger floor part of the fins

2. How do I remove decade old dried latex paint from a finished baseboard heater? And plastic surfaces?

I use this stuff.Ventilate well. It's the only product I've tried that works the way they say it will.I just found this in my drafts box. Oops. I forgot to submit.Meanwhile, I did use this on several layers of oil paint recently on a really porous wooden upright beam. It worked well. Not perfectly, but the paint was possibly up to 30 years old and worked deeply into the grain. I think it worked as well as I'd expected.How do I remove decade old dried latex paint from a finished baseboard heater? And plastic surfaces?

3. Why am I not getting power to my electric baseboard heater?

if you have no power it almost has to be a circuit breaker they do go bsd

4. 240v baseboard heater on a 120v circuit using a step up transformer ?

ONLY IF your circuit is used only for heaters, AND all your heaters are 240V AND none of those require neutral connection AND the heaters are hardwired you could re-purpose neutral wire as second live replacing the breaker with a double pole one

5. Is using a baseboard heater going to raise my electric bill substantially?

decreasing the places where heat is lost will help most. install a digital thermostat, dress warmer, seal all cracks inside & out of the house, have blankets available when sitting for long periods, and drink lotsa tea

6. Electric Baseboard Heater Cost. Is $350/mo normal?

Personally, I think $350 a month for a 2-bedroom place sounds reasonable for New England winters. Oil heat would cost about the samer per month, so it is comparable, and all your electric usage is included in that bill. Do the units have individual controls at all? If they do, you do not need to keep bedrooms that warm and you really only need to crank up the bathroom heat if you are bathing. Bear in mind that your aparment walls as well as furnishings absorb heat which helps balance out temperatures, and 65 is really low to help your walls and furnishings to maintain an ambient temperature. Crank the heat up a few degrees higher during the day while you are home and push it down to 60 or less at night. Get some cheap mylar blankets (they run about $1 apiece at camping stores and on line, and place these behind and under the radiators the best you can....this will reflect heat and can really help the efficiency of your radiators. Do not forget that fans suck up energy also, so you are adding to your electric cost with the fans. Try doing without them and see how much of difference that makes in the warmth. Just about every electric comany has buget planning, where your electricity cost is averaged out throughout the year and you pay the same amount every month which will turn out to be higher in summer, but lower in winter. February is usually the roughest month for heating in New England, so expect January and February's bill to be higher.

7. How do I fix a baseboard heater thermostat?

This Site Might Help You. RE: How do I fix a baseboard heater thermostat? I recently moved into a new apartment that has baseboard heating. Each room has it's own thermostat, Which I originally thought would help cut heating costs, but unfotunately when I turn them on, even at their lowest setting, they continuously run. All I can think is that the thermostat is...

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