How Do I Replace a Circuit Breaker Switch?

First of all, it is dangerous to replace a breaker with one of a larger capacity. The breaker is designed to match the size of the wire that it protects. A larger capacity breaker would allow more amperage than the wire can safely carry. I looked up that brand of heater. The one I looked at needs 12. 5 amps. That is very close to the full capacity of your breaker. No wonder it trips so often. You could try to replace the breaker with another of the same capacity. I doubt that would help at all because I think it is not a defective breaker, but too much load on the circuit. A better solution would be to plug the heater into a circuit that is not used by anything that also takes much power. The chance of your having that already is almost zero. That makes the only practical solution for you to run a new circuit for just the heater if you have to have it. It is also a little unusual to need suplimental heat in a kitchen. Most already have enough because of the appliances that are there. You might look at your HVAC system to see if a damper can be opened more or there is a blockage. You did not say it was in the kitchen, so that assumption may be incorrect. As far as a house built in the 1960s is concerned, the wiring should be fine for most purposes. Granted, they are putting a lot more circuits and capacity in now, but the old one should be adequate for most purposes. This is especially true if you are using gas for the stove, oven, central heating and the clothes dryer. If you are using electric for those, some 1960s wiring would not be adequate, others would be. I have seen quite a variety of installations, even from that era. Personally, I have my microwave on a circuit with two refrigerators and some other appliances. That is NOT proper, and I would not even suggest it is, but it works fine. It has worked fine for over 50 years, 30 of those years with the microwave. The book says that the microwave and each refrigerator should be on a dedicated circuit. I agree that it SHOULD be, but it works. My wiring was done in the 1950s, long before I owned the house, and it definately is wrong. I have not bothered to fix it though because it works! It has worked fine for over 50 years. My microwave is a very large, powerful, but inefficient older style that is well over 17 years old. If it will damage the magnatron to not have it on a dedicated circuit, why has mine lasted so long? It is safer to go by the book, but that does not automatically mean it will fail if you do not upgrade. Each situation is a separate case

1. Help with water heater please?

Sounds like you need a new water heater, How old is it? If it's leaking from the bottom replace it ASAP, Water damage can be quite costly to repair

2. Is anyone using a tankless hot water heater in their home right now?

a 40 gallon water heater should supply about 30 gallons of hot water before a noticable drop in hot water can test it by seeing how many 3 gallon buckets you can fill and dump in the tub before temp drops..if temp drops well before you have filled 3 gallon bucket 10 times,you probably have a bad dip tube. .the dip btube is a plastic tube that carries the cold water to the bottom of the tank.if it detieriorates or if a careless installer damaged it then you get cold water mixing at the top of tank and coming right out,therefore less than 1 showers vworth before temp drops..those "lime" deposits that are clogging your shower head might be pieces of deteriorated dip tube. dip tube can be replaced but old one cant be removed from tank if it has fallen out of position and into tank,,in that case,best just to replace tank,although thats unusual in a newer water heater.......also,gas tankless heaters are expensive and complex,also usually require a much larger gas line ran from meter to heater,they dont always tell you that..typical electric water heater tank is 50 gal,,40 or less is apatment size. ..........dan.

3. Does my betta get bored?

Bettas do get bored. Make sure he is a five gallon tank with a filter, heater, and a lid. Do NOT get any tank mates. I doubt you have a tank size wide enough if it is plastic. I would get a cave and some live plants. My betta loves her plants and her caves. I know one betta that LOVES java moss, he just swims around in it all day.

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I Am Trying to Figure Out How to Hook Up a Heater Core Since the Previouse Owner Bypassed It?
He most likely by passed it right in front of the fire wall where the coolant lines go through. He most likely did it cause the car has a bad heater core, you might have to take the dash out to replace it. good luck1. i have a 1990 tercel there is little or no heat I'm pretty sure its not the heater core?try putting cardboard in front of the radiator. If it warms up then then it is definately your thermostat. Good luck and God bless2. Honda civic 1998 lx having coolant problems?It could be ur heater core inside your car it's located in and under ur dash these often leak coolant inside ur car and you smell it also it can be leaking ur coolant to the point where your car overheats cuase it has no more coolant. Do a pressure test on your cooling system also3. Our car has a heater core leak, any way to minimize the steam while we get it someplace to have it looked at?to avoid the problem temporairly open hood and take out inlet and outlet hose from heater core and join both of them with one another with help of some metal pipe. this will bypass the coolant from core and get it fix when u got time4. How to loop heater core in a 1998 pontiac grand am 2.4 ?If the heater core has already been disconnected it's probably because it was leaking. Why do you want to loop them together if you've been driving like this since you bought the car? If you want to drive in cold weather and have heat get the heater core replaced. If you just have to have these hoses looped, follow them to where they connect to the motor and just run the right size hose to both connections.5. My 1994 ford ranger is leaking hot water and coolant from passenger side.?Heater core is leaking, very easy to replace yourself. Get a new one at a part store. Then drain your coolant, lower the glove box remove the hex head screws use a 8 mm or 5/16 socket, might be 10 of them, remove the heater hoses under the hood, pull the core out and reverse procedures6. how to change a heater core on a 1995 buick regal?if your cooling equipment is low on water (it relatively is in all probability what is incorrect right here) the water pump can not flow the coolant, which incorporate into the heater middle. additionally, there is no coolant working against the temp probe fooling into thinking the temp is low. Flush and fill till now you warp a head7. my car heat won't work. how do you replace the heater core in a 1996 honda accord?i cant quite explain all of it. go to your local auto parts store and pick up a haynes repair manual for your car make and model. it will give you extremely accurate and clear directions to doing it yourself8. What is the typical cost to replace the heater core on a 2000 GMC Jimmy?well the heater core usually does not cost the most in the repair as it is usually only about $30-$50. what costs the most is the labor to do it. you have to take out the whole dash just to get to it and i mean the whole dash. if you are good with stuff like that than you can do it your self and save alot of money. i would guess that a shop would charge you about $500 at least to put one in9. hi 98 dodge ram does not get up to normal operating tempand will not get hot back flushed the heater core ?Well, if the hoses are getting hot, then you can eliminate the water pump and theromostat. You may have to invest in a new heater core. Or you may want to check your heater cables for proper operation, and adjust if necessary. Also check all of your vaccumm lines. .. Espically those having to do with the heater and controls. Usually there is a temperature valve somtimes located in the heater hose, which controls the air being blown into the heater itself. But if the hoses are getting hot, I would not think this valve is acting up either. Still, none the less, it would not hurt to give the entire heating system a complete once over. It is possible that the temperature door in the heater is not moving properly, either. This would cause a no heat condition also. You can have hot hoses, but if the temperature door is closed or only partly open, well then you would have a little or no heat condition. Cause the hot air cannot get by the closed temperature door. While if it were open, then the heat would pass right through and into the heater to be blown into your interior.
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