How Do I Say "Hello Friend" in Korean?

Hello friend in Korean language isAnnyeong chingu . Annyeong means hello and chingu is friend

1. Hello, vegans! Would you consider this to be wrong and cruel to animals?

If I had or knew of someone who had rescued a hen that was naturally giving eggs... and the person was not going to send the hen to slaughter after she stopped naturally producing eggs, I would consume them. I never liked cow's milk and I like non-dairy milk much better so the dairy milk would be a non issue.

2. hello i dont know how to say heloo and is is annoying?

Hello i dont know how to say heloo and is is annoying? i dont know how to say hello

3. you say goodbye and i say hello...?

hello hello!! oh nice! now you got that song in my head!

4. How do you say hello and thank you in Bali?

In Indonesian:Hello is Selamat pagi / siang / sore / malam Pronounced: sa-la-mat pa-gee/see-ang/sore-a/ma-lamThank you is Terima kasih Pronounced Ta-ree-ma ka-see

5. What will the output of this C program be "main() printf ("%d", printf ("Hello"));"?

First go and look for the definition of the printf. You will see printf returns type is integer. This integer is the string length of the contents it print. So in your case Hello's lenght is 5. Also in printf first the expression got executed. So first internel printf will print Hello and then the outermost printf will print the return of the internel printf which is the size of the hello. So the output will be Hello5. To understand better go check the definition of printf. :).

6. What kind of Hello Kitty items would you want to buy?! :)?

Im not very big on the cat, but I do like their jewelry

7. How many languages can you say hello in?

hello- english kamusta ka- tagalog aloha- hawaiian hola- spanish bon hour- french namaste- i forgot what language konichiwa- japanese ni hao- chinese?? w$up mUh breh- ghetto talk lol

8. Howcome everyone says 'Hello' to each other in the countryside?

People have more time for each other in the countryside. We do not treat everybody with suspicion. The pace of life is slower. We do not feel we are in completion with each other. Unlike urban supermarkets, local shops are places for a smile and a chat.

9. In how many languages can you say hello in?

In Malay, "hello" can be greet in many ways. Hai (when you just meet someone or when you starts a conversation) Selamat Sejahtera (for official purpose) Selamat Tengahari (mean: good afternoon) but still can use as hello Assalamualaikum (Muslim way when answering a phone call & greeting each other)

10. Hello. My name is _____, and I have a _____ problem...?

My name is Alexandriagal and I have a math problem. I can not do math to save my life

11. you say goodbye and i say hello...?

I have no clue but it makes one hell of a song=]

12. Why is it important to create a hello world program in every language?

For most languages, a simple task is the output of text. If a beginner can accomplish this task, it's rewarding, and offers the beginner a good feeling. "Hello, World!" is simply traditional. The text to be output cannot be obscene or revolutionary, and neither should it be offensive to good taste. Humorous text is idiosyncratic; political text would be divisive

13. What is a good first program to write (besides "hello world")?

Look for some mathematical algorithms. Something like finding prime numbers, or calculating fibbonacci numbers.If you want a real challenge, write a program that solves sudoku puzzles without uaing brute force

14. How do say Hello and Goodbye in any language.?

i would like to answer, but i see you have a lot of answers and most or all are right

15. Is Hello Kitty too childish for an 18 year old?

if u like hkitty u should wear it.i wear hkitty and im 21

16. you say goodbye and i say hello...?

I say goodbye because i got to go. You say hello cause you still want to talk. I dont really get this queston? you should explain it.

17. Do girls prefer being greeted by hi or hello?

"Hi" would be better than "Hello." But that's just me

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