How Do You Add Color to a Blakc and White Photo???

well, cheaper and easier one is use your scanner (you do not need to get photoshop whatsoever), and then color it your self, try experimenting using water color, pencil color, charcoal, etc, after the experimenting, scan it again to make it into digital again If you dont want to bother getting your hand dirty, then try photoshop (copy the layer, and then desaturate it by going to edit, and then use selction tool, add color, and voila)

How Do You Add Color to a Blakc and White Photo??? 1

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I want to put a protective coating over my artwork which is both water color and acrylic. What do I use?

they have stuff you can buy in stores that are in cans it will lessen the amount of smudges and stuff. hairspray works too but could discolor it!

How Do You Add Color to a Blakc and White Photo??? 2

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What style and sizes of brushes should be used for water color paintings on paper? For amateurs only.

Start with 0, 2 and 5 no. Brushes which have hard hair. I personally use camel brand. When you will be pro on 0, 2 and 5 no. Then you will know exactly what size brushes you will need afterwards.What style and sizes of brushes should be used for water color paintings on paper? For amateurs only

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how can i make a picture of my dog (by using water color) if he's white?

You can mask the white zones with special stuff. However, rememer "white" is never white, une your eyes and observe your dog to see how little white he (she) really is. You can also use early morning or late evening views!

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How do you make the outlines in water color paintings?

I use india ink, and soemtimes a sharpie

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What is the best household spray product to "fix" water color, color pencils, crayons, and magic marker art?

I've never tried spray starch, but I've never needed to. I always use oil free hairspray and it works really well. I normally only use it for watercolor and pastel works though, not sure about color pencils and all that.

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Odd water color, good or bad?

apple snails can have a lot of waste depending on how want you have a 10g is very small i would only keep 2 snails in there if there are other fish and you already think it is overstocked

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can water color paints be used for face painting?

watercolor is ok to use for skin , but face paint is better

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Do water colors and oil paints look good together on a single painting?

Use one or the other, they do not work together

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what do you guys think of my first attempts at being artistic on paper with water color pencils?

You strike me as very upbeat and your sketch conveys that feeling. You already mention several creative activities in which you are involved, so that's also part of your nature. So here comes the warning. Be careful, be very careful experimenting with watercolor pencils, because you are going to love it. Your whimsical portrait is a great first try. I can see "Illustrator" written all over your resume. By the way, buy a 8x10 or 9x12 watercolor tablet. See how that works for you.

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Tips for beginner with water colors?

Use good brushes. It's awful to have your bristles fall out and need to pick them off the paper

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Worm color relative to water color? What's the real answer for Bass fishing?

Yeh they say dark lures for dark water and light for clear. But it's not a firm rule. Mix it up I say! You never know on the day.

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what paper for water color paintings?

D'Arches would be your best bet for watercolours. If you are not going to spend that much on your surface then go to an art store and buy a paper of a weight no less than 120 lbs. The paper weight means that with one hundred sheets of that size the package weighs 120 lbs. Any thing lower than that weight is rather dicey for watercolours although I have worked a lot on 90 lbs paper it is not as good to stretch. Be advised that you have two types of pressed papers to work with. A cold press is very rough on the surface, that is to say that it has a large tooth to the paper. A hot press is a very smooth paper. Further more, if you are buying in single sheets find the water mark before you do anything. The water mark is visible by holding the sheet up to a strong light and you can usually find it in the lower right hand corner. It will stand out lighter than the paper around it and you can see the name of the company or the company logo. If it looks backwards then you have the wrong side to paint on. The face of the sheet that you can see the watermark correctly is the proper side to work on. It takes the colour more readily than the backside and has been groomed for your paint. Always paint on the face of the sheet where the water mark is. If you are halving the sheet, then mark the proper face with a slight mark of a 2H pencil to show the proper face on the halved sheet that does not have the watermark. There are also watercolour pads that can be procured at stores like Staples. They are blocks of paper bound together on one pad by a strong rubber seal on all four sides and this assists in the drying of the paper. When you paint in water your paper will warp, and go into valleys and hills so to speak. If the paper is not stretched properly it will dry that way, but these pads will keep the paper taught so that when it does dry the paper will draw taught again flattening itself out. One word of encouragement though. Water colour is one of the most difficult mediums to master. It looks simple but simple aint easy. So to allay any frustrations I will give you the first and cardinal rule of watercolours. " The first five-hundred watercolours you do? THEY DON'T COUNT". All the best to you.

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