How Do You Lift the Back of a 1992 Cadillac Sls for 24' Rims?

Not sure if they use springs, but u could prolly get bigger/stiffer springs. And or change out the shocks to another type that would lift it up

1. Where to buy a 1995 Cadillac Seville Rim?

try ebaymotors or your local craigslist. Best of luck

2. Whats wrong with my 1994 cadillac seville brake light?

there should be bulbs in that third brake light and apparently you have some bulbs burnt out, just change the bad bulbs

3. I have a cadillac with a 429 and wanna about a swap?

The 472 is a completely redesigned engine so I would expect there to be substantial adaptations required to make it for your caddy. Most people believe that as long as an engine will fit beneath the hood, then everything else is of no importance, but in reality, getting the engine to fit and snuggle into a new home is only a fraction of the problems to be faced... There are so many issues involved here that it is impossible to list them all. Here is a short list of potential issues that I see with any major engine swap. Engine mounts, Transmission bolt-up, Trans mounts, drive shaft length, Steering interference, engine driven accessories may need to be relocated, belts and hoses may no longer fit, Fuel delivery problems, Oil pan modification, Wiring issues, Radiator relocation, Fan shroud may no longer fit, Battery relocation, Springs and suspension, Hood or other body parts may interfere... The list can go on and on... They can steer you through the hard stuff and give you much more insight into what you are looking at... If you are considering having the swap done by a shop, get ready to spend a lot of money... and sign over your first born... I have done a few of these swaps with success, but even a seemingly straight swap has many challenges... For example I once swapped a 350 pontiac in a 76 Firebird, for a 389 TriPower from a 64 Gran Prix 22, while the engine was a perfect fit as far as mounts and transmission bolt-up, there were so many other issues that it ended up being very costly... It ran like a beast, but it was not just a straight bolt-up... And My 79 Bronco with a 428 Cobra Jet was a complete nightmare and in the end it broke everything that I put behind the flywheel... Heavy vehicle with tons of torque = broken drive train parts... One other piece of advise that I can give is that if at all possible you try to obtain the 472 along with its parent car in complete and running condition with all of the accessories working... This way you will have all of the parts for the engine available to use in the Retro-fit... Good luck and I hope this helps

4. 93 Cadillac, why does it gurgle air into coolant reservoir?

Could even be your water pump or a clog in the system. If it's a blown head gasket, First check the oil to see if it's a milky color. Then do a compression test. You can pressure test your radiator and cap also. Get a good engine flush and flush it out.

5. how do i check for a blown head gasket on an 1998 cadillac sls?

confident, the undertaking is a nasty head gasket yet that may not what brought about the undertaking! What happens is the cylinder head bolt threads pull out of the engine block and then the top gaskets loose their seal! the concept that grow to be your final grow to be the final concept is to place a later form engine in it, yet holding the cost under $3,000 should not be consumer-friendly! except you are doing the artwork your self the exertions time on my own for this interest is basically approximately 23.5 Hours approximately $2,350 basically in exertions to RR the long block! except you will come across an engine for $650 then you particularly would be over! perhaps you ought to do slightly diagnosis earlier you initiate up GUESSING on someones stuff!

6. What Makes Cadillac Northstar Head Gaskets Go Out/Go Bad?

they do not use any more oil than regular cars, as long as the person takes care of the car, and changes the fluids regularly. as far as the head gasket going out could be a number of things, from engine being ran hard, to how hot it gets

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