How Does It Feel When You Are Enlightened?

There is no difference as such between enlightened and those who are on the way. Enlightened one knows that there is just One God and ONLY He is. The life goes on as it is going on right now. Living is easier that way because you KNOW that He is in everyones heart so you dont feel jealousy, anger etc. etc. You sort of effortlessly blissfully glide through this world. But if He chooses you to do something meaningfull in this world then you may shown things and places beyond your wildest dreams, both blissful and pretty scary. To go beyond death, one MUST face death first.Overall it feels good. :)

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Why did Oberyn think he could beat the Mountain?

It was Oberyn's zest for life, his temper, overconfidence, love for his sister, and hatred towards Gregor Clegane that led him to the combat.He was clearly enjoying himself while fighting Gregor, even though he was aware of the seriousness of the situation and one false move could result in both his and an innocent man's death. Given the skills he displayed while fighting The Mountain, perhaps these traits were not unjustified.

Unfortunately, near the end of their fight, where it seemed certain Oberyn would win, Oberyn allowed his emotions to get the better of him, angrily demanding a confession to killing his sister. Gregor used this as an advantage, and brutally killed Oberyn


Gen. Allen said Trump has no military experience. How much do Obama and Clinton have?

Many but far from all Presidents had military experience. Its just one of several qualifications. Another is political experience in elected office. That covers almost all former Presidents. If you count Cabinet related military experience as opposed to holding a rank or being enlisted in any form, then there was only one previous President who lacked any of these. That was Herbert Hoover. He was not highly regarded.Its not the lack of military experience alone thats an issue, but the lack of political experience, especially having something to do with any branch of the military or national guard, that is a concern.Clinton was a Governor. He had the National Guard at his disposal. Obama was a Senator and had to make decisions regarding military action. Trump did none of that


What did Donald Trump mean when he said "The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots"? Who are the globalists he was mentioning here, and why are they dangerous?

Patriotism is such a nice warm fuzzy word isn't it? Conjures up flag-waving, pledges of Allegiance, and loyalty to Country. I love my country and don't see anything wrong with that , but Trump wields that word like a weapon. For his own benefit, of course. It's a us versus them attitude .Trump wants to use the old tried and failed system of protectionism. I don't know why a globalist would even be remotely considered dangerous unless it was just about Trump thinking he'd lose power and total control.Globalists consider all people worthy of the same consideration and would love to see all societies on earth thrive economically and environmentally. Terrible people, right?Gimme a break


How did music go from Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin to One Direction and Cardi B?

I understand the point youre trying to make by asking the question, probably about the current state of music, but youre comparing groups who arent even remotely related, so its not even apples and oranges, more like apples and Cheetos. Although boy bands in their modern form didnt really become a thing until the late 80s, there have always been shallow, saccharine pop bands throughout the decades, even during Floyds and Zeps heyday. Perhaps you should check out bands like Airbag, Riverside, RPWL, and compare them to Pink Floyd, and Greta Van Fleet and Wolfmother to Led Zeppelin. There are still plenty of great art-rock progressive and blues-based hard rock bands out there, you just have to look for them


Do we have anything that is almost completely energy efficient (i.e. a light bulb that doesn't produce heat)?

An electric heater is 100% efficient at converting electrical energy into heat.However it is still not an efficient way to heat a house, because only 40% of the heat of the fuel at the power plant is converted into electricity, and only 80% of that makes it to your home. (Feel free to correct my numbers - these are rough estimates.

) So, the electric heater may be only 30% efficient at converting the original heat source into heat in your home.Its much more efficient to use a gas furnace with 90% efficiency. The same goes for electric ranges, water heaters, and clothes dryers. Gas versions of all those are much more economical if natural gas is available to you


Were there any women knights in the Medieval era?

In medieval fiction, there was at least one.Theres an old French poem, Le Roman de Silence, in which the primary character (Silence) is specifically a female knight, dressing up in armor, doing knightly deeds of martial prowess. Heres the Wikipedia entry for it.Le Roman de Silence - WikipediaThe manuscript at the University of Nottingham wasnt discovered until 1927, and it wasnt available in a print edition until 1972, so it has received much less scholarly attention than other literary works of its time-period, but its pretty fascinating.

However, Silence manages to pull off her task by basically hiding her genderevery one initially thinks she is a boy


What are the top-10 wallpapers programmers love?

Reading the previous answers , i think daniel was correct in pointing out that most of us have the whole screen blocked out with various applications.

1.Most of the programmers i have seen will have Russian models or Hollywood starlets as the wallpaper and that too multiple backgrounds.

2.There wont be any motivational picture because lets face it, all we need for motivation is a cup of coffee and some pot :P .

3. Also many will have THE matrix wallpapers.The green vertical lines of binary code.

4.Some java enthusiast will have the coffee mug wallpaper.

5. while most of us will have some random abstract wallpaper with some fancy code written on it.


Who was a better World War 2 general, Erich von Manstein or Douglas MacArthur?

MacArthur was a douche. Both arrogant and unworthy. Too many people died because of his hubris and he advocated what could have been world war III at the end of his career in Korea. Truman finally had to fire his ass. Good riddance. His command of the Philippines was atrocious, he fled leaving his army behind to rot then he lengthened the Pacific war by diverting the entire Pacific campaign back to the Philippines when it was strategically worthless, this instead of driving west toward Taiwan where air control would have extended into China and Okinawa- like the navy advocated rightfully. He came home after being fired and burned the last of his influence casting doubt in American leadership. He helped open the path to McCarthyism and Vietnam. Hopefully we will never see his like again


What did Arthur C. Clarke mean when he said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."?

It means that many technological advances would look like magic to a person of an earlier age: human flight? light, or music, at the flip of a switch? communicating from miles away? viewing events as they happen on the other side of the world? buildings that are hundreds of feet high? going to the moon or Mars?All those things would have been thought of as magic by a person who lived at a time when all such accomplishments were thought of as impossible.And if we were to travel hundreds of years into the future, we might well see things that we would have thought as impossible now, and think of it as magic


Which event lets the formation of religion?

Archaeological evidence suggest that people have been worshiping higher powers since prehistoric times. The world's oldest known temple is dated at about 11,000 years old (see this article from the Smithsonian: Gobekli Tepe: The World's First Temple?) Given that that is already considered prehistoric times and there are likely even older temples that we have not yet discovered, it seems that it would be nearly impossible to determine what specific event led people to start worshiping a deity. Additionally, there is a possibility that it was just someone's thoughts that led him or her to start worshiping a higher power, and there was no event at all.

Which event led to the formation of religion?


All I care about is money. I don't care about religion, family, friends, or relationships, because everyone has a price. Am I a bad person?

Probably not. But if you continue down this road, you will probably end up like my mother, who also cares only about money and even puts a price on everything she does for people, even her own kids.She is lonely, dissatisfied, constantly worried about losing a dollar from her huge hoard of money. Nobody wants to visit her because she became boring and repetitive long ago, dispensing endless lectures about working hard, saving and so forth, to get more money!Smaugette, my MOM!The sad part is that it didnt make her happy. The same is true of every person I know who has gone this route instead of concentrating on relationships, family and personal growth


Battlecrusiers were designed to defeat battleships using speed and range. Did they ever successfully execute this mission?

The only way to make the concept you describe potentially succesful at the time of the battlecruisers is to give the battlecruiser much more accurate guns than the battleships. This is unlikely to happen as at that time the battleships were the money bags and the rest of the fleet was support.The only partially succesfull similar implementation was the pocket battleships and coastal armoured vessels which usually were constructed with a minimum of armor, maximum available speed and only a small part of the battleships heaviest guns combined with usually a large number of accurate medium sized shipguns which combined could hit a targetship with up to 1 shell per second.

All of these designs were however outpaced and obsolete by the aircraft carriers and post-ww2 by long range torpedos and cruising missiles.Cheers!


Does the UK have the best trained soldiers in the world?

Trained for what?It is not cost-effective to train a soldier to be the best in every type of fighting mission possible. The set of skills required for various kinds of situations is almost beyond counting, hence soldiers are trained for the specific kinds of warfare their countries expect to occur, be it jungle, desert, mountains, urban, defensive, offensive, peace keeping, etc. That said, there is still a basic and intermediary level of common training that almost every soldier endures.

The best trained award should go to the most versatile non-specialist units, those can can handle a wide array of challenges as a normal part of their capabilities. With this criterion, the British win the prize. As mentioned by other knowledgeable commentators, it is the superb NCO corps enjoyed by the UK military that drives the overall excellence displayed by their units.


What is the biggest weakness of India in Kashmir?

Half hearted approach and postponement of discisive actions regarding Kashmir problem.This has happened in 1947,1965,1971 and 1999.Unfortunately Modi also continued the same tradition in Feb. 2019. He had the majority. All people were behind him(Except of course some corrupt, minority vote oriented,power hungry ex. popular leaders.). The army was in full Josh.Only one camp was attacked. The roots of terrorism are still intact. The threats from politicians across the border are still there.Unless the umbilical cord of Pakistan is cut off from Kashmir , peace is not possible.

Kashmir is a surgical case , cannot be treated by medicines. A headache, migraine can be , not a brain tumour.The efforts to win hearts of Kashmiris never succeed until the brains are emptied from green flags.


Is the "If women ruled the world, there would be no wars" perception accurate?

Maybe American people really needs to experience womans leadership to speak about it properly. For us and the rest of the world, lets see:Megawati Soekarnoputri, she crushed the religious-fanatic GAM rebellionMargaret Thatcher, she crushed Argentina for FalklandsIndira Gandhi, she violently oppressed Sikh protests and convinced her people to voluntarily sterilise themselves to combat overpopulationPark Gyun Hee, she shelled back North Korea and chased after their trespassing shipsCatherine the Great, knowing western historians, they certainly dont give that title for body shaming. That sounds just like conquest or great victory or something like that with her achievements in her western expansion campaignCristina Kirchner, she actually nationalised Repsol YPF and pissed off an EU memberAnd so onYou dont take lioness less seriously just because of its gender. Youd be foolish.

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Dimming USB Led Lamp
The ATtinyX313(A) (ATtiny2313, ATtiny2313A, ATtiny4313) can be configured as a SPI, I2C, or UART slave or as a USB device with some work, and has 4 Output Compare pins available for PWM control. Simply write slave code that allows the RPi to send commands to it to change the brightness of attached LEDs via low-side NMOSFET drivers• Related QuestionsWhy do LED lights with a dimmer stay dim and won't go bright again?Unfortunately, Some Guy is right in that your dimmer and LED lamps are squabbling over some electrons; apparently your lamps are the losers in this case, though.The cure, though, is the same -- replace the dimmer with one that's designed for dimming LED replacement lamps (Lutron has a dedicated line for CFL and LED-retrofit loads, at least -- check around)------Does an equivalent LED bulb for an inner bulb of an old incandescent E14 bulb exist? closedWhat you have shown is an M11 bulb. You can find a guide to various types at Lampco.The shop assistant was probably describing one of these:Classic BulbThe Classic Halogen Bulb is the standard Solus bulb, offering brilliant light from our Xenon Halogen Technology. It replaces the older traditional incandescent bulb. It lasts twice as long and consumes 30% less energy. Source: Solas.------Auto LED dimly lit when offSorry to bump such an old post but yes this is what auto electrical designers would call the CAN Bus system. It is a small amount of current used to test the system for bulb outages. Nothing is as simple as it used to be, and apparently we arent trusted enough to notice our own bulbs are out.------Help drawing a circuit diagram from a logic diagramSeems nice try. Instead of using logic gates you may use basic micro controller like 89c51. And also programming also not much difficult.The things you need In my view it looks like a simple and also economical one to build this circuit. And also you can change logics by simply changing the programming no need of changing connections------How to generate Red light from a Blue-Dominated Spectrum closedAn off-the-shelf Philips Hue can easily be set to all-red and puts out a serious amount of light. Not perhaps 50W, but that's more easily solved by having more lights. Another option would be to buy a strip of red LEDs. The linked product claims about 12W/meter, and sells 5 meters for USD 140. Another product is 46W, but only USD 99------How to find current and voltage requirements of an LED lamp / strip using a multimeter?Attach the LED lamp to a power supply and ramp up the voltage until it is acceptable bright. Record the voltage and current. That is your new rating.You can't tell the actual rating with knowing the ratings of the parts inside and how they are connected. The packaging can even influence the rating if it can't keep the parts cool.------Light Dimmer Causes Internet DropAn alternative to changing the light dimmer would be to re-wire the telephone line between the phone and the network interface device (or as far as you could re-wire it) with Cat 6, while making sure the wire is at least a foot away from any power wires. This creates better immunity to alien noise. Could use Cat 6A, it is shielded as well.------How much power is wasted with a light dimmer?The potentiometer's function now is to change the "trigger" point of a triac.The trigger points on the AC sine waveThe AC Sine wave with the missing part up to the trigger point.Many LED light bulbs have triac dimming.LED DRIVER WITH TRIAC DIMMABLE CIRCUIT.Which looks like this located in the base of the light bulb.------How can I split a ground wireI've seen this before in rentals I own, lights with no boxes, I wouldn't do it but that must be the local building code. If you cut the ground wire you can make a pigtail to reconnect the ground and the new fixture. The wire nuts for ground (green) have a hole in the top to feed the new fixture which makes it easier.------Is heat always associated with Light?Thermal radiation is emitted by any surface having a temperature higher than absolute zero. So the short answer to your question is yes. Light (electromagnetic radiation) of any frequency will heat surfaces that absorb it. In case of Fluorescence, the emitted light has a longer wavelength (lower frequency), and therefore lower energy, so that's why you feel the heat is absent------What good resources are there for a high school student to start learning electronics?MIT's Free Online Courses are a good place to start. Another option is to just grab an Arduino and start hacking from there. They have a pretty large and helpful online following.As for books, hopefully someone else can provide some good starter references, my only experience with intro books are the ones I had to use in college which were...meh------Does the right calibration temperature for my monitor depend on season?Monitor calibration is for standardized color rendering among displays (nominally 6500K) or between displays and prints (typically 5000K).For any single outdoor location, skylight correlated color temperaturevaries widely by time of day, weather and season.Those relatively short term fluctuations (e.g. between 4000K and over 10000K) are provoked mostly from dust and water vapor; carbon dioxide has negible absorption at visible spectra.------Calculating LED amperage usageIf you are calculating the amperage of the leds themselves, it would be the voltage and current through the individual leds. If you are calculating the amperage that the entire bulb uses, it would be the line voltage. This would include the power used by the internal led driver as well. The driver is likely to be 80% or higher efficiency------Extractor fans not working with LED bulbs?The fan controller is monitoring the lamp circuit to know when the lamp turns off. It seems as though it relies on a low-resistance path to neutral through the lamp filament to run the timer.The LED lamps have fancier electronics in them so there may not be a direct path to neutral if the electronics is not running.------Is using CFL bulbs without a ceiling covering them bad?There is nothong wrong with having an exposed fluorescent tube, compact or otherwise. We have lived with the long type and circeline uncovered for decades. Some new CFLs are specifically designed to show off their shape, such as this oneWhether you like the look of any given tube design, find the lighting effects to be pleasant or annoying are all a matter of taste.------DIY LED lamp is less powerful than expectedFrom your mention of a test with a 14 volt supply, it appears that most voltage is being lost in the wires between the supply and light panel - if so, you need significantly larger wire for that connection.All wires have some resistance, and you must consider this resistance when determining the required wire size for a given current and cable length------My room lights' brightness pulses when I turn on my toaster ovenI've been in my attic and saw that some of the wires have been chewed bare by mice.Whether this is the cause of the dimming or not, you need to immediately get an exterminator to rid your home of the mice problem and an electrician to assess and correct the damage. Bare/exposed conductors is an exceedingly dangerous condition that cannot wait.------LED lights with a dim light in open circuitAs mentioned above, the cause is phantom (ghost) voltage most likely caused by using a twin active cable from the light to the switch. This can be fixed by either by replacing the cable with two sdi (single double insulated) cables or burning ghost voltage by adding a small load such as an iron core transformer in parallel with the light fitting------How much power is used by cabin lighting systems during flight?According to this link, an Airbus A-321 has around 100 LED units for cabin lighting which have 45 individual diodes each. Do you have 4500 diodes in the cabin in a single aisle plane, which means at 0.05W per LED estimation, the cabin lighting would require 225 W of power.p.s. This does not include reading lamps (most probably) and only the aisle lighting------AC mains dimmer dimming 7W LED lamp problem (RpiZero MPDM V4.1)Finally, as said @Joan, I just had to use a dimmable LED.To sum up what I found on internet : not all LED are dimmable. Even if you can dim a non-dimmable LED, it's still a bad idea because the LED might not made for this use. It can lead to several problems : 1. the dim can be unstable, and 2. it can cause heating problems.------How to get a material that looks like led lamp diffuserBlender 2.8 has the filmic settings a standard color management. While it does add a nice feel to a scene with a lot of contrast, it does crush the whites.Where it says filmic switch that to standard or something else.If you want any glow effects, you'll have to do that in the compositor.Other than that, I think it looks quite good already.------Is it safe to convert a shunted tombstone lamp socket to a non-shunted socket by cutting the shunt?Glad you read our blog. We definitely agree that you should NOT cut into shunted lampholders for the reasons Harper stated above. Chris M. is also right. It's easier to just buy non-shunted lampholders, it will only cost you a few bucks. Since they are direct wire LED tubes, you only need to wire one side of the fixture.------How many lumens are there in one watt?This depends completely upon what method is used to convert the electrical energy into light. Is it an old Edison bulb (incandescent), florescent, LED, something else?It will also vary significantly within each type. Not all LED bulbs are equally efficient. There simply isn't any direct conversion. You need to check the specs for the specific bulbs you are comparing------curious affect of led lampsI sometimes have the same effect in some of the LEDs in my own home.I assume you are using a dimmer? What brand and model?I am using Lightolier electronic dimmers, with LED level indicators on the side. The tiny load the dimmer causes will create current flow through the LED lamps in the fixture. A backlit device can do the same thing.------What should I consider when choosing continuous lighting vs. strobes for studio photography?Overall light output vs rate of energy usage / heat output.There's a reason hot lights are called "hot"; they put out a lot of heat per unit of light, especially compared to strobes. And heat doesn't do anyone any good. That's why strobes are more often preferred for still photography, and hot lights are more often used for video (where strobes aren't an option).------I need help fixing a chest freezerNo the led is not your problem!An led will only show if there is voltage. Try putting a load on that outlet a volt meter may show good but plug in a curling iron and nothing. This happens with backstabbed receptacles all the time , sometimes a loose screw or wirenut . Try a load test and you may find the power goes way.------Technique to measure/infer Vf for LED given IfAssuming an LED or string of LEDs with no current limiting built in:The simplest way is to connect a constant current supply which is set to 700mA and can provide at least 14V, preferably more. Note, that's a constant current not a current limited supply.Then measure the voltage across the LED. That will be the forward voltage------Using US lamps in Europe closedThere are several different kinds of circuits used for LED lamps. There are also different kinds of "adapters". Many combinations of lamps and adapters are NOT compatible. You must do more careful and detailed analysis of how each different lamp is constructed and what kind of converter or adapter is suitable.Your question is over-simplified and cannot be properly answered as a generic generalization------How can this lighting/color effect be done?I don't see how it can be done in camera unless you set up a bunch of monochromatic objects in a studio. Sure it can be done but may be more difficult than handling it in post. To me this is likely one of two things: a very well done composite image or selective black and white in the background.------Network issue with Ubuntu 14.04.3 in Hyper V environment / not running stableAfter I had reinstalled 14.04.2 on the pysical PC and just made apt-get upgrade (not dist-upgrade), everything works fine (the login screen shows 14.04.3, but the kernel is still made the same steps on the VM and there it works fine, too.So I think the problem is part of the kernel (3.19) which is installed from the 14.04.3 installation ISO file.------How does a CPU calculate on a hardware level? closedThat's a good question, something I'm curious in learning more about myself. From what I can tell so far:I think these links might help explain more in case I didn't answer your question the way you wanted. htm.
Professional 216 Pcs LEDs Eye-Caring Lamp, Natural Daylight Full Spectrum LED Desk Lamp, Touch Contr
This eye-care lamp helps reduce eyestrain with surface and ring light sources. The 216 LED beads and 8 inch (0.2 m) large luminous surface deliver wider and more uniform lighting coverage, make the lit environment more comfortable for different purposes. With advanced technology, the full-spectrum lighting is close to the natural daylight and it has no blue-light, electromagnetic radiation and flicker-free. No matter, you are reading a book, studying on the desk, drawing, working on tasks on the computer, you will find the best color temperature since we have five temperature modes (warm white to daylight) to choose from. The lamp's intelligent auto mode has a built-in sensor will help you choose the appropriate color temperature based on the surrounding lighting. For each color temperature, you can easily adjust the brightness with stepless dimmer with the simple sliding control. The sturdy yet flexible neck lets you place the illumination right where you need it.-CRI (Color Rendering Index) best available is 97 out of 100 : High Color Rendering Index (CRI) value (97/100). CRI measures the ability of a light source to accurately reproduce the colors of the object it illuminates-2700K - 6000K: 5 light colors to choose from (warm white to daylight)The combination makes light cover wider and make light irradiation more uniform. Light total surface is very wide, 8 inch wide in diameter; 216 premium LED beads and dual Light Sources (Area and Ring) which deliver full spectrum light source, closest to the soft nature light-[Stepless Sliding Dimming]:Easy sliding to turn on the lamp and also to change levels of brightness (10%-100%) for your different lighting needs-Multi-functions: Simple Tap to activate the [Smart Sensor], which automatically adjusts to appropriate brightness based on surrounding environment; -minute auto-off Timer]; [Sleep Mode]; [Night light].-Eye Protection: No radiation, no blue-light and flicker-freeNiece cries when hair is combed?1. Cut her hair, she's young enough so that it will grow back in time for her beauty years, or take a pair of thinning shears and thin it out. This will be a lesson for her, and she will have learned to take care of her hair by the time it grows back. 2. Spray her hair with 1/2 H2o , 1/2 cond. and use a pick from the bottom up. I am a blond picks work better than combs TRUST ME!!!When was the last time you cried uncontrollably? And why?Not exactly the last time, but the time I can remember with absolute specific detail:I remember it like it was yesterday. It was April 2004, I was driving between one sales appointment and another.As was my habit, I had the local Sports Radio station on, Sports Radio 1310, The Ticket when news broke in. I listened and heard, and as I comprehended, I pulled over into a mall parking lot, pulled out my cell phone and called my then wife.Before she even picked up the phone, I was sobbing, real soaking wet tears streaming down my face, my chest spasming uncontrollably, unable to catch my breath.My wife picked up the phone and heard the HIGHLY unusual sound of my weeping and demanded to know what was wrong. Through my sobs, I managed to get out "Pat Tillman died."For those who do not remember, Pat was a safety for the Arizona Cardinals who felt compelled after 9/11 to enlist in the Army. Not one to take the easy road, he went through Airborne training and became a Ranger. I knew every detail of the story, I knew the day he deployed to Afganistan.Say what you like about our post 9/11 involvement, and how the whole "War on Terror" has dragged on, Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, this was still 2004, we were still PISSED as a nation, and the lies surrounding our entry to Iraq were not really exposed yet outside of a few hints, and there's a difference between a war that's been going on for 3 years and one that's been going on for nearly 20.I ADMIRED the man so much for sacrificing the fame and glory of the NFL life and having the courage of his convictions to put his mortal ass on the line. He was a hero to me. The news flash across the radio stabbed me in the gut like a shard of glass.The circumstances surrounding the actual details of his death and the way the Army tried to cover up the friendly fire incident that killed him change nothing. The way I feel about the war, and our involvement in the Middle East with another 15 years of hindsight do not change my admiration for a guy who had it all, and felt that kind of conviction... and had the kind of courage needed to do what he felt he had to do. I still tear up when I see that SI cover.
Are There Any Jehovahs Witnesses Who Might Be Willing to Share Their Experiences?
This happened 65 years ago when I went to the church for the priest to explain certain things that were being taught by the church that did not have any support for them in the bible. He wanted to speak to me at my home so I invited him. The next night he appeared and we started to discuss the bible. At that time the only complete bible that the witnesses had or used was the American Standard which was fine but it was in archaic English. The priest seized the bible out of my hands and then asked a question.. : Do you know , he said, that this bible was written by nothing but Jews? Knowing that what and how he stated that remark that it was a racist remark, I threw him out of my house. You know what happened the next day. What that experience taught me was not to trust anyone and I mean anyone with what is is the bible unless you see it there. I did that for 65 years and have not been disappointed by anything that i was taught by Jehovahs witnesses.He told me upon leaving that I was ignorant of what the bible said. He was right I was but not any more and thanks to God that he revealed what this priest was about to do. But he started with the wrong thing , that being a racist. That was the beginning of finding the truth and it set me free from the garbage that is taught by religionist who preach and teach lies from their pulpit.• Related QuestionsDid Avatar Korra cut off the Avatar State completely from future Avatars or was it just her, and if so, then can there be future Avatars?The Avatar State wasn't cut off from Korra, instead all of the previous life experiences and communications with her previous lives were lost.Kind of like how your computer crashes but everything you've saved is gone forever.Remember in S2 E1 of ATLA, when Roku mentioned that if you are killed in the Avatar State, all the previous Avatar's lives will be lost and the Avatar will cease to exist. Then at the end of the series Aang was killed.The situation with Korra was different. She had the Avatar spirit ripped out of her, along with all the previous Avatars' memories too and together they were destroyed.Meaning that now every avatar who will come later in the future can't access those memories anymore. They can still go into the Avatar State because Raava is inside of them and is infused with their life forces.Now I don't know if they will ever get those past memories back but I do think it's possible somehow.Like a computer, if all the memories aren't saved somewhere, then all that came before is basically lost. But if you have something like a flash drive or like a cloud then all isnt technically gone.Like a flash drive, Tenzin told Korra that Vaatu's prison, was known as the tree of time and that it's roots bind both the spirit and physical worlds together.Everything that happened in the history of the Avatar world was recorded by the tree of time. I feel like the creators are somehow going to link the tree of time to a plot where somehow the Avatar can regain their past memories.Idk, that's just a theory. But hopefully I cleared up some things------What can teachers do to help students with severe anxiety?Ive been waiting a long time to answer this one.In high school and middle school I was faced with the problem that students would often ask teachers to use the restroom, but would get turned down. I never once asked to use the restroom during class because of this. Because of this problem, I was always constipated, and had to take medication to make it so I was ever able to poop at all. I was scared that I would get rejected for asking to use the restroom (a basic human need) that I never asked, and once in middle school I got a bladder infection because just when I was about to ask if I could use the restroom, my creative writing teacher rejected a student to use the restroom because you just had lunch. But the problem was that at lunch there were staff members who would guard the hallways and make students ask their permission to go down that hallway. They guarded them because students would sit in the hallway and eat their lunch, and leave trash everywhere like a bunch of apes. So my schools solution was to take away most of the lunch tables and make everyone stay in one room, so that there was less space and fewer tables to clean.My senior year in high school I had a teacher who changed my life in school, and I wished that I would have had him for more of my classes. He gave us a 15-minute break during class to use the restroom, and get some water, or stretch our legs.My suggestion would be this simple: Give your students a short break------What was Rome's reason for attacking Carthage in the 3rd Punic War?Their stated reason or their actual reason?Cato the Elder was horrified to discover that Carthage had almost completely recovered her former glory and power. Cato spent the remaining years of his life advocating for the destruction of Carthage. He died the year the war began and thus he didn't live to see the outcome. Basically Rome decided it was time to rid themselves of any possible Carthaginian threat, forever. Carthage was wiped out and the survivors were enslaved.Now about the stated reason? Carthage was treaty bound as a result of the treaty that ended the Second Public War not to raise an army without Roman permission. The Roman friends in Numidia were launching raids into Carthaginian territory and Carthage raised an army to stop the raids. Rome declared that Carthage had violated the sixty year old treaty and thus began the war.Rome sent an army of 80,000 which camped outside the city of Carthage. The Carthaginians were told if they turned over their armor and swords that there would be peace. The people of Carthage turned over their armor and swords and then the Romans built siege works to begin a siege of the city. They them stormed the city and killed about half of the inhabitants and enslaved the other half. We're talking 200,000 dead and 200,000 enslaved.The lesson of the Third Punic War is to never disarm and never trust those who promise peace if only you are willing to disarm.Also, never negotiate from a position of weakness and never let things get to the point where there is an enemy army camped outside of your capital city when the negotiations are beginning.Those who are educated in history know that disarmament never leads to peace, only slavery or death------What does it feel like to be enlightened?As part of the studies on enlightenment via TM, researchers found 17 subjects (average meditation, etc experience 16,000 hours) who were reporting at least having a pure sense-of-self continuously for at least a year, and asked them to "describe yourself" (see table 3 of psychological correlates study), and these were some of the responses:We ordinarily think my self as this age; this color of hair; these hobbies . . . my experience is that my Self is a lot larger than that. It's immeasurably vast. . . on a physical level. It is not just restricted to this physical environmentIt's the I am-ness. It's my Being. There's just a channel underneath that's just underlying everything. It's my essence there and it just doesn't stop where I stop. . . by I, I mean this 5 ft. 2 person that moves around here and thereI look out and see this beautiful divine Intelligence. . . you could say in the sky, in the tree, but really being expressed through these things. . . and these are my SelfI experience myself as being without edges or content. . . beyond the universe. . . all-pervading, and being absolutely thrilled, absolutely delighted with every motion that my body makes. With everything that my eyes see, my ears hear, my nose smells. There's a delight in the sense that I am able to penetrate that. My consciousness, my intelligence pervades everything I see, feel and thinkWhen I say I that's the Self. There's a quality that is so pervasive about the Self that I'm quite sure that the I is the same I as everyone else's I. Not in terms of what follows right after. I am tall, I am short, I am fat, I am this, I am that. But the I part. The I am part is the same I am for you and me------How did Jimmy Page start Led Zeppelin?Jimmy Page became one of the best known session guitarists in London. He had toured as part of the band Neil Christian and the Crusaders, but had given it up when the touring and sleeping in the back of a van in all weathers made him ill, so sessions work suited him fine for a while. He featured, unnamed, on such a large number of hit records that now nobody is sure exactly how many, or which ones. nThe Yardbirds tried to tempt him to play with them, replacing Eric Clapton, but as Page and Clapton had been friends since their teenage years he didn't feel comfortable taking his place, so suggested another friend, Jeff Beck. Eventually when the opportunity to join as a second lead guitarist along side Beck presented itself, Page joined The Yardbirds, just as the band was disintegrating. As the other band members dropped out, Page was left with the band name, and some concerts that The Yardbirds had been contracted to play. So with the help of Peter Grant who had been employed by Micky Most and had helped manage the band, he set about building up his own band which could fulfil the commitments of The Yardbirds and benefit from starting with a big name. nJohn Paul Jones (John Baldwin) was a fellow sessions musician, and Page and Grant were pointed in the direction of Robert Plant by (if I remember correctly) Terry Reid, who had turned down the lead singer's role. John Bonham was a friend of Plant's. nThe chemistry between these four was such that the rest really is history, and with Grant as manager the band became the legend we know today.------Do you trust movie critics?No I do not.My process for watching a movie is:Stumbling upon or searching for an upcoming movie.Watch the trailer on youtube, if the story looks interesting to me I look at the release date.I wait for the box office revenue to be released, by that time a lot of the critics have offered their criticism.If the movie I'm interested in gets bad reviews I decide not to watch it.End of process.However quite recently my opinion on movie critics changed completely when I decided to watch Pirates of the Caribbean dead men tell no tales which is the 5th installment in the franchise. I was blown away by how awesome the movie was and how everything was perfect. They explained a few things that I was wondering about, it had a surprising twist to it and the ending was unexpeted but marvelous anyway.But what did the critics say about the movie? This better be the last movie. It didn't have an impact. Had its moments but it wasn't that great.Besides as of late the movie critics seem to have lost their touch and don't offer anything insightful about a movie other than big literary words and praise or insults and a hint of cheeky cliche metaphors.The review they gave about fast and furious 8 pretty much sums up to whining about when the franchise is going to end or will they ever run out of gas to make the movies.There was a time when I honestly believed in the critics but after the nonsense they have been pulling lately for the sake of not being forgotten I don't trust them anymore.
What Is a Tactical Led Flashlight? -
According to some people the word "tactical" is just another marketing ploy used to sell flashlights, a mere adjective that is used to make buyers believe that they are purchasing a product that is better than most run of the mill flashlights. The reality is that a flashlight designed for tactical use is indeed different from a regular flashlight. However, not every product sold with the tag "tactical led flashlight" meets the design requirements that would make it appropriate for field work.First introduced in 1900, the tactical flashlights of the time were bulky, heavy, not nearly as sturdy and worked on dry cells. In fact, the bulbs often gave way in response to the acceleration created by firearm recoil. A decade down the line, the first US patent was filed for tactical lights with a series of improvements. These lights were designed to be mounted with a gun.Over the years, tactical lights underwent mammoth changes and by the 1980s they were a common sight in the hands of law enforcement personnel and were being used independently of weapons. Despite the upgrades, the tactical flashlights manufactured 3 decades ago were no match to the products available today.The current range of tactical flashlights are not just smaller, brighter and lighter, but also more effective than the older versions. They are actually meant to work as self-defense products, even when used on their own. Powered by LED bulbs and lithium ion batteries, these flashlights perform extremely well when used indoors as well as outdoors. They are light: A well-made tactical LED flashlight can easily be held in one hand and operated at the click of a button. In fact, its light weight means that it can be held in the left hand, leaving the right hand free for the use of a weapon or pepper spray. A tactical LED flashlight should offer no less than 500 lm of light output. In fact, if you can get 600 lm or even more (Real Lumens Output) from your flashlight, it can double up as a self-defense gadget as the brightness will be enough to blind an attacker. Tactical LED flashlights are designed to work in a range of situations; from lighting up the backyard in the dark to blinding intruders with the strobe mode, these portable devices should be able to do it all. The Zoom feature give the Tactical light the flexibility to be operated in various conditions, whether to shine on a distant object or to light up a wide area. The 26650 lithium battery has at least double the capacity then the standard 18650 battery. This will gives you twice the run time enabling you to operate your flashlight for up to 15 hours without recharging your battery. This is very important since you want to operate you tactical flashlight in all weather conditions, unfortunately many brands claim to have IPX5 or even more which will enable them theoretically to operate in all weather conditions. But...when you check to see if they have an O ring gasket sealing their LED you will find among many of them that there is none, thus exposing their LED to rain and snow. So make sure to stay away from such brands.Unfortunately many flashlight brands that are marketed with the 1000 lm claim or even more offer on an average only a Real output of 325 lm. Fortunately Brightex Technologies in cooperation with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has tested the real lumens of 7 popular flashlights all claiming to be the brightest flashlight with stated lumens ranging from 700 up to 1200 lumens, test results reveal that many of them delivery only a fraction of the promised lumens claim. So if you are looking for a truly powerful tactical flashlight make sure that the lumens claims are backed up by an independent lab test results. So before buying your next tactical flashlight make sure they have all the above features and that their stated claims have been verified
High-voltage Rib-cooled Motor Market 2016,Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share and Growth Forecasts
Intense Research releases a new market research report "Global High-voltage Rib-cooled Motor Market - Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth and Forecasts 2016-2021" to add to its collection of research reports. The Report Titled ' Global High-voltage Rib-cooled Motor Market , 2016-2021 Industry Research Report' is a efficient and comprehensive study on the Present state of the global High-voltage Rib-cooled Motor Market with a focus on the Chinese industry. The report provides key census on the market status of the High-voltage Rib-cooled Motor Manufacturers and is a valuable source of instruction and direction for companies and individuals interested in the industry. Get Free Sample Report of High-voltage Rib-cooled Motor Market: #request-sample Firstly, the report provides a basic analysis of the market including its definition, applications and manufacturing technology. Then, the report analyse the international major industry players in detail. In this part, the report presents the company profile, product blueprint, scope, production cost, and 2011-2016 market shares for each company. Through the demographic analysis, the report illustrate the global total market of High-voltage Rib-cooled Motor industry including scope, manufacturing, manufacturing cost, value/profit, supply/demand and Chinese import/export. The total market is further divided by company, by country region, and by application/type for the competitive landscape analysis. The report then estimates 2016-2021 industry growth of High-voltage Rib-cooled Motor industry. Analysis of upstream raw materials, downstream requirement, and current market gesture is also carried out. In the end, the report makes some important proposals for a new project of High-voltage Rib-cooled Motor Industry before figure out its feasibility. Overall, the report provides an in-depth insight of 2016-2021 global High-voltage Rib-cooled Motor market covering all important parameters. Get Full Table Of Content (Index) Of High-voltage Rib-cooled Motor Market: #table-of-content Table Of Content Of High-voltage Rib-cooled Motor Market: Chapter One Introduction of High-voltage Rib-cooled Motor Industry 1.1 Brief Introduction of High-voltage Rib-cooled Motor 1.2 Development of High-voltage Rib-cooled Motor Industry 1.3 Status of High-voltage Rib-cooled Motor Industry Chapter Two Manufacturing Technology of High-voltage Rib-cooled Motor 2.1 Development of High-voltage Rib-cooled Motor Manufacturing Technology 2.2 Analysis of High-voltage Rib-cooled Motor Manufacturing Technology 2.3 Trends of High-voltage Rib-cooled Motor Manufacturing Technology Chapter Three Analysis of Global Key Manufacturers 3.1 Company A 3.1.1 Company Profile 3.1.2 Product Information 3.1.3 2011-2016 Production Information 3.1.4 Contact Information 3.2 Company B 3.2.1 Company Profile 3.2.2 Product Information 3.2.3 2011-2016 Production Information 3.2.4 Contact Information 3.3 Company C 3.2.1 Company Profile 3.3.2 Product Information 3.3.3 2011-2016 Production Information 3.3.4 Contact Information 3.4 Company D 3.4.1 Company Profile 3.4.2 Product Information 3.4.3 2011-2016 Production Information 3.4.4 Contact Information 3.5 Company E 3.5.1 Company Profile 3.5.2 Product Information 3.5.3 2011-2016 Production Information 3.5.4 Contact Information 3.6 Company F 3.6.1 Company Profile 3.6.2 Product Information 3.5.3 2011-2016 Production Information 3.6.4 Contact Information 3.7 Company G 3.7.1 Company Profile 3.7.2 Product Information 3.7.3 2011-2016 Production Information 3.7.4 Contact Information 3.8 Company H 3.8.1 Company Profile 3.8.2 Product Information 3.8.3 2011-2016 Production Information 3.8.4 Contact Information
Can I Connect a Potentiometer Rate at 2w to 20w LED with a 20w Resistor?
a better way to do it is with a power transistor eg 2n3055 (less than 1). Drive it from the pot between base and collector, with a resistor in series (say 20 ohms) to limit the maximum base current. Alternatively for a really clever dimmer that doesnt get hot, use a 555 timer to produce a fast pulse wave, and vary the duty cycle. Use the BUZ11, or a tip 29 transistor to turn the leds on and off fast so you dont see flicker - or slow it don and you get a strobe effect!1. there's 100W bulbs and 200W bulbs?He bought 9 100W bulbs only (72/8 = 9) OR He bought 6 200W bulbs only (72/12 = 6) If he bought bulbs of both kinds, then there is no way of knowing exactly how many of each kind did he buy. He could have bought 6 of 100W and 2 of 200W. (6*8 2*12 = 72) OR He could have bought 3 of 100W and 4 of 200W. (3*8 4*12 = 72) The problem could be put into an equation like this: 8x 12y = 72 And we know that x and y are whole and positive numbers. But to obtain the exact values for x and y, a second equation would be needed. That is, a second relation between the variables x and y.2. planin 2 buy a 1000w woofer 600w amplifier 460w speakers is 600w amplifier good for it need help?good choice.. man. use pioneer. system. you need to have a simple jumper to separate each frequency to tweeters, woofer and normal speaker.3. Skip upgrading W8 Pro to W10 and install W10 and use key from W8 Pro?TL;DRThe long story.Something happened, and my Windows 8.1 Pro stopped working and I had to reinstall it. I have a Windows 8 Pro installation DVD that I got from Amazon a few years back. I used it and installed Windows 8 Pro on my PC. Ultimately I wanted to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, but it was taking too long to update Windows 8 to 8.1, so I installed Windows 10 Media Creation and created a bootable Windows 10 USB. Using the bootable USB, I installed Windows 10 Pro on my PC, and that is where the pain started. I did some googling and found that with Starting with W10 build 1511, you can use the W7 or W8 key on a clean install, but I could not find how to actually activate the fresh Windows 10 installation. After several tries to activate I finally called support and they helped me out.Note: A side effect of skipping the Windows 7/8 upgrade to Windows 10 is that support had to invalidate my Windows 8 product key and give a new key.4. $W$ is $T$-invariant and showing that $W = N(T)$Your idea is not off. Since $W$ and $N(T)$ have the same dimension, it suffices you show one is included in the other, in either direction. Given $win W$, note that $Twin Wcap R(T)$, so $Tw=0$. This means $Wsubseteq N(T)$.Consider now $k[X]$ for some field $k$, and define $p(X)mapsto p'(X)$. Then $m im;T=k[X]$ so $k[X]=R(T)oplus 0$, but the kernel of this is nonempty5. Can my laptop support W.O.W?well, my laptop was intel i3 3.1 Ghz. pretty **** graphic card, 4 gb of ram and it ran WOW. and I suggest that when you start playing that you make a mage or a warlock. You are laptop should be able to run that, but you should go onto 'my computer' then system properties and find out what processer you have.6. Is 5w20 oil ok for an engine that takes 10w30?I am supposed to use 5W-30, but the last mechanic I went to said I should use 20W-50. Interestingly the manual clearly states "Do not use 20W-50 nor any other oil grade besides 5W-30 in this engine." So I said to the mechanic, "Uh, thanks. Uh, bye!" and never went back to him. Whenever a mechanic says he knows better than the vehicle manufacturer that's a clear sign that you need to go somewhere else. Yes, I understand that you can use different oil grades and still get by and that in different climates and with engine wear you may benefit from a different oil grade, but usually all that's covered in the owner's manual. For an example, in artic weather I should use 0W-30 instead of 5W-30 just as it says so in the manual.
Can I Use Speaker Wire to Light My 12v Led Lights in My Car?
U can plug them into something counting on length of lighting fixtures fixtures u ought to blow them with the amp yet while u hook them into speaker terminals they artwork effective I also have a strip from Walmart plugged into my door audio equipment and that they artwork great1. Where can i buy a custom ps3 remote with LED lights and rapid fire ?The Sly sequence Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Jak & Daxter sequence Assassins Creed Assassins Crees: Ezio Trilogy Assassins Creed 3 metallic kit solid: The Legacy sequence Uncharted: Drakes Fortunes Uncharted 2: between Thieves Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim pink ineffective Redemption L.A. Noire Gran Turismo 5: XL version God of conflict Saga Borderlands: pastime of the three hundred and sixty 5 days version Borderlands 2 Bioshock countless (is composed of unique Bioshock) Batman Arkham Asylum: pastime of the three hundred and sixty 5 days version Batman Arkham city: pastime of the three hundred and sixty 5 days version COD: modern-day conflict 2 Off PSN: GTA Vice city - $9.ninety 9 GTA San Andreas - $14.ninety 9 Resident Evil 4 HD - $19.ninety 92. LED Lights on my motorcycle drain the battery! help!?Sorry your incorrect about a short. Kawasaki250 battery is not set to handle more power draw. The lights are not the problem it is the remote box. It still draws from the battery if it sits takes 2 week without being started.3. where can i get led lights?You can buy the materials you need at your local Radio Shack4. can anybody explain to me how i could instal interior underglow(led lights) to my car w/o the cigarete lighter?Just run wires straight from the battery for positive and negative5. Where can I talk to professionals for free about updating all my home lighting?There are plenty of resources online that might already provide you with the answers you are looking for. For instance, here's one article we've developed on upgrading to LED lights:Boost Your Home Value with LightingAnother important piece we put together includes a video and infographic explaining all the primary upgrade options:Replacing Your Incandescent Light BulbsThrough the blog, you are welcome to leave a reply with general questions and we will do our best to provide answers.Of course if you have questions specific to your home, then you will probably need to call a local expert and they may charge for their help. Where can I talk to professionals for free about updating all my home lighting?6. Convert my solar charged LED lights to AC?drgforconvertsolarlighttoAC7. How many LED lights are shining in your home right now?More then I could guess. Because after the standard Christmas Color Lights: 1) Then they are changed with Red & White for Valentine's Day, 2) Green & White For St. Patrick's Day. 3) Multicolor's for Easter. 4) Red, White & Blue for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Labor Day. 5) Orange & White for Halloween. 6) Back to Christmas. And that does NOT include all of the electronic devices, remotes, computers, phones, Dvr's, TV's, Microwave's, Blah Blah, Blah. I FEED the electric company. You should see how fast my Electric Meter goes around.8. How to Make a Fake FireThere's nothing quite like the gentle, warm crackle of a real fire. Unfortunately, there are many places where open flames are inappropriate or unsafe - for instance, during a stage production or at an indoor party. For these situations, fake yet realistic prop flames can create the atmosphere of a real fire without the risk. Add New Question What kind of LED lights am I looking for? Just standard colored light bulbs that I could plug into any lamp in my house? Look for a very small one that is soft white or even a yellow bug bulb but check that the socket it screws into has the correct base. LED wo not save you anything since the flame does not need much light. Ask at your local home improvement store. Instead of using a hot glue gun, what can I use? You could try Gorilla glue or just basic Elmer's glue, but the hot glue helps it to be more stable and stick longer. My friends and I are using cardboard logs for the fire. Is that okay to do? As long as it's not a real fire and the logs are not too close to the light. Where can I get a flat fan? A hardware store near you would be the best place to look for a flat fan. If that's unsuccessful, you can find one online. What kind of fabric works best for the flames? I would say either satin, silk, or felt. What is the cloth you use for the flame? Any light cloth should do the trick. Thin cotton is a good choice. You can even use tissue paper. What should the coals look like on my fire? Coals generally look like black lumps of rock with red embers around them. Do I have to add lights and a fan? You do not have to, but your fire will be much more convincing if you do. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Submit
Knowledge About M&m Dog Water Bottle: Personal Life and Education of M&m Dog Water Bottle
Personal life and Education of m&m dog water bottleAdv.M Swaraj was born at Nettikulam, Malappuram District. He attended SVHSS Palemad, Edakkara for his Secondary education. He completed his BA in Economics from Mar Thoma College, Chungathara under the University of Calicut in 2000. He later pursued an LLB degree from Kerala Law Academy Law College, Thiruvananthapuram in 2004 and a Master's degree from Annamalai University in 2007.Swaraj has been married to Saritha Menon, an HR professional, since 2008.------Personal details of m&m dog water bottleDr. Gowd was born on 23 September 1943 in Medak, Andhra Pradesh, India. He did his Bachelors in Dental Surgery in 1967 from Osmania University and obtained his Masters in Dental Surgery in 1971 from Bombay University. He has actively been practicing for the last 37 years. He is the father of two children who both are also dental surgeons: Dr. Vikas Gowd (son) and Dr. Snigdha Gowd (daughter)------FINA World Swimming Championships (25 m) Men's 4 100 metre freestyle relay of m&m dog water bottleThe Men's 4100 Freestyle Relay at the 10th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) was swum on 15 December 2010 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 17 nations swam in the Preliminary heats in the morning, with the top-8 finishers advancing to the final that evening.At the start of the event, the existing World (WR) and Championship records (CR) were:The following records were established during the competition:------M1 (Johannesburg) of m&m dog water bottleThe M1 De Villiers Graaff motorway is a metropolitan route and major freeway in the City of Johannesburg, South Africa. The highway connects the southern areas (including Booysens, Eldorado Park and Soweto) with the city centre and extends further north through Sandton into the Ben Schoeman Highway towards Pretoria. Construction began in 1962 and resulted in the demolition of many properties and houses including numerous historical Parktown Mansions..------Robert M. Moore of m&m dog water bottleRobert M. Moore (18161880) was an Irish-American mayor of Cincinnati.Born in Cookstown, Ireland, Robert M. Moore immigrated about 1832 via Canada to the United States. Moore was a veteran of the MexicanAmerican War and as an officer joined the predominantly Irish American 10th Ohio Infantry in the Civil War. A Republican, Moore served as mayor of Cincinnati from 1877 to 1880.------G. M. C. Balayogi of m&m dog water bottleGanti Mohana Chandra Balayogi (pronunciation(helpinfo); 1 October 1951 3 March 2002) was an Indian lawyer and politician.Growing up in a small Village, Balayogi had to travel to G.vemavaram village for his primary education. He received his Post Graduate in Kakinada and a law degree from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. He was serving as the speaker of 12th Lok Sabha when he died in a helicopter crash.------M. V. Raghu of m&m dog water bottleM. V. Raghu is an Indian film cinematographer turned director, screenwriter, and producer known for his works predominantly in Telugu cinema. In 1988, he has directed the neo-realistic film Kallu, which has received many awards including state awards and has garnered special mention from the CBFC Jury. Jury Member for Nandi Film Awards 2001 and 2017. Also Known As "Kallu Raghu" in Telugu Film Industry------Death of m&m dog water bottleBashar died on 1 September 1976 in an air crash. He was attending the inauguration of the Flying Instructors School at Tejgaon in Dhaka. On its maiden flight, an NZAI Air Tourer rolled over and crashed nose down into the airfield. Both the pilot Sqn Ldr Haq and Bashar were killed instantly. BAF Base at Tejgaon, Dhaka has been renamed Base Bashar in his honour------Origin of names of m&m dog water bottleMayall II is named after Nicholas U. Mayall, who, with Olin J. Eggen, discovered it in 1953.SKHB 1 is named for Wallace L. W. Sargent, Charles T. Kowal, F. D. A. Hartwick, and Sidney van den Bergh. They also named it G1 in 1977.HBK 0-1 is named for John Huchra, J. P. Brodie, and S. M. Kent in 1991.------CD releases of m&m dog water bottleGermany 1994: BMG 74321 21267 2. (The CD cover featured slightly different photos than original LP) (Pressing XI)Europe 2007: Sony-BMG 88697 09481 2, including two bonus tracks: 14. Felicidad (Margherita) (Massara, Conz) - 4:33. 15. Strange (Dobson) - 3:28, both originally released on Hansa single 102 681-100 (1980).Both cd releases contain the versions from the one disc vinyl album release and not the (slightly) longer mixes from the 2 disc vinyl album.------Obscenity prosecution of m&m dog water bottleUnited States Postal Inspector Anthony Comstock had Bennett arrested on December 10, 1878, for mailing Cupid's Yokes, a free-love pamphlet. Bennett was prosecuted, subjected to a widely publicized trial, and imprisoned in the Albany Penitentiary for thirteen months, in which his health greatly suffered. Despite a strong campaign in his favor for President Rutherford B. Hayes to pardon him, Hayes declined, pardoning the actual author (Ezra Heywood) instead.------The Best of P.M. Dawn of m&m dog water bottleThe Best of P.M. Dawn is a 2000 compilation album by P.M. Dawn. Along with the group's most successful recordings, it includes remixes of some of their minor hits, and "Gotta Be...Movin' on Up" from the 1998 Marlon Wayans and David Spade comedy Senseless performed by Attrell Cordes (of P.M. Dawn) featuring Ky-mani Marley and John Forte.------UN Mission of m&m dog water bottleAdmiral Shaheen has extensively represented Bangladesh Navy (BN) overseas, including several international seminars. He led many high-level operational and training delegations. He has also led the BN delegation during several international naval exercises and headed the BN team during the ship acceptance of Corvettes and Frigates. He is a proud "Blue Flag" bearer as a member of the UN in Iraq------Honors of m&m dog water bottleSociety of Scholars, Johns Hopkins UniversityFellow and Honorary Member of the American Society of Mechanical EngineersFellow of the American Association for the Advancement of ScienceFellow of the American Society for Engineering EducationOutstanding Alumni Award, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M UniversityDistinguished Alumni Award, Texas A&M UniversityCorps Hall of Honor, Texas A&M University------M'Diq's harbour of m&m dog water bottleThe town's harbour is split into two parts: one for tourism and the other for fishing. Both have been expanded recently in order to improve tourist offerings and to increase the harbour's capacity. M'Diq is a popular weekend destination for residents of nearby Ceuta. Boats up to 50 metres long with a depth of nearly five metres can be moored.------Prairie View A&M Panthers football team of m&m dog water bottleThe 2018 Prairie View A&M Panthers football team represented Prairie View A&M University in the 2018 NCAA Division I FCS football season. The Panthers were led by first-year head coach Eric Dooley and played their home games at Panther Stadium at Blackshear Field in Prairie View, Texas as members of the West Division of the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC)------Reception of m&m dog water bottleAllMusic reviewer Scott Yanow stated "the boppish performances feature such soloists as altoist Lanny Morgan, the tenors of Willie Maiden and Don Menza and pianist Mike Abene. The arrangements (by Ernie Wilkins, Marty Paich, Don Sebesky, Don Rader, Maiden, Abene and Menza) took advantage of the band's many strengths and the result is a solid set of swinging music".------One P.M. of m&m dog water bottleOne P.M. (alternately said to stand for One Pennebaker Movie or One Parallel Movie) is a 1972 film by documentary filmmaker D.A. Pennebaker, who had collaborated with Jean-Luc Godard on the unfinished film project One A.M. and had shared duties as cinematographer with Richard Leacock. Godard filmed One A.M. (One American Movie) in America in 1968.------Progress M-29M of m&m dog water bottleProgress M-29M (Russian: -29), identified by NASA as Progress 61P was a Progress spacecraft used by Roskosmos to resupply the International Space Station (ISS) during 2015. It was launched on 1 October 2015, to deliver cargo to the ISS. Progress M-29M is the final vehicle in Progress-M series, which was succeeded by the modified variant known as Progress-MS later in 2015..------College Magazine of m&m dog water bottleCollege magazine IQRA is published annually under the supervision of College Magazine and Publication Committee with English, Urdu andPunjabi sections to explore literary potentials of the students through their writings. Due to undisclosed reasons magazine could not be published in last three year (from 201013). However, last Principal Prof. Rashid Najeeb took the responsibility and it was due to his efforts that IQRA is now published again in 2014.------One Night in Heaven: The Best of M People of m&m dog water bottleOne Night in Heaven: The Best of M People is a compilation album by the British band M People. It contains their greatest hit singles as well as selected album tracks and remixes. The album was re-released in 2009 as One Night in Heaven: The Very Best of M People with a different track listing including extra tracks.------Willard M. Wallace of m&m dog water bottleWillard Mosher Wallace (1911 June 15, 2000) was an American historian who taught at Wesleyan University from 1945 to 1981.He attended Wesleyan University, where he received bachelor's and master's degrees, and the University of Pennsylvania, where he received a PhD in history. He won a Guggenheim fellowship.He was a member of the Acorn Club, to which he was elected in 1974.------Life of m&m dog water bottleWilliams was born on March 28, 1809 to currently unknown parents in Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA. He moved to the Republic of Texas on May 2, 1835 at the age of 26. He married Eliza Jane Emberson on September 20, 1839. They had three children together. Eliza died on August 27, 1856. Williams died on September 8, 1859 at the age of 50, leaving their three children without their biological parents.------Teaching Positions of m&m dog water bottlePatrick M. Regan taught at Binghamton University 1997-2013 and is currently a faculty member at the University of Notre Dame. He has also held positions at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey. From 2004-2005, he also served as a Fulbright Scholar at the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo in Oslo, Norway.------FINA World Swimming Championships (25 m) Men's 50 metre freestyle of m&m dog water bottleThe Men's 50 Freestyle at the 10th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) was swum 16 17 December 2010 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Preliminary heats and semifinals of the event were on 16 December; the final on 17 December.At the start of the event, the existing World (WR) and Championship records (CR) were as follows.The following records were established during the competition:------Marvin M. Dickinson of m&m dog water bottleMarvin McDowell Dickinson (December 31, 1877 April 20, 1951) was an American football and baseball player and coach. From 1900 to 1903, he played football and baseball at the University of Georgia. He served as the head coach of Georgia football team in 1903 and 1905, and the head coach of the Georgia baseball team in 1901, 1904, and 1905. Dickinson also played professional baseball in the Texas League in 1904------M. Pokora of m&m dog water bottleM. Pokora originally titled Matt Pokora is the debut album of French R&B singer M. Pokora, released November 2, 2004.M. Pokora was forced to change the title to M. Pokora after a lawsuit from French Guadeloupan artist Matt Houston, who alleged using the name Matt by Matt Pokora would create confusion and was infringement on his own rights to the name.------JudgesDally M MedalDally M Awards of m&m dog water bottleThe Dally M Awards are, as usual, conducted at the close of the regular season and hence do not take games played in the finals series into account. The Dally M Medal is for the official player of the year while the Provan-Summons Medal is for the fans' of "people's choice" player of the year.Team of the Year------Notable alumni of m&m dog water bottleGarin Cecchini, Class of 2010, professional baseball playerGavin Cecchini, Class of 2012, professional baseball player. Played in 2006 Little League World SeriesDan Flavin, Class of 1975, former member of the Louisiana House of Representatives from Lake CharlesJoe Lawrence, Class of 1996, professional baseball playerWade LeBlanc, professional baseball playerJosh Prince, professional baseball playerTrey Quinn, professional football playerJustin Vincent, Class of 2003, MVP of the 2004 Sugar Bowl------Joe M. McCord of m&m dog water bottleJoe Milton McCord (born March 3, 1945) is an American biochemist. While serving as a graduate student, he and his supervisor Irwin Fridovich were the first to describe the enzymatic activity of superoxide dismutase. McCord joined the board of directors of the LifeVantage Corporation (makers of the dietary supplement Protandim) in 2006, serving as the company's chief science officer from 2011 to 2012, and retired from the company in June 2013..------M3 motorway of m&m dog water bottleM3 motorway may refer to:M3 motorway or Riverside Expressway, part of the Pacific Motorway in Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaM3 motorway (Great Britain), a motorway in EnglandM3 motorway (Hungary), a motorway in HungaryM3 motorway in the Republic of Ireland, part of the N3 national primary roadM3 motorway (Northern Ireland), an urban motorway in Belfast, Northern IrelandM3 motorway (Pakistan)------M. K. iurlionis Bridge of m&m dog water bottleM. K. iurlionis Bridge is a bridge in Kaunas, Lithuania. It crosses the Nemunas River to connect Freda (Aleksotas district) and Kaunas City center. The bridge is 475 meters in length and 29.4 meters in width. It carries six lanes of automobile traffic, with three lanes in each direction. The bridge, completed in 2002, is named after a prominent Lithuanian painter Mikalojus Konstantinas iurlionis.Coordinates: 545256N 235526E / 54.88222N 23.92389E / 54.88222; 23.92389
Knowledge About Water Wheel: Construction and Career of Water Wheel
Construction and career of water wheelSparrowhawk was one of three Acasta-class destroyers built at the Wallsend yard of Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson and launched on 12 October 1912. She joined the Royal Navy as part of the 4th Destroyer Flotilla upon completion in mid-1913.Service in World War IFrom the outbreak of World War I Sparrowhawk served with the 4th Destroyer Flotilla as part of the Grand Fleet.Loss at the Battle of JutlandShe was sunk on 1 June 1916 after a collision with HMSBroke at the Battle of Jutland. Six of her crew were killed.At around 23.40 some of the ships of the 4th Destroyer Flotilla formed up under Commander Walter Allen of Broke, who was the half-flotilla leader, with the aim of continuing the attack against German ships nearby. Broke was caught in searchlights coming from the German battleship SMSWestfalen. She attempted to fire torpedoes, but the range was very short, in the region of 150 yards (140m), and the German ship opened fire first. The effect was devastating so that within a couple of minutes 50 crew were killed and another 30 injured, disabling the guns and preventing any effective activity on deck. The helmsman was killed at the wheel, and as he died his body turned the wheel causing the ship to turn to port and ram Sparrowhawk.Sub-Lieutenant Percy Wood saw Broke coming towards them at 28 knots (52km/h; 32mph), heading directly for Sparrowhawk's bridge. He shouted warnings to crew on the fo'c'sle to get clear, and then was knocked over by the impact. He awoke to find himself lying on the deck of Broke. Wood reported to Commander Allen, who told him to return to his own ship and make preparations there to take on board the crew of Broke. Two other men from Sparrowhawk were also thrown onto Broke by the collision. Returning to Sparrowhawk, Wood was told by his own captain, Lieutenant-Commander Sydney Hopkins, that he had just sent exactly the same message across to Broke. Approximately 20 men from Sparrowhawk evacuated to Broke, while fifteen of Broke's crew crossed to Sparrowhawk.At this point a third destroyer, HMSContest steamed into Sparrowhawk, striking 6 feet (1.8m) from her stern. Contest was relatively unharmed and able to continue after the collision. Broke and Sparrowhawk remained wedged together for about half an hour before they could be separated and Broke got underway, taking 30 of Sparrowhawk's crew with her.Sparrowhawk still had engine power but the rudder was jammed to one side so she could do nothing except steam in circles, near the burning destroyer Tipperary. At around 0200 a German torpedo boat approached, coming within 100 yards (91m), but then turned away. Only one gun was still functional, which the captain and his officers manned personally as the gun crews had been killed or injured, but they held fire in the hope the German would not initiate an attack Sparrowhawk could not hope to survive. Shortly after, Tipperary sank, putting out the fire which was attracting attention to the area. At around 0330 Sparrowhawk sighted a German cruiser, again causing considerable alarm, but shortly afterwards the ship was seen to list and then sink bow first. This was SMSElbing, which had been torpedoed and then abandoned. At 0610 a raft approached, carrying 23 men from Tipperary: three were found to be already dead, while five more died after being taken on board.An hour later three British destroyers arrived and HMSMarksman attempted to get two hawsers attached to Sparrowhawk to tow her to safety. The high seas meant the ropes parted and there were reports of German submarines nearby. It was decided that Sparrowhawk must be abandoned, and Marksman fired 18 shells into her to ensure that she sank.The wreck of HMS Sparrowhawk was located in August 2016 by Dr Innes McCartney of Bournemouth University and a team from the Sea War Museum Jutland. The wreck has been commercially salvaged at some time in the past. The wrecksite is designated as a protected place under the Protection of Military Remains Act 1986.------Religious history of water wheelTantric Shaktism began in the 7th century. Shaktism holds that the mother goddess (Matrushakti) is the source of power and of highest spiritual bliss. During the early Bhaumakar rule, in 736 A.D, the eight-armed Mahinsamardini Durga appeared in the sculptural masterpieces of Odisha. Some eight-armed Mahinsamardini idols found in other parts of Odisha in the 8th century resembled the Goddess Sarala. Archaeologists and scholars have concluded that the worship of the Goddess Sarala in Jhankad began during the 8th century CE.The worship of the goddess was popularized in the 15th century CE by the work of Sidheshwar Parida, a small-time farmer and part-time Oriya Paika. He was an ardent follower of the goddess, and later took the name Sarala Das, the servant of Maa Sarala. He became the foremost poet of Oriya literature, composing the great epics Oriya Mahabharata, Bilanka Ramayan, Chandipuran and Laxminarayan bachanika. He attributed the composition of these works to divine inspiration by the goddess.Tantric cultureIn the Oriya Mahabharata, the Goddess Sarala was popularly known as Sarola Chandi. The worship of the goddess Sarala derives from the worship of Chandi in the Markandeya Purana. As described in the text, the goddess possesses Shiva's trident, Vishnu's Chakra, Vayu's bow, Surya's arrow, Vishwakarma's Axe. Indra's thunder, Ayiravata's bell and Himavan's Lion. Sacred verses of this text are chanted at the Shrine daily.Tantric rituals are still in practice from time immemorial, including the daily offering of coconut water, cakes made of blackgram and different kinds of rice. Dancers also pay tribute to the goddess in the ghata nrutya. In the past, animal sacrifices were made on the occasion of Maha Ashtami, another tantric practice. The features present in the image of the goddess reflect an amalgamation of Matangi and Mahishamardini.Attribution of entity as SaraswatiThe aspect of the goddess Sarala known as Vc devi is the eternal source of all wisdom, intelligence and inspiration. She personifies Brahmavidya, the mystic knowledge of the absolute. She is also known as Utkal Bharati, where Utkal signifies the state of Odisha and Bharati is one of the epithets of Saraswati and Tantrik Matangi, and Sharada, to signify that the substance of life and the power of knowledge are given by the goddess.Legendary originIn one legend, the goddess's origins date back to the sixth incarnation of Vishnu, Parashurama the Brahmin warrior. During his travels, Parashurama swam in the river Chandrabhaga and took a rest under a banyan tree. While meditating, he became aware of a power (Shakti) that had been hidden and desired to have self-expression. He recovered a shining stone (Parasmanisila), a form of glittering basalt, from underneath the earth and carved the divine image of the goddess with his arrow. The goddess was named Sarada, since her image was carved out by the arrow (Sara) of Parasurama.In another legend, Sati, the original source of power and the wife of Shiva, caused herself to be sacrificed in the fireplace because she could not tolerate humiliation of her husband by her father, Daksha. Out of grief and remorse, Lord Shiva started roaming relentlessly, holding her corpse on his shoulder. Fearing that the anger of Shiva might be detrimental for mankind, Lord Vishnu sliced her body into pieces using his great weapon wheel (the Sudarshana Chakra) and scattered pieces of her body over 51 places. Around each place where a part of her body landed there grew up a sacred place of worship of the mother goddess. According to the legend, the tongue of Sati fell in Jhankada.------Temple of water wheelHistorical evidence suggests that the original temple was constructed during the Bhauma-Kara in the 8th century. The Goddess Maa Sarala was worshiped in this temple till the end of Hindu rule in 1568 A.D. In 1568 AD the Supreme Commander of the Muslim army Kalapahada of Bengali Sultan Suleman Karani raided the original shrine and partly destroyed the Shakti temple. A hundred years later, during the reign of Moghul emperor Aurangzeb, the old temple was completely destroyed. The ruined temple was renovated in 1982 and is now dedicated to the worship of Lord Ganesh under the patronage of the Sarala Trust.Some important ceremonies are still observed in the old shrine. The processional idol Chalanti Vigraha of Sharala is brought in a gorgeous palanquin from the present temple to the old temple seven times in a year to commemorate the ancient rituals. The idol of the deity is ceremoniously installed on the old throne where she had been worshiped for centuries. A male goat was traditionally sacrificed at the old temple in a panchayatana puja as the last ritual during the festival of Dussehra. The new year festival, Pana Sankranti, is the most important festival, when devotees dance on fire to complete their vow to the goddess. The festival of Dol Purnima is also observed with pomp and ceremony. At this festival Goddess Sarala is worshipped along with other deities, signifying that Maa Sarala is an amalgamation of parts of the Vedic, Tantric and Vaishnavic traditions.The present temple was constructed during the Maratha Empire, between 1753 and 1803. In 1863 the Law Commission of India passed the Religious Endowments Act, bringing many religious establishments under the control of the government for the first time in the history of India. The Act provided for trustees selected by the local District Judge to administer the Temple. Although there were many positive provisions in the Act, a significant flaw was that trustees were appointed for life. As the Sarala Temple was inconveniently located, it quickly became neglected.In 1928, following complaints about the mismanagement of the temple, the Cuttack District Judge nominated Ray Bahadur Chintamani Acharya and Choudhury Brajanath Mishra of Veda village as members of the Board of Trustees of the Sarala Temple. Acharya and Mishra improved the administration of the temple significantly. In particular, Acharya developed a system to allow donations of pilgrims to be used directly by the Temple, including a method for sharing donations with local hereditary administrators. He was later able to create a by-law for the temple that abolished the corrupt hereditary administration entirely. In 1939 the Orissa Hindu Religious Endowments Act came into force and the responsibility of appointing trustees was transferred from the District Judge to an Endowment Commissioner. Trustees are appointed for five-year terms.Location and accommodationThe temple is 20 minutes by road from Jagatsinghpur district headquarters. The nearest airport is Bhubaneshwar, which is approximately 80km away. The nearest railway station is Rahama Railway Station. The temple is well served by buses from Cuttack. The Roads and Building (R&B) Department of the Government of Odisha maintains a facility for overnight accommodation. The Water Resources Department also maintains a rest house near the temple.
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Dispute with Archbishop Guerrero of face liftThe same day that Hurtado arrived in Manila, the cabildo (city council) of that city confirmed Hernando Guerrero as Archbishop of Manila. Guerrero had been in the city, with a royal appointment to the position, since 1632, but had not taken possession of his office because the necessary papal bull had not been received. The cabildo had therefore refused him recognition. Almost immediately disputes arose between Governor Hurtado and Archbishop Guerrero.This came to a head when a fugitive criminal claimed sanctuary in an Augustinian church in Manila. An artilleryman, Francisco de Nava, owned a female slave named Mara, with whom he was having illicit relations. The archbishop, upon learning this, ordered Nava to sell the slave. When he refused, she was taken from him and sold. The artilleryman soon tried to get the slave back, declaring he wanted to marry her. One day he saw the woman passing in a carriage with her new mistress, who happened to be the governor-general's wife. Going up to the carriage, he spoke to the woman, but she replied that she preferred to be the slave of another than his wife. Thereupon Nava, blind with anger, drew his dagger and killed her.Before the astonished spectators could react, Nava ran to the Augustinian church, claiming the right of sanctuary. When Governor Hurtado heard of the events, he ordered the church surrounded and searched, the murderer seized. While soldiers surrounded the church and prevented anyone from escaping, they would not enter for fear of divine reprisal. Corcuera, upon hearing this, rode his horse directly into the threshold and, with about a dozen emboldened guardia civil, seized Nava, who was summarily tried and sentenced to death.Officials of the archdiocese requested the release of the prisoner and his return to the church, but the governor refused to see them. The sentence was soon carried out (September 6, 1635), on a specially built gallows directly in front of the church where Nava had claimed sanctuary. This was the spot where Nava had killed Mara. The same day the archbishop ordered an interdict and suspension of religious services.The commander of artillery, who had served as judge at Nava's trial, was subsequently condemned to a monetary fine, but appealed and was absolved. In the course of his case and appeals, evidence was given that the governor had stated before witnesses that if an order were given to him to arrest the pope, he would arrest him, and even drag him along by one foot.The interdict was soon lifted. In this dispute the Jesuits sided with the governor, and the other orders with the secular archbishop.A truce between the two parties was agreed to in January 1636, but it soon fell apart. In May of that year the governor ordered the archbishop exiled to Marivales Island, in Manila Bay. The cabildo (council) of the cathedral took over administration of the archdiocese. Within a month the archbishop was allowed to return, but under humiliating conditions.------Even Stevens of face liftEven Stevens was Ray Stevens' third studio album, released in 1968. It was also his first album for Monument Records as well as his first studio album in five years, though he previously released four singles for Monument, starting with "ABC" in 1965. Before the release of this album, Stevens concentrated on writing and producing songs for other artists.Despite the album's joking title, it is considered by all media as his first "serious" album, as there are no songs on the album that are in the genres of novelty or comedy. But Stevens never wholly strays away from humor on the album, as evidenced in the songs "The Minority," a re-recorded version of "Funny Man," "Say Cheese," "Mr. Businessman," "Unwind," and "The Great Escape" (the last two of which humorously describe the everyday routines of a working middle-class man). With the exception of the eighth track, "The Earl of Stilton Square," all the material was written by Stevens himself, though he shares credit with another songwriter for the fourth track, "Say Cheese." Stevens successfully proves his artistic versatility throughout the album, notably with touching performances of his self-penned ballads "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" (which describes the celebration of an upcoming wedding between a man's best friend and his old flame), "Say Cheese" (which describes hiding emotional pain after a breakup), the haunting, mind-boggling "Isn't It Lonely Together," and "Face the Music." Despite not charting on the Billboard 200, the album received an overall of positive reviews from critics and fans alike.On an interesting side note, Bobby Vinton recorded the song "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" for his album Bobby Vinton Sings the Newest Hits, which was released a year before this album; while "Isn't It Lonely Together" became a minor hit for former R&B singer Robert Knight during the same year of the release of this album.The back of the album's cover contains an essay by songwriter Tupper Saussy that describes his experiences with working with Stevens and the making of the album (which was released a few months after the single "Unwind"). Saussy also mentions in the essay that he and Stevens worked on a song for the album entitled "Keep out of Reach of Children," which ended up unfinished and describes this particular song as "a song that would admonish adults to remove their sophisticated anxieties-over-nothing from their youngsters so as not to contaminate them with needless complexities."Aside from the song "Unwind" (a Top 40 Canadian Pop hit that was issued on the album after its initial release), two singles were lifted from the album: "Mr. Businessman" (the only one to make the Top 40 on the American Pop charts) and "The Great Escape."On October 8, 1996, Varse Sarabande rereleased this album on CD and included four bonus tracks, the last of which was the single version of Stevens' hit "Mr. Businessman."------Ecdicius of face liftEcdicius Avitus (c. 420 after 475) was an Arverni aristocrat, senator, and magister militum praesentalis from 474 until 475.As a son of the Emperor Avitus, Ecdicius was educated at Arvernis (modern Clermont-Ferrand), where he lived and owned some land. In the 460s he was one of the richest and most important persons in the western Empire and he was present at the court of Anthemius until 469.Ecdicius and his brother-in-law Sidonius Apollinaris, the Bishop of Clermont, took charge of the defence of the Auvergne against the Visigoths from 471 to 474. The Visigothic king Euric besieged many cities, but Ecdicius, with a private army of horsemen paid for out of his own wealth, brought provisions to those cities, lifted their sieges, and fed a multitude of poor. The size of his warband seems to have been quite small --- he broke a Visigothic siege of Clermont-Ferrand with only eighteen horsemen, or ten according to the non-contemporary account of Gregory of Tours.Ecdicius also obtained the submission of Chilperic II of Burgundy on behalf of the Empire.In 471 Anthemius sent an army into Gaul under the command of his son Anthemiolus against the Visigoths, but he was defeated near Arles; by 473 the Visigoths had captured Arles and Marseille, and they appeared poised for an invasion of Italia itself. Ecdicius was elevated to the rank of patrician by the new emperor Julius Nepos, and invested with the title magister militum praesentialis, apparently with the intent to wage war against the Visigoths; when Sidonius learned of this promotion, he shared his hopes with his wife Papianilla that Ecdicius might gain victories and be rewarded with the Consulate.However, just as Ecdicius embarked on his campaign against the Visigoths (475), he was recalled to Italy by Julius and Flavius Orestes replaced him as head of the Roman army. The emperor then exchanged the Auvergne for Provence, giving the Visigoths the territories they had long desired. The reason for Nepos's about face is puzzling, as Ralph W. Mathisen admits before accusing the Senate in Rome of being responsible.After he was replaced, Ecdicius practically vanishes from the historical record. A letter written by Sidonius Apollinaris survives, in which he pleads with his brother-in-law to return to the Auvergne; but if Ecdicius did return or even if Sidonius sent the letter is unknown. Some evidence suggests that he remained in Italy: there is a letter in the Variae of Cassiodorus (2.4.22), written after the Battle of Vouill in 507, concerning the sons of one Ecdicius who wanted to return to Gaul where they had property; in a 1984 article Matthisen argued for the identification, pointing out that "not only is the Arvernian Ecdicius known to have been in Rome earlier, but Ecdicius also is a rare name."------Greece of face liftThe British Government anticipated an invasion of Greece by the Germans in 1941 and decided to send troops to support the Greeks, who were already engaged against the Italians in Albania. The 2nd New Zealand Division was one of a number of Allied units dispatched to Greece in early March. By late March, 21st Battalion had arrived in Athens where it was to carry out guard duty of vital installations around the city while the rest of the division proceeded to the north of the country to garrison the Aliakmon line. On 6 April, the day after Germany declared war on Greece, elements of the battalion guarding docks near Athens experienced a bombing raid which caused minor wounds to a couple of men. On 8 April, the battalion began moving to the front to rejoin 5th Infantry Brigade, which was now stationed at Olympus Pass. However, en route the battalion was diverted to the Platamon Tunnel, which was 15 miles from the town of Larisa. The defences here had been prepared by D Company, of 26th Battalion. Orders were to hold the position and should any part of it be lost, a counterattack was to be immediately made. The battalion, which arrived on 9 April, set to work further improving the defences, assisted for three days by the company from 26th Battalion until its departure.From 14 April, the 21st Battalion fended off a series of attacks by elements of the 2nd Panzer Division attempting to flank the 2nd New Zealand Division. The battalion held off several infantry attacks before withdrawing on 16 April to Pinios Gorge, having delayed the advance by 36 hours. At Pinios Gorge, 21st Battalion linked up with Australian forces and carried out a delaying action to cover the withdrawal of the rest of the 2nd New Zealand Division as well as the Australian 6th Division; however Macky misjudged the deployment of his defences and did not adequately cover the road through the gorge. On 18 April German tanks forced a passage through the gorge using the road. In the face of the advancing armour, his battalion fragmented and retreated. This put pressure on the Australian defence which in turn collapsed. It was only through artillery cover that the advance of the Germans was sufficiently slowed to allow the rest of the Allied forces to evacuate and shift to the Thermopylae Line.As the German forces approached the Thermopylae Line, the 2nd New Zealand Division was ordered to retreat. While 4th and 6th Brigades provided cover, most of the 5th Brigade moved to beaches at Porti Rafti over the next two days and was evacuated to Crete in the evening of 24 April. Casualties during the 21st Battalion's campaign in Greece amounted to 40 killed and wounded with 230 personnel captured and made prisoners of war.
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