How Does RFID Help Field Service

The field service industry is facing rapid change and innovation. With the continuous development of e-commerce, the field service industry must continue to invest in the modernization and upgrading of products. In addition, the "on-demand economy" is also bringing unique challenges to enterprises. If no countermeasures are taken, it may lead to confusion in enterprise management, overload of employees and decline in customer satisfaction. To address the growing challenges facing the field service industry, enterprises are seeking to invest in disruptive technologies and enterprise class mobile devices.

The rise of e-commerce and "on demand economy"

In recent years, consumers have become accustomed to ordering goods when they need them. You can order any item anytime, anywhere with an easy click and receive it in a few hours.

However, these trends have also brought some complex problems. With the growing demand of consumers for transaction fluency and immediacy, the pressure on the staff behind the scenes is also increasing.

Leverage enterprise class mobile technology

The field service industry, once regarded as manual workers using handwritten tablets, has rapidly become a technology LED industry. According to the research on the future vision of field service recently released by zebra technology, in order to keep pace with consumers, field service personnel now rely on paper system to complete less than 20%. The survey results show that people pay more and more attention to employee mobility. 62% of the surveyed enterprises promise to expand the use of mobile technology to front-line employees, which will increase to 97% by 2023. In addition, handheld mobile data terminals using built-in bar code scanners are expected to grow by 45%, mobile printers and rugged tablets by 53% and 54% respectively.

When using enterprise mobile devices, field service personnel can effectively improve work efficiency and operation speed, which is also of great benefit to enterprises and customers. The mobile printer enables the staff to provide receipts in real time. At the same time, the operators can also book or reschedule the delivery through the equipment, so as to shorten the waiting time of customers and increase the cash flow of the enterprise.

In addition, enterprise mobile devices can help staff track orders and view online comments in real time, improve their visibility into the business, and provide better customer service.

Enterprise class mobile devices and rugged tablets make field service teams more efficient. In fact, 85% of the enterprises surveyed said that these equipment improved the productivity and efficiency of employees. Teams equipped with handheld mobile data terminals with bar code scanning function can check documents quickly, accurately and in real time. At the same time, with the help of rugged tablets, fleet managers can access the data and information of goods or employees anytime and anywhere on the way.

Globally, 27% of the surveyed enterprises plan to invest in the deployment of handheld mobile data terminals with built-in bar code scanners in the next two to three years, and 25% of the surveyed enterprises plan to invest in the deployment of rugged tablets in the next two to three years.

disruptive technologies

In addition to enterprise mobile technology, there are other more disruptive technologies that will have an impact on the field service industry, such as robots and UAVs, which have been listed as the largest industry "game breaker" by senior decision makers of enterprises. Many of these technologies have been put into operation. For example, enterprises have begun to try UAV delivery. In addition, many enterprises are studying driverless delivery vehicles, augmented reality (AR) technology and robotics.

The concept of "frontier" such as UAV and robot basically bypasses the traditional ground delivery mode, and has greater flexibility in route selection, which is convenient for faster delivery of orders with strict time requirements, and can even meet the growing immediate needs of consumers. Consumers who are inconvenient to live in rural or remote areas will also become more interconnected and enjoy the growing on-demand economy. In addition, reducing dependence on delivery vehicles is conducive to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and road congestion, resulting in environmental benefits.

Although some new technologies have been adopted and deployed in the field service industry, more than a quarter of the surveyed enterprises believe that augmented reality / Virtual Reality Technology (29%), blockchain and sensor technology (28%), RFID and smart tag (28%) and loading automation (28%) are disruptive technologies, more specifically, technologies that are not yet available.

Obviously, great changes are taking place in the field service industry. The expansion of the on-demand economy has exceeded our imagination, and consumers' desire for instant delivery will only become stronger and stronger. Therefore, field service staff will face increasing pressure. Only by making effective use of emerging and innovative technologies can enterprises reduce this pressure, ensure greater profits and, more importantly, meet the needs of their customers.

Source: Chuangjia group

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