How far Can the Tello Drone Fly?

Most of yhe Tello Drones can fly for upto 21 minutes and have a radius distance from the operator of upto 4Km. At this distance one has to be aware of the Aviation Laws surrounding the use of dro es especially line of site to the operator

1. Drone vs Human Pilot. Who is superior in flight?

Drone ... no life sacrifice when flying in a dangerous mission

2. What is a summary of the drone attack problem?

In summary the US can target Americans overseas without due process and in our zeal we are killing civilians in a country that we are not at war with. Pakistan. We are making many more terrorist than we are killing. My source would be Pakistani friends who have seen it all.

3. How can Americans be so against drone surveillance?

People who are breaking the law, do not want to be observed. They do not want their luggage searched. They do not want traffic cams. They do not want anything they can not hide from. Satan works in secret. God works openly.

4. Drone Controller, PID Is Enough, or ODE Modeling Required?

You can certainly use a PID based design and tune it from there. This design is simple enough that if you just have XYZ PID controllers and proper output mixing it should work just fine.I would recommend doing something similar to his design where the motors are far from the center of mass which will increase the torque generated by tilting the motors. Good luck!.

5. Moral implications of Drone attacks?

If they possessed the technology, rest assured muslims would be using drones against "infidels." I believe drones are at least as moral as IEDs or homicide bombers

6. How can I make a drone that flies without an RC that simply hovers in place?

I'm not exactly sure of your needs or end goal, but I will see what I can come up with.There are a few necessary items just to get you into the air. As you can imagine, some sort of lift is needed. You can get away with a tri-copter setup and save yourself the extra motor and electronics.At Minimum, You would needPropellersMotorsSpeed ControllersPower SupplyFlight ControllerPower Distribution BoardCameraFrame to Hold EverythingI did not list a controller in there, as you had mentioned you wanted it to simply hover. This would not get you far off the ground, and I'm not sure exactly how you would make this land under your control. At the very least, a phone app with Bluetooth or wifi would allow you to take off, land, and change the hover height, with a good flight controller with GPS lock/position hold. Even so, I would still highly recommend something for a controller in case the drone were to drift away, which can still happen.As Gary Mortimer explained, a tethered power option would be usable, given that the drone is not moved. Your drone would also have to lift the weight of the tether as its altitude climbs and the cable is lifted off the ground. 400 feet of cable can get quite heavy if that is your lifting expectations.Please check with local and federal laws about where you can and cannot fly. There are too many people not following the rules and this endangers everyone around them. I fly both RC and LearJets. I see things from both sides. I have passed too many drones being in the wrong. Aircraft have the right of way at all times. How can I make a drone that flies without an RC that simply hovers in place?

7. is the "eldrazi" creature type different from the "eldrazi drone" creature type, or is it just 2 types?

"Eldrazi" and "Drone" are two different creature types. Anything that affects Eldrazi will affect Eldrazi Drones as well (as will anything that affects Drones)

8. Counter-Drone Market Report 2020

Upon popular demand, we've pooled all of our resources, data and expertise to create the Counter-Drone Market Report 2020. It answers all of your questions about what the industry actually looks like, which companies populate it, how investments and public tenders have evolved over time, where regulations currently stand, how counter-drone technology can be broken down, and much more. In addition to the PDF report, you will also get a list of over 575 counter-drone solutions, 253 counter-drone companies, and 45 counter-drone contracts. Chapter 2 focuses on the market environment, giving an analysis of the current market players and solutions, as well as a run-down of all disclosed counter-drone investments and contracts, as well as a list of key counter-drone partnerships. Next, Chapter 3 delves into counter-drone technology, breaking solutions down into threat detection and interdiction. This chapter not only gives a detailed description of each type of counter-drone system, but it also provides a competitive analysis of counter-drone system types, comparing their risks, costs, and efficiency. Chapter 4, meanwhile, delves deep into counter-drone case studies in order to outline and compare the needs and challenges which various facilities face in detecting and mitigating drone threats. Then, Chapter 5 goes on to detail any existing regulations pertinent to the counter-drone industry. It also runs through counter-drone regulations prospects across the globe. Chapter 6 provides counter-drone market size, shares and growth for 2018-2024 using the DRONEII counter-drone market model, and breaks down these figures by region, country and counter-drone method. This chapter also provides a market opportunity for the counter-drone industry both per km2 and per each infrastructure.

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