How far Is Las Vegas Strip to the Motor Speedway?

I would just rent a car because the taxi up and back gets freaking expensive! You might as well get a rental car for $50 bucks more and have time to explore areas around and on the strip!

1. Is it cheaper for a car dealer to buy a motor?

He might be able to get it at a discount, depends on the supplier who has the engine

2. Singapore motor vehicles summons in Malaysia?


3. is car motor oil good?

Car motor oil is tough and quite resistant to burning. Two-stroke oil is supposed to lubricate the cylinder and burn in the combustion chamber. I have not seen a recommended mix ratio for car oil in 2-stroke fuel, so getting the mix right is a crap shoot. If you happen to get a good mix, you will be OK, but there's a chance to wind up with oil fouled plugs and end up walking home. Some two-stroke engines use an auto-mixing mechanism and that is not calculated for car oil. I used car oil a few times in one of those and did not suffer, but oil you get today as tougher that that stuff I had 39 years ago. There will also be a higher outlay of unburned exhaust oil which settles on the ground- that rainbow slick on top of rainwater runoff. That's not good

4. What motor should I get?

im pretty sure u could put in a k20 or k24

5. whats the performance difference between a 450 motor & 300 watt motor?

The 450 watt motor will give you 50% better acceleration and more hill climbing and load carrying performance

6. What type of motor oil for a 1999 toyota Sienna?

any type of 5w or 10w 30, but keep in mind if you buy a synthetic you HAVE to keep using synthetics for every service because if you use synthetics and then all of a sudden you use a conventional brand that could really screw up the oil pump, this is rare but it could damage piston rings and also cylinder walls

7. Is the speed of an induction motor always constant?

Not at all .If you wanna change the speed , you can do it by various speed control methods like most famous methods include ,V/f controlChange of poles methodSpeed is also depends on load too . If load it too high then it's rated capacity then speed will reduced to equilibrium state of motor.Is the speed of an induction motor always constant?.

8. Would you support Ford Motor Company ?

Their morals are not in question at the moment, but the quality of their product overall. Ford has not manufactured a product in North America I would consider yet. Their history and durability demonstrate some issues still need to be resolved.

9. what is the motor for the civic SI?

depends on the year the 99 si has a b16a2

10. what is the difference between an engine and a motor?

an engine is usually a car or boat etc. A motor can be anything

11. What is the best motor oil?

its all about brand appeal honestly for most people. i prefer havoline, but its just about impossible for me to find right now, so i use castrol. ive used one or the other for the last 30 yrs. they mix well. i personally have never had a lower end fail because of lube. now part of the reason is im not afraid to pull an engine and add a set of mains and rods over the weekend and i never drive with a pressure or capacity problem. i can and do abuse engines.

12. Understanding motor controllers and example application

To drive a DC motor in a controllable manner you need: 1) Power stage, which is typically an H-bridge of some sort. You can build one yourself or buy an integrated solution. 2) A controller able to drive the power stage, typically using PWM signal. It can be a programmable microcontroller or a circuit based on a popular 555 chip for example.For a position feedback you need a position sensor. It can be: 1) Shaft encoder a) Optical b) Magnetic c) Potentiometer - not good for continuous rotation, only if the rotation range is limited. (a) and (b) can be either incremental or absolute. Absolute is good if you need to know the absolute position of the shaft without performing any homing operation. Incremental is good if only relative position is of concern. 2) Some kind of position sensor on the end effector - could be encoders as well. And you need something to connect the sensor to and implement the control loop. It is typically a microcontroller with dedicated program. And yes, you will need all of these for each motor (well, they can share the same microcontroller if it is capable enough.

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