How Much Electricity Can Each Solar Street Lamp Save Each Year

Windmills and solar panels, which were originally irrelevant, will become a beautiful scenery on Guangzhou municipal road. The reporter learned yesterday that the bidding for the construction of solar street lamps on Hanjing road in Huajing new town has ended and is about to start. Here, there will be the first solar street lamp with complementary scenery in Guangzhou, making great contributions to energy conservation in Guangzhou. Experts called on the government to encourage the use of renewable energy and promote this energy-saving practice.

According to a relevant person from the street lamp management office of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, the accurate name of the newly installed street lamp on Hanjing road is "wind complementary solar street lamp". It not only uses sunlight, but also uses wind power, so that solar energy and wind energy can complement each other in time and region to supply power for street lamps. It is reported that the road will be installed with about 1300 scenery complementary street lamps within a distance of 1.6km, which is the first time that the municipal roads in Guangzhou use solar lighting.

From the perspective of the lighting of scenery complementary street lamps, Hanjing road is not the first section to light up. In Biological Island, several scenery complementary street lamps with "windmills" on the top and "wings" on the waist have been erected. Six such solar street lamps have also been erected on Yanjiang Road in front of the Convention and Exhibition Center of Nansha construction headquarters, and individual solar street lamps have been erected sporadically in some high-end communities.

However, experts also said that this kind of street lamp is not suitable for all streets and sections. Streets and communities with high-rise buildings blocking sunlight and wind are not very suitable. Guangzhou Biological Island, Nansha and other places, with open surroundings and close to the sea, are more suitable for this kind of street lamp design.

According to the current terrain and climate of Guangzhou, the two sides of the Pearl River, parks, Baiyun Mountain, seaside, island ring and expressway are suitable for street lamps with complementary scenery. There should be no problem in erecting 10000 lamps in Guangzhou. In a year, the power consumption will be saved by 12 million degrees.

The cost is not high

Because of its long service life, it is more cost-effective than ordinary street lamps

Yu Hongying, general manager of Guangzhou Hongying Energy Technology Co., Ltd., who called on Guangzhou to promote the use of solar street lamps a few years ago, believes that solar street lamps are not expensive, and compared the prices of the two lamps to reporters. He said that in the eyes of many people, the cost of a street lamp is a rod and a bulb. In fact, it is not at all. In addition to these costs, a street lamp also has buried cables and a booster station every other kilometer (to prevent the transmission line from being too long and the voltage from decreasing). The shared cost is generally about 30000 yuan per lamp, At present, the bidding price of municipal road street lamps is generally between 25000 yuan and 35000 yuan.

The biggest cost of solar street lamps is the solar circuit board. Without power transmission cable, the cost of a lamp is between 25000 and 35000 yuan. Because these street lamps do not use high-voltage power supply, their service life is longer, up to 15 years, which is more cost-effective than ordinary street lamps.

Stealing is actually very difficult

The lamp post is high, and the cable can only be stolen by driving a crane

In recent years, due to the rising price of copper and other metals, street lamp theft has become a major public security problem in Guangzhou, which also makes many people worry that solar street lamps use high-tech materials and may be easier to be stolen. Not only some government officials but also some energy research experts believe that this is indeed a problem.

In this regard, Yu Hongying believes that when stealing street lamps, thieves look more at the cable of the middle road lamp line. As soon as they pull it with a winch, a kilometer of cable will be stolen. Because there is no cable, the copper content of solar energy is not as high as that of traditional street lamps. In addition, the lamp post is high, so they have to drive a crane to steal the cable, and the possibility of theft is lower than that of traditional street lamps. "If thieves drive cranes to steal street lights, it may not be called stealing, but robbing! Is there such a mess in Guangzhou?"

"Solar street lamp with complementary scenery"

"Scenery complementary solar street lamps" not only use sunlight, but also use wind power, so that solar energy and wind energy can complement each other in time and region to supply power for street lamps. The most direct advantage of solar street lamps is energy saving. The average power consumption of an ordinary street lamp in one year is about 1200 kwh. Solar street lamps with complementary scenery basically have zero power consumption, that is to say, every time a solar street lamp is installed, 1200 kwh of power is saved for Guangzhou every year.

How Much Electricity Can Each Solar Street Lamp Save Each Year 1

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