How to Connect the Positive and Negative Poles of the Battery Charger_ Abnormal Noise From Battery C

How to connect the positive and negative poles of the battery charger

In fact, we don't have to worry about how to charge the car battery. Because we only need to drive for one to two hours according to the normal driving (the specific time depends on the model), we can restore the normal battery power. But if the car has lost so much power that it can't catch fire, we need to jump start the generator at this time. So, how to connect the positive and negative poles of the battery charger? Let's talk about its detailed steps today.

Steps to jump start the generator:

1. First ensure that the auxiliary battery is 12 V and the negative terminal has been grounded. Of course, we have to turn off all unnecessary lights and accessories to avoid power accidents.

2. Then connect the jumper cable in the order shown below. Don't connect the positive and negative poles of the cable reversely, otherwise Mars will jump out when connecting, and we have to wrap the cable tightly (fully contact) with the battery to avoid fire jumping on the way.

3. Start the engine of auxiliary battery vehicle and run the engine at medium speed. Then start the engine of the vehicle with a dead battery.

4. Finally, just disconnect the cables in exactly the opposite order.

Is there a fuse in the battery charger

Battery chargers are fused. At present, most chargers are fused, especially battery car chargers with high power will have fuses.

Abnormal noise from battery charger

There are several situations when the electric vehicle charger makes a noise during charging:

1、 The battery charger is equipped with a fan to dissipate heat. If the fan is dusty or the fan roller oil is less for a long time, there will be a loud noise, which is caused by the sound. In this case, the fan roller can be solved by adding some lubricating oil.

2、 The high-frequency magnetic core inside the charger is loose. It can be fastened with paper and then sealed with paraffin and hot melt adhesive.

3、 The failure of the filter capacitor of the previous stage increases the ripple, which is generally accompanied by the decrease of charging current. After opening, most of them can be seen from the appearance: the top of the capacitor is slightly bulging, or electrolyte flows out at the bottom. (there are brown and black marks, or there are green and white powders on the pins.) in this case, replace it with the original model.

4、 Quite abnormal noise.

The electric vehicle battery is composed of multiple batteries in series, but the voltage cannot be the same (ideally, the voltage of each battery is the same, and it is best). There is always one or two batteries with higher voltage than others.

When charging, such a battery first reaches the full charge limit voltage. According to the requirements of the battery, the charging should be stopped at this time, but the total voltage of the battery pack has not met the requirements or the charger fails to stop charging.

If the fully charged battery continues to charge, it will cause overcharge. The electrolyte will be electrolyzed to produce e799bee5baa6e78988e69d8331333431343733 raw gas. When the pressure is too high, the pressure relief valve will be opened to release it. At this time, you may hear a "loud noise", and sometimes you can smell a pungent smell.

In this case, you should stop charging, otherwise the battery will be damaged.

Suggestions for electric vehicle charging: every once in a while, charge each battery separately, which can be removed and charged in parallel (balanced charging). For a long time, the voltage shall be uniformly charged to 14-14.2v, and then connected back after standing still for a period of time. The effect will be significantly improved.

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