How to Increase Torque and Decrease RPM of a DC Motor?

I shall make the assumption the machine you have is a brushedDC machine.Torque = current (Kt being the constant of proportionality)Speed = voltage. (Ke being the constant of proportionality)In actual fact this is loosely accurate for all machine types but rather than being directly proportional it becomes a bit more complex & usually involves frequency. ( see How do DC motors work with respect to current, and what consequence is the current through them?)To reduce the speed the simplest method is to reduce the voltage be it by replacing the 9V battery by a... 8V battery or via PWM.To increase the torque ... that a bit harder. All you can do, electrically (as you can do it mechanically via gears), is to reduce the source impedance to maximise the current that can be delivered for a given stator impedance.

1. Would you invest in Ford Motor Company?


2. who is the best racer in ducati motor race?

In Ducati it must be Casey Stoner he handles the Red Monster with great skill but watch this space it could all change next year when Rossi goes to Ducati

3. Nikon lens for macro photography without focus motor inside; instead having screw to make autofocus from Camera body motor option?

AF lenses are the ones without motors, AF-S have them. Other manufacturers have different designations, and the D90 allows metering with manual-focus Nikkors too

4. Can you put a car motor inside a boat?

WOW! Not a good idea! A marine engine is a totally different critter than a car engine. All the electrical components and the fuel delivery are different. Read : MARINE alternator, starter, switches, fuel pump, carburetor, intake manifold etc, etc, it is a HUGE safety issue. Yes, the block is the same but from there-----no comparison. Please check with a marine dealer before using a converted car engine for your own safety! Bill

5. Constant RPM Low Speed Motor drive [closed]

This could be relatively easy if you are willing to live with a few limitations. They are: AC operation only, single speed (no slewing) and an equatorial mount.If those limitations are ok with you, then an AC synchronous motor (a clock motor) with a lot of gearing will do the trick. This is what mid-to-high end telescopes came with before microprocessor-based drives became popular.You can run such a drive with batteries if you add an inverter that is frequency accurate. You can also provide some slight slewing (around half-speed to 2x speed) if the inverter frequency can be adjusted. I built such an inverter back in the 90s for under $30 (to drive an existing Meade clock drive).If you do not have an equatorial mount (like a Dobsonian mount), then it is much more difficult. You would need two motors and a computer control. Brushed DC motors with encoder feedback would work best. That would also allow you to slew at high speed

6. how do you make an electrical motor?

Assuming you mean an electric motor.... As basically as I can. It is an electrical device. Coils of wire are wound around a magnet. The magnet is attached to a shaft. When the electric is on, it causes the wires to create a magnetic force. This force is opposite in direction to the magnets causing them to spin. As they spin the attached shaft also spins. A motor is born. Can be explained in more detail and more complicated ways, describing poles, shifting fields, force interactions and such, but this is the absolute basic idea.

7. How does this electric motor work?

An electric motor refers to a type of AC motor that has the power supplied to the rotor by means of electromagnetic induction and not by slip rings and commutators

8. what motor is in a 1916 American LaFrance fire truck?

they had many many engines from buda to waukesha's id have to see pics

9. where are the indianapolis motor speedway bricks buried?

Under the race track, I know there are some at the start/finish line, where they kiss the bricks when they win. Go Team Penske.

10. can a washing machine motor be used on a go cart?

No, The motor will be 110v or 220v You need a 12v or 24v motor - so it will run off batteries. Find the biggest 12v DC or 24v DC motor you can, Attach it to a heavy duty switch and some 12v Car batteries. for 12v motor use 1 or 2 or 12v batteries in parallel, for 24v motor use two 12v in series.

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Is Motorcycle Insurance Mandatory?..?
Depends. In states where it is not required by law, the law usually requires "financial responsibility". In other words, you gotta be able to pay - all, not just what an insurance company could get away with. Get in an accident without insurance and the other guys insurance company will request the State to uphold the law - make you pay. If you do not pay, or make suitable arrangemet to pay, your license gets suspended.1. buying a motorcycle?The one that most of us suggest to new motocyclists, is the kawaski ninja 250. It is $3499, weighs 333 pounds, about as light as a motorcycle gets. Seat height is just over 30 inches2. Aftermarket motorcycle parts?MOST legit insurance companies will let you get (PAY FOR) a rider to cover additional equipment3. another motorcycle question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?i do not think of you are at fault. you were not there whilst it surpassed off. You did not do it. perhaps a vandal pushed over the two your motorcycles. it is not a "hit and run". you were not shifting. If the police document concerns you and the incident you maximum relatively are entitled to a replica of it. i do not think of something offender has surpassed off and that i cant think of that the police will DO something. He the dude does not relatively understand something for particular the two. ALL you realize is you got here out and located the two motorcycles layed over. this is it - end of tale. parking zone harm is a actuality of existence. Door dings and scratches take place each and all of the time. appears like bike dude is merely attempting to extort some money out of you. i might recommend you park your bike someplace else the place perhaps he cant locate it!4. new to riding a motorcycle?It's possible that you bumped the shifter and the bike is in gear. If you did not see a green neutral light on when you turned the key, that's probably the case. The Virago has a safety switch that prevents starting it when it's in gear. Also you might want to check the red kill switch on the handlebars. It should be in the "on" or central position if it's a three position switch. The shifter is on the left, rear brake on the right. Clutch is left hand, front brake is right hand. Take a safety course if you can, find an established rider to teach you if you can not . By established, I mean someone who's been riding a long time, not just a few years. Do not be afraid to approach people on bikes and asking, but you might want to steer clear of the nasty looking greasy guys on the old beat-up Harleys. Best of luck, it's an amazing experience and you have the right bike to start with!5. Lifting a motorcycle into a truck?2 scaffolding planks, 1 person, 10 seconds. Add 1 more person if you are nervous. Do not try to ride it or use the engine to get it up the plank. Remember getting it off can be more of a performance. If you lift it in remember an old blanket to protect the underside of the bike and the edge of the pickup gate.6. Buying a motorcycle for a beginner?So long as you understand that you (and the bike) will not be happy over 50mph, and you are okay with that, then there's no reason Not to buy that bike. They are well known to be very good motorcycles, and a 10 year old bike may or may not be a project bike that all depends on the current owner and how they have taken care of the bike. I Will advise you against any used motorcycles that "need work". Too many new riders try to get into riding on the cheap, but a 'needs work' bike and then spend all their time and money Working on that bike instead of riding and then give up. Most of the 250's are MORE than capable of not only safely navigating every freeway in the US, but they can do so for as long as you would want to be in the saddle. To hear someone say otherwise Screams one thing, that the person voicing that opinion has ZERO experience with riding a 250. I've been riding the Kawasaki EX250 for the past 7 years, and I have never encountered a situation on any road, anywhere where having more power would have helped (I've been riding for 20 years, sold a bike that put 140hp to the road shortly after buying the 250). I know you do not want the sport style, but the other 250's are not lacking. As for out growing a 250.... like I said, I am a few months into the 8th year of owning a 250 and have found a want for nothing more. I am also a motorcycle mechanic and find myself riding a dozen different bikes a week (makes for a good cross-section of bike experience) and my 250 is in no danger of being replaced anytime soon. There's just simply no other bike that makes me smile like the 250. You may find that the same is true for you. Anyway, good luck.
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