How to Make Your Own Dog Toys for Dogs and Cats

They both make GREAT pets, but, raising animals, dogs are harder to take care of--------AT least it was for me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cats kinda take cats "take care" of themselves, know what I mean? Lower "maintenance!" Dogs are better in the sense they OBEY, if you like having a pet that's more demanding! This, though is an individual choice! You can ask 100 of us the same question and you will get 100 different answers of which pet "suits" our needs! I LOVE all pets!!! we have a bearded dragon, 3 cats, 2 pet rats and a Guinea Pig! These are LOW MAINTENANCE, but this is what I like!

How to Make Your Own Dog Toys for Dogs and Cats 1

1. How can I help out homeless dogs or cats without adopting one?

You could ask to do volanteer work at your local animal shelter. You can do things there like walk the dogs, or feed and water the animals, ect. Another thing you can do is become a foster home for animals. If you do that, you can get animals brought to your home to care for until they are ready for adoption. Does that help?

2. Do beloved dogs and cats go to the same heaven with our beloved humans?

I agree with kimberly I hope my pets are there because they are just as much a part of my family as my family

How to Make Your Own Dog Toys for Dogs and Cats 2

3. Hard wood floors and dogs/cats?

i have laminate and it is animal proof! i would point you in that direction even though they slip a lot on it! entertainment anyone? anyway you could but you should check with the old owners or estate agent or diy floor shop. if you go to a floor shop they can get you a look-a-like floor thats dog/cat proof! hope i helped!

4. Can dogs and cats share the same water?

yes, they can and do....and it would be completely impossible to keep a cat from drinking a dog's water - but it IS possible to keep a dog from drinking a cat's water - just put the cat's water up high, where the cat can reach it and the dog can not

5. Do your dogs and cats kill your grass?

these are the people i often ignore but thanks anyway

6. why is legal to abuse some animals but not ones like dogs and cats?

People only care about cute things, cute animals, cute missing kids, etc

7. Why do dogs and cats not have preferences for food?

I can not say about the dog. We've fed him the same mix of canned and dry food since we got him based on our vet's advice, although we switch up his treats, and he does not complain.Cats always have preferences and they are pretty clear about it. If a cat sniffs what you put in the dish and then tries to cover it up, you know it's not going over well. We found a working formula for canned and dry food that they like and we stick with it. Cats also have other preferences. One time, against my advice, my husband decided to try a cheaper brand of cat litter. The cats kicked every bit of it out of the cat box, all over the floor, in protest. He will never make that mistake again. Live and learn.

8. How do you keep unwanted dogs and cats off your property?

There is a spray at like pet smart or pet stores called no no and u spray it on ur yard every few weeks until they no longer come around

9. Are morning glory vines poisonous to my pets? dogs cats and goats to be specific?

ok... from what i know they are hallucinogenic.. not deadly as such.. I have them climbing on birds enclosures and the birds never eat them - but will eat other plants like peas growing on their enclosure.. our cats (5 spayed and neutered) never touch them... goats might.. they eat everything!

10. Best Flea Repelling Medicine For Dogs And Cats?

Out of the topicals, I prefer Advantage II. You need to buy a flea carpet powder though as that's where they live. Wash all of your bedding too and anything else your pets are constantly on.

11. Why is the chance for multiple births higher in dogs and cats than in humans?

Zygotes form when Sperm and Egg fuse in the fallopian tubes of the female reproductive system after Sex. In case of humans one or two eggs at most are formed during ovulation.Which are then overwhelmed by millions of sperm where only one can fuse with one egg. This leads to a single baby or if more, we call them non-identical twins. While in Cats and Dogs the eggs released during ovulation are multiple and give rise to many babies. It should be noted that while human females have an active menstrual cycle all year round, for other animals(non-primates) it is more of a seasonal thing. So they get one shot at making babies every year. Hence more the number. Another reason why they have more progeny is to increase the survival rate. Life is hard and not all the babies reach adulthood. Unlike human societies where intensive care is given to the progeny for the first 20 years of their life and sometimes even more.

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