I Got Totally Led on by the Girl I Love?

Rejection sucks, but she was decent enough to hang out with you, and was obviously nice about it when you tried to kiss her (even though she did not like it) so you really do not have any reason to be mad at her. Try to let it go, hang out with other people, get your mind off of it. I doubt you want to hear it but I do not think that what you are feeling is "love" so much as you just have a crush. Someday you will have your first girlfriend, and THAT'S when it gets rough. ;) In the meantime just try to relax about it, girls come and go.

1. What secrets have led millionaires/billionaires to success?

Secrets are untold. That's what makes them secret.However, some things can be so complex that most people do not know about them. And sometimes, these things enables businesses to make a lot of money.An example:Privacy policies in the tech worldMost people know what a privacy policy is. Least people do not read these long, and sometimes quite complex, legal texts. Instead, they just accept the terms and conditions.The privacy policies are intended to protect users' data. However, "when your profit margins come in direct opposition to your principles, sometimes those principles suffer" (Hoback 2013). In other words, there is a conflict of interest between protecting the users' data and earning money. Therefore, it can be beneficial for businesses to make an overwhelming privacy policy, since they can profit from it. It can thus be argued that businesses can hide secrets within these texts, which can make them prosper from e.g. advertisement.Conclusively, the secrets of privacy policies have definitely been an element in several billionaires' success.Note: I am not to judge, whether or not it is right or wrong.

2. Historically, has a war ever led to the success of mankind?

Yes and No.Medical Inhuman experiments have benefited mankindHitler against Jews and Chris Bernard in South Africa.(Not to be applauded )but facts are facts

3. What factors led to the rise of the UK as a superpower?

Some brilliant answers.I will just focus on one thing. The Navy.The Royal Navy had a system where commoners could become commanders simply by being good at their job - the French and Spanish only gave aristocrats command positions.The Royal Navy stayed ahead in the technological race - 'race-built' ships, copper-sheathing, lighter cannon, flint-lock firing mechanisms (no delay in firing do more accurate), different rope placement giving wide field of fire.And training. Even if none of the above were true, if facing an identical ship the Royal Navy would fire their guns up to five times more often than opposing French or Spanish forces. If we adjust a lot for braggadocio, the let's just say the rate of fire was double that of the main contenders for being a world power.Remember, the US were not such up until the late 19th Century, and after three wars, the Dutch and English skilfully avoided conflict most if the time. It was France and Spain. They had Indonesia, we had India, plenty to go around and more profitable things to do than fighting. So the Spanish got South America as they got there first and no way would Britain have won a land war. But for years the Brtish stole vast wealth from these colonies because if naval power. North America was British because other European Powers lost battles (often naval) elsewhere in the world and gave up American soul as a result. India became a British colony because of our Navy. Likewise Australia. I deliberately exclude Africa as Britain was the defacto World Power well before 'the scramble for Africa' in the late 19th Century

4. what are the events that led george washington to becoming the first president?

The government needed a leader of dignity who could unite all hearts. From Shmoop

5. Question about government led (stimulus) economic growth?

Well considering the performance of the US in relation to the GLOBAL economy...I think it was a sound investment. But then I understand that economics also has to deal with MACRO issues as well. Australia has embraced the dignity of a service based economic middle class...people employed in the service industry there can make a living wage...the same is not true in the US. Look at the income from service industries as a percentage of their GDP...basically you are advocating better pay for the service industry if you want to use Australia as an example of economics worthy of emulation. ps Australia conducted a stimulus as well.

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