I LOVE Weddings.....i Need Help with My Future Career?

Wedding planners handle EVERYTHING to do with the wedding. The bride tells the planner what colors she wants and what kind of "theme"/atmosphere she wants (i.e., romantic, country, elegant, modern, etc.) and the planner is supposed to take care of the whole thing so that the bride does not have to worry her little head about it. Some brides like to be very involved with the wedding planner, some just say "I want (color) and (color) and I want it to feel romantic." and you are left to make her dreams come true even though you may not have any idea what she likes. Go to college and get a business degree with a minor in art/fashion design. When you are done with that, try to get hired on to a wedding planner's staff or even start working at a wedding rental place and work your way up the chain of command until you are the one planning the weddings for people. But be wary of choosing this type of career. You can not just all of a sudden open up a wedding planning business and expect people to let you handle their weddings if you do not have any pictures of things you've done and references from other brides. Remember, you have to start at the bottom to get to the top.

1. HELP!! I can't find a kitty in my house! ;(?

Look inside shoes and anything small that the kitty could hide in like that.That's what kitties do.They find small places and hide.The kitty may have even gone back in the chimney.Keep looking it's there some where.Kitties are not hard to take care of all you need is a kitty litter box and food and they pretty much care for themselves. You just feed them and clean out the litter box.Cats make the best pets because they are easy to care for

2. Do you regret getting your tubes tied?

i have not had mine tied but i think most people regret doing such permanent things, in some cases, mainly men it can be reversed, but all i can say is i think you may have made a great decision in doing it , you have 3 children of your own and their are a credit to you, :D you are going through adopting which i think is brilliant, your giving a second chance to another child, as you get older you have higher risks in pregnancy of a load of things , : any disabilities , which those children need a load of care for the rest of their lives and sometimes need the help to look after those children by having carers and some of those children may only have a short life, i worked for holly bank trust in Mirfield and worked with tenants in their 20s, we cared for them, and looking at some of their profiles really upset me, one had a condition where his organs aged a lot faster than him, he was 22 and had organs aged 65, when he turned 25 he died, i didnt actually work their at the time he died but i am so thankful i was not he was a very lovely boy and even tho it upset me hearing, if i was working their still i would have been heart broken, and i cant egin to imagine how his parents felt, everyone likes to know their children are healthy and live a long life, but as you get older you are more at risk and i think you should think, i have 3 , nearly four healthy and happy children , your not old but your chances could have still be high ,

3. Can anybody help me in buying swimwear suit?

Swimsuit shopping might seem like a painful and futile exercise, but it's possible to find a suit that fits your body well and makes you feel great. An astute swimwear shopper will be aware of all the suggestions outlined.....Know your body type. Your shape--where you naturally distribute weight--determines which swimsuit will look best on you. Prepare yourself. Before heading out to buy a swimsuit, take care of any necessary hair removal. Remove any hair you do not want to be showing while you are trying on your swimsuit, especially if you are going to be modelling for someone else to judge.Choose an appropriate swimsuit store. There are boutiques that specialize in swimsuits (everything from sporty wear to poolside glamour) so do your research to find one that will work for you. Choose colours and fabrics that will highlight your best features and downplay your less-loved parts.Select the swimsuit suitable to its primary use. It's pointless buying a string bikini if you plan on swimming laps or surfing; it will be floating off in no time, embarrassing you no end. Ask a professional for help. If you've tried shopping on your own and just can not find anything that works, requests some assistance.When you think you have found the right one, take the straps of the swimsuit and try to pull them up to your ears.Hope these tips help you to buying your next swimwear suit. Can anybody help me in buying swimwear suit?

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