I Put 1000 Miles on My Car Each Month, Is That Bad? (I Need My Car for at Least 8 Years)?

As others have said, that is about the average. As long as you change the oil frequently, about 3k-5k or 3-4 months between each interval. Make sure the keep the fluids topped off as well, such as the coolant, which is most important next to engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and washer fluid. Try to prevent harsh driving such as "smashing" the gas pedal and then stomping on the brake pedal. If you do these few things your car should live a long happy life. :)

1. What part of the engine is the oil filter found on in a 1990 Acura Integra?

It's located at the right side of the cylinder block (towards the firewall) below the intake manifold - can only be accessed from under the car

2. Metal shaving in engine oil at 132,000?

Oil can be sent in to a lab . They will tell you what metal or brass

3. Effects of engine oil inside Harley starter?

oil is a liquid and will transmit electrical energy I suppose it can short something out. if you are in the Phoenix area the two best shops for parts or service are in my opinion either highway choppers or ramjet racing give them a call

4. What is the best engine oil?

i use Castrol GTX full synthetic (on my high mileage or old vehicles) just tell them you want the full synthetic

5. what do YOU do with your used engine oil after you've had an oil change?

Kragen doesnt pay anything for it :(

6. My friend's car keep adding engine oil?

One of two things, it is either leaking oil or burning it. Are there puddles of oil under the car after it sits for a while? Does blue smoke come out of the exhaust when driving or accelerating ? puddles means a leak , could be a seal, cracked oil pan etc,. Smoke, then the rings are bad. Neither problem is a cheap fix and I would consider getting a new car.

7. Yellow goo on oil cap. Should I change the engine oil?

that "goo" is simply the cold oil that collects on the inside of a cap - completely normal

8. Which Engine Oil should I use for my 1990 Lexus LS400?

have over 300k miles on convent oil

9. my engine oil is leaking how do I apply a stop leak to it?

------------------------------------------------------ Best Answer - Chosen by Voters For automobiles There is an alternative: I've got a $5 repair suggestion you can try. Its a shortcut, but it usually does work. At an auto parts or hardware store ask for a tube of "Permatex clear RTV silicone adhesive sealant"...comes in a white tube. Get a plastic glove and apply the RTV to the leaks from the outside. Let it set up for 1/2 hour and see if it still leaks. It should not , but if it does, give it another coating. I've done it on valve covers and its pretty easy, and fast. Happy motoring!

10. BMW X5 Question - Engine Oil?

Yes, your vehicle requires synthetic oil. I believe Castrol is the mfr's recommended brand. Consult your owner's manual for the required weight. Yes, your vehicle requires premium fuel. That is definitely the mfr's recommendation. Owner's who use 87 octane and develop problems down the road are foolish and/or cheap. (No, your tires do not need to be inflated with sort type of special German air.)

11. Whats the best engine oil to use for your car?

if you plan on keeping your car for a long time . castrol is good but cost but its worth it in the long run and add one pint of rislone you will be set . i my self whent to synthetics castrol or moble its a little cheper only go to senthetics on newer cars.

12. What is the consequence of significantly overfilling the engine oil on a Ford Excursion 6.0L?

1 qt overfull on a 6.0 should not cause any damage. overfull oil will not cause the icp sensor to leak- they leak just fine on their own (common problem- make sure the connector is replace also)

13. What happens to the car engine if there is no oil in it? I just notice a leak got it fixed, but Im nervous.?

Sure it is. However, they will only give it a quick once over. If nothing is readily apparent, then they say it is fine. If you run an engine without oil, there is a good chance that the engine will seize and lock up. Hopefully you caught yours before any serious damage was done. good luck

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What Type of Engine Oil Should I Use in My 2002 Chevy Blazer?
Depending on the mileage, probably 10W40 High Mileage1. What happens if I use the wrong engine oil?Your dad is correct, on a car that old it wont matter2. Type of engine oil for my motorcycle?Any 4 stroke 10W40 Motorcycle Oil will work, DO NOT use a synthetic on any older-high mileage bike, the synthetic is too thin and it will cause problems, (burning oil, or leaking) The crankcase, clutch and transmission are all submersed in the same oil, a motorcycle oil is specially formulated to do 3 jobs, a crankcase oil, a wet clutch oil and a transmission gear oil. IF,,, money is a problem and you can not afford to pay $8 a qt for motorcycle oil then you can use Shell Rotalla 15W40, BUT I would recommend a regular petroleum 10W40 Motorcycle Oil3. What does change engine oil light mean on a chevy silverado?no, it probably was not reset last time turn the key on, engine off, and press the gas pedal to the floor 5 times within 5 seconds, it should go ff4. what is the difference between 5w30 and 10w 30 engine oil?Oils used to come in one weight, such as 20w, or 30w, 40w and so on. The 30w and 40 worked great in the summer, as the heat kept the oils thinned out a bit. But in the winter, the 30w and 40w were too heavy and thick due to the cold, and so, they had to be changed to lighter weight oils, such as 10w or 20w. But even in winter, when the engines got hot, the lighter weight oils were too light, so they had problems. Along comes 5w 30, 10w 30, 5 w 40, 10w 40 and so on. This new oil was able to be thin enough for winter use and still have the viscosity for summer use. Some newer cars use 5w30, or 5w40, with the closer tolerances of parts inside the engines. Other cars used 10w30 or 10w40, or even 20w40, especially if they loosened up a bit with wear. Think of maple syrup during the winter, and putting it on a hot stove, how it thins out. Oil does this. 10w30 will not harm your engine, it will be a little bit stiffer to start in the winter, especially if you live in an area that gets down below zero during the winter months. I always use 10w 30, summer and winter and have not problems.5. losing engine oil please help?Check for a plugged pcv valve or bad hose. If not, then it still could be smog equipment related. As for Toyota? Ya, that's a much better auto. If that is, you like getting killed by a stuck gas pedal or bad cruise control. I have owned two Durangos. Both were excellent. And the oil gauge should stay constant at a constant engine RPM. Pressure should drop only when engine speed does. If you have a fluctuation at at constant engine speed, you have a problem with either the gauge or the oil pump pressure6. what is the best engine oil for Nissan Primera?No the oil and playstation fluid are no longer linked on any automobile that I surely have ever seen. The trans fluid does bypass in the direction of the radiator on many automobiles besides the undeniable fact that it would be separated. i assume it may be achievable for a leak to happen in there so what does the coolant appear like. yet another risk is that that's spraying decrease than rigidity while you are using so seem close to the in the front tires and around the radiator during from the pump and on the in the hood for fluid.7. can a blocked fuel return line mess up the fuel pump and leak gasoline into the engine oil?An older automobile with a carbrueted engine, often had a gasoline tension, pump to carb, of below 15 lbs consistent with sq. inch. those pumps labored off the engine and routinely pumped the gasoline from the tank to the carb. Todays gasoline injected automobiles have an electric gasoline pump it rather is fastened interior the gasoline tank. This pump can positioned out over ninety lbs consistent with sq. inch of tension, those pumps are designed to maintain gasoline pressures of as much as 70 lbs on the gasoline rail that aspects the injectors. this suggests that there are no longer any extra pumps pushing the gasoline from the tank. The previous automobiles used a strengthened rubber hose to grant gasoline to the carburetor, greater present day automobiles use a steel, severe tension line to hold gasoline from the tank to an inline clear out, then to the gasoline rail and into the injectors. John Morris
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