In Many American Movies, the Girl Brings Her Boyfriend Home for Dinner and Her Brother Or Father Don

In many American movies, the girl brings her boyfriend home for dinner and her brother or father don't care. Is this true in real life?

A) Movies are not real life. They are by definition dramatizations in order to convey a fictional narrative. B) In general, males are not expected or welcome to "control the female members of the family" in the United States, or other Western nations for that matter. C) It is not uncommon for daughters of dating age to have boyfriends come over for dinner with the family, but they would generally be considered rude to do so without asking/informing their mother or father first, if only so that enough food can be prepared. D) American males do not obsess over the potential for inappropriate behavior between their female family members and young men, but they do not ignore it either. Men pay attention to protect their female family members safety, not to protect the family honor

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My daughter refuses to go to her brothers wedding next week because my son's Future wife is black...?

If she is older and he is getting married before she is, then that might be upsetting her. That is sometimes the case with siblings

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how long should I wait to propose to my g/f after her brother's wedding?

The same thing happened when my sister got fiance was planning on asking me a few months after that on our anniversary of three years. He asked me anyway..I asked my sister if it bothered her and she said do not plan your life according to others lives do what makes you happy. So whenever you want. I have a pretty wise little sister huh? hehe

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why is my female cat suddenly hissing and growling at her brother, must keep them separate?

I actually started this account because earlier in the week bc my two cats who have loved and lived with each other for over four years suddenly became intolerable of each other... Find out which cat is the aggressor.. The one is hissing and reacting at the sight of the other. He or she may just be sick (That's what I think happened to mine) After 24 hours they were back to normal. But check out "redirected aggression" in cats. One note is they will not "fight it out" if they are attacking each other they do need to be separated and reintroduced slowly. I took cues from the redirected aggression information websites and after one very annoying and noisy night everything was restored, do not yell at them once they are fighting just try to distract them (clapping or throw a pillow nearby) Just do not let them know that it's you ;).

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What do you do when your oldest daughter get very jealous towards her youngest brother? Somehow I felt guilty because I don't feel to have a close relationship with her compare to her brother?

First of all, this is a very normal expression of sibling rivalry. nOlder children often resent the time and attention parents must necessarily give to younger ones.I would suggest that you set a specific time, say Saturday afternoon, which is just for you and your daughter. Get someone else to watch the younger brother and do things with your daughter. Let her choose the activity one week and you choose something to do with her the next week. But keep this time 'sacred' to you and her. Nothing makes a child feel more special than a 'written in stone' contract with their parent.nAlso, enlist your spouse in the practice of doing something with your daughter from time to time. It may be as simple as saying, 'Honey, Mom is busy today and I could really use your help raking the yard. Then we can go for ice cream if you like.' Kids need to feel needed and that they are a valuable part of the family dynamics.What do you do when your oldest daughter get very jealous towards her youngest brother? Somehow I felt guilty because I do not feel to have a close relationship with her compare to her brother?What do you do when your oldest daughter get very jealous towards her youngest brother? Somehow I felt guilty because I do not feel to have a close relationship with her compare to her brother?.

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