Installation Guide for the Big Modular Table System

Installation Guide for the Big Modular Table System

Installation Guide for the Big Modular Table System 1

We provide the installation guide in text and video to fully assist you in your work.In case you prefer written instructions, please, download the Installation Guide below. If the table is 340 cm or longer, you will need to connect several frame profiles in the length. If your table is smaller than 340 cm, the frame profile consists of just one length piece. Use 2 extension connector pins and 4 bushings for each connection. Push in the bushings first. Make sure the slit on top of the bushing is in line with the profile. Push in the extension connector through the open eye of the bushing. Make sure the tapered hole is in line with the bushing. Tighten the adjusting screw within the bushing with Allen key nr. 5 as tight as possible. Connect the bushings in the other frame profile in the same way as the first profile. Then push the frame profiles against each other so the extension connector pins of the right part will go through the opened bushings in the other profile. Lastly tighten the adjuster screws as tight as possible. Mounting the universal connectors on both ends of the cross profiles. The delivered length of the cross profile is based on the width of the table. - If the table top is 90 - 140 cm wide, the cross profile is 160 mm. - If the table top is 141 - 170 cm wide, the cross profile is 410 mm. - If the table top is 171 - 200 cm wide, the cross profile is 710 mm. Mounting the universal connectors is done by putting a bushing into the hole in the cross profile. Make sure the slit on top of the bushing is in line with the cross profile. Then push the universal connector pin into the end of the profile through the open eye of the bushing. Make sure the tapered hole in the pin is in line with the adjusting screw. Tighten the bushing with the Nr. 5 Allen Key just enough so the pin wo not get pushed out. The adjusting screw falls into the tapered hole in the pin so the bushing cannot be pushed out. Repeat this step for all cross profiles. 5. Connect the cross parts to the frame Slide the assembled cross profiles into the frame profiles and divide them evenly over the frame profiles. On both ends, a cross profile needs to align perfectly with the frame profiles. Now hand tighten every bushing with Allen key nr. 5 tool as tight as possible. Note: this step requires strong tightening. Tightening with a drill is not strong enough. Place a leg onto the sloping side of the frame profile. Make sure the bottom of the leg is placed in the right direction. Align the sliding nuts with the holes in the connection plate of the leg. Fasten them with an Allen key nr. 6 and two M8x16 cylindrical bolts. The legs can be positioned anywhere on the frame profile as long as the the table stays balanced. You can use a tape measure to align the legs perfectly. The leg placement can be adjusted at any time. However, it is recommended to initialy choose the exact placement. Keep in mind that the table top is wider than the frame. 12. Add the pre-tensioners (only for long tables) With long tables or special requests regarding the placement of the legs, De Vorm adds pre-tensioners to the frame. If not supplied, this step is not required for your table. Add the pre-tensioners as shown in the video below. After getting the pre tensioners in place, make sure every bushing is as tight as possible, creating a pre-tensioned table frame ready to hold the heavy table top.

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How do you clean candle wax off of a wooden table top?

If it is completely hardened you should probably get most of it off with a credit card. After you get the majority off use either a cloth with hot water or a hair dryer and paper towels to get it warm enough to wipe up

Installation Guide for the Big Modular Table System 2

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Many small appliance motors have a "start capacitor" which can go bad and cause the motor to just hum and not turn. You might get the motor spindle to turn manually enough to get it going but it's best to replace the capacitor.they only run 10-15.00. Usually the capacitor is mounted on the side of the motor with some wires going to it but sometimes, it's a separate unit that looks like a cylinder or oval shape. A bad capacitor will sometimes have a blistered shell or signs of leakage. That would be my guess unless it's the type of motor that does not use one in which case the motor may have bad brushes or other issues. Then it's a matter of removing the brushes and checking them for signs of wear or remove the motor unit and having a motor/electrical shop repair it. .or replace it.

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