Interpretation of Design Details of Moto Razr Folding Screen Mobile Phone

On January 11, Beijing time, Lenovo displayed its first folding screen mobile phone moto Razr at CES this year. The phone was released in November last year and is expected to go on sale in China in the second quarter of this year. At the exhibition site, Phoenix Technology interviewed Chris francisa, a moto product expert, to learn more about the specific details of this product.

Moto Razr uses an up-down folding scheme different from mate X and Galaxy fold. After folding, the phone is only the size of a palm. In this regard, Chris francisa said that it is because after market research, it is found that consumers like large screen mobile phones, but also prefer a more concise and compact design, and can put the mobile phone in their pocket or bag. In addition, moto also hopes to continue its classic flip design.

"We don't want to re release Razr, but to bring moto back into the Jianghu." Chris francisa said that moto once had the original Razr version. Later, when developing the folding screen design, he thought it was unnecessary to create a new Razr. Finally, after research and development by Lenovo and Motorola's mobile phone department, it took four years to finally select the Razr from 26 prototype schemes.

Moto Razr adopts a 21:9 6.2-inch foldable OLED flexible screen, and is also equipped with a 2.7-inch OLED external screen. For folding screen, screen crease is a big problem. In order to make the mobile phone screen without obvious creases, moto Razr mobile phone adopts bell hinge technology, which is also the key to achieve almost zero gap complete folding.

In addition, moto Razr also added a steel plate across the mobile phone at the bottom of the screen. When the mobile phone is closed, the steel plate will slide out and bend the screen. After opening the mobile phone, the steel plate will be pushed up against the screen to make it flat and expand, and play the role of supporting and reinforcing the screen.

In terms of hinge design, Chris francisa said that moto led the overall design. But specifically speaking, Motorola and Lenovo have made the same contribution, both from the Yoga team and Lenovo research team. The whole design is the result of teamwork.

In terms of hardware configuration, moto Razr is equipped with snapdragon 710 processor and runs Android 9.0 System. The rear main camera is 16 million pixels, the front camera is 5 million pixels, the battery capacity is 2510mah, and supports 15W charging.

For this configuration, Chris francisa said that Xiaolong 710 was selected for two reasons: first, it has low power consumption and can bring longer endurance; second, it performs well in artificial intelligence and camera image processing and can meet the needs of users. However, it is understood that the moto Razr listed in China will use Qualcomm snapdragon 765G processor and support 5g, which will improve the performance compared with the overseas version.

Interpretation of Design Details of Moto Razr Folding Screen Mobile Phone 1

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