INTERSIL Introduces the Industry's Highest Performance Laser Diode Driver for Automotive Head Up Dis

California, Milpitas - June 1, 2016 - INTERSIL Corporation (NASDAQ: ISIL), a leading supplier of innovative power management and precision simulation solutions, today announced the launch of isl78365, a laser diode driver for automotive head up display (HUD) system. This highly integrated device can drive the maximum current of up to 750ma of four high-intensity laser diodes to project full HD color video onto the windshield. Its current is nearly twice that of the competitor's solution. The higher current and faster switching speed of isl78365 enable HUD to achieve high resolution, high color depth and high frame rate projection.

Laser HUD is the latest innovation in the field of advanced driving assistance system (ADAS). The vehicle's HUD system projects speed, warning signals and other key vehicle and navigation information onto the windshield within the driver's line of sight, which helps the driver to focus on the road conditions and ensure driving safety. The new generation of augmented reality laser HUD provides near zero delay and wide field of vision. They can also overlay more real-time information, such as traffic signs and expected turning lanes, and virtually mark arrows and markings on the road ahead, so that the navigation direction is clear and easy to follow.

The four channel isl78365 is a complete solution for driving the laser in the scanning MEMS laser projection system used in the next generation of vehicles. It is the only four channel laser driver in the industry, which can support a wide range of laser diode configurations, enabling system design engineers to achieve the required intensity and clear and rich colors with high contrast. Isl78365 provides rise and fall times of less than 1.5 nanoseconds, and its switching speed is faster than that of competitor devices, so as to realize high frame rate HD color video. In addition, the device also provides 10 bit color and 10 bit scaling resolution to support the wide contrast level required by each driver channel. At the same time, its flexible synchronous parallel video interface supports a maximum 150MHz pixel rate or 1900 pixels per line.

The dynamic power management function of isl78365 can optimize the laser diode power supply and provide three power saving modes to improve efficiency and reduce power dissipation, so as to meet the heat dissipation requirements of the system. The programmable polyphase zeroing (RTZ) function can reduce speckle, and the wettable side QFN package of the device can be easily integrated into a compact laser projection HUD system.

Philip Chesley, senior vice president of precision products of INTERSIL, said: "The HUD solution provided by isl78365 to automakers is almost perfect in terms of resolution, color depth and frame rate. Our feature rich laser diode driver minimizes system size and complexity, while providing significantly higher performance than competitors."

Main characteristics and specifications

·Maximum 750ma peak current output per channel

·Fast output switching speed, 1.5 ns typical pulse rise / fall time, ensuring clear pixels

·Support 150MHz maximum output pixel clock

·The laser voltage sampler is equipped with an integrated dynamic power optimization controller to save system power

·Flexible data sequence supports multiple RGB laser diodes

·Blanking time and power reduction can reduce the current consumption of laser diode driver

·Programmable polyphase RTZ helps achieve maximum flexibility and reduce speckle

·Single 3.3V power supply and 1.8V video interface help achieve low power consumption

·3-wire serial peripheral interface

·Aec-q100 Grade-1 certified, operating temperature range - 40 ° C to 125 ° C

·Wettable flank QFN package allows optical inspection of solder joints to reduce manufacturing costs

Isl78365 can be combined with isl78206 2.5A Synchronous Step-Down regulator, isl78201 2.5A synchronous step-up / step-down regulator, isl78233 3A Synchronous Step-Down regulator, isl78302 dual 302 Ma LDO and isl29125 digital RGB color light sensor to provide a complete power system for on-board head up display (HUD).

About Intersil

INTERSIL is a leading supplier of innovative power management and precision simulation solutions. The company's products are used in increasingly intelligent, mobile and power consuming electronic devices to help achieve progress in the field of power management to improve efficiency and prolong battery life.

With a strong intellectual property portfolio and a rich history of design and process innovation, INTERSIL is a trusted partner of leading companies in some of the world's largest markets, such as industry and infrastructure, mobile computing, automotive and aerospace.

INTERSIL Introduces the Industry's Highest Performance Laser Diode Driver for Automotive Head Up Dis 1

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