Introduction to the Relevant Functional Components of Campus Automatic Weather Station

Campus automatic weather station [lainde] is a set of digital meteorological comprehensive service platform developed according to the meteorological observation standard organized by WMO, aiming at promoting education informatization, digitization, integration, intelligence and networking on campus. Through the material objects of meteorological science popularization, spread meteorological scientific knowledge, enhance the public meteorological awareness of young students, and cultivate and improve their skills and abilities in disaster prevention and resistance. In particular, it is to develop, extend and supplement the students' extracurricular knowledge; Cultivate scientific spirit, strengthen scientific consciousness, train scientific skills and technology, and achieve the effect of improving all aspects of students' quality.

Function composition: the campus automatic weather station [lainde] is composed of three parts: meteorological sensor, meteorological data recorder and meteorological environment monitoring platform. It can monitor air temperature, air humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, air pressure, UV radiation, sunshine hours, PM2.5, PM10 and other conventional meteorological elements. Popular science data application platform includes: outdoor LED display screen and indoor advertising machine release terminal, mobile app and server data analysis terminal.

Basic configuration of campus automatic weather station system:

1. A set of monitoring platform has the functions of automatically receiving data, data storage and display, data communication, data statistics, historical curve drawing, overrun alarm, etc.

1. One LCD monitoring recorder, which can automatically collect and record data up to 60 pieces per second, and the data is stored in rolling mode;

2. With external USB flash disk storage expansion function.

3. Sensors: ambient temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, rainfall sensor, evaporation sensor, total radiation sensor, dew point temperature sensor, illuminance sensor, carbon dioxide sensor, ultraviolet radiation sensor, photosynthetic effective radiation sensor and other meteorological element sensors (optional according to demand);

3.1 the ambient temperature, humidity and air pressure are protected by 19 anti radiation cover, which is made of BBS plastic with hard strength, anti radiation and good ventilation;

3.2 the soil temperature and humidity sensor adopts advanced temperature sampling method, with power consumption less than 0.8ma. It adopts high-strength aluminum shell, which is waterproof, anti-corrosion, hard strength and can be directly buried in the soil;

3.3 the wind speed and direction sensor adopts flange connection, and the transmitter adopts advanced circuit module technology;

3.4 the rain sensor adopts single reed on-off, 4plus / mm (anti-interference resistance 100 Ω and capacitance 0.01 micro method);

4. 1 set of microclimate observation support;

5. 1 set of data communication and sensor connecting cable.


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