Inventory of the Most Landmark Innovative Technologies in the LED Display Industry

Whether it is the development of the country or the progress of enterprises, innovation is always the first driving force and is placed in the core position. Especially for the LED display industry with high technical content, technical innovation is particularly important. Looking back on the development of LED display industry, LED display manufacturers actively responded to the national call, took innovation as the development concept of enterprises, and continuously introduced new revolutionary technologies on the road of industry development, which promoted the scientific and technological reform of LED display industry again and again. Today, Xiaobian will take stock of the most landmark innovative technology in the LED display industry, and analyze how it plays a role in promoting the development of the industry.

CGA display mode drives the emergence of LED display screen

In the early 1980s, with the development of computers, CGA display mode came out. It has four colors with a resolution of 320 * 200. In just 10 years, the display mode has experienced CGA, EGA, Sega, VGA and SVGA, and developed to ultra-high resolution. The display accuracy has developed from 320 * 200 to 1600 * 1250, from four colors to 32-bit true color, and the scanning frequency has developed from 15.7k to 150k. The working principle of the display is to receive the signal sent by the host and display it in the form of light. With the development, people need a large screen device, so there are display devices similar to projectors. However, due to its own brightness, it can not be used in high brightness environment, so LED display screen appears again. LED display screen has the characteristics of large viewing angle, high brightness, gorgeous color and so on.

Ultra high brightness for outdoor full-color display

Ultra high brightness refers to the LED whose luminous intensity reaches or exceeds 100mcd, also known as candela led. The development of high brightness a1gainp and InGaN LEDs has made rapid progress, and has reached the performance level that conventional materials such as GaA1As, GaAsP and gap cannot reach. In 1991, Japanese Toshiba company and American HP company developed ingaa1p 620nm orange ultra-high brightness LED, and in 1992, ingaa1p590nm yellow ultra-high brightness LED became practical. In the same year, Toshiba developed ingaa1p 573Nm yellow green ultra-high brightness LED with normal light intensity of 2CD. In 1994, Japan Riya company developed InGaN 450nm blue (green) ultra-high brightness LED. So far, the three primary colors red, green, blue, orange and yellow LEDs required for color display have reached candela level luminous intensity, realizing ultra-high brightness and panchromatic, making the outdoor panchromatic display of led a reality.

Monochrome, bicolor to full-color bring gorgeous visual experience

LED display has experienced from monochrome and two-color graphic display to image display, but full-color display did not appear until the mid-1990s. Great progress has been made in terms of performance (improving brightness LED display and blue light) and system composition (computerized full dynamic display system). At present, it has reached the level of ultra-high brightness full-color Video display, which can meet the requirements of various application conditions.

Up to now, full-color LED display has been widely used. It is composed of red, green and blue LED lights, which can display white balance and 16777216 colors. The emergence of full-color technology has brought a huge display breakthrough for the image effect of LED display screen. Now, whether indoors or outdoors, are the large LED screens basically full-color LED display screens, which can maximize the creativity of advertisers and bring a powerful visual experience to the audience.

Surface mount packaging technology continues to mature, and the application range is gradually expanded

In 2002, the surface mount packaged LED display screen was gradually accepted by the market and gained a certain market share. Many manufacturers launched such products. In recent years, with the rapid development of three in one technology and the continuous improvement of production process, surface mount packaging technology has developed rapidly. Compared with in-line packaging technology, surface mount technology has many advantages, such as large perspective, good color consistency, good contrast, light box weight and so on. In addition, the surface pasting technology has a high degree of automation and can be directly used in SMT high-speed mounter, which directly improves the production efficiency of products and reduces the cost.

Before the advent of surface mount packaging technology, in-line technology has become the mainstream of LED display market. However, due to the difficulty of realizing high-density display, in-line LED display can only be used outdoors, which greatly limits the penetration of LED display into the whole application market. The appearance of surface mount packaging technology undoubtedly promotes the application of LED display in high-density indoor display. With the progress of LED chip technology and LED packaging technology, the brightness and protection level of Surface Mount LED display can also meet the needs of outdoor applications and obtain rapid application. Therefore, the surface mount packaging technology not only expands the application scope of LED display, but also has the trend of seizing the whole LED display market.

Synchronous control system is favored to realize information timeliness

The display screen synchronization control card is mainly used to display video, graphics, notices, etc. in real time. It is mainly used for indoor or outdoor full-color large screen display. The working mode of the display screen controlled by the display screen synchronization control system is basically the same as that of the computer monitor. It maps the images on the computer monitor in real time at the update rate of at least 60 frames / second. It usually has the ability of multi gray color display, which can achieve the effect of multimedia publicity and advertising.

Compared with the asynchronous control card with limited information, the synchronous control card has the advantages of real-time, rich expressiveness, complex operation and high price, and can realize the complete synchronous display of the content on the computer display. This system is mainly used in places with high real-time requirements, and is also favored by the current market.

Point by point correction system to solve the problem of uneven brightness and chroma

The brightness and chromaticity uniformity of LED display screen has always been a major problem perplexing people in the industry. It is generally believed that the brightness unevenness of LED can be corrected at a single point to improve the brightness uniformity, while the chromaticity unevenness cannot be corrected. It can only be improved by subdividing and screening the LED color coordinates.

As people have higher and higher requirements for LED display screen, only subdividing and screening led color coordinates can not meet people's critical eyes. It is achievable to comprehensively correct the display screen to improve the chromaticity uniformity. By 2010, it has gradually become a necessary weapon for the control system to enter the market. The point by point correction system is a comprehensive software and hardware system that can measure and correct each pixel on the LED display screen. This system can correct the brightness and chroma for each pixel of the whole screen to achieve consistent performance characteristics. Therefore, the world's advanced monochromatic brightness and chroma correction technology is used to solve the problem of inconsistent color rendering caused by inconsistent attenuation of light-emitting diodes of different colors.

The advent of 4K technology promotes the new revolution of display

4K LED display refers to 3840 × The resolution of 2160 pixel LED display screen is 4 times that of 2K (1920x1080) led display screen, and it can receive, decode and display video signals with corresponding resolution. At this resolution, the audience will be able to see every detail and close-up in the picture and get an immersive viewing experience.

After nearly two years of development, 4K LED display has become the first choice for consumers eager for high-definition LED display. 4K LED display brings more delicate display details, more realistic texture and smoother smoothness, so as to find a better presentation of content. At the same time, 4K large screen not only improves the resolution, but also drives a series of revolutions in related fields from shooting to display, In particular, the accelerated integration of 3D, VR / AR and other technologies with the LED large screen has brought the audience an all-round impact on the three-dimensional sense and realism. It can even be equipped with interactive technology to make the audience feel a more shocking picture effect through human screen interaction. It can be seen that 4K display technology makes the LED display screen very competitive in the field of display products.

The rise of naked eye 3D technology and the comprehensive upgrading of intelligence

In the field of LED display, it has developed from plane picture to three-dimensional 3D picture, which is also the biggest breakthrough in the development of display technology. Naked eye 3D display technology rose in 2013. As a hot display presentation in the current display field, it has attracted the same attention as VR and AR, and is also a development hotspot in the display field. It is listed as a strategic industry in the national 13th five year plan. Compared with ordinary 2D pictures, 3D is more three-dimensional and realistic, making the audience feel immersive. At present, naked eye 3D technology is mostly in the research and development stage, and is mainly used in the industrial and commercial display market.

Mini technology makes new breakthroughs and ushers in a new era with small spacing

Mini led refers to a display screen with 0.2-0.9 mm pixel particles using more precise devices and new packaging methods. Mini LED display can solve the problems of easy damage of ultra-small spacing LED display, poor maintenance of cob products and lower cost, make up for the shortcomings of SMD small spacing led and cob products, have higher stability and reliability, have the characteristics of moisture-proof, wear-resistant, antistatic, easy cleaning and efficient heat dissipation, and have higher contrast and higher quality natural display effect.

Especially this year, the four in one technology has made a major breakthrough. Many enterprises in the industry have launched four in one mini LED products, and even claim that they have the "best of both worlds" advantage of traditional surface stickers and emerging cob technology. Driven by new technologies and major leading enterprises, mini LED will become the "dark horse" of the LED display market and lead the broader future of the new generation led small spacing industry.

The innovation technology cited today is only a drop in the ocean in the development of LED display screen. With the increasingly mature LED display screen industry, the road of technological innovation has become extremely difficult. However, this does not mean that the LED display screen industry will stop. Looking forward to the future, the major LED display screen manufacturers in the industry are still working hard to contribute to the innovation and development of the industry.

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