Is a Flyback Diode Needed If There Are Only Inductive Components on the Circuit (Ex. Solenoids)

I do not believe that is anywhere near close to their actual value - several hundred milli-Henrys on through several Henrys would be more like it. My company manufactures a lot of circuit boards used to build HVAC equipment where we have relays driving water circulating pumps that run at AC Mains voltage (both 120 Vac & 230 Vac). Those relays are NAIS / Aromat JS1 series and we have shipped boards containing several hundred thousand relays over the past 20 years or so. Same deal there: no relay failures not caused by installer wiring errors. It seems to be much less of an issue when driving inductive loads from an AC source.

Is a Flyback Diode Needed If There Are Only Inductive Components on the Circuit (Ex. Solenoids) 1

1. What is this diode bridge used for in this circuit?

I suspect the bridge is there to protect the circuit and keep it functioning if the DALI bus wires are reversed

2. Decaying envelope when audio passes through diode

it has the annoying feature that the amplitude of the audio signal decreases over time, over a period of several seconds.Nothing that a diode can do by itself has a gradual effect of several seconds. You have a capacitance somewhere which is slowly charging through a resistance, creating a gradually changing DC offset which somehow affects the amplitude. Maybe some DC return resistors before and after the diode would fix the problem.A more full schematic is probably something like this:simulate this circuit - Schematic created using CircuitLabNote that if C1 gets charged through the diode (current flowing left to right) and builds up a voltage, it cannot discharge back through the diode. So the R2 resistor is prevented from doing its job. A resistor R3 placed between the external-facing terminal of the capacitor and ground will provide a discharge path. That resistor has to be appropriately chosen because it sets the upper bound on the input impedance of the input device. If you, say, make it only 100 ohms, then the output device is effectively driving a 100 ohm device, which may be too low.

Is a Flyback Diode Needed If There Are Only Inductive Components on the Circuit (Ex. Solenoids) 2

3. How depletion region is developed in a Schottky diode?

The band structure at the surface between metal and semiconductor is disturbed. This creates additional intermediate mid-gap states and the electrons from the conduction band near the surface "fall" into these levels. The Fermi-niveau drops down w.r.t. the conduction band. But, we know that the Fermi-niveau is constant at thermodynamical equilibrium. Thus, the higher distance between conduction band and Fermi-niveau can be displayed as a rise in the band potentials of the conduction band (and the corresponding valence band).

4. can dvd (burner) laser diode etch on metal?

nope.. only in dvd and cd blank not in metal

5. A zener diode question u geniuses!?

Without a load resistor, there will be no current through the zener, so the zener diode will not "break down". The voltage at the anode (top) of the zener will be set by the voltage divider k/30k] and the positive voltage supply. In the real world, as soon as you put a voltmeter on the cathode side of the zener to see what the voltage is, the voltmeter will draw a very small amount of current (nanoamps), but still not enough to cause the zener to break down to its 6.8 Vz. Until it 'zeners' it looks just like a woden popsicle stick - - and no current flows through it. By the way, this circuit will never work anyway because it is impossible to get much through the zener because the total available current to the zener is limited by the 10K resistor. That is to say, if the output is shorted to ground, the maximum voltage available at top of the zener is (2/3)(10V) = 6.66 volts and no current will flow through the zener.

6. I have 2004 bell xb12s and the neutral light comes on when I press the clutch, works fine been told it's a diode does anybody know location?

you could spend hours ( & dollars) looking for this fault. Why worry about it?

7. What can I do to let a diode experience a range of temperatures?

Place the diode (connected to the circuit, or the whole circuit) and a thermometer inside a cooler. Heat the air in the cooler with a hair dryer, or cool it with dry ice. Close the lid of the cooler and give time for the temperature inside the cooler, the diode, and the thermometer to equalize. Another option is to place the diode inside a test tube and cap the test tube. Then place the test tube in the water bath and give time for the temperature in the test tube to equalize the temperature of the water bath.

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