Is Arvind Kejriwal Corrupt Secretly?

In India there is one proverb. Chor tab tak chor nahi kahlata jab tak ki o pakada na jaye.Means : we can call a person as theif until and unless we cough him red handed.Like that to call kejriwal as currupt we first have to prove him currupt.

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Has your spouse ever done anything that gave you goosebumps and made you fall even deeper in love with them?

I was never in love with my spouse although I did love her. The idea that you can love without being in love comes to mind. I cant really think of anything she did that gave me goosebumps, but she has done some pretty amazing things, like raise our children when I was away.


What are things that you see in your daily life that associate with your relationship and faith with God?

Everything that you have in your possession can be dovetailed in loving and serving God, if you know how to do it. All your actions and your entire life can be a steppingstone instated of a stumbling block in loving God. Your, thoughts desires, actions can all be anchored in God.


Is Arvind Kejriwal losing support?

That's basically a reflection of the fact that Kejriwal has made only one new post after January 20, so obviously the number of new likes will go down, The average number of likes is still in the 40K-60K range per post, which is the same as his previous posts


The last person you googled is now POTUS. How do you react?

I guess it depends on whether youre restricting my criteria to real people or not. If yes, I say meh - he already has the job.Donald Trump Age

Donald Trump Age - Google SearchIf no, then I say she probably doesnt want the job.Dark Matter Rebecca

dark matter rebecca - Google Search

First link for anyone interested: Creation of Rebecca


What concept do you see negatively that most people hold as a virtue?

A faith in a God thats strong enough to make a person alter his/her inborn tendencies. If a person is born to be homosexual, he/she shouldnt withhold that from the self just because religion says its a sin. Only recently have some gay priests started coming out, even though they HAD existed for centuries.


What are the still unanswered questions in science?

How does gravity behave at a quantum level?What is dark matter? What are its properties?What happened to all the antimatter?What process led to the first living organisms?What drove the inflationary epoch of the universe?Has there ever been, or can there be, subatomic particles with Planck mass?What happened to all the primordial lithium?


What does the Q in Q-tip stand for?

Short answer: Q stands for Quality.Long answer: Back in the 1920s, a Polish-American watched his wife wrap cotton wads to toothpicks, and brought out a product called Baby Gays. Because he was stressing quality, the name was amended to Q-tips Baby Gays As time went by, the Baby Gays part was dropped, and the rest is history.Use your question as a search string and youll find a lot of information on the topic.


How many first life RNAs were on the Earth at the beginning of life?

RNA is of ribosomes that forms and moves proteins. We do not know how much existed at the beginning of life. RNA is not life nor alive. It is of genes with code for or of an organism. The force of life is what animates RNA inside an organism


Who is worse: Richard Nixon or Donald Trump?

Trump ran a successfull business unlike most of the Lawyers that have occupied the White House. What is wrong with people who ask questions like this! We have the lowest unemployment intwo generations. This is because government is getting out of the regulation business and our pockets! Dont you think you could spend your own money on your own interests better than the government taking your money and wasting it! Why are people afraid of success?.


Why were the French bad in wars such as the Franco-Prussian War, WWI, and WWII?

Because it suits a certain narrative to concentrate on French failure and forget how effective they were in the great war, and for that matter in the Republican phase of the Franco-Prussian war or how much France contributed to her own liberation in WWII.And in wars before 1870 defeating the French in a battle was a matter of national pride mostly because they rather tended to win


What do ordinary Americans think about Russia and Russian?

I've just kinda thought Russians are probably so cool. American media always expressed Russia as an adversary or an enemy, not to mention it's a post Communist craphole with terrible infastructure. Which is far from the truth. America and Russia are more alike than we know. Which is why our governments aren't the fondest of each other. We do the same things on different sides of the globe. We are all human


Why, when a woman is a homewrecker, is she blamed and not the man?

A lot of people see men as being incapable of denying consent. If this were true, then cheating would always be the fault of the homewrecker. It's a terrible misconception and men and women would benefit from seeing men as capable of denying sex, even if many men feel it goes against their nature. We go against human nature and resist urges all the time, and there's no reason that shouldn't apply here


Which Republicans have supported the impeachment of Donald Trump?

As for Republicans and the Trump impeachment, well Mitch McConnell puts it well by saying that they have themselves fully galvanised behind their Man and the Senate awaits Nancys 2 Articles which, when they enter the Senate proper, the Senate will be in controlfor a change.Hamash and a couple Never Trumpers have more or less disappeared, and are not needed for a majority, so let the show begin!


Why was Jimi Hendrix the last performer at Woodstock, when thousands had already left?

His manager, Mike Jeffrey, told the promoters that since Jimi was getting paid the most, that he should be the headliner. While he was scheduled to go on stage that last day, he decided to go on Monday because there were bands who were waiting to go on and Hendrix told the promoters that he wouldnt step foot on stage unless those few bands got to play


Why does congress want to impeach CJI Deepak Mishra?

Congg fears that Deepak mishra might help BJP on issues related to islamic reform like triple talaq, halal etc as well asram mandir. They feel if things go this way a huge hindu polarisation and somewhat muslim disintegration in its favour can make modis 2019 voyage a cakewalk and a landslide


What do you think you are doing in a parallel universe?

What do you think you are doing in this universe? we are energy transducers. How many tons of food, water, air and billions of electron volts of energy pass through a person during 80 years of a life of eating every day? We are not objects we are convergence / divergence points for the transformation of cosmic energies. After we get done thinking about that, its time to actually feel it.


Was Iraq invaded or liberated by the United States?

It was invaded first of all to be liberated the country in question needs to ask for help. Iraq did not ask for help. Second off the USA was responsible for creating a monster (Saddam) who gassed the Kurds and also Iran back In the day using USA provided weapons of mass destruction. America used Iraq as a pawn or proxy to indirectly control the Middle East. Unfortunately this pawn (saddam) had his own ideas


What are some philosophical arguments against Islam?

Philosophical is something 'rational' or 'reasoned'. Islam is the fundamental belief that there is only 1 God, and that Muhammad (PBUH) is His prophet and messenger. The rest about it is detail.Now - as with any belief, it is just a belief. You can't really 'out-reason' that, because it is not based on reason to begin with. It is an act of faith. I would recommend focusing the energies on other things maybe


What is the most boring zodiac sign in your opinion?

Capricorn, I know everyone says that but tbh unless youre close to them they seem hard, hella awkward, and emotionally detached. I stay away from them cause like Libra, Saggitarius, and Gemini, they shit talk too much and theyre petty especially when theyre jealous. I dont have time to deal with that shit. Im a Virgo btw.


I cleared the GATE 2020. When I move on to a private college for an M.Tech, do I take classes for junior because of getting a stipend?

Not exactly Don't worry about that much because you will be attending classes only in the first year of M.Tech. In second year you will have only project so this time you have to help juniors in lab session that too 2 to 3 lab sessions a week .each lab session is 2 to 3 hours depending on college.

.chill you won't be teaching any subjects there


What are some real world examples of exponential growth?

Parkinsons law: A few years of employment in some administration makes that employee eligible for promotion. In order the get promoted, he (back then in the 1950ies) has to become a supervisor. who by definition needs subordinates. Those subordinates cannot be taken away from somebody else, because this would hurt someone. Therefore they have to be hired. From this simple fact follows that without external contraint, burocracies tend to grow exponentially


Who was the most intelligent founding father and why?

Franklin -by far.Diplomat, prolific inventor, scientist, author, successful business owner (printer), community activist and promoter (lending library-fire department) and mediator/deal maker between difficult politicians. Also a very pragmatic and practical man as well. He was known world wide.Jefferson would be next followed by Adams, Washington and Madison.

Needless to say they were ALL very well educated and highly intelligent men . . but each had his shortcomings as well. As did Franklin!


What did Jimi Hendrix think of Led Zeppelin's music?

Jimi Hendrix did not have intellectual power or technical sophistication to judge even his own music, much less that of others. There is nothing about Hendrix that indicates an acute or observant or analytical mind. Hendrix probably did not greatly appreciate any other musicians, because he was not able to.

Plus, he was locked into the myth that he was the greatest guitar player on earth, and was probably hesitant to express appreciation of a genuine rival for the title


Will we ever learn the secret Nick Fury told Thor?

Yes: Gorr was right. Gorr the Godkiller, who believed that the gods had served their purpose and were not longer worthy of their continued existence. Hearing that confirmed the doubt that Thor had about the worthiness of all gods, including himself. That doubt led to the loss of Mjolnir and into the Unworthy Thor storyline.

Ref: Unworthy Thor's Secret Revealed: What Did Nick Fury Whisper?


Would you rather do a face reveal or leave Quora?

So this is me, being a dumbass:idk why I was drawing on my hand.This is me trying to take a decent photo with my sucky camera:and this is me realizing that no one can take a photo when you have dry ass lips and theres a pink and green monkey in the background:(im so sorry u had to see that hah)srry for the bad lighting :(peace out girl scout!


What was it like to go to a Led Zeppelin concert in the early 70's?

It was loud! Unbelievably, shockingly, body-pummeling loud! You didnt hear the music as much as you were physically immersed in it. The entire audience was a thrumming mass of humanity, all in sync with the rhythmic assault coming from John Bohnams powerful drive-train and JPJs throbbing bass. Page and Plant were a screaming tornado-lighting show over the top of all that.

It was like nothing ever experienced before or since. In a word, epic!


What is the difference among consumption led growth, investment led growth and export led growth?

Investment led growth means that firms are investing in new capital. They will employ more workers and reduce unemployment. Investment led growth will increase Aggregate Demand and increase productive capacity. It means that Aggregate Supply will rise. This leads to long term improvements in the economy.Consumption ed growth means that consumer spending is the main cause of rising aggregate demand and economic growth.


Is your home considered private property?

In the United States of America everything you own is private property and is protected by the 4th and the 14th Amendments.Private property that is owned by a person in the United States is considered to include each persons freedom, liberty, life , intellectual capacity, products, services, his very essence as a person.It most surely includes his home


When did you realize you were a good cook?

I still dont feel like I'm a good cook. I feel like it's just doing it day in and day out for 35 years has given me a comfortableness with it. But I don't take compliments well, and feel awkward when I get them. I tend to tune them out. So if you tell me I'm a good cook, I may thank you, but I don't believe it.

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