Is It Illegal to Drive a Tractor on the Road in Missouri?

it depends on what roads if they are like town roads you can be any age and not have a liscense as far as highway roads then no you can not

1. is it legal in texas to drive a tractor to the dmv?

as long as you dont take any major roads or obstruct traffic it should be fine

2. Does amperage matter when charging a tractor battery?

Just use a normal charger you can buy like at sears or a parts store.There are type out there that you can buy that turn off after the battery is charged up.When charging loosen the cell caps to vent but make sure the cells are filled up but not over filled. com.

3. Do I really need a weight in the front of my tractor when farming?

Yes, but not all the time.It will never be a factor until you put a heavy attachment on, but improper weight distribution can literally lift your tires off the ground. Certain vehicles are heavy enough that this is not a problem, but the smaller tractors, with the larger attachments, will tip backwards or forwards.I believe I personally ran into this when, in FS15, i put an upgraded fertilizer attachment on the back of the basic, free tractor they give you when you start. Edit:I found some forum posts that talk about it happening a bit, and there are some mods (linked to in the post) that help with weight issues. However, I found a screenshot of it happening, to a somewhat extreme degree:

4. What type of engine oil should I use for this John Deere tractor?

John Deere La110

5. What is wrong with my horses pastern?

Whether it is a wound or scratches, if there is a wound in that spot, scratches is likely to follow. You can buy some 0,9% normal saline and put it into a squeeze bottle to flush the wound and soak it to soften the scab. Once the scab is soft, very gently remove it to get at the tissue beneath. If when you begin to remove the scab, it is vascular and bleeds, it is probably a wound and not just scratches. If that is the case, you can buy an ointment called EMT and apply it over the scab after flushing it well with the saline. EMT is a hydrolyzed collagen gel that is sticky and stays on well to protect the wound and promote healing. The saline kills bacteria but does not damage healthy tissue. If when the scab comes off, there is a layer of pink skin, try to get all of the scab off, flush it well with saline, and dry it well. Then you can leave it open to air if there is no bleeding. If there is any bleeding, apply the EMT to protect it. Scratches is caused by anaerobic bacteria that thrive beneath scabs, or in any dark, damp conditions. Leaving a scratches sore open to air kills the bacteria. But if the sore needs protection, EMT is great for protecting the sore and promoting rapid healing. You can buy sterile saline at any drugstore, and EMT is available online or at tractor and farm supply stores. As for the cause of the sore, you may need to do some investigating to find out if she's interfering or doing it when she lies down, and look for solutions.

6. UPS semi tractor and trailer colors?

Wow that's one crazy story. First, I would attempt to sue the police because that's part of their job to protect the community and all of it's citizens. And if they refused to do anything, then they should be sued or that officer at the very least should be fired because he is not doing his job correctly Second, like 99.99% of UPS trucks are brown, both cab and trailor. And it might help them if you tell them if it was a double or a single and any other information, vital or not about the truck. Say if it was a Freightliner or a Volvo (example) or what color it was, etc, etc, etc. This will make it easier on not only you but the police (if they even pay attention. ) Anyway, hope this helps.

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