Is It Legal to Buy Clothes Uber Cheap and then Resell Them Online for a Higher Price?

Is it legal to buy clothes uber cheap and then resell them online for a higher price?

Is It Legal to Buy Clothes Uber Cheap and then Resell Them Online for a Higher Price? 1

who cares do it i wont tell ill be your first customer, the system ***** us, so we will **** it back.muahahah.but i dont think its illegal thats like buying wholesale stuff, why do you think when you go to like l.a. hollywood or watever in cali

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how to justify the higher price of luxury cars in comparison to their counterpart and when test driving these vehicle what specifically to look for

Generally, luxury cars usually have better interiors and more equipment that come standard compared to "regular" brands. Possibly the suspension would be tuned for a softer ride. That would about it really. Dealer service plans may also be more comprehensive, but there's a lot of variations in that. The main selling point in luxury cars would be the badge prestige factor. You are just not going to impress people who care about brands with your top-of-the-line Camry, no matter how equal (or even better) it is to a low end Lexus

Is It Legal to Buy Clothes Uber Cheap and then Resell Them Online for a Higher Price? 2

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do you think stores that sell things at a higher price make it "better" or make people want to come?

Yeah. Because people want others to think that they have $$ When they wear clothes

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can I buy something retail, then resell it at a higher price?

no you have to buy wholesale

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What benifits are there to me for buying the same products at a higher price but made in America?

walmart is a terrible company ... well im living in china right now and to tell you the truth untill you seen the factories and the blood spilled to make cheap crap to earn a dollar its hard to make sence of the fact buying cheap crap from walmart or made in china junk isnt a good idea ... things in usa and canada are overpriced because everybodys trying to earn a dollar and the people who make the product have a better wage and defenitly a better quality of life not to mention all the standards & regulations/OSHA company's in north america are exspect to follow , in china their is little or no health and safty rules for companys to follow and a lack of regulations in which company's and owners take advantage of this ... and in most case's to get rich fast is to start operations in china and pay people low wages .. alot of factorys here are owned and operated by americains ... just to get away with earning more money for a small group of invested people ... if companies in north america cannot compete with chinese made products .. probly would loose their shirt and terminate employees and close operations ... alot jobless people and less money floating around in the local system .. u would think who cares .. just 1 company .. no impact ... but on a wide scale scene china and walmart together have demolished an huge amount of companys in its wake to grow and the cons out weigh the pros ... We are to addicted to cheap chinese made products and one day this party is going to end . and china has already stolen large markets out of North America that we will never recover it back . It's not a long term solution and with polution awareness and changing politics around the world we will get stuck probly paying alot more money for the same products in the futur as resource declines and demand increases ... the ditch is getting dug deep and most people will never realize it. Simular effects happen to old logging towns and gold or coal mines when there stop producing or cannot compete the entire town shuts down... same thing will happen to larger cities if chinese made products flood the market %100 ... the worst con of all is the health of people will be comprimised ... for the people who make them and the people who buy them .. with out strict control from regulations we are actually slowy poisoning our selfs with every cheap purchase .. giving control to people who do not care about anything exept earning the dollar ..

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