Is the Quora Community a Non Representative Collection of Elites?

Anyone with access to a computer and internet connection is an elite*. I do not think Quorans necessarily represent an elite of that elite, much as it may flatter our egos to think so. Let me explain: in my view it is the ethos and - at a detail level - the use-case scenarios of Quora.

com that set it apart. A 'Quoran' is someone who buys into this ethos. Not all Quorans are polymaths, or subject matter experts in a given field. The unique value proposition of Quora (in my view) is its ethos as above and the largely self governance model in place to protect and perpetuate the expression of this ethos. In my answer to Why is Reddit so mean? I basically said this perceived quality of was a function of the governance and mechanics of that site but that Redditors (by and large) seem to like it the way it is just fine. Are we elite by comparison to them? I would say certainly not. They to us? Likewise not. But the two sites meet the needs of different core communities**. So to address the question: We are not an elite, as that carries a meaning of 'better/best', simply different and - in my view - unique. n* interestingly, this may soon be untrue as mobile internet access continues to ramp up in parts of the world who missed out on the whole very resource intensive on the part of the end user conventional/dial up phase of internet access - they are leapfrogging to the wireless/smartphone model, which is very. Personally I think the tipping point here - when mobile internet with a sufficiently low barrier to entry is ubiquitous - will be a significant milestone for humanity.** I should point out that these can be a particular need at a particular time. I am sure many Quorans are Redditors (me, for example) and vice versa and find that sometimes they are in the mood for Reddit and sometimes for Quora, as the whim takes us.

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What is Baahubali 2 1st Day Collection?

Baahubali 2 has become the first Indian movie to cross 100 Crore nett in a day in India.Early Estimates ( All Languages)nAll India Hindi: 35-40 Crore nettnAndhra / Telangana: 45 Crore ( gross and nett is same as there is no tax)nTamil Nadu: 14 CrorenKarnataka: 10 CrorenKerala: 4 CroreDay 1 India:n108-120 Crore nett estimatesAll numbers as shared by Production sourcesnnTrade Figure will be updated in morningnnHindi version is an all time record for a Non Holiday ahead of Dhoom 3.Out of these Andhra/ Telangana numbers are gross while Tamil Nadu , Karnatka and Kerala numbers would be similar to gross collections with a lower tax rate.

This is double the opening day of first part and this is the first time in Indian cinema that we are seeing a movie crossing 100 Crores in a day.Note: First Day numbers for many southern states would have full run numbers added to them.In USA Baahubali 2 has opened to all time highest $2.

5 Million across languages in just Thursday previews beating Fast and the Furious 8 to be no 1 at USA Box Office.Overseas collections are huge and it has set record on Thursday in UAE and USABaahubali 2 hindi version has collected 30 Crores in advance sales for first 3 days by Thursday night which is an all time record ahead of Salman Khan's SultanBaahubali 2 BudgetBaahubali both parts were made on a combined budget of Rs 250 Crores all inclusive as shared by the producers.Producers have also mentioned that they didn't made any money on the first part and will actually make money only from second part releaseBaahubali 2 Pre release BusinessBaahubali 2 has supposedly done Rs 500 Crore worth of pre release business which is what s heard in trade.

This is the breakup with the amount of money paid being dependent on a box office performance clause120-125 Crore for Telugu version across Andhra and Telanganan85-90 Crores for all versions across Southern Statesn75-80 Crores for Hindi version by Dharma ProductionsnUSA Rights: 35-40 Crores for ( Hindi tamil telugu)nRest of the World: 15-20 CroresnHindi Tamil Telugu Satelitte Rights: 110 Crores with 55 Crores coming just for hindi version picked up by SonyMultiple other deals takes the total to Rs 500 Crores.Baahubali 2 Hit or FlopBaahubali 2 Needs to cross 100 Crores to be called a hit for hindi version for Dharma. For Other versions Baahubali 2 has to individually cover the costs paid.

Baahubali 2 ScreensBaahubali 2 is releasing in around 6500 screens pan India almost 90% of all Indian screens across languages are showcasing Baahubali


Java has automatic garbage collection. Why wasn't similar feature added to C in revised versions of language?

Do you know that Java is not similar to C from ground-up philosophy? Java is a high-level programming language where C is a pretty much low-level language. A low-level language has to make the contact with hardware simple and easy. Whereas a high-level language need to be simple, easy and fast while programming. Java was built keeping "cross-platform" and "byte-code compiled language" in mind, now indeed when a language has to be compiled to bytecode, it is to ensure that the language runs on multiple platforms using a virtual machine. Java runs in JVM (Java virtual machine), JVM compiles the code and manages everything that it can to make sure that the code runs. JVM has to manage the memory itself, because if it doesn't memory leak would lead JVM to consume all of the memory and system would soon run out of memory; OutOfMemoryError.

C on the other hand, compiles down to bare metal. That is, the code is compiled keeping a platform on mind. Although the code for a hello world program runs similar on every platform and machine, but compiler has to make sure that the code generated can be understood by CPU. This compilation provides a very efficient performance factor to your applications. That is, compiler "thinks" you have handled the memory yourself, and you just want the program to run. If C had "garbage collection", it would have been a high-level language and it would have lacked the freedom that C provides. Bjarne just added OOP to C, he did not changed the realm fully, he still kept it a low-level language. C and C programs provide developers a full support and freedom to write applications and to manage how their programs reside in the memory. In Java, you cannot do that. In Java, you can create the objects but they cannot be easily removed from memory until you run out of the scope. That is when JVM's GC comes into action and removes the references. Garbage collection also slows down your application's performance. C on the other hand allows you to use memory as you want and only when you want. It doesn't need the machine to always trigger a command to wipe out the desk. If you want to use C with garbage collection, go for C#. C# is similar to C in many ways, and allows garbage collection to be performed by the framework (.

NET) itself. In many ways, C# is much better than Java


Is there a good software tool for collecting and organizing information and navigating through the collection as a hypertree?

exswap I-Navigation - was a Windows based software that did this. It had a hypertree that you could link to files on your desktop and add notes to and add images... you could, also, export the hypertree with notes and links, to a hyperbolic Java applet for the web. It was made by the same developers as is Mindomo mindmapping software.Xebece - Also, a current software that does this and has a hypertree, which is open source, is Xebece, which you can find at . It has a notes pane which you can add text to, and image, as well. Xebece was open sourced and was formerly known as Calientra and Ontographics.Another software was - Inxight's Startree Studio, which exported a hypertree as a functional Java applet for the a visual representation of your evernote content, in graph form. It is a service SaaS that works over the web and connects to your evernote account. It, also, works with dropbox and google drive.DWZ - DenkWerkZeug, is not a hypertree, but is a semantic, graph, and wiki like information organizer. easy to use.

connectedtext - a commercial wiki software with a graph component for visualizing the interconnection of wiki pages.Vis-a-Wiki -is a wiki with a graph component. It has been open sourced but is pending release.

below, these are hyperbolic graph visualization software, not necessarily as organizer software.Hypergraph - which you can find at you can use it to create a Java applet for your website. Hypergraph is open source.

Treebolic - is another open source software for creating hypertrees... you can create Java applets as well of your hypertree. You can find Treebolic at sourceforge, I believe, as well.

Hypertree Studio - is a software for creating a hypertree based java applet. It is open source and you can find it at are other software, both commercial and open source.

.. and some completely web based.

hope this helps for your question. I am interested, too, in hyperbolic tree visualization software.Jariell Alexis Perlman


What is the weirdest, most unpleasant, or most disturbing thing in your comic collection?

From invincible comics, the main character, mark grayson was rapedmark grayson is a hybrid viltrume, half human and half viltrumite, although his alien DNA is supposed to be aggresive and will make him a full blooded viltrumite by the end of the series.Anyway, the viltrumites were basically extinct, so they got to earth to reproduce because humans were genetically compatible. This female in the picture refused to mate with humans (hated the idea) and instead wanted to mate with Mark, he tried the human approach at first, but since he didnt want to, she went for the viltrumite way and raped him.

When speaking about rape, most men joke that they want it to happen to them, I mean a woman raping them, and as a man I understand that as a fantasy it sounds arousing (it is a common fantasy between men and women), but a fantasy is not the same thing as reality, in real life a man would feel humiliated if such thing were to happen without his consent, a fantasy is one thing, real life is another.And how did that happen? wasnt he stronger? well, she was way older than himwho knows how many centuries old (he was about 20 years) because they live thousands of years, and live lives of battle like saiyans and get stronger and strongerso obviously she was way stronger and more experienced in battle and there was nothing he could do.Years later it is revealed that she got pregnant and gave birth to that little boy that appears in the front page of invincible 143; by that time that woman had cooled down and had settled down on earth with the man who is holding the little girl, and she was different, she felt guilty of what she did, even tried to apologizeand by this time mark had his own wife and little girl, and suddenly he knows he has a son he had never heard about.

I think that the writers did this to sellbut it is a good social critique too.Edit: typos and small modifications, since it seems this answer is kind of popular. And thanks to Adam Carlson for correcting me in the correct spelling of a word. We never stop learning.

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Introduction to Workshops - Collection of Workshops
Collection of workshopsThe museum houses artillery dating back to World War I and vehicles from World War II and the post war period. All up the collection owns more than 100 vehicles, with more than 190 exhibits on display. A number are also in various stages of restoration and transit. The collection features a range of armoured vehicles including German, US, Australian, British and Russian examples.US vehiclesUS vehicles in the collection include both an early model and later model Stuart, M47 Patton, M48 Patton, M110 self-propelled gun, M3 Lee, M3 Grant, Sherman M4A1, White half-track, Staghound, M52 105mm SPG, LVT4 landing vehicle, M114 Command and Reconnaissance vehicle, M577A1 Command Vehicle (ex Australian Army), M113A1 (ex Australian army), White M3 half-track, Staghound Anti-Aircraft variant, M3 Grant "local farm conversion", M36 Jackson, M7 Priest and M41 Walker Bulldog.Australian vehiclesThe collection houses two rare Sentinel tanks (AC1 and AC4), Dingo scout car, Local Pattern 2 Carrier, 2 Pdr Attack Carrier Yeramba self-propelled 25 pounder, LP4 Armoured Car, M113 fire support vehicle, S1 (American) Scout car and a 2-pounder Portee on a Blitz truck.British vehiclesArcher, Saladin (two), Chieftain, Humber Armoured Car, Matilda II, WWII British artillery tractor, Sherman Firefly, Churchill Mk VII, Churchill Flail, Churchill AVRE, Centurion, Valentine tank, Saracen, Ferret Mk 2, Fox, FV433 Abbot SPG, Sabre, Bar Mine Layer, Matilda II with Mk3 No.1 Bulldozer blade.Russian vehiclesSoviet artillery tractor, BMP1, T-55, T26, T34/85, T60, T70, T72, BTR152, SU76, SU100, Pion 2S7 203mm SPG, BTR60 Command version, ATL Artillery Tractor, SA-2 (Surface to Air Missile) and a 2S1 GvozdikaGerman vehiclesPanzer 38(t), Jagdpanzer 38(t), Tiger 1 (replica from the film "Fury), Hummel (vehicle), Leopard 1, Kanonenjagdpanzer, Panzer IV Ausf D,Panzer 4 Auf E, Panzer IV Ausf G, Kettenkraftrad(Sd.Kfz. 2), Sd.kfz 251/1 Ausf D and a Sd.Kfz. 250/3 Ausf A, Sd.Kfz. 250/3 Ausf B, Sturmgeschtz III, Beobachtungpanzer Artillery Observation Vehicle, and Sd.Kfz. 251/9c., Sd.Kfz. 250, Sd.Kfz. 251/22, Sd.kfz. 11/1 and a Sd.Kfz 250/8. Panzer IV G .Both a Panzer V 'Panther tank' and a Stug IV are owned by the collection, but undergoing restoration and not on display.Other countriesOther vehicles from other countries include a Canadian Ram Kangaroo, Czech OT810, Canadian Lynx, French Panhard AML, Ford Gun Tractor with Australian Limber and British 25 pdr, and Czech Praga with 30mm AA gunVehicles not on displayAdditionally, there are a number of vehicles owned by the museum, but not currently on display. Mostly these are still being prepared in workshops, either on site or overseas, or they are in transit to the Museum. Some of these include a Panther A, Cromwell Medium Tank, ISU152 and close to another 25 additional planned exhibits------Cultural baggage of workshopsThe term cultural baggage refers to the tendency for one's culture to pervade thinking, speech, and behavior without one being aware of this pervasion. Cultural baggage becomes a factor when a person from one culture encounters a person from another, and subconscious assumptions or behaviors can interfere with interaction.The "baggage" imagery implies that cultural baggage is something that one carries at all times and that it can be burdensome, hindering freedom of movement (i.e. hinders intercultural dialog). Darret B. Rutman has used the term to describe early European settlers of North America (A Place in Time: Middlesex County, Virginia 1650-1750 by Darret B. Rutman, Anita H. Rutman, .mw-parser-output .citation qquotes:"""""""'""'".mw-parser-output .id-lock-free a,.mw-parser-output .citation .cs1-lock-free abackground-image:url("");background-image:linear-gradient(transparent,transparent),url("");background-repeat:no-repeat;background-size:9px;background-position:right .1em .id-lock-limited a,.mw-parser-output .id-lock-registration a,.mw-parser-output .citation .cs1-lock-limited a,.mw-parser-output .citation .cs1-lock-registration abackground-image:url("");background-image:linear-gradient(transparent,transparent),url("");background-repeat:no-repeat;background-size:9px;background-position:right .1em .id-lock-subscription a,.mw-parser-output .citation .cs1-lock-subscription abackground-image:url("");background-image:linear-gradient(transparent,transparent),url("");background-repeat:no-repeat;background-size:9px;background-position:right .1em .cs1-subscription,.mw-parser-output .cs1-subscription span,.mw-parser-output .cs1-registration spanborder-bottom:1px dotted; .cs1-ws-icon abackground-image:url("");background-image:linear-gradient(transparent,transparent),url("");background-repeat:no-repeat;background-size:12px;background-position:right .1em code.cs1-codecolor:inherit;background:inherit;border:inherit; .cs1-hidden-errordisplay:none; .cs1-maintdisplay:none;color:#33aa33; .cs1-subscription,.mw-parser-output .cs1-registration,.mw-parser-output .cs1-kern-left,.mw-parser-output .cs1-kern-right,.mw-parser-output .citation .mw-selflinkfont-weight:inheritISBN0-393-30318-7).------Rotaract of workshopsRotaract originally began as a Rotary International youth program in 1968 at Charlotte North Rotary Club in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States, and has grown into a major organization of over 10,904 clubs spread around the world and over 203,000 members in 180 countries. It is a service, leadership, professional and community service organization (often miscommunicated as a Social Service Club) for young men and women between the ages 18 and over.Rotaract focuses on the development of young adults as leaders in their communities and workplaces. Clubs around the world also take part in international service projects, in a global effort to bring peace and international understanding to the world."Rotaract" stands for "Rotary in Action", although the name originally comes from a combination of "Rotary" and "Interact" (International Action), the high school level program created by Rotary International in 1962.Most Rotaract activities take place at the club level. Rotaract clubs hold formal meetings in person or virtually, usually every two weeks, which feature speakers, special outings, social activities, discussions or visits to other clubs. Club members get together on designated days for service project work, social events, or professional/leadership development workshops.To be eligible for membership, prospective members must be 18 years of age and over, show that they are committed to Rotaract, and show that they are of good standing in the community. After being approved by the club, prospective members are 'inducted' to become members, also known as 'Rotaractors'.The avenues of service include Club Service, Community Service, International Service and Professional Development.Rotaract Club undertake various projects for the overall development of their members.In 2019, Rotaract went from being a program of Rotary International to being a membership type of Rotary International, elevating its status to resemble that of Rotary clubs. As of 1 July 2020, Rotaract clubs can exist on their own, or may be sponsored by Rotary and/or Rotaract clubs. This makes them true "partners in service" and key members of the family of Rotary. A Rotaract club may, but is not required to, establish upper age limits, provided that the club (in accordance with its bylaws) obtain the concurrence of its members and the sponsor club(s) (if sponsored).In Hong Kong there are 8 U-based universities joint to organize an annual camp for the committee members to participate. The camp is called Interflow.------About of workshopsSimn Vlez created joinery systems that utilize bamboo as a permanent no structural element in both residential and commercial structures. For four consecutive years he has been invited by the Vitra Design Museum and the Georges Pompidou Center to conduct workshops in France in which structures of bamboo-guadua were built as an instructive exercise. He has led workshops around the world in bamboo joinery and assemblage systems.For Expo Hanover 2000, he designed and constructed a 2000-square-meter bamboo pavilion for ZERI Foundation (Zero Emissions Research and Initiative). The structure utilized bamboo, recycled cement, copper, and a mixture of terracotta, cement and bamboo fiber panels. It was the first time in history that a bamboo structure received a building permit in Germany. With 6.4 million visitors it became the most popular pavilion of the World Expo.Vlez participated in designing Crosswaters Ecolodge, an ecotourism destination in China in the forests of Nankun Shan Mountain Reserve, in the Guangdong Province. It the largest project in the world to the use bamboo in a commercial project and the first project of this scale in Asia to use bamboo as a structural element in a dwelling. The project received the American Society of Landscape Architects 2006 Analysis and Planning Award of Honor.Vlez has designed guadua bamboo buildings in Germany, France, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, China, Jamaica, Colombia, Panam, Ecuador, and India. He designed the Zcalo Nomadic Museum in Mexico City, which houses Gregory Colbert's "Ashes and Snow."In December 2009 he received 'The Principal Prince Claus Award' for his contribution to a positive interaction between culture and development. This prestigious Dutch award, founded by the Royal Prince Claus(), has a price of 100,000. Since 1997 the Prince Claus Awards are presented annually to artists, thinkers and cultural organizations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.Collaborating with Sanjay Prakash, and in partnership with Pradeep Sachdeva, Simn Vlez participated in EXPO 2010 Shanghai China as part of the team for the Indian pavilion.Vlez has designed some new exciting guadua bamboo buildings for Longquan International Biennale (LIB), which will be launched from the Municipality of Longquan, Zhejiang Province, located approximately 500km south of Shanghai, PR China. The LIB is an architectural event staged every two years, in which architects of international stature are invited to build habitable buildings in a location of cultural and historical importance. The first LIB, which is due to open in November 2013, invited twelve internationally renowned architects to rise to the challenge.
Is the Bible Unverified and Collected by Unknown Anonymous Authors?
How could it be verified?Those who wrote it did not see Jesus at all.The earliest Gospel (Mark) we have dates to 66-70 AD. By that time, not only Jesus was crucified, but also almost all (if not all) the apostles were dead as well. Paul had written earlier than that, but Paul never saw Jesus (apart from his visions). Some of his letters are believed to be authentic. Even then, they date around the year 50 AD. So, yes, the Bible is written by anonymous authors. They probably did their best to collect what was being said about Jesus and His doings, but there were no scientific way to verify the collected information. Furthermore, each author had his interpretation of the religion, thus, collecting/filtering the evidence accordingly. After several decades of work, historians did an excellent job, deciphering what probably had happened. Most scholars of NT believe that the bible was written by anonymous authors for the most part. Strictly speaking this does not necessarily mean that it is inaccurate. If you believe that those anonymous authors were inspired by the God, then you should not have any problem at all. However, from a historical point of view, they were written in Greek by anonymous authors who collected available information at the time of their writing, which was much later. There were also many different books that did not make it to the Canon. Some became apocrypha, others were lost.• Suggested ReadingWhat is Dangal 1st day box office collection?Dangal 1st Day Collection 2nd Highest Of 2016Dangal 1st day collection 2nd highest of 2016 and also it is 2nd highest grosser of Aamir Khan after Dhoom 3. The first day collection of Dangal is 29 crore nett as per early estimates.Dangal 1st Day Collection | Dangal 1st Day Box Office CollectionFirst day collection of Dangal is second highest non holiday opening ever. Dangal is 2nd highest grosser of Aamir Khan after Dhoom 3 (32.48 crore), 3rd highest is the PK (25.45 crore). Dangal (Hindi) is the 7th highest opening of all time and the second highest non holiday of all time behind Dhoom 3.Trade Analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted Dangal set box officce on fire, the first day box office of Dangal is,"#Dangal wrestles demonetisation... Sets the BO on fire... Ends the lull phase... Fri ₹ 29.78 cr incl ₹ 59 lacs from Tamil and Telugu." . "#Dangal Sat and Sun biz will be higher... Word of mouth is terrific... Expected to cross ₹ 100 cr mark in first 3 days... India biz."Day 1 Collection : 29.78 croresBudget : 125 croresThe best collection of a movie is from East Punjab, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai. The dubbed version of movie did poor business, collected around 59 lacs in Tamil and Telugu version.Total screen out of Dangal in India and overseas is 5300, as per tweet of Taran Adarsh" #Dangal screen count... India: over 4,300 screens Overseas: close to 1000 screens Widest release in North America, UAE-GCC, UK, Australia."For More Details Check Here :Dangal 1st Day Collection 2nd Highest Of 2016.------Is philosophy a collection of facts?A collection of facts, presented in a narrative style is called history, not philosophy. However, philosophy is a collection of thoughts regarding the meaning of the facts: what do those facts mean?Here is an example of fact and its meaning.1 Fact: the whole planet had a human population at its bottleneck size of about 25000 individuals for about 180,000 years just because the planet could not naturally support any larger population.2. Humans are natural hunters who are naturally predisposed to capture kill and eat the prey soon after capture. It is absolutely unnatural for any hunting animal to feed and protect the prey animal, and yet humans did just that: they invented animal husbandry, perhaps about 20,000 years before present. With unnaturally increased (produced) supply of protein-rich meat and milk and egg, the humans were able to move out of the woodlands into the grasslands, breed large herds, live longer, eat better and increase their population. That is, the human population could increase only after they became more productive: they could produce more food per person than before.Now, the philosopher knows how to think and interpret, and the others do not know. Go out and do an opinion survey with this question: do you believe that as the number of people increased, their average real income increased, their average life expectancy increased, and their standard of living improved? You will be stunned by how ignorant people are about facts and how illogical their interpretation is.------Is there a website to download MP3 songs as a zip file containing the whole collection?I would not recommend downloading mp3 files directly from the Internet. Most of them offer pirated content. It's okay that long. But the ads they display on such websites are often malicious. They damage your devices.I can suggest an alternative. Create a playlist on YouTube for songs you want. One playlist shouldn't contain more than 10 videos because that is the limit most free YouTube to MP3 converter use. You can download each playlist using Youtube to MP3 converter from World's #1 Freeware for Windows and Mac or Any Video Converter (just search on CNET; AVC allows both downloading and conversion). There are plenty others. But check their ratings on CNET or DIGIT. That way you'll be sure you are not downloading malware in addition to songs.Google Play Music has a wide range of songs available from as low as ₹4. You can also download entire albums from there. Amazon too sells albums that can be directly downloaded onto your devices but Amazon is costlier compared to Google Play Music Store. You can get an entire 10 song album for ₹60 on Google Play Music Store. That is, if you wish to purchase, otherwise, download from YouTube and convert to MP3. The dvdvideosoft software does it automatically. You just have to create a playlist of max 10 songs and copy paste its URL into the software. Remember it too amounts to piracy but nobody really cares as of now.Websites offering pirated mp3 content are mostly harmful for devices. Always avoid them------What is your dream guitar collection?Well, I am destined to be frustrated in my quest for my dream guitars. But here is the list: 1) the most astounding thing I ever heard in my life was the Ric 12 string electric on Mr. Tambourine Man. Afterwards, I started to notice that distinctive sound on recordings by the Beatles and many other British Invasion bands. I couldnt afford one as a teenager ( or an adult, for that matter). Recently,when I felt that I could afford one, I discovered that I was unable to play one.!i have large hands and Ric necks feel like they too a 6 string guitar neck and crammed 6 more strings on it. I tried to play several and they always sounded like it was the first time I ever tried to play a guitar.Now Im retired and dont have the discretionary income to buy one. 2)!a Mosrite Ventures model, but I would want a real one, not a reproduction, a licensed reissue, an Eastwood or Danelectro that looks like one, and certainly not an imported counterfeit. And again, Im retired so thats b never gonna happen. 3) a nice ES335 - I have an ES333 that I picked up cheap a couple of years ago, but its just ok, its certainly not the same. 4) a Gretsch double cutaway Country Gentleman, because George Harrison on the Ed Sullivan show.I have a couple of Les Pauls, a Strat, and a PRS. They are all wonderful.So maybe I need a Tele, just so that most major guitars are represented------Which is the best coin to collect?I love most all of the coins from the US Mint. I usually get their yearly silver proof set. They also have excellent commemorative cons in silver, gold and platinum. Depending on the metal, you can acquire some really nice coins to collect and pass forward.Also, not so much now, but still watch your pocket change. From time to time I will get a silver quarter (1964 and before), wheat tail pennies, buffalo nickels and recently a Indianhead penny. The conditions of these coins vary from good to poor, but again, an excellent way to get into the collecting scene.I normally stray away from foreign coins but have found some very nice Canadian coins I really enjoy. They are the Silver Maple Leafs and they are 1 ounce silver commemorative cons. I got started when an amateur collector sold them to me for the price of silver. Over time, the price has really soared. They are certainty quality struck coins.The cons I avoid are the coins that are minted by non government mints. I only have 1 example where he coin is actually worth more than the weight of silver. The rest, although pretty, have very little collectability.However, when it boils down. What do you like? How much are you willing to spend? Realize that prices will fluctuate and some prices will drop. As long as you seek reputable coins from reputable sources, the best coin is the coin you like.------What is your most "dream to collect" Pokémon in Pokémon GO?At the beginning of this game, I saw the number of Magikarp candies that was needed to catch a Gyarados and I thought for sure that would be the rarest Pokemon. However, after spending a day at the pier and evolving a Gyarados myself, that is no longer the case.My most dream to collect Pokemon would have to be Alakazam or Gengar.As a child, I remember there were two Pokemon that I loved to death: Alakazam and Gengar. One was psychic type and one was ghost type. And you had to trade to get both of them which made them seem that much more exclusive. On top of that, they were some of the most powerful Pokemon in the entire game so when this game was released, my goal was to get an Alakazam or a Gengar. I will admit that Im still pretty far from either (I have a Kadabra, but only have 10 Ghastly candies), but thats okay because itll keep me playing the game for a while.Also, just as a side note, when I was a child, I was also blown away by the fact that the evolutions of Abra were Abra Kadabra Alakazam. I was super into magic so this one fact astounded me when I found out (yes, more than when I found out Ekans was snake backwards and Arbok was kobra or cobra backwards). So theres also that little nostalgic bit.Plus, just look at how badass they look:
Three Key Technologies of Electronic Toll Collection System_ Taigewang Technology
The electronic toll collection system is often referred to as etc (Electronic Toll Collection). It uses radio frequency identification technology, installs a card reader in the toll station, and installs a radio frequency card in the vehicle, so that the toll station can identify the vehicle within a certain range, and automatically deduct the corresponding fees from the pre bound IC card or bank account without parking payment. It is widely used in highway toll and road and Bridge (tunnel) toll because it does not require manual toll collection and parking card swiping. There are three key technologies to realize the non-stop charging system: identification technology, data transmission and database management, which are described in detail below. In addition, as an aside, the key of the electronic non-stop charging system is charging, not non-stop. 1. The vehicle identification electronic non-stop charging technology adopts radio frequency identification technology. This set of vehicle identification system is composed of card reader and radio frequency card. The card reader is installed in the toll station, and the vehicle is equipped with radio frequency card. They exchange data through wireless for identification. Some people will ask, what if the RF card is dead and can't be identified? Don't worry about this, because the RF card adopts a passive RF card without power supply. It can convert microwave energy into working energy through inductive coupling. 2. Data transmission security is the key to data transmission. In the process of vehicle identification, that is, the data acquisition stage, the transmission speed of RF technology is very fast, only a fraction of a second, and due to microwave radiation and low frequency, it is still guaranteed in terms of safety. In the process of transmitting data to the data center, we adopt the way of special line encryption to ensure the security of data transmission. 3. Database management in the non-stop charging system, the data center has two parts: the system data management unit and the bank data management unit. The system data unit is mainly used to manage vehicle related data collection, cost calculation, system security management, vehicle toll splitting, related report management, etc; The bank data management unit is mainly responsible for handling co branded cards with on-board RF cards, withholding tolls and other services. The management of the database is quite complex. Let's briefly say here that the non-stop charging system adopts the prepayment method. Users need to store the fees in the RF card, which will be automatically deducted in the card when passing through the toll station. At the same time, it can also be bound with bank cards and credit cards to consume in advance. The system will reconcile with the bank regularly.
Knowledge About Collection Agency,Career of Collection Agency
Career of collection agencyWilliams spent nine years with McKinsey & Company, where her assignments included projects in London and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. After completing her MBA at Harvard Business School, she joined Mitchell Hutchins, Inc., as a securities analyst. She served five years as Contributing Editor of Institutional Investor magazine.From 1991 to 2001, Dr. Williams served as Director of Special Projects for Alliance Capital Management, where she was also a member of the Board of Directors.In 1999, White Williams ran unsuccessfully for the New York City City Council in District 4.Since 2001, Dr. Williams has worked as a full-time writer and researcher. Her articles have appeared in business periodicals and art journals, including American Artist, Business and Society, Financial Analysts Journal, Journal of the Print World, Mystery Readers Journal, Print Collectors Newsletter, Print Quarterly, South Magazine, and The Tamarind Papers.NovelsRestrike, the first novel in the Coleman and Dinah Green series, was published in 2013 by Delos, the fiction imprint of Axios Press and was reissued in 2014 by The Story Plant.Fatal Impressions, the second in the series, was published in April, 2014 by The Story Plant.Angels, a prequel to the series, was published in December, 2014.Bloody Royal Prints was published in July, 2015 by Tyrus Books.Print collectingIn 1975, Reba White Williams and Dave H. Williams began to collect American fine-art prints, focusing on the first half of the twentieth century. Over the next 33 years, utilizing Williams's research skills, they built a collection of more than 5,000 prints. Between 1987 and 2009, the Williamses organized, researched and oversaw the circulation of 18 exhibitions from the collection that traveled to more than 100 museums in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Japan.The Williamses created the Print Research Foundation in 1994 as a research and study facility on American prints. In December 2008, Reba and Dave Williams donated their American print collection of more than 5,200 works and the Print Research Foundation and its facilities (the building, library, and archives) to the National Gallery of Art. The collection was described as "unrivaled in scope," and Gallery Director Earl A. Powell III called it "a transformational acquisition".The annual Reba and Dave Williams Prize was created in 1993 for outstanding essays on American printmaking, as judged by the Editor and Editorial Board of Print Quarterly. The prize was last awarded in 2006. The couple also funded the documentary All About Prints, which aired on PBS stations in 2009.Willie Morris Award for Southern FictionSince 2007, Reba White Williams and Dave H. Williams have sponsored the Willie Morris Award for Southern Fiction, named after the journalist and author Willie Morris. The award is given to a novel set in one of the original eleven Confederate States of America that reflects the spirit of Morris's work and stands out for the quality of its prose, its originality, its sense of place and period, and the appeal of its characters.An independent panel of judges votes on the award from books submitted for consideration. Recipients of the award include:2007: The King of Colored Town by Darryl Wimberley2008: City of Refuge by Tom Piazza2009: Secret Keepers by Mindy Friddle2010: Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin2011: If Jack's In Love by Stephen Wetta2012: A Short Time to Stay Here by Terry Roberts2013: Nowhere But Home by Liza Palmer2014: Long Man by Amy Greene2015: The Headmaster's Darlings: A Mountain Brook Novel by Katherine Clark With Special Recognition awarded to Sarah Addison Allen2016: Last Ride to Graceland by Kim WrightHonors and awardsWilliams has served on the Print Committees of The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, and The Whitney Museum. She served on the Editorial Board of Print Quarterly, and was named an Honorary Keeper of American Prints by the Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge University. Williams also served as President of the New York City Art Commission, and as Vice Chairman of the New York State Council on the Arts.She has also received awards including:1988: The Augustus Graham Medal, presented on behalf of the Brooklyn Museum of Art Board of Trustees, for outstanding support of the arts1997: The Polish Order of Merit, Cavalier of the Grand Cross of Poland, First Class, honoring contributions to the financial industry in Poland2000: Swan Award for lifetime achievement for furthering the arts both nationally and internationally, Cheekwood Museum2000: Pratt Institute, Pratt Legend2001: Gold Medal Award from the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute2016: Honorary Degree from The Graduate Center, CUNY------Inspection and guardianship of Rights Procedures of collection agencySpanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD)Year 2012In 2012 complaints filed with the AEPD, increased by 12%. The activity of the Agency has grown significantly in 2012, with an increase of 15% in the files registered and almost 40% in the resolutions issued. The allegations of identity theft, especially in the supply and commercialization of energy and water (222%) and in telecommunications (92%), have experienced a substantial increase. Of the 863 infringement decisions declared to private managers, more than 34% concluded in a warning, without imposing a penalty. On the other hand, most of the sanctions affect the telecommunications sector, which represents 73% of the total. Three of the main operators accumulate 70.94% of the total amount of fines.Year 2011In 2011, reported complaints were 51.6% higher than those filed in 2010. This increase is also reflected in the increase in declaratory resolutions of infringement of 37.7%. However, the application of the figure of the warning has determined a decrease of 14.5% in the declared economic sanctions. The sector where sanctions have increased most (64%) and have been declared to a greater extent (25.5%) and amount, (63%) is that of telecommunications. The amount of sanctions has grown by 12% compared to 2010.Year 2009In 2009 they increased by more than 75% of the complaints received, which reached the figure of 4,136, and the number of requests for protection of rights, by 58%. 709 sanctioning procedures were resolved, of which 621 ended with sanction with a total amount of 24.8 million euros.Source: Memory of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) for the years 2007, 2008, 2009.Year 2008In 2008 the number of facts reported to the AEPD (together with officio investigations initiated) increased by more than 45%, reaching the value of 2362. AEPD resolved in 2008 a total of 630 sanctioning procedures, almost 58% more than in 2007, of which 535 culminated with the imposition of sanctions. The fines imposed amounted to 22.6 million euros, representing an increase of 15% over the previous year.The number of procedures solved of declarations of infraction committed by the public administrations rose in 2008 almost 20% with respect to the previous year, going from 66 to 79, of which 59 ended with a declaration of infraction.Year 2007In 2007 the Spanish Agency for Data Protection resolved 399 sanctioning procedures, increasing by 32.5% with respect to the previous year. The economic sanctions imposed by the AEPD amounted to 19600000 euros.Autonomous data protection agenciesYear 2007The Data Protection Agency of the Community of Madrid carried out 196 inspection procedures and 32 procedures for the protection of rights in 2007.The Basque Data Protection Agency-Datuak Babesteko Euskal Bulegoa (AVDP-DBEB), resolved 43 complaints and 18 infringement procedures in 2007.Ibero-American Data Protection NetworkThe Ibero-American Data Protection Network (RIPD), since its creation in 2003, has developed an intense and fruitful work, such as the organization of ten meetings. In addition to contributing to that more than 150 million Latin American citizens currently have, along with the traditional protection of habeas data, rules that allow to effectively guarantee the use of their personal information and specialized authorities with powers to protect said guarantee.In Latin America policies are being developed for the protection of personal data. In 2012 two new laws were approved. In Nicaragua, Law No. 787 of Protection of Personal Data, of March 29, 2012 and Statutory Law No. 1581 of October 17, 2012, by which general provisions for the Protection of Personal Data are issued.In Chile, also Law 19.628, of August 28, 1999, on Protection of Private Life, is currently in the process of reviewing part of its articles.The National Assembly of Venezuela is processing the bill for the Protection of Personal Data of Habeas Data. And in Costa Rica there is already a Data Protection Agency of the Republic of Costa Rica, in compliance with the law approved in 2011.------Types of collection agencyAs cinderella stamps are defined by what they are not, there are many different types and the term is usually construed fairly loosely. Items normally regarded as falling within the area are poster stamps, propaganda labels, commemorative stickers, stamps issued by non-recognised countries or governments, charity labels like Christmas seals and Easter seals, most telegraph stamps, some railway stamps, some local stamps and purely decorative items created for advertising or amusement.Revenue stamps may be considered cinderellas, but as they are normally issued by an official government agency, they tend to be classified separately. Some telegraph, railway and other stamps may also be issued by government agencies but still fall under the cinderella umbrella since they are not for postal purposes.Local stampsLocal stamps have a long history and began to be issued soon after the invention of the postage stamp. Zemstvo stamps were issued in rural areas of the Russian Empire (c. 18601917), and local stamps have been issued in many other countries. Many local stamps performed a genuine postal function where the national post was lacking. Other locals, however, amount to nothing more than colourful labels.In the United Kingdom many local carriage labels have been issued by offshore islands, which in some cases had a genuine use to pay for transport of the mail to the mainland by ferry. Others were produced simply to sell to collectors and tourists. Usually they had to be placed on the back of the envelope, with a conventional stamp on the front to pay for onward delivery by the official postal service. Islands for which such labels have been issued include the Summer Isles, Lundy and the Calf of Man.Hotel stamps may also be regarded as a form of local stamp.Political and propaganda stampsWhile it is common to find patriotic sentiments on official stamps, the term propaganda stamp is usually used to mean unofficial stamps produced to promote a particular ideology, or to create confusion within an enemy state. Stamps with encouraging slogans have been attached to letters for prisoners of war, or troops serving abroad.Sometimes stamps are issued by breakaway governments, governments in exile or micronations in order to give themselves greater legitimacy; however, these stamps usually have no postal validity and are therefore cinderella items. The Indian National Army (Azad Hind) produced ten stamps as part of their campaign.From 1951 to 1966, UNESCO issued a series of 41 "gift stamps". Considered to be cinderellas, they were produced to raise money for the organization. The series is unusual in being an international cooperative effort. Most are readily available from specialized dealers.Illustrator and anarchist Clifford Harper, whose family had an occupational history in the postal service, designed stamps "for post-revolutionary post" bearing the image of anarchist figures such as Pierre-Joseph Proudhon ("property is theft"), Oscar Wilde, Emma Goldman and Emiliano Zapata. Colin Ward, along with Harper, published a book in 1997 called Stamps: Designs For Anarchist Postage Stamps, containing an essay by Ward on the subject of anarchists and postage stamps. Fund-raising stamps with anti-state messages have appeared within labor unions such as the ones printed by the Confederacin Nacional del Trabajo, and the Industrial Workers of the World.The Jewish National Fund had been publishing its own stamps since 1901, promoting the ideology of Zionism - see .Non-official railway stampsIn the United Kingdom, the railway letter service, a special facility offered by most British railway companies since 1891, produced a great variety of stamps and labels, which were originally an official requirement of the service. Current officially licensed Heritage railway-operated services include the Festiniog Railway Letter Service. United Kingdom railway letter stamps almost always specify a fee (often, even in Victorian times, priced higher than the current postage fee, which additionally had to be paid with regular postage stamps) for the use of this official and once-important British postal facility.
Can You Put Together a 14 Song Collection of Solo Beatles Songs That Feature Two Or More Beatles?
It dont come easy.2.Photograph.3. I'm the Greatest(3).4. Sunshine Life.5.You and Me Babe.6.Early 1970.7.Back off Boogaloo.8.Oh my Love.9.Gimme some Truth.10.Crippled Inside.11.How do you Sleep?.12.Instant Karma.13.Bangladesh.14.Wrack My Brain. BONUS. 15 When We Was Fab, song (2) video (3)• Other QuestionsWhy are most of the better movies of the last fifty years not included in the Criterion Collection?Criterion cant unilaterally decide which movies it wants to release.It has to negotiate the rights to them.Without any inside information, I surmise that in more than a few cases they just cant make the kind of deal they need to make to invest the resources to bring out Criterion editions of some films theyd very much like to include------Which one is correct, "I will collect it when I am back" or "will I collect it when I'm back"?Both are correct . Actually , it depends on the sentence , whether its positive or its interrogative . We can say "I will collect the books from you when I'm back .""Okay , fine"Or we can even say "Will I collect the books from you when I'm back ?" "Yeah, sure you can "------What's the best Android Shayari app with the collection of Hindi Shayari's and WhatsApp status?The best app of hindi status is here500 All Hindi Status 2019 - ( ) - Apps on Google Playit has 500 hindi status with multiple can download it from here.Key Features: Its Completly Free. the app works offline. Hindi fonts. Simple UI. Small size app.screenshots are here:------Should data collection precede root cause analysis?Root cause analysis just seems like a general philosophy for discovering the underlying cause of a fault or problem. To get to the root cause, you need information data. If you already have access to the information (data) then you don't need to collect it. If you don't have enough information (data) then you need to collect it first------What is the box office collection of Jagga Jasoos (2017 movie)?The movie Jagga Jasoos is performing well at box office with 48.75 crore approx. at box office. But Second weekend seems quite lower than as expected.Collection of movie Jagga Jasoos as follows :-Week One - 43,12,00,000Friday - 1,15,00,000 apprx.Saturday - 2,00,00,000 apprxSunday - 2,50,00,000 apprxSecond Weekend - 5,65,00,000 approxTOTAL - 48,77,00,000 (Figure in Crores)Source :- Box Office IndiaHope it helps.Thank You------What is the box office collection of Kaabil (2017 movie)?Domestic official box office collection of 1st extended week is (collection reported in crores)-Day 1 (Wed)- 10.43Day 2 (Thu)- 18.67 (republic day)Day 3 (Fri)- 9.77Day 4 (Sat)- 13.54Day 5 (Sun)- 15.05 (Sunday)Day 6 (Mon)- 6.04Day 7 (Tue)- 6.10Day 8 (Wed)- 5.70Day (Thu)- 5.25Total (9 days)- 90.55------Who can collect my passport from post office in my absence?No if you are not available in the house,you need to get it from the post office within 3 days.If you refused to get collected,then it will be delivered back to passport Seva Kendra of your region,where the respective person has applied------What ever happen to your pog collection?SOLD IT ALL IN MUNICH TO KEEP IN WHORES, WEED AND SCOTCH FOR A MONTH. WOUND UP GETTING A SEVERE CASE OF THE CLAP, BUGS, CREEPERS AND THE SHAKES BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. MY PICTURE STILL HANGS IN THAT WHOREHOUSE TODAY. - D.C.------What's the easiest way to collect payment on a landing page?Either add a payment form (make sure your web hosting has SSL for payment security) or a PayPal button to make a payment (sign up for a free PayPal account if you dont have one). You can do both very easily with UltimateWB and the built-in e-commerce app. Plus, UltimateWB web hosting comes with free SSL for payment security.------Is there a website with a collection of past Eagle projects that Scouts can use to generate ideas?I honestly dont know but its probably a quick Google search away.I recommend Life Scouts think less about what they want to do and more about who they want to help. Once you identify the beneficiary of your project, let them tell you what they need. A lot of questions can be answered this way.Good luck!------What is the best website for buying an Indian trendy collection?There many websites which are best for buying an indian trendy collection. But I will prefer you the Diya Online because this website specially deals in indian and asian clothing. They have every kind of indian outfit like lehenga, saree, kurta pyjama, kurta salwar and suits. I have purchased many times from this website. You must check this website------How can a smartwatch become a piece of a collection?Do you mean how can a smart watch ever become a collectors item?The answer is that collectors items are so because they have some kind of intangible value usually based on rarity and historical significance. Most collectors items don't work. It will be worth more if it does, but it's not necessarily. Collectors items are not meant to have utility.------Who has the largest collection of sports cars?Maybe Jay Leno? He was one ot the first to buy a car like I have - I think its the same color.And whats not to like about an Oldsmobile Tornado. Or a jet-engined car.I just love his pre-war monster with a Merlin (saw it at Pebble Beach).Ultimate gear-head, that Leno guy.------What is the worldwide box office collection of the movie Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan (2020) in all languages?Girish Johar pegged the first-day collection of Shubh Mangal Zyaada Saavdhan at Rs 8-9 crores. Apart from Ayushmann Khurrana and Jitendra Kumar, the film also stars Neena Gupta, Gajraj Rao and Maanvi Gagroo.What is the box office collection of the movie "Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan" (2020)?.------Why is the collection of elements in webdesign called kitchen sink?I think it stems from the he saying "everything but the kitchen sink" which means everything imaginable. In this case it means every imaginable element type, e.g. Buttons, carousels, input fields, in a website's interface placed in a single document.Hope this helps, cheers! :).------How big is your DVD collection and care to share a photo?My DVD collection is maybe 300 or 400 DVDs, I have almost stopped buying DVDs when streaming took of, but I bought a lot between 2000 and 2015 (or around that time). I currently do not have a photo, it is all in a large shelf in our stairwell------Who pays more taxes collectively, Democrats or Republicans?By state, Democrats, by a very large margin.Individually, even thinking about doing that math makes my head hurt, but it would stand to reason that it would follow the same general trend. Large cities tend to vote Democrat, and tend to have higher wages (and cost of living and local taxes).------What is traffic data collection?A Traffic data collection system basically caters to all aspects of data collection work for use in transport planning, economic assessment, traffic modelling and traffic engineering.The System should provide transportation professionals with accurate, timely and cost-effective traffic data collection services.What is traffic data collection System?------What needle gauge is used for the collection of donated blood?A large needle (16 to 17 gauge) is used to minimize shearing forces that may physically damage red blood cells as they flow through the needle. A tourniquet is sometimes wrapped around the upper arm to increase the pressure of the blood in the arm veins and speed up the process------Can we earn money in YouTube by song collections?If they are your original songs its a great way to start a following.You can not use anyone else songs if your videos are monetized. I even had a non monetized video which was banned in Germany. It was my Border Collie catching frisbees to Con Te Partire by Bocelli------How do I clean my coin collection to get the most value out of them?The very best suggestion is DO NOT clean your coins. Cleaning, in a general way, will remove 50% of any value. Shiny does NOT improve but in fact will remove value in every single case. Many coins will be virtually worthless if you do any cleaning what so ever------What are other hobbies similar to stamp collection and coin collection?Hi!Few other similar Hobbies include collection of Currency notes, Antiques, Medals, Pens, Books(historical importance or general ones for regular reads), Watches, Buttons, Coral shells, fossils, Vintage Cars/Motorcycles, Old swords, Autographs of famous personalities, Old Bus tickets, Match boxes, Palm leaves, Precious stones, Historical photographs, Collectibles used by famous personalities, Paintings.... And the list goes on!!!------Why was it that Canada and the 13 Colonies were not more connected while under British rule and remained distinct rather than being 1 collection of colonies?Land connectivity vs sea connectivity. Like other ports like New York and Charleston, Quebec and Montreal could have gone either way depending on military results. The Patriot campaign in Quebec was early and not very competent or well funded and was hit by disease, while Carleton acted efficiently and a fleet arrived------How many points does a credit score go up when a collection is removed?If you have paid the entire amount but didnt close the credit card.meaning 100110pts increase after a 30days / month cycle.However, If you CLOSE that credit card account then only 3040pts.Whenever you pay back the entire outstanding, keep that card for 90 days (3 months cycle) before closing it------What can you tell about someone with a large book collection?As a person with a large book collection, I can tell you that it reflects my wide-ranging interests, plus the fact that I'm too anal-retentive ever to get rid of a book I own, and it's also a tribute to the number of friends I can count on to help me move------Trump has said that there is no way he loses the election without fraud. Does he believe that?There is also no way he wins without even bigger voter fraud. Other answers have given examples of voter suppression in California Texas and Kentucky. Biden will win despite the openly partisan and at times illegal GOP actions. Hopefully those responsible will be either turfed from office or charged or both------Which is the best book which has huge collection of quotes?The best book of quotes is Famous Quotes for Life and Happiness by Harold G. Stratford. Because not only he makes a great selection of quotes, he also explains them and provides information about the famous authors who made them. I like this type of books and this is a really good one.------Do programmers actually look at internal implementation of Java Collections?I have gone through them. It is a great source of knowledge.If you want some knowledge boost on algorithms, go check them. They are full of algorithm implementations in various ways possible.I insist, try them if you have an experience of 4 years. Younger people are also encouraged to look into them------Can you list 12 songs for an album of KISS' darkest songs, and what would you name this collection?In 1995, KISS recorded a very dark album called Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions. The songs from this record, released in 1997 would be my list. All 12:HateRainMaster and SlaveChildhood's EndI Will Be ThereJungleIn My HeadIt Never Goes AwaySeduction of the InnocentI ConfessIn The MirrorI Walk Alone.------How far back does your blues music collection go?Not far, in the overall relative scheme of things - probably Anita Bakers album Rapture. I have listened to lots of other great stuff, like Ray Charles and Solomon Burkes albums but the earliest blues album I have owned would be that one by the great Anita Baker------How do churches get money in their collection plates when most people don't carry cash?Most churches accept checks and many are accepting most forms of electronic donations. The smaller churches usually only accept cash or checks because the ones who attend know what they accept and if they want to give they bring the form of contributions the church accepts------How do I collect movie tickets booked on Paytm?If you had booked your mticket or eticket then took your mobile along with you to show him those bill which was generated by the paytm itself. That bill contains the code which the ticket collector will see and will allow you to enter.Hope this helped you out.Enjoy your movie. Good Luck !! :)------What is the collective noun of animals?There are many collective nouns for animals -A could of insectA litter of puppiesA plagues of locustsA pride of loinsA herd of cattleA mob of emusA kindle of kittensA flock of sheepA string of horsesA train of camelsA team of oxenA shoal of fish etc------If people are inherently irrational, why does society work if it's a collection of irrational beings?Actually, humans are rationalizing animals. I dont know where you got your information.If you mean humans are irrational in the sense that they are imperfect, greedy, and disorganized, your answer is right there. Society works because it is imperfect greedy and disorganized just like us------What would you do if the government charged you $100 tax every time you had sex (at the end of every month a sex tax auditor visits your home and makes the collection)?Hmmm.If the sex tax auditor audited my love life, theyd realize if it all depended on me, the government would go broke.But if they audited my workplace, theyd be swimming in dough.because I get ed there every day------How much is Queen Elizabeth II's art collection worth?The Royal Art Collection is said to be worth around 10 billion, but that represents the estimated market value.If indeed ay item in the collection came to market, however, there would most certainly be an uplift on any estimated values simply because of its ownership------What will you name a collection of garments in white and pink colour?I'm sure that if it's a complete clothing collection, there would be cuts and weather based themes and everything.Even if color is the most influencing thing, you may want to keep a name in accordance with that. As it's only a collection, you may want to also reconsider something that may match your brand image.
My Makeup Collection to Big?
I have to agree with the others when they said you are bragging. there IS no need to ask a question like that. And I dont think you would buy makeup to use it on other people and I know I wouldnt want my makeup done from a 13 year old. And if it is"too big", what now? you just want us to say its big so you can post a makeup collection video. I think you shouldnt collect so much just because you saw a guru with so much makeup. and too answer your question, you DO have too much makeup for a 13 year old and thats not something to brag about1. Can a collection prevent a home refinance?Whats the collection amount and how old is it? You will not be able to refi until you pay off the collection. Also, your credit score will be lower due to the collection and you will get a hit on the rate.2. Collection of intervals covers $[0,1]$?Yes to both (1) and (2). Lemma (double $n$). Start with $K^n_m=[frac3m-n1n , frac3m-n2n] subset (-1,2)$, with $0le mle n-1$. Clearly this interval has length $frac1n$. Let $n'=n''=2n$, let $m'=2m$, let $m''=2m1$. Then the intervals $K^n'_m' = left[ frac3m'-n'1n' , frac3m'-n'2n' ight]$ and $K^n''_m'' = left[ frac3m''-n''1n'' , frac3m''-n''2n' ight]$ each has length $frac12n$, also $frac3m'-n'2n'=frac3m-n1n$ and $frac3m-n2n=frac3m''-n''1n''$. That is, the left endpoint of $K^n_m$ is the right endpoint of $K^n'_m'$, and the right endpoint of $K^n_m$ is the left endpoint of $K^n''_m''$. Also, $0le m'x$. Then $xin K^n_m$ where $n=3k2j$ and $m=2kj1$. (Note here we are free to start with larger and larger $k$, so $x$ is covered infinitely many times.) Proof. We need to show that $xgefrac3cdot(2kj1)-(3k2j)13k2j=frac3k22j3k2j$. Assume to the contrary that $xb>1$, we get $xb>1$.)3. My movie collection needs to lighten up!?The 2 movies that always make me laugh are Office Space and The Big Lebowski. And you should check out Love Actually, Death at a Funeral, and Bridget Jones Diary if you like British humor like Shaun & Hot Fuzz. Maybe throw in Lost in Translation, the Royal Tannenbaums, Rushmore, and Life Aquatic to get your Bill Murray fix.
My Name Spelled Wrong on Files That Will Be Sent to Collection Agency? Can I still Get Charged?
Yes, you still owe. Misspelling your name does not waive your liability. Even if you dropped out of the class, you still owe the fee. Pay the $170 before it goes on your credit file. This would take a huge bite out of your score. You will have to pay higher interest rates on credit cards or other loans, your car insurance will cost more, and you might not be considered for some jobs. Just make sure you get a written settlement agreement and do not give the collection agency direct access to your bank account. Ask for a delete for pay -- you pay and they do not put it on your credit.1. Is Tri-Financial & Assoc a legitimate collection agency?What type of debt is this? Unless it is something like parking or traffic tickets, the county clerk would not be involved in collection this debt. Sure, they could file a lawsuit and have you served, but for $300 that is highly unlikely. So they doubled your balance, effectively. Demand to see proof that they have legal standing to do that. Chances are, they do not and once you challenge them on that, they will "waive" that $300 as "a courtesy." $50 a month would have this debt paid off in 6 months, which is pretty reasonable. Keep documents showing your attempts to settle this debt, as that would work in your favor in the small chance this goes to court. Any other questions, feel free to email me.2. can a debt collection agency find him (anon) even though he's changed name, address and bank accounts?Safe? Tell the deadbeat to pay his bills3. Collection agency responded to pay-to-delete letter saying it is a "violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act?6 years old over $56? These are both strange, why would someone let their credit haunt them over $56 and why would you bother paying it when you've only got a year until it's gone. Do not pay it, you will just start the clock again. I am betting you are dealing with a collections agency. Only the original credit issuer can delete a negative mark as they are the ones that put it there.4. Can creditor erase bad credit if I settle with the collection agency?Nothing can fix your credit report, including paying it. The thing to check is if you are original credit card is being updated. If it's not, you could call the CRA and launch an investigation, then do the same for the collection agency. If it's only $274 and represents a fraction of the original then probably it's worth it to 'make it go away.' Then in 6 months to a year, call, request an investigation on your credit report, tell them you do not recognize the account and there's a good chance it will just be removed5. Can you sue a collection agency for Harrassment?If you can prove that you satisfied the debt, then you might have a case. I would talk to a lawyer and take them to district court, though. I would think that they would stop calling you at work upon request, but I dont think they have to6. What is the most inappropriate experience you had with a debt collection agency?I also work in poverty relief and had a lot of experiences with debt collector agencies... Some work legal like they should, some will use illegal methods to get money from an already broke clint...When that happens, I always file complaints and start procecuting them... Taste of their own medecine... They do not like it ( I often win) but I think it's one of the most rewarding aspects of my work; I hate misuse of power...7. Fair amount to offer collection agency as lump sum payment?Offer whatever you like. See what they say. Keep in mind though that anything less than 100% will have two impacts. First your credit rating will be screwed for years. Second, any forgiven debt will become income to you and you will pay federal and state taxes on it at your marginal rate. A debt that you will be less likely to wind your way out of. All in all, better to pay off that debt. Good luck
Is There a School of Philosophy That Is Dedicated to the Assessments and Suggestions for the Behavio
nThe Earth's civilized folk seem to be cruising down the highway with no steering wheel.nThe people are the engine. Morality serves as the oil. The economy is the gasoline. Various wars act as brakes. But each society is trying to direct the car parochially.nTo answer the first part of the question, yes there definitely is. This school of philosophy is called the Tea Party. There are undoubtedly many other schools of philosophy that want to tell other people how to live their lives. That's what people do. We're sort of genetically programmed for it. As children, we have to have adults teach us how to survive. As parents, we have to teach children how to survive. Some adults interpret this as: "We have to teach children our belief system." Being people, of course, some of them extend this to: "We have to force everyone to live under our belief system." You can find these particular organizations in any list of religions, or governments, or corporations in the world.I understand what you are looking for, but I think you are asking the wrong question. I think the question you wanted to ask was: "Is there a School of Engineering that is working on solutions that will allow humans to survive?"I haven't found the School of Engineering yet, but I do have a strategy. Ask people to think about one simple, non-violent, thing they could do to make the world a better place. And then ask them to do it at every opportunity.Enter doorway at your own risk.• Suggested ReadingWhat criteria do you apply in the selection of board games for your collection?When I am considering adding a board game to my collection the big criteria is, "is this game going to be fun?" If the people I game with won't be interested in it, it won't be fun. However, I buy role playing game books, just to read them. I do get fun from them. For board and card games, I do feel like they need to get played to be worth having. I read the box, I look for how to play videos online, sometimes I will read the rules on boardgamegeek dot com. I put a lot of importance on podcast reviews of games. That is usually where my initial interest in a game starts. The Secret Cabal boardgaming podcast, and The Dice Tower in particular. I know how my preferences compare to the preferences of the people who make those podcasts, and can make good decisions based on that. Prior to podcasts, and yotube videos, my game selection was much more hit or miss. These days I get a much better success rate in terms of enjoying the games I buy. I am slightly biased against games that are too expensive, say, over $80 or so. That usually indicates to me that a lot of the cost is in components, and plastic miniatures in particular, that are nice to have, but may not contribute to the overall play experience. My emphasis is on the game play. If a game is expensive, and has a heavy box, on the other hand, that suggests a lot of wooden bits, which means a very complex game. I like complex games, when they are done well. That has bitten me a few times in the past. Complex with lots of woody bits doesn't always mean there's a good game in there.------Where can I find the biggest collection of bible directives?If that is what you truly want, then I am sure you will find it, as there will be scholars galore encouraging the creation of fellow sycophants that will memorize pithy statements and interpretations of what is already questionable dogma. On the other hand, if you love what was taught by Jesus, a radical who opposed the written laws and especially their 525 poorly developed and often silly interpretations within the Torah, you would realize the negative consequences of applying ancient writings out of the context of their idioms and culture, especially if their culture was mentally and spiritually undeveloped, and the writers and interpreters had political reasons for inaccuracy or they sgared metaphysical paradigms which were highly questionable. I think the master teacher taught that everything must be put to the yardstick of the common sense of unconditional love.I encourage you instead to go within, (another suggestion of the master teacher from Nazareth, as well as several dozen Eastern philosophers before him), and get your wisdom from a higher source.As far as writings that have intensely profound meaning, ones that lead to truth and greater spiritual growth, you might want to broaden your selection to include those of the Bhagavad Gita or the Tao Te Ching or the poetry of the Sufi master, Rumi. Like all ancient texts, some of these earlier ones require some context, however, they are living languages and the meaning is not lost through interpretation or in some cases, were tweaked in their interpretation in order to preserve the original meaning and English translations are available. Then, of course, there are literally thousands of great sentences which are worthy of a 30 minute contemplative meditation written by hundreds of modern day philosophers. No one has the corner on truth------Should state government employees have collective bargaining rights?Absolutely, if you believe anyone at all should have collective bargaining rights. (If you oppose all unions on ideological grounds, I respect that point of view but this answer isn't directed at you.) I agree with Kathy E Gill on that point.Labor unions and collective bargaining exist for only one reason: To serve as a countervailing force against the natural tendencies of large, monopolist companies (or, more commonly, oligopolies) to maximize profits by squeezing workers as hard as possible. (This isn't because they're mean or bad people; they just respond to incentives like everyone else.) Of course the devil is in the details with collective bargaining, and there are all kinds of problems and inefficiencies in outcomes, corruption, arm-twisting, etc. Technically it's "monopsony" we're talking about here using market power in buying something (labor in this case) rather than selling something, but nobody except economists ever uses the word "monopsony."In any event, for a wide range of occupations (e.g., police officer, air traffic controller), the government is the only employer. Of course that's not true for every kind of job, but many positions involve skills that would be virtually worthless outside government. The government is one of the few true monopsonists in the labor market, and the most powerful, as the largest employer in the United States (and probably most countries). Theoretically, that gives it more bargaining leverage to crush labor than any corporation in existence. It logically follows that government employees should have the same right to bargain collectively.As Kathy stated, the tactics used may be quite different and more narrowly constrained for public safety and similar reasons, but that's a separate question------What is the weirdest, most unpleasant, or most disturbing thing in your comic collection?For me is a webcomic.I came accross this comic a long time ago, when it had one or two chapters only, than I pretend to forget, and obviously I could not.When growing up I read a lot of comics, my father and older brother are very fans of it, even my sister liked and my mom too.One of the first comic books that I read was The Dark Knight Returns, by Frank Miller. So gritty, so dark, so violent. Very disturbing indeed.Then I read a lot of 90 comics and boy, they were very dark too. I even read the clone saga, very unpleasent, and sandman and mad and stuff like that, very weird.But I was an adult when I found this comics, this webcomics I refer to, and although I think is one of the most important things there is to make a comic about, I still find it very unpleasent and disturbing, so much so I could never read more then one oor two at a time, although they are mostly comic strip.Think Calvin, with imaginative stuff animals, it got it, or Peanuts with the intricated look in human mind, it have it too.Nut the thing is: it goes deeper, and way more dark than those two cold ever go.The name of the comic is Clarissa, is the adventures of a little girl of the same name. Simple, huh? Nothing newsworthy about it.Until you read it and understand what it is really about: a young gilr molested by his father, her whole family knows and not only they blame her but they bully her and make her even worse anytime she does anything that shatters the ilusion of a perfect family.Go one, google it, I wont post any links, but hey, be warned, it is very, very displeasing to read.------With the resurgence in vinyl records, is it a good time to sell my large vinyl collection?It really depends on what you have. If you have a lot of punk, hard rock & metal, now is the time. People are scarfing it up like they're gold platters. Also, if you have MFSL discs or other audiophile vinyl, prices are pretty good.If it's mainstream 70s & 80s rock like Fleetwood Mac, Kansas, Journey, or things of that ilk, you might get a little something for them if they are stone mint, but you aren't going to get that yacht you are hoping for. You may be better off hanging on to them (because who knows what will become collectable in the future) or if you need them gone, donating them to a thrift store for a tax write off.Bands/artists that always sell: Kiss, Frank Zappa & the Mothers, Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, the Doors, Beatles, Dylan, Parliament/Funkadelic.Genres that do pretty good: 60s psychedelia, 60s-80s private press obscurities, 60s-70s underground progressive (i.e. not Yes, Genesis & ELP), 50s-60s jazz (if it's in great shape), obscure late 60s-mid 70s soul & funk, 60s surf/garage/frat rock, and the aforementioned metal & punk.Genres that do poorly: Most mainstream 70s & 80s rock, most late 70s early 80s new wave, disco (unless you can find those elusive Japanese collectors who seem to buy all they can find), and easy listening (unless it's that weird late 50s-early 60s space age bachelor pad exotica type stuff, and even then the market for that has dwindled considerably), country (except Cash & a few other late 50s-early 60s artists).------How big is your video game collection?Currently my collection in my Steam library is at 67 games.No, I have not yet played all of them and I also didn't really pay full price for all of them. Some were free, back when HumbleBundle would give away a free game, or package of games, for free at least once each month (apparently they've begun doing this again since the 14th of march of this year). Fanatical also offered some free game downloads that I've taken advantage of. Most of the games in my Steam library were purchased at a discount, if not all (I never buy a game at release to give time for the developers to fix bugs and to allow time for a price drop).My PS4 game collection is hovering at around 15 games (I've let friends borrow some so my count could be one or two off), including two digital purchases where the digital version of the game was cheaper than the physical copy (Final Fantasy XV and MGS V: The Phantom Pain).My PS3 game collection is around 7 or 8 titles now since I've tried to sell them off because my console was stolen during a break-in.My PS2 game collection is between 15 and 20 games; if I include PS1 titles that I own and play on the PS2 the number goes up to between 18 and 23 (Final Fantasy VII, The Legend of Dragoon & Metal Gear Solid: Tactical Espionage Action).So, considering everything I can currently account for, the total number of games that stretches over four, or five, generations of consoles and PC games, I'm counting at least 107 games.
How Has Technology Changed the Garbage Collection Industry?
In some areas semi automated garbage trucks have made it simpler for 1 person or a completely automated truck to do collection from an area. Recycling systems have complicated the process but make for much less environmental damage.Automated Garbage CollectionAutomated Garbage CollectorAutomated Garbage CollectorAutomated Garbage Program.• Other QuestionsWhat's the best Android Shayari app with the collection of Hindi Shayari's and WhatsApp status?Few days back I was searching to read some hindi shayri and i just googled hindi shayri app and got few apps . I installed one. that is hindi sayri app Hindi Sayri - Apps on Google Play. this app also allowed you to post your own shayri on it. its awesome for new writers. just go for it.------What is the box office collection of Fukrey Returns (2017 movie)?Made on a budget of 30 crores, Fukrey Returns has so far earned 76.33 crores at the domestic box office. With plenty of gas still left, the movie is expected to end its box office journey with the lifetime collection of 80 crores. It is a super hit at the box office. Check the detailed profit, box office collection and verdict report. in/fukrey-returns-lifetime-collection-box-office-verdict-hit-flop/------Does the shameful, shameful collection of mass shootings ever make you ashamed to be American?No, why should it? This is the greatest country on earth.When someone in your profession does something terrible and high profile, are you ashamed to be a member of your profession?I am not. I am ashamed of my actions. Criminals committing crimes doesnt bring shame on me, i didnt break the law or help them break the law. I dont strap on guilt for things i didnt do------How do I collect movie tickets booked on Paytm?If you had booked your mticket or eticket then took your mobile along with you to show him those bill which was generated by the paytm itself. That bill contains the code which the ticket collector will see and will allow you to enter.Hope this helped you out.Enjoy your movie. Good Luck !! :)------Why was it that Canada and the 13 Colonies were not more connected while under British rule and remained distinct rather than being 1 collection of colonies?Land connectivity vs sea connectivity. Like other ports like New York and Charleston, Quebec and Montreal could have gone either way depending on military results. The Patriot campaign in Quebec was early and not very competent or well funded and was hit by disease, while Carleton acted efficiently and a fleet arrived------If people are inherently irrational, why does society work if it's a collection of irrational beings?Actually, humans are rationalizing animals. I dont know where you got your information.If you mean humans are irrational in the sense that they are imperfect, greedy, and disorganized, your answer is right there. Society works because it is imperfect greedy and disorganized just like us------What are some good websites that have a good collection of electrical engineering interview questions that are purely conceptual, and from application point of view?Thanks for A2A but I am not from engineering background so I can't suggest any website other than Google. Apart from that If you are a fresher, they will probably ask question from what you have already learned in college. If experienced, it depends on your past role and the position for which you are applying.------Can we earn money in YouTube by song collections?If they are your original songs its a great way to start a following.You can not use anyone else songs if your videos are monetized. I even had a non monetized video which was banned in Germany. It was my Border Collie catching frisbees to Con Te Partire by Bocelli------Is there a point to paying off collection debts since my score is already impacted?If you owe the money you should pay the debt. If it is a credit score decision, I suggest that if the date of last activity is over two years old. It does not affect your score anymore. If it is within two years, it does affect your scores.------In C, you have to manually do your own garbage collection. Can this be a reason for games running more poorly than on other languages such as C#?I think you have that all backward. The reason why C is the go-to language for pro game developers is that it doesnt have automatic garbage collection. Automatic garbage collection is the bane of game developers because it causes intermittent unpredictable pauses which make smooth animation impossible.Dilbert Comic Strip on November 17, 1995------What are good applications to perform data analysis of a collection of XML files?You could do the first pass in XSL to summarise the results in numerical form and then feed the output to any graphing solution that you see fit: google graphs API, imagemagick or just Excel. It really depends what technology and products you and the other users of this are most comfortable with------How would I refer to a document in another collection in MongoDB?You are creating an anti-pattern for MongoDB.You arent supposed to do this.If you go down this road you can try their new aggregation stuff.Joins and Other Aggregation Enhancements Coming in MongoDB 3.2 (Part 1 of 3) IntroductionBut if you want joins, go get a relational db. You have to design against joins or you will end up ruining every benefit you can get from Mongo------Which has better prospects, collecting old coins or collecting stamps?Stamp collecting is dying; I would go with coins and banknotes, but only if youre interested. Collecting is supposed to be fun, and should not be forced.Here are some silver proof coins released by the Turkish Mint. Tiraj indicates the number of coins minted. The fewer that number, the more valuable a coin will be (generally speaking)------What are the effects of collective punishment?Collective punishment creates fear and helps authoritarian rule. It may reduce sense of remorse and fester imaginary grievances. Authority would appear to be arbitrary and less humane. It may create stronger bond in the group. That bond could lead to stronger resistance to authority.In collective punishment the authority is lazy or cruel, the perpetrator is remorse less and the innocent is timid.------Can I please have a look at the collection of books you own?Heres my book collection As Im gujju so I would like to mention my 3 favourite books in gujarati.From left to right,MARO TYA SUDHI JIVO ( LIVE UNTILL YOU DIE )AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF SWAMIVIVEKANANDAKRISHNA BY OSHOPing me anytime for book recommendation Have a good weekend.Books dont change people,Paragraphs do;Sometimes even sentences.-JOHN PIPERImage source :- My Phone GalleryCheers & Peace ||SD||------How far back does your blues music collection go?Not far, in the overall relative scheme of things - probably Anita Bakers album Rapture. I have listened to lots of other great stuff, like Ray Charles and Solomon Burkes albums but the earliest blues album I have owned would be that one by the great Anita Baker------How big is your collection of ketchup packets?If I don't count all the people in my house combined it probably is three or less which kinda seems weird but I don't usually ask for more than a few anywhere i go out for food and therefore they are used or disposed of. The little door panel of my fridge though has about 60 in a little container accumulated by other family members------When will an Indian movie cross the $100m worldwide box office collection?Well it happened. PK is at $121 million and still going strong. nPK did more business than 85% Hollywood movies that released last year.PK stands at 70th position on the list of Highest WorldWide Grossers of 2014.From Bollywood, Dhoom 3 is at 2nd place with $87 Million Worldwide.When will an Indian movie cross $100m worldwide box office collection?------Is it possible to reset Google Analytics data collected during app testing?No.Easiest solution: Create a new view (not property) in Analytics, set proper filter & goals (event tracking, conversion, etc.) and start tracking data. You will get clean data in your new view.If you don't need historical analytics data, you can just turn off (delete) the existing view (Not recommend though).------How can a smartwatch become a piece of a collection?Do you mean how can a smart watch ever become a collectors item?The answer is that collectors items are so because they have some kind of intangible value usually based on rarity and historical significance. Most collectors items don't work. It will be worth more if it does, but it's not necessarily. Collectors items are not meant to have utility.------Which is the best book which has huge collection of quotes?Bartlett's Familiar Quotations - John BartlettThe wit and wisdom of Oscar Wilde - Ralph KeyesThe quote verifier: who said what, where and when - Ralph KeyesAs a Man Thinketh: Classic Wisdom for Proper Thought, Strong Character, & Right Actions - James AllenForbes Book of Business Quotations - Ted GoodmanOxford Dictionary of Quotations - Elizabeth KnowlesSiddhartha - Hermann HesseThe Alchemist - Paulo CoelhoThe Prophet - Kahlil Gibran------Is there any deep learning model or any other methods that input is a collection of document and be able to predict the probability of new document?Waleed Kadous is spot on. What you need is a generative model. One easy way to start is using bag of words assumption and try Latent Dirichlet allocation. There are other variants augmented with information retrieval approaches like language models with data mining approaches. However LDA seems to be a fair place to start outside neural networks.------Are superhero collectibles worth the cost ?Yes. Trades - either hardbound or paperbacks are typically a better value than floppies.In the case of Bendis All-New X-Men, floppies were $3.50 each and trades are typically $13.00 made up of 5 issues in a single volume. Thats $17.50 plus tax for the collectables.Trades are a great value, especially if you get them lightly used in places like Amazon------What's the easiest way to collect payment on a landing page?Easy for who, the consumer of the page? A qrcode that pops the users cell phone to a venmo or paypal type money send page seems really easy. If you dont want to do that kind of integration, use a paypal link, its about as simple as it gets for payment integration------Why does the Dalai Lama, while supposed to be an enlightened being, own a collection of watches worth millions, including a few Rolex?Blind to enlightenment consider another blind to enlightenment as enlightened..Such is the culture of religionsEnlightenment has nothing to do with any religion or any person..However stupor of religions and enlightenment of its religious heads is profoundly propagated by hypocritesand followed by dumb sheep followers.------Would India be better off as a collection of princely states with independent administrations?Would you want to wait for 15 to 20 days to get a piece of paper called a visa to visit the beaches of Goa or visit the backwaters of Kerala or come into Mumbai or Bangalore for a job and renew it frequently and probably controlled social media space?If the answer to all the above is no, then its best we have this present structure and try to better it------What kind of watches do the officers of the Indian Armed Forces wear?There is no set pattern here because of varied environment people are working in, but we do have a winner(or I have seen most officers wearing)Its a G - ShockHaving taken it to a temperatures ranging from -35 to 40, I personally ( and many other) vouch for its toughness.Mental Note- Ask money from Casio. :)------How dangal has made such a massive collection in China? Does Bollywood have such huge fan following in China?The film deals with male patriarchy, skewed girl-boy ratio and parochial views of society at large. Dangal raises some fine questions on the way society functions and the same has reverberated with Chinese fans. Both India and China grapple with same issues and a film based on similar problems is sure to find its anchor in a Chinese market.googled it.------Does Quora also collect our personal data like Facebook?I will just go out on a limb here and assume that your location, typing habits, when you log in, which type of topic you follow, what type of questions you ask will be used to target specific ads to your profile and top stories feed------Can you show me your collection of something?I had interest in collection of postage stamps, the hobby is called philately. I have a large collection of stamps of India, Bangladesh and of birds of prey, especially owls published all over the world. It cannot be shown here, an irrelevant question entertained by Quora. They should screen the questions before publishing those------Is there a website with a collection of past Eagle projects that Scouts can use to generate ideas?I honestly dont know but its probably a quick Google search away.I recommend Life Scouts think less about what they want to do and more about who they want to help. Once you identify the beneficiary of your project, let them tell you what they need. A lot of questions can be answered this way.Good luck!------Why are most of the better movies of the last fifty years not included in the Criterion Collection?Criterion cant unilaterally decide which movies it wants to release.It has to negotiate the rights to them.Without any inside information, I surmise that in more than a few cases they just cant make the kind of deal they need to make to invest the resources to bring out Criterion editions of some films theyd very much like to include------Whose success is Happy New Year's box office collection of 348 crores worldwide - Farah Khan's or SRK's?Farah Khan is celebrating Happy New Year's box office success. But honestly speaking, the credit goes to Shah Rukh Khan's brand value, fan following & marketing strategies. Here is my open letter to Farah Khan - An Open Letter to Happy New Years director Farah Khan.
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