Is There Any Relationship Between Tractore Power and Tractor Size?

Assuming that the engines of the tractors to be compared use the same fuel then it would be safe to assume that the largest tractor will have the largest engine (measured by cubic capacity), and it will have the greater power and torque

1. Trying to convert the amount of usage hours on my tractor to miles travelled, there are currently 2064 hours?

easy enough, multiply by highway speed, thats the farmboy method. around 120,000. if its a quality machine and well maintained, you can almost bank on 15-20,000 hours. just dont get it hot, take good care of the fuel system and if the engine happens to overspeed, pull the oil pan and replace the rod bolts! 100 hrs for oil change and air cleaner cleaning and fuel filter if the engine is smoking heavy black(or air filter or bad turbo)or lacks power. hope it helps. if you can open the tranny enough, drop a cow magnet into the bottom of the case, that will keep metal filings out of the hyd. suction screen and filter

2. Turns in straight truck vs. tractor trailer?

confusing task. query onto a search engine. this may help!

3. Can u pass a tractor in a no passing zone?

I've seen it done, depends on the area I guess. Just use common sense. If you cant see around a curve or something, then I wouldnt. If its on a straight away, or somewhere with good visibility, why not. Its like passing a bike on the side of the road. Just give them plenty of room

4. Massey Ferguson Tractor Hydraulic Problems?

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5. Neighbor starts using tractor at 10am on Saturday morning?

So move to another place, she has every right to start her tractor at 10am which is a reasonable hour to garden. I am sure people use their mowers at that time of the morning too. People need to take care of chores and if she is a morning person she is not going to run it at night time when you might be more awake.

6. What is wrong with my horses pastern?

Whether it is a wound or scratches, if there is a wound in that spot, scratches is likely to follow. You can buy some 0,9% normal saline and put it into a squeeze bottle to flush the wound and soak it to soften the scab. Once the scab is soft, very gently remove it to get at the tissue beneath. If when you begin to remove the scab, it is vascular and bleeds, it is probably a wound and not just scratches. If that is the case, you can buy an ointment called EMT and apply it over the scab after flushing it well with the saline. EMT is a hydrolyzed collagen gel that is sticky and stays on well to protect the wound and promote healing. The saline kills bacteria but does not damage healthy tissue. If when the scab comes off, there is a layer of pink skin, try to get all of the scab off, flush it well with saline, and dry it well. Then you can leave it open to air if there is no bleeding. If there is any bleeding, apply the EMT to protect it. Scratches is caused by anaerobic bacteria that thrive beneath scabs, or in any dark, damp conditions. Leaving a scratches sore open to air kills the bacteria. But if the sore needs protection, EMT is great for protecting the sore and promoting rapid healing. You can buy sterile saline at any drugstore, and EMT is available online or at tractor and farm supply stores. As for the cause of the sore, you may need to do some investigating to find out if she's interfering or doing it when she lies down, and look for solutions.

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