Is This Gaming PC a Good Price Or a Rip Off?

it quite is a good purchase cost, i might purchase it if I have been interior the U.ok yet i am in yet another u . s . a . so might you contain postage and delivery to Australia? genuinely, i've got already have been given too many pc's yet i am particular that somebody will purchase it, you ought to evaluate ebay or another online itemizing. Tom's Hardware pc talk board, relies interior the united kingdom, you may get some stable searching for what you grant from there (refer hyperlink).

1. A good price for an older jet ski? (pwc)?

the fee is powerful for 2004-2006 fashions. And the hours make experience. that's 9 years previous. think of that the owner took the jet ski out 6 cases in line with year interior the summertime time. every time, he spent 2 hours jet ski-ing, which i might say is in regards to the standard human beings spend on the water because of the fact the gasoline tank gets empty after 2-3 hours. 2 hour x 6 cases/year = 12 hours in line with year. 12 hours/year x 9 years = 108 hours. He says he has one hundred ten hours on it. That makes comprehensive experience for a 2004 type jet ski. The Honda is a competent decision. they are powered in a various way and do not create virtually as lots pollution because of the fact the different jet ski's. Sea Doo's are the backside high quality and maximum inexpensive Jet Ski's, yet you get a great style of capability for the fee. Kawasaki and Yamaha are nicely-known because of the fact the sturdy severe high quality Jet Ski's. Honda is comparatively new interior the Jet Ski international. no longer many human beings have them yet. I even have only considered them on the rivers and lakes two times interior the final decade that I even have been jet snowboarding in my Kawasaki.

2. Is $7 a good price for 2GB hard drive?

Thats not a hard disk drive

3. Is $420 a good price for a used iPad 2?

Do not get an iPad at all, it's a big overpriced iTouch

4. Is this a good price for a Gemeinhardt 2sp flute?

This Gemmie is the bottom of their line. If it has been repaired and plays decently, then you are OK getting this. However, this is NOT a good brand anymore - there are still people who play these, because frankly, they do not know any better, and are loyal - dumb, but loyal. They will flame me here - I do not care. As soon as you figure out if you are Ok with *flute*, and you want to sound better, do better - sell this thing to some kid who needs to beat it up in marching band, and get something better - Pearl, Jupiter, Emerson, or Yamaha. I just bought 6 Emersons this week alone off eBay, whcih I will have rehabbed, then sell at just about cost to programs that service low-income kids. There are tons fo them around, they are study and decent, and better in overall construction than the Gemmie you are looking at. But - it';s there, it's fixed, the sotre must give some kind of warranty - so you are OK.

5. Is this a good price for this Loreal Makeup?

Yea it's good although it's not the best. Often makeup is a "you get what you pay for" type thing

6. Is $315 a good price for a 2009 iMac?

If you dont want 1000 replacements then do not get a Mac. Get Linux

7. Is this a good price for a flash hybrid website?

Only if your friend is a true professional, which if you are asking about it here, he is not . $500, payable upon satisfactory work.

8. Is 11,000 a good price for following Dodge Charger?

well seeing that the Kelly Blue Book value of a 2006 dodge charger is between 13-24 large, that is a good price. It's all Leather, has some aftermarket rims that probably cost a pretty penny in itself. 57 thousand miles is not bad for a year like that but its also been driven. SXT is the next model line down fron the R/T which is down from the top of the line SRT. GOOD PRICE. It's a good car, unless you live in the midwest where there is a lot of snow then you might opt for a Charger or another car that has AWD, and not so big of rims which need low profile tires which are pretty rough on roads as it is. But hey man sweet car, sweet bullet proof engine, decent miles. I would go for it man! Hope you like the car!

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