Jeep Wrangler Lift Kit, Mud Tire Removal for Free If Dealer / Mechanic Keeps Parts?

Swapping back to original is easy. It would be very hard to find a mechanic that would simply swap parts for you. I would think the way to go would to be to put your request on craigs list. Good luck

1. how much does it cost to install a truck lift kit?

Truck Lift Kit

2. Where can I get a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee lift kit of 6-8 inches?

Check or for used stuff if ur looking to go the cheap route-

3. how big of a lift kit can i get?

dont lift it at all. renders vehicles useless in doing anything else and they drive crappy. plus its the cheapest

4. are torsion keys better than a lift kit?

Go with the lift kit. that truck rides bad as it is with out the torsion lift

5. a 4 inch lift kit on my 2000 chevy silverado ext cab....would i need to change the size of the tires??? or?

The reason people usually put a lift kit under a truck is so that they can run bigger tires. Stock tires kinda defeats the purpose of lifting the truck

6. Lift kit cost? Jeep grand cherokee?

good luck the jeep is like a civic they make thousands of stuff for them more focusing on the suspension

7. 1979 4x4 3/4 ton K10 leaf spring size? LIFT KIT HELP?

3/4 ton? eight or six lug wheels? eight lug (trailer/camper specials), should not need to lift to get 33''s. prolly an issue with the width. on inner fenders. not depth of wheel wells. rent a fender rolling tool from any auto parts store. DIY's on youtube. 20 bucks a day to rent. need a blow dryer as well. you will see. six lug (base 3/4 ton weight class), you know you can not simply install lift leaves (for any *suspension* lifting. any weight class). need drop brackets for peripherals, leaves or blocks for the rear, and front drop supper structure. lest ye have all kinds of conflicts with pinion and drive shaft angles. let alone steering and brake lines. shock would also become an issue. travel will no longer be app. owner 76 3/4 ton chevy pu. and two lifted 4x4's.

8. 1996 ford ranger lift kit questions?

I say go with the 4. I do not think the 2 inch would be very noticeable

9. what size lift kit do i need to fit 26 in rims on 1994 grand marquis?

This Site Might Help You. RE: what size lift kit do i need to fit 26 in rims on 1994 grand marquis?

10. lift kit for my truck?

just how high do you want to go? 1" lift is not much. It would be better to research and find out what you need then save your money and buy a complete kit. Also where you going to install the kit yourself? If you went with the 1" and are not happy, you would have to buy another kit and pay again to have it installed. Check around you may fine someone trying to sale a kit they could not use

11. What would be a good lift kit for a truck?

rough country (clean look ) or pro comp (they look good on a fordand a tad busy look)

12. How much should I expect to pay for a lift kit?

Try Rough Country. My finance has a 2005 Jeep Wrangler Sport. He put a 4-inch suspension life (and believe me, that's enough), 1-inch body lift (which is cheaper than getting more suspension lift), and gained an extra 3 inches in bigger tires (5 Mickey Thompson MTZ's.) So needless to say, I bought him step bars for christmas, so that I could get in and out. And most places charge about a $100 per inch if you need someone to put it on for you. And you probably need to get your tires realigned. Even though my finance had a friend of the owner's son discount, he got it all for $1500 (including the installation).

13. Adding 2 more inches to a 3.5 inch lift kit?

have you considered a body lift? i installed one on my old f150 back in high school it added 2 inches. has a huge jeep selection, you should be able to find something there to suit your needs. good luck

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