Kate Winslet: 'Idris Elba Has a Thing for Feet'

Kate Winslet had to keep her socks on filming a sex scene for new movie The Mountain Between Us because co-star Idris Elba has "a thing" for feet.

The British stars play strangers who must help each other fight for survival when their plane crashes in the mountains, and during their tough journey across the wilderness, they develop a romance.

Kate and Idris had to completely strip off for the sex scene, but the Thor actor requested that she kept her socks on as he finds feet a turn-on.

"We got naked but Idris asked me to keep my socks on - I thought he didn't like feet but, it is the opposite, Idris loves feet!" she revealed on The Graham Norton Show, and Idris added, "I've just got a bit of a thing."

The Titanic star also admitted that she had to take charge of the intimate scene because she was much more experienced with them than Idris and the director Hany Abu-Assad.

"I had to get quite bossy. I've done quite a lot of these scenes before and poor Hany was really quite nervous and had an extensive shot list and I thought, 'We are never going to get this done,'" she explained. "Idris was a bit nervous too and everything was moving a bit slowly so I just said, 'Okay boys, this is what we are going to do...' and we just got on with it."

Idris, 45, was nervous because he hasn't much opportunity to play the romantic lead in movies so he "hasn't had the chance" to have many love scenes.

Before Kate filmed their survival thriller, she was working on Woody Allen's next drama Wonder Wheel alongside Justin Timberlake. They shared a small trailer which only had a thin partition separating them, something which provided her with fond memories.

"I tried to practice the art of not hearing but I could hear everything including him weeing in the morning so I would be like, 'Morning Justin Timberlake!' He would shout hello and then start singing and I thought, 'I really do quite like my life!'" she joked.

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Randy Klassen was watching TV in his Rothwell Street home when a dramatic scene rapidly unfolded outside of his house and grabbed his full attention.Shortly after 1 p.m., Klassen saw a plume of smoke outside."It was like a diesel truck starting up, but when I looked out I saw this trailer smoking," he said."I was watching it inside the house where I was nice and safe and it got more and more intense and there was all this popping noise. It was intense!"Within minutes, the east-end neighbourhood was filled with multiple popping sounds and small explosions. Flames shot out of the trailer and soon it was fully engulfed. Black smoke filled the air.Sheila Pelletier was one of the neighbourhood residents who dialed 9-1-1."I heard a big pop and then I looked out and there were flames coming out of all sides (of the trailer)," Pelletier said. "It popped so many times!"One firetruck responded to the scene and the burning trailer was quickly doused with foam. Waves and waves of thick smoke rolled across the street and within minutes only the trailer's charred skeleton and a sea of foam on the street remained."We've got a little of melting on our siding," Klassen said. "They were doing construction work across the street."Both the homeowner, who was having siding work done, and the owner of the construction company declined interviews. However, the construction company owner said there were only tools and an air compressor in the trailer. Brian Chobanik was on his way to McDonalds when he spotted the smoke."I saw the flames and parked and started watching everything - things were exploding - it was pretty dangerous," he said.
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Have you really regarded a motorbike tenting trailer if you love to drive your bike as well as camping? The assembly in this way could give an individual the best involving either worlds, as you can journey your current motorbike on the mountains or perhaps to the stream, and bring an individual's camper with you plus stay 2 or 3 days!Motorbike tenting trailers usually are seriously light-weight trailers that should be towed right behind your main motorcycle for summer time camping fun. Many are with the fold-out, or perhaps pop-up number, and can be fairly compact and effortlessly maneuverable any time folded away in the road.What's actually wonderful, is the fact that the majority of small trailers can include nearly all almost everything which 2 campers need for a week end involving enjoyment and also comfort out in a wilds. When unfolded, the sleep quarters tend to be over floor. So, as opposed to the natural tent, it's not necessary to sleep at night on a lawn. Additionally, you're covered by any roof structure having screens to hold the rain as well as bugs away for your suitable camping adventure. Keep in mind that previous time you had taken your camping tent (blank) while it is raining, and you got over-involved within the ruin and dirt?Surprisingly, some of the better cycle camp trailers have a cooler for your food, a convenient air conditioner and even a small television set! Which claims you have to rough it if you ride any motorcycle and want to go camping?A thing you need to carry out is usually to be sure you will find the right-sized bike in order to putt a good small trailer. Dragging a trailer is not a task which might be dealt with through any motorcycle. The fact is, you need a strong, stable as well as powerful cruiser, just like a large Gold Wing, Harley davidson or perhaps a large BMW to drag a camping trailer, correctly and peacefully.However, you will need a specialized motorcycle camping trailers hinderance and will probably have to hook up to your personal motorcycle's braking system and also switch signal lights. Remember to consider the whole body weight involving motorcycle , trailer, each riders as well as most the gear you plan to try! Loads of motorcycle riders enjoy the cycle outdoors trailers - maybe it's time you considered one by yourself.
Another Horrible Season in Store for Couple
Hey there, time traveller!This article was published 28/5/2016 (1100 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.Dear Miss Lonelyhearts:Here comes what I call horrible season, my boyfriend's favourite time of the year. He's a camper. I hate blown-up mattresses and biting my hands so the neighbours don't hear through the thin tent walls. I would like to get a small trailer, but he's a former boy scout who grew up in the country and that would be city boy stuff. I'm also deathly afraid of ticks and I attract lots of mosquitoes, the same ones that avoid him. I told him him yesterday that half the summer was for me and I'm only going camping with him every second week. He was crushed. "But I need you with me!" he whined, like a little kid.Then he tried every method of coercing me he could think of. I remained firm after last year's experiences. He said, "I wish you'd told me earlier so I could have made some other plans." I think he was hinting at finding another girlfriend. Maybe he should do that! What do you think? Can something as dumb and unimportant as camping break up a couple? Maybe we're not really in love if he wants to call in a replacement camper babe. Before I hit the roof and stay there, what do you think of this?- Hate Camping, Mad at Him, St. Vital Dear Hate Camping, Mad at Him:Let this simmer down for a week or two. At least go camping once this season. On a deeper note, you need to think hard if this is the man you want to marry, have babies with and make a whole life. Love isn't enough. You need to be compatible. If he is a dedicated camper and this is going to mean trouble every summer, maybe he does need to find an outdoorsy camping mate and you need to find a city boy who's more like you and says "Ewww" to camping. "Let's get a hotel." Please send your questions and comments to or Miss Lonelyhearts c/o the Winnipeg Free Press, 1355 Mountain Ave., Winnipeg, MB, R2X 3B6
Campers Unable to Help Quebec Man Killed by Fallen Tree
Hey there, time traveller!This article was published 26/6/2013 (2167 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.FALCON LAKE - Campers who were startled in the middle of the night by an unexplained "weather event" that took the life of a Quebec man shared one overwhelming emotion: Disbelief.The tragic incident occurred early Wednesday morning when a thick spruce tree - about 12 inches at the base - was uprooted by a strong gust of wind and crashed on a small tent containing a couple from Quebec, who had entered the Falcon Lake Provincial Park beach campground only hours before. A 45-year-old man was killed and a 44-year-old woman was transported to Pinawa hospital and treated for minor injuries."It could have been any of us, really," said Irma Peters, who along with husband Sieg had their RV parked about 30 metres from the scene of the accident. "It's unbelievable. We were so close. We've been considering how lucky we are." Geoff Smith, regional field supervisor for Manitoba Conservation, called the incident a "one-in-a-million event." "In my 25 years I've never heard of this happening before," Smith said. "It's the only death I'm aware of." Witnesses said that all was calm in the park until sometime after 1 a.m. on Wednesday morning. Then Curt and Elsie Loewen, parked about 20 metres away, heard a violent crash."It sounded like a big truck coming at you, like being close to a train track," said Curt, a Steinbach-area farmer.The couple shot out of their RV into the pitch darkness - the storm had cut power in the area - after a neighbour came over frantically urging Elsie, a retired nurse, to call 911.By the time the Loewens arrived at the scene, other campers had gathered around the commotion, some carrying flashlights."The tree was right across the tent," Elsie said. "All I could see was an arm. There was absolutely nothing you could do. That tree was so big. Totally helpless. You couldn't do CPR or anything." Campers tried in vain to lift the tree. Elsie, meanwhile, attempted to console the distraught woman who had been with the man in the tent, but had trouble because she spoke only a few words in English.Local EMS and volunteer firefighters arrived within minutes, witnesses said. Once the tree was sawed into pieces, the man was transported by ambulance to hospital."The lady was glued to that tent, walking back and forth," Elsie said. "I just tried to comfort her because we couldn't communicate.One other tree, a few metres away, was sheared off by wind about 20 feet from the top, landing at the steps of a nearby camper.Gerry Klassen was also awoken by the gust of wind."We looked outside and all we could see were flashlights," Klassen said. "We thought, 'Oh, my word'. We thought it was a bear. All of a sudden more lights and chain saws came." Klassen remembered the Quebecers pulling into the campground on a three-wheeled motorcycle, with their gear in a small trailer."We had seen them (the campers) in the afternoon and gave them a thumbs up," he said. "It's bizarre. It's a real eerie feeling in the morning. How can this all happen 100 feet from you?"
Cruz Sparkles for Premiere
Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz has dazzled the crowds at the UK premiere of the controversial Italian film Non Ti Mouvere.The 30-year-old actress arrived at the UGC in London's Haymarket last night, wearing a plunging John Galliano dress covered in sequins.The Madrid-born actress plays a destitute and impoverished woman called Italia in the film whose title translates as Don't Move.The unattractive Italia becomes involved with an upper crust physician called Timoteo, played by Sergio Castellito.Cruz said she had to spend half an hour each day on set to transform herself into the ugly character.She said she did not shave her legs or armpits for months, but had welcomed the chance to play the character in a small budget movie.Penelope said: "I didn't want to bring my ego to the film. When I am on set it doesn't matter if I have a large or small trailer. I like something different, the more difficult the character the more chance I have to do something interesting."It's a love story for people who are very, very damaged for different reasons and are trying to find answers in their own way." In the film Italia, who was raped by her father as a child, is also repeatedly sexually assaulted by her lover.The actress, who is dating actor Matthew McConaughey, also spent five hours each day for three months learning Italian to play the role.She refused to answer questions about whether she may marry Matthew later this year.The film, shot in Rome, has already earned a best actress award for Cruz at Rome's David di Donatello awards, the Mediterranean equivalent of the Oscars.The film is based on a book written by Margaret Mazzantini.
first of all,all puppys bite and growl.second, why did u broth such a young puppy to ur home.dont u know that in some states thats illegal.8 to 12 weeks'PPSSCS _:no, 7 weeks are not fine• Other QuestionsWhy does my dog continue to jump on my dog even though she yells and screams at him?The dog isn't focused on the yelling, but the energy behind the yelling. If she's angry, she is basically telling the dog to take over or keep doing what he's doing. She does need to assert herself. Try getting through to her or proving to her that what you're saying makes sense.------Does my dog have anxiety issues?crate training her will help and save your house. But mostly you need to get a trainer/behaviorist in to evaluate the situation and show you how to best deal with your dog's and your issues. Most likely you are creating the anxiety in her without knowing it by not showing her the right kind of leadership. Leaving the TV on while you are out will likely only do one thing, teach her that TV you gone. Consult a trainer------Why is my puppy humping other dogs?Male dogs do this to show dominance. He's trying to humiliate the other dog. You need to start teaching him that this behaviour is not okay. It'll progress to humping people.Getting him neutered might not solve the problem and for such a young dog, I wouldn't recommend it. When he starts to go into the position, correct him right away. Push him away from the dog or toy and firmly tell him "No." He'll try over and over to do it again, but you must correct him each and every time he tries. Do not get mad at him or frustrated because it'll prolong the process. You must be very patient.EDIT: Females hump things because they saw another dog hump something. They learned it through observing. No dog should just be ignored when they do this, otherwise they will always do it.------How can I get my dog to stop being so aggressive and biting?Unfortunately you did teach him this behavior was okay by not taking the bone when he would growl. He has learned that he can do this with anything and you will back off. Very dangerous behavior for any dog. I would take all of his toys away for now. Work with food. Practice telling him to leave it. If he doesn't he does not get the reward to eat it. It will only take a few times for him to get it. Move on with one toy at a time using the same technique. If it does not work you are doing something wrong and at that point hire a trainer for both of you------What should i do with my dog ??You need to put all your money towards dog classes instead of all the expensive items you have been buying. In the end it will be worth it and you won't be tired anymore. Some dogs and in his breed inparticularly have biting issues that can be relieved by training classes. Hope that helps.------My dog is out of control!?Of course he's out of control! He's a very, very, very, active breed and apparently isn't getting the training and exercise he needs. The dog needs obedience training and a TON of exercise and would probably do better in a home where he was going to agility or flyball or competitive frisbee than in a home that just wants a cute fuzzy to snuggle.This is exactly what they mean when they say certain breeds need a "job." Cattle dogs are one of those breeds. Without a proper training and a 'job' they are out of control and destructive dogs. With training and a job, they're awesome!So either, get started with some obedience training or turn the dog over to a rescue, preferably a cattle dog rescue, so they can find him an appropriate home.------Why is my dog so destructive?Number one the dog or any dog does not know right from wrong. Number 2 he is not getting enough exercise because when dogs are bored they chew and dig and make a mess of everything. I know, if I don't get my 2 beagles out and walk and play and train, they let me know. He needs more exercise and training.------Bringing home a shelter dog?I think you should take her for a little walk outside instead of going straight into the apartment. Give her a chance to do her business and smell some new smells, burn off a little energy and relax. Other than that, just give her plain dry food and water the first day, nothing rich to get her system upset. I'm sure everything will be fine... she just wants to feel secure and be loved and should be fine after a few days, once you get into a routine------I am having to move in with a good friend and she has 2 dogs and a few cats, I have 3 dogs and a cat, one of?Number one: Get them all fixed. It really works wonders on behavior.Number two: Get them acquainted before you move in. Give them all equal attention and introduce each of them slowly maybe in a room.Hope this helps!------Are ALL large dogs other than pitbulls capable of being aggressive with other dogs?I have two dogs one is a japanese chin mix and the other is a shephard mix. They will fight over a bone and most of the time it is my little 12lb. japanese chin that starts it. It can happen with any kind of dog. I wouldn't be worried, you just have to find out what will work for your dogs.------what would be a good dog?I wouldn't bring a dog into a home where your dad hits you. you need to go to the cops or something about that dont think that a dog will protect you from your dad he might but your dad would probably kill the dog if he bit him------How can I fix the relationship between me and my dog?I have a yorkie as well and he has always been kind of possessive with his toys, he likes to play but when he sees you reach for a toy he tries to run and grab it, I think that part is natural even if it did just start recently. With getting her to be her normal self around you what I would do is each day hand feed her a piece of lunch meat like turkey or ham, even cheese when she sees you have something good and your handing it to her like you did with the medicine she will forget all about that and be all over you again! Also if you still need to give her medicine I would put in in a hot dog or something and put it on the plate and feed it to her that way this way its not comming directly from your hand.Good luck!------Help with Sudden Dog Aggression?Are they all spayed and neutered? If not, that's the problem. A new dog coming into their house. Territorial problems. As for you being the pack leader, very good, but the dogs below you have to sort out who is next in line. You cannot sort it out for them. If the aggression is not that bad, let it happened. Eventually they will establish who is boss amount them. If you feel something bad might happen, I would highly suggest going to training classes with them to make them ALL "ask" you to perform their next action instead of take it upon themselves to act------How do your dogs get along?I had multiple dogs for the longest time before i moved. I had one who was very old, but still playful and we got a puppy that was very playful and energetic. The dogs got along fine, once the older one told her who was boss. The old one was a mixed breed that was born on my parents property and they couldnt sell him. We thought he was chocolate lab mix. The other one, the baby, was 1/2 yellow lab 1/2 unknown------Help with really jealous dog?First of all, dogs don't have the capacity to be jealous. This is a human emotion. What's going on with your dog is she's resource guarding, including you! Dogs are up for whatever is going so if you give your other dogs attention, she wants some too and as she considers she's the dominant one, over your other dogs, muscles in. With respect, right now I think the very last thing you need is to try to introduce yet another dog into your family unless yu get this one sorted out. This one needs to learn there are consequences for actions, especially unwanted actions/behaviour. Note the triggers for her bad behaviour, and avoid. If she growls when she's sitting with you, I suggest you remove that privilege. Time for her to learn who is the boss around your place, and that's not her.No to another dog at this moment. My opinion.------Dog vomiting for 2 weeks now...?I have some experience with intestinal obstructions, unfortunately. I can tell you it's unlikely plastic and rope toys are causing this, because the stool would most likely not be normal. In most cases of obstruction there is no regular bowel movement, but may be profuse and even bloody diarrhea, no food is kept down and a dog becomes very ill very quickly, refusing food or throwing it all up. If the xrays are clear, it's time to investigate further.If this started after his shot, that's where you start. It's advisable to go to a vet for a second opinion, and in this case finding a holistic vet who is more open to the idea of vaccine-related illnesses is probably your best option.If you haven't had any bloodwork done yet, now's the time. Hopefully this is a short term illness and not something more serious like EPI or congenital problems.Good luck!------Is it ok to feed your dog raw minced beef or should you cook it first?It is actually quite safe to feed a dog raw hamburger meat. It's good for their diet to incorporate some raw meat into their diet. In fact, many dog owners have implemented an all raw diet for their dogs. Even many people that own show dogs feed their dog's a raw meat recipe called "satin balls" days before a competition to help with weight gain. They can be fed as a supplement or as a staple diet. Raw meat aids in healthy coat, eyes, and increased energy output.------Fun activities to do with my dog?If your dog knows fetch, it's perfect- she'll do all the running!When I'm not feeling well enough for active playtime, I take my dog to a small dog run to play with other dogs. They wear her out and I all I have to do is observe to make sure the dogs are all playing nice. My dog still runs up to me while she's playing, to get a head pat or a tummy rub.They also make plastic balls that you can put her dry dog food (or very small treats in). She can bat it all over the house, and treats will drop out. It's a nice way to get energy out at meal time and to mentally stimulate her.------What do i need to bring my dog to Canada?You will need a valid rabies certificate in order for your dog to cross the border. It needs to state the type of dog, weight, date of vaccine, vet, etc, as well as how long it is valid for.As far as what to bring, water of course! Be careful with dog food. I had this taken away crossing into the U.S. from Canada as it contained meat product. You may want to check with cbsa prior to travelling to double check.
What Could Be Causing My Gas Fireplace to Shut Off?
It sounds like a draft issue that disturbs the pilot flame when the doors are closed. Or it could be that the flu/chimney is closed and chokes out the flame when the door is closed. First check that the chimney is open and clear. If it is, then light the pilot only and observe the pilot flame as you close the doors. If you can see the pilot with the doors closed, then observe if the pilot flame starts "dancing" around like it is getting blown on. If so, you could try adjusting the ignition sensor closer to the flame or at least in the direction that the flame tends to go when the doors are closed. Check if there is a fresh air intake adjustment on the unit and try different settings. Also, there have been times when I had to actually put a ceramic or steel cover over the pilot flame/sensor to keep drafts from blowing it out when it was running1. Trouble in sensor data reading sequenceBoth printing codes are inside of different if statements, which involve testing mpuIntStatus1 and mpuIntStatus2. This works good, as long as in one void loop() iteration both of these if statements are executed. But that's a timing issue and you cannot assume, that these things happen regularly and always this way. Without completely analyzing your code, the variables mpuIntStatus1/2 seem to indicate, that new data arrived. There is no reason, why this should be synchronized with the void loop() iterations.To solve this you should rewrite your code to include all these print statements into one single if statement at the end of void loop(). In the if statements from above you can set a flag to indicate, that data arrived. This flag will be tested by the if statement at the end of loop. It is up to you to decide, how this should behave, when only data from 1 sensor arrived. You can only print the values from this sensor, or you can print both and using dummy values, that can be distinguished by humans (for example all values zero). Or you can choose to only print out values, if both sensors have given you results2. How do you change an oil pressure sensor?Screw off, screw on, HAND TIGHT will do, (8-12 ft/lbs)3. can a oxygen sensor improve my fuel economy?It is possible. If the sensor is running to rich or not rich enough. depending on the type of vehicle, most dealerships can hook a scan tool and monitor the 02 sensor. There more then likely will be a labor charge involved. If you have not had a tune up in quite some time you may want to consider that. Air and fuel filters spark plugs.4. Is service engine light a scam?2 possibility can happen, 1 is you got a faulty sensor or sensor acting up. When your trusted mechanic fixed it trouble return. Then dealership mechanic need to reprogram to correct problem, so is the sensor only. They charge you $120 for this job, and told you should be happy, this is the reason why. Your warranty is over, if not the $120 will be waived anyway, a transmission job will cost few thousands without warranty cover5. where is the crank sensor in a 98 voyager 3.0?The cam sensor is in the distributor. The crank sensor is on the bell housung6. Creating a Basic Light Sensor Circuit?this could be trivial with a microcontroller such using fact the percentor the relatively uncomplicated to apply Arduino. purely couple the 4 sensors to the inputs and connect the lighting fixtures to the outputs with the suited driving force circuitry, some traces of code and there ya circulate7. Engine coolant sensor (ECT) how does it work?You are correct in how it works. Most systems work with a 5 volt reference voltage sent to the sensor. as it heats up the resistance increases and the return voltage drops. at 195 deg. most cars are at about 1.5 volts returned. Some a little more or less. The engine cooling fan sensor is normally open then closes at 210 deg. to ground a cooling fan relay and turn on the fan. do not confuse the two circuits. Often times they are close to each other on the car.
Harmonium Players Please! Which Position the Stops.. (main & Drone) Must Be in, to Get a Decent Soun
Ha Ha ! My aunt Nelly had one of those. She was an independent methodist minister and used to play it for hymns at churches on her circuit, that did not have an organ. No idea about your question though. lol.1. Is it possible to make Guitar tone sound like Harmonium?There is a special pedalboard made by Boss, that will help make any sound you like using a guitar. Unfortunately, it needs an electric guitar, and a special pickup, usually fixed properly into the guitar. All at a fair cost!You are not going to get what you want cheaply or effectively without that sort of thing - or getting a guitar to produce a MIDI signal, and then you will need a sound processor to plug into - and an amp to be able to hear it.2. Why shouldn't you use your thumb on black notes (Harmonium / Keyboard)There's no hard rule to say that you should not use your thumb on black notes - some pieces would be near-impossible to play without doing so!However, there are some reasons why you might be better off by not doing so.One is that the thumb is shorter than the rest of your digits, so it makes sense to reserve it for the easy-to-reach white keys. You specifically mention scales - so here, it does indeed make sense to reserve your thumb for the white notes, as you require fluid, step-by-step movement. Try crossing your thumb under a finger from a white to black key and see the awkward movement you make! The exception here is of course pieces in keys which make heavy use of the black keys, in which case you will find using your thumb to be more convenient than not doing so. Another situation is playing chords - you will notice that using your thumb on a black key in many chords will cause you to twist your wrist slightly. Again, there are exceptions where using the thumb is more comfortable than not. Another reason is historical - Prior to Bach and his contemporaries, conventional fingering avoided using thumbs altogether - black keys or otherwise! Again, there would be exceptions; e.g. for playing octaves or large intervals. If you wanted to be 'historically accurate' you might want to avoid your thumbs being used, but 'historically accurate' does not equal 'better'!3. Is a piano played in the same way as a harmonium?Both are KEYBOARD instruments. I play a tracker organ, acoustic piano, electronic organ and electric piano every week for various jobs and I play them exactly the same, from the weight of my arm. Arm weight equalizes everything. On the organ I leave just enough weight to "rest up" yet sustain the tone but really, it is not much different than playing legato without using the sustain pedal. Using in/out, up/down, the pronator/supinator muscles and gravity, those movements takes the burden off the long flexors and playing is effortless. Well, unless you abduct or have a wrist deviation. When people complain that the action may be stiff or shallow on any particular instrument it is because they are trying to play from the fingers (which do not have any muscles) and not the arm. It could also be that they have some improper movements such as abduction, ulnar or radial deviation which is getting in the way of the arm's alignment. Piano playing is as much an athletic sport as any other. There are laws of physics and bodily ergonomics that must be adhered to. Break those laws and there will be an orthopedic surgeon in your future. If you are lucky, only mediocrity. If you have ever taken golf lessons, you know about hand and finger placement, balancing on the balls of your feet, alignment, equal and opposite motions, rotation of the shoulders and hips. It is not the hand that strikes the ball with the club, it is the whole body and the hands are the conduit. Playing any keyboard instrument is much the same. People who do not know this will disagree but that is okay. There are many roads to the same destination but often it is what we do not know about anatomy that holds us back. Playing should be effortless and if it is not, there is a movement or alignment problem somewhere.
I Bought a Motorbike (TVS) Recently and Observed That the Engine Heats Up a Lot. Is It Because the B
The engine gets hot when you ride more in low gears. Once u start riding good in top gears you wo not heat your engine that much as before.And also check wheather the engine oil level is at maximum. Low level of engine oil also heatsup more. As its new bike everything will be right but then too just check oil level.And if the cooling systerm of bike is water cooled or oil cooled just check the water and oil level too.1. What type of engine oil is used in a Suzuki Swift /Geo?Suzuki Swift 20002. TVS Apache Engine Oil Leakage ?I have purchased apache bike RTR 160 just before four month and i am facing a extreme problem of its gearbox i also given for service once. but the problem is again created after just a few kilometer drive so please provide me solution for that or any instruction i will very thankful to you3. What kind of engine oil should one use in a diesel?call your local toyota dealership and ask them. Over the years, they may have changed their recommended fluid types4. If i flood my engine with oil will that will help free up the pistons?No. Instead, remove the spark plugs and put a glug (like an ounce or so) of oil in each cylinder and let it sit at least 15 minutes. Put oil in the crankcase - three quarts is about right for this. Try cranking the engine. If it does not crank you will have to use a socket on the crank bolt to break the rings loose. Continue cranking for 30 seconds to get the oil flowing. Put the plugs back in and start the engine, then let it idle for a minute or so. Drain the oil (it will be really nasty) and replace the filter. Refill the oil and see how it goes. Hopefully the engine will have survived okay because it was not running when it seized. If you hear a tap that becomes a louder banging in a week or so you will have to get the rod bearings replaced before the crankshaft is ruined.5. Can I use 2-stroke engine oil for a 4-stroke engine?That is not really a good idea. First off, two stroke oil is a bit different than ordinary four stroke oil, as it is designed to mix with gasoline and lubricate all the moving parts that a four stroke engine does with splash or pressurized oiling. Quite often the two stroke oil is designed to mix one part of oil with up to fifty parts of gasoline, so it is going to be rather thick to splash around, or to pump easily to all the bearing surfaces and such6. Will SAE 10w-40 Engine Oil work in a John Deere LX172 Mower?Here is the rule of thumb for JD mower engines. On non-pressurized systems use a straight 30 weight in the summer. On motors that have full pressure systems you can run 10/30 or 10/40 in the summer. Any engine with an oil filter is a full pressure system by the way. Some of the early Kawasaki JD engines did not have filters but were full pressure systems anyhow. They just skimped on the parts!7. are engine oil and motor oil the same thing?Yessir, they are the same thing. Make sure though that you are using the correct wieght of motor oil. 10W-30 is usually a good bet8. What kind of engine oil?no just a good brand name9. Help!! Water poured in Engine Oil?blown head gasget...get compression test and leak down test...its gona cost u....800 plus10. Engine Oil for my Honda Accord 87?use Valvoline 30 Waite oil and if it smokes use Valvoline20-50 racing oil. my brother has a 95 Acura legion that has over 200,000 miles on it and he used 30 waite untill it started to smoke then he used the 20-50 and now it does not smoke11. What color is engine oil leak?1. Trannie Fluid is Transmision Oil - RED 2. Engine Oil if new - LIGHT IN COLOUR ALMOST CLEAR YELLOWISH depending on brand 3. Old Engine oil is Black 4. If the engine oil become tooo old it goes black like your is now & when its syrup like its very ancient *As for the leak, have them check your "Sump Drain plug washer", it might be worn & would needs a new copper washer. That might resolve your oil leak problem YOU'VE BEEN RIPPED OFF - BESIDES YOUR ENGINE OIL IS OLD NEEDS TO BE REPLACE
Battery Saver Light Indicator Is On?
If the battery is original to the vehicle (6 years old) I would replace it. Original equipment GM batteries are only 3 year batteries. But if the battery is newer and you were listening to the stereo for a while, say a couple of hours, I would not worry about it. Hope that helps! Jim1. battery vs hydrogen cars?batteries are less confusing. people like what they can understand2. Dead car battery...?Unless your name is Homer, I would say idle for fifteen minutes. Then by the time you drive somewhere, it should be good to go3. Samsung Note 2 battery went totaly drain even after changing to new battery?2 days isnt bad for a note 2? Make sure you are using the original 2A charger and wire and that the replacement battery is an ORIGINAL one.4. Is my Droid X battery faulty?Smart phones last about 8 hours on a charge, depending on what you run on them. Download "Advanced Task Killer" to shut off the apps that run in the background which you do not need5. Charge condition of lead acid batteryFor lead acid batteries, voltage is good enough for reporting state of charge. Especially if you do not need detailed time information and just want to report "low battery".It's not exactly linear, but it's close enough: Battery discharge curves.6. Mustang Battery Draining?You have something messed up7. Nikon coolpix camera battery?Most (but not all) take standard AA batteries - just buy a new set. Lithium last longest, but they are expensive, Ni-Mh rechargeables (with charger) are expensive to start but pay for themselves, and Alkalines just can not cut it. If your camera comes with a rechargeable battery, you should have a charger with it. Very few cameras can be charged through USB - this is only to add pictures to your computer. Your best bet is to consult your manual.8. battery will hold a charge and sometimes not?Sounds like you need a new battery to me9. how do you increse battery life on a laptop battery?a million. rechargeable batteries degrade with the aid of the years 2. making use of the battery additionally reasons the battery to degrade 3. deeper pulls on the battery theoretically harm it extra suitable than many partial drains to maximise battery existence a million. whilst battery no longer in use save at 40-60% fee in a refrigerator, this minimizes the degradation of the battery 2. while you are actually not making use of battery take it out of your computing device, it is probable the reason that maximum batteries in laptops degrade so quickly, they are continually receiving fee on an identical time as plugged in, and it merely damages battery. 3. in basic terms drain batteries partly, continually fee thoroughly, yet as quickly as a month or so thoroughly dissipate BATTERY (except you have in chilly storage, yet then you definately ought to nevertheless do each and every 3 months or so.10. 96 hyundai accent battery does not charge.?If the alternator is still functioning properly, I would say check the battery cables, and the starter cables to make sure they are not the problem. (Frayed, corroded, arcing) as they can be sources of power loss as well. If the battery is not charging well either, then replace it as well. Personally, I would just replace the battery, terminals, cables and see how it goes from there. Remember, a good alternator can carry a bad battery, but a bad battery will destroy a good alternator in time11. battery booster charger?battery booster will work get battery and alternator checked and anti theft device disabled or repaired you will eventualy burn out starter moter12. Where Is the Battery in a Dodge Stratus?The Dodge Stratus battery compartment is located beneath the engine compartment in the left front fender next to the wheel well. The remote terminals for the battery are accessible through the engine compartment for jump starting. If a Dodge Stratus battery needs to be replaced, the only way to access the compartment is by putting the vehicle up on a jack and removing the left front tire and the wheel well splash guard. The battery is secured within the compartment by a retaining bracket that can be removed by loosening the bracket bolts. When changing the car's battery, wear protective eye wear and gloves to prevent injury from leaking battery acid.
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