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Family of military uniform

James Pattison was born in 1723, the second of three sons of James Pattison, a merchant, and Mary Maxey. His two siblings, Nathaniel (c.17141784) and Samuel (17261756), went on to play important roles in the silk industry in Cheshire, especially in Congleton.

James married Mary, daughter of Albert Borgard, the man of Danish origin who was instrumental in the establishment of the Royal Regiment of Artillery. Mary was baptised in 1724 and was buried at St. Nicholas, Plumstead, Kent on 1 July 1792, aged 72. They had a son Nathaniel, born on 8 February 1754 in Perth, Scotland. He died the following year and was also buried at St. Nicholas on 9 December 1755. General Pattison died on 1 March 1805, at his house in Hill Street, Berkeley Square. He was buried on the 9th with his family in Plumstead.


Trucial Oman Scouts of military uniform

The current United Arab Emirates military was formed from the historical Trucial Oman Levies which was established on 11 May 1951. The Trucial Oman Levies, which were renamed the Trucial Oman Scouts in 1956, were considered a long symbol of public order in Eastern Arabia and were commanded by British officers from the British Empire. The Trucial Oman Scouts were turned over to the United Arab Emirates as the nucleus of its defense forces in 1971 with the formation of the UAE and were absorbed into the newly formed united military called the Union Defence Force (UDF). The Union Defence Force was established officially as the military of the United Arab Emirates on 27 December 1971 from a directive issued by the UAE's founding father and first president, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.


Signing of military uniform

At the signing ceremony, the President was joined on stage by men and women who had lost family members in two-victim crimes, including Laci Peterson's mother, Sharon Rocha. During his remarks at the ceremony, Bush said, "Any time an expectant mother is a victim of violence, two lives are in the balance, each deserving protection, and each deserving justice. If the crime is murder and the unborn child's life ends, justice demands a full accounting under the law.

" Senator John Kerry, his main opponent in the 2004 Presidential election, voted against the bill, saying, "I have serious concerns about this legislation because the law cannot simultaneously provide that a fetus is a human being and protect the right of the mother to choose to terminate her pregnancy."


Aduaneros of military uniform

The aduaneros (lit. "customs officers") were a special military force created by Toms de Zumalacrregui during the First Carlist War. They were entrusted with the levying of revenue for various consumer goods. During the first years of the war, they prohibited the export and import of goods to isolated barracks and fortified villages that had sided with the Liberal (Isabeline) cause.

The aduaneros' uniform included corduroy pants, jacket, and vest; a flesh-colored corset; blue beret with white tassel; gray cloak; and alpargatas, a sort of light sandal made of hemp. Their weapons included a bandolier and carbine.

Mariano Jos de Larra wrote a satirical article about them called "Nadie pase sin hablar con el portero" ("No one can pass without speaking first with the doorman").


Work of military uniform

She started drawing and writing poetry in secret circa 1920, but most of her early work has been destroyed; director of the hospital Hans Steck and general practitioner Jacqueline Porret-Forel first took an interest in 1936, and her work was finally discovered by Dubuffet in 1947. He believed Alose cured herself by ceasing to fight against her illness, by choosing to cultivate it and make use of it instead.

Her work is erotic, consisting primarily of beautiful women with voluptuous curves and flowing hair attended by lovers in military uniform. She used the vivid colors of crayons, pencils, and flower juice to fill entire sheets of paper. Her compulsion to make marks on every inch of paper is a "horror vacui" remarkably similar to that of Adolf Wlfli.


Silesian Eagle of military uniform

The Silesian Eagle (German language: Schlesischer Adler) was a medal awarded for fighting the Silesian Uprisings as part of the Freikorps Oberland under the Weimar Republic.

Instituted on the 19 of June 1919 by VI. Armee-Korps Generalleutnant Friedrich von Friedeburg, the Silesian Eagle declined itself in two classes, 2nd class for three months of service and 1st class for 6 months of service and could be adorned with oak leaves, swords, or both. This medal was one of the few Freikorps awards that were allowed to be worn on uniforms during the Third Reich after the 1935 ban on unofficial medals. However, the swords, and oak leaves, denoting additional bravery, merit or service were banned, but despite interdictions, many veterans continued wearing them in active military service with the Third Reich.


Campus and academics of military uniform

Hill Military Academys original campus was located in a residential area in northwest Portland. The campus consisted of two buildings, the main building and an armory. The two-story armory measured 50 by 100 feet and included a drill hall and workshops. Hills main building was a four-story structure with battlements on the exterior wall, and in general designed in the Scots Baronial Style. This building housed the boarding students of the academy.

Students at Hill wore uniforms and attended college preparatory classes as well as classes in the military department. The school had both boarding students and day class enrollees. Summer courses were held at camps held on the Oregon Coast or in the mountains. The school was considered a pioneer in military education in the Pacific Northwest.


Aircrew Badge (Nazi) of military uniform

The Aircrew Badge (German: Fliegerschaftsabzeichen) was a German military decoration awarded to members of the German Air Sports Association (Deutscher Luftsportverband or DLV e. V.), an organisation set up by the Nazi Party in March 1933 to establish a uniform basis for the training of military pilots. The German Air Sports Association was a cover organization for the future German Air Force (Luftwaffe). Its chairman was the future Commander in Chief of the Luftwaffe Hermann Gring and its vice-chairman Ernst Rhm. Since the Treaty of Versailles officially forbade Germany from building fighter planes of any sort, the German Air Sports Association used gliders to train men who were still officially civilians for the future Luftwaffe. It was the first qualification badge recognized by the Luftwaffe.



Organization of military uniform

Although the regiment was organized on January 11, 1812 the regimental colonel, James Burn, was not appointed until April 25. Secretary of War William Eustis delayed recruiting for almost a month, then allowed recruitment of only three out of twelve companies. No clothing or equipment was supplied until September and October. The regiment was not fully equipped until December. Purchase of horses had been ordered in March but by September only half the regiment was mounted; many of its mounts were unfit for service. Eustis scattered the regiment from the Ohio River to New England. One company disappeared from the War Department's records.

While stationed at Sackett's Harbor, New York, both the 1st and 2nd Regiments had their strength increased by the transfer of soldiers from the 26th Infantry Regiment.


Support of military uniform

Anti-abortion organizations strongly supported the act. On July 3, 2003, the U.S. Judiciary Committee heard testimony for and against passage of the UVVA. Feminists for Life of America President Serrin Foster submitted her own testimony, as well as that of Sharon Rocha. In addition, Foster argued against passage of an alternative bill by Rep. Zoe Lofgren, which would have provided "additional punishment for certain crimes against women when the crimes cause an interruption in the normal course of their pregnancies" but not treated the unborn child as a second victim. "We are asking our elected representatives to honestly answer the question in the case of Laci Peterson and baby Conner," Foster asked. "Was there one victim or two? Those who support the single-victim substitute would deny women justice."


Early life and First World War of military uniform

Stantke was born in Fitzroy, Victoria, on 15 August 1886. Educated at the University of Melbourne, he served in the Australian Military Forces as a senior cadet from 1906, and was commissioned through this scheme, reaching the rank of captain by 1909. However, after working as teacher at Brighton Grammar School, in 1911 he relinquished his previous rank and joined the Permanent Military Forces. In the Permanent Force, he was appointed to the Administrative and Instructional Staff (A & I Staff), as a lieutenant, before transferring to the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) during the First World War, and being posted as the adjutant of the 29th Battalion on the Western Front during 1917 and 1918. Promoted to captain, in 1919 he served as Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General, 1st Division before returning to Australia later that year.


Louisbourg Grenadiers of military uniform

The Louisbourg Grenadiers was a temporary unit of grenadiers formed by General James Wolfe in 1759 to serve with British Army forces in the Quebec campaign of the Seven Years' War.

Grenadiers from the 22nd, 40th, and 45th regiments were brought together by Wolfe at the Fortress of Louisbourg in Nova Scotia in preparation for action along the St. Lawrence River. The unit was involved in numerous battles during the months-long prelude to the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, including the ill-fated Battle of Beauport on July 31, 1759. After Quebec City's capture, the Grenadiers went on to be involved in the fall of Montreal the next year. After the end of the Seven Years' War, the unit was disbanded and its members returned to their original regiments.


Commodore (Canada) of military uniform

Commodore (Cmdre) is the lowest flag officer rank in the Royal Canadian Navy of the Canadian Forces. It is equivalent to Brigadier General in the Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force. It is junior to Rear Admiral and Major General, and senior to Captain and Colonel.

A wide gold band with executive curl is displayed on each sleeve of the service dress and mess dress. Shoulder boards and rank slip-ons have a single maple leaf, above which is a crossed sabre and baton surmounted by St Edward's Crown.

Navy uniform variations

Current shoulder board and cuff insignia

Dress uniform tunic - pre-2010

Cuff insignia - July 2010

Shoulder boards for:short-sleeve shirt,tropical white tunic,summer white mess dress,2C shipboard mess dress

Uniform shirts

CADPAT uniform


Auxiliary Marine Safety (Trident) Device of military uniform

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary has a similar device called the Auxiliary Marine Safety (Trident) Device. This device is awarded after completion of:

The following marine safety courses: Introduction to Marine Safety and Environmental Protection; FEMA Emergency Management Institute Courses ICS 100, ICS 200, ICS 210 or ICS 300, IS 700 and IS 800; and the Ocean Conservancy Good Mate Course.

Four Performance Qualification Standards (PQS) as described in the USCG Auxiliary Marine Safety Performance Qualification Standards.

Five years of service in Marine Safety & Environmental Protection missions (consisting of at least 96 hours of service per calendar year); however, a conditional award of this device may be awarded based on a recommendation from the local USCG Captain of the Port if all aforementioned requirements are met other than the five years of service.


Celebrations of the golden jubilee of military uniform

After the parade in Moscow the demonstration march of the workers of various sectors of the Soviet Union took place, preceded by an historic fireworks display at the beginning- one that had never been done before to mark the golden jubilee anniversary of the Revolution. The daytime fireworks display was a once in a lifetime moment and one of the big highlights of that year's Red Square parade. There were parades in cities such as Yerevan, Baku, Tselinograd (modern day Nur-Sultan), Priozersk, and Kubyshev (modern day Samara). During the parade on Lenin Square in Baku, the parade was opened by a guard of honor (from the Baku Higher Combined Arms Command School) instead of drummers, one of the first cities to do that in their annual parade.

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