Laptop Recommendation: Dell's Achievement of 5000 Light and Thin Performance Business Book Is Worth

"Complete the task efficiently without neglecting any detail", which is the most basic requirement of each workplace "elite" for their own work. They are collectively referred to as "ultimate pursuers". How to make file processing one step faster? How to deal with more challenges? These are explained in Dell's 5000 14 / 15 inch [thin performance business book].

Dell G7 game book (G7 7588-d1865w)

It is recommended to buy Dell's official website ï¿¥ 6898

In terms of product design, Dell achievement 5000 [light performance business book] adopts fashionable appearance design and perfect hardware combination to easily meet the diversified use needs in daily work and entertainment, and further improve work efficiency and use experience.

The narrow side is strong and free from the shackles of the wide side

The narrow frame is another evolution of the performance business book. The narrow frame adopted by Dell achievement 5000 [light and thin performance business book] not only improves the screen area, but also brings small body volume. Obviously, only the 8.45mm frame and the highest 78.35% screen share bring users a broader visual experience, and the small body also means that it has strong portability.

In terms of appearance, the two appearance colors of urban gray and glacier silver are very business model, coupled with warm frosted texture, so that they are fearless every time they appear.

No fear of heavy responsibilities, really strong

Dell achievement 5000 [thin performance business book] although it is so thin, there is no room for any slack in performance. It is equipped with a new eighth generation intelligent Intel ® CoRE ™ The processor (quad core) solves the efficiency problem from the core, and the efficiency is generated by the core!

Compared with the seventh generation core processor, the performance of the new eighth generation four core processor has increased by 40%. It adopts Intel thermal velocity boost technology, and the Rui frequency acceleration can reach up to 4.6ghz, making it easy to handle multitasking.

With the powerful kernel and NVIDIA MX130 gddr5 2GB independent graphics card, the picture presentation is delicate and stable, and the picture processing is not stuck, which can better meet the entertainment needs of work and leisure, and enjoy the mainstream online games.

The large pcle hard disk is too fast for work to catch up with you

Buy a mobile hard disk to make up for the lack of computer memory? The mobile hard disk is not only poor in portability, but also outweighs the loss in case of loss or damage. How to save it happily and use it safely?

Dell achievement 5000 [thin and light performance business book] optional 8GB DDR4 memory 256gb pcle solid state disk, with strong reading performance and fast response without waiting. The boring reading waiting time in the past has been liberated, and the office efficiency has been greatly improved.

The large storage space of 256gb makes it no longer impossible to place a large number of working files. The dual hard disks and dual memory slots provided with the machine provide more possibilities for memory expansion and give users more choices.

Hard disk has more "sense of security"

Dell achievement 5000 [thin and light performance business book] provides a better guarantee for the most vulnerable position. Even if it suffers the most fatal impact, it can still smile. Rest assured that the files are safe enough. We just need to pick up the computer and continue working.

Dell achievement 5000 [thin and light performance business book] is embedded with a free fall sensor. Any falling movement with a distance of more than 12.7cm can be immediately sensed by the sensor, and the hard disk head can be locked urgently. The whole sensing time reaches the limit speed of 0.2 seconds. Such a rapid response time can not only protect the hard disk and files, but also avoid the huge damage caused by free fall Big worry.

In addition to the hard disk drop protection, Dell achievement 5000 [thin performance business book] optional boot key integrates fingerprint identification, which makes boot and wake-up faster and easier. Advanced fingerprint identification algorithm allows you to wake up the computer instantly without occupying your hands. Just press with your finger, you can say goodbye to the era of two-step unlocking! Fingerprint unlocking greatly strengthens the working files and personal privacy in the computer The protection of documents makes confidential documents impeccable!

Professional service, rest assured

Computer failure is no longer running around. Solve computer failure at the first time and only need to deal with it from time to time.

The 2-year door-to-door warranty of the whole machine saves more time, so that you can reasonably plan your working hours and master all work.


*Door to door service: for faults that fall within the scope of hardware warranty and cannot be solved through remote diagnosis, Dell usually sends engineers and / or sends spare parts within agreed working days after the completion of remote diagnosis. The response time may vary depending on the supply of parts, geographical location and terms of service.

*Scope of the whole machine: only the first year includes batteries.

For more service details, please visit the direct Dell official website

8 interface in one body, only back computer, no back cable

Complete 8 interfaces make great achievements! Because they meet all your needs and make your work and life carefree.

The most noteworthy thing is that only the full-function type-C interface can meet the functions of file, video transmission, charging and reverse charging, and one can rival hundreds as needed. It has one port for multiple purposes and greatly improves the transmission speed. The full-function type-C interface has faster data throughput capacity, making the transmission extremely efficient. Dell's achievement 5000 fuselage retains the HDMI 1.4b video output interface, It supports up to 4 screen linkage display, avoiding the embarrassing situation of "less hate when speaking to using" at work.

Dell's achievement 5000 [light and thin performance business book] is almost "extreme" in terms of appearance design and configuration. Its strength will also provide more possibilities for workplace elites.

New achievements â„¢ 5000 lightweight performance business book

Equipped with the eighth generation of intelligent Intel ® CoRE ™ I7 processor

When purchasing, it is also equipped with Dell s2719hs three-sided micro frame display. It has three ultra narrow frames, which can rotate, lift, pitch and swing. You can fully control the field and arrange your two desktops. The full HD IPS screen supports 178 ° visual angle, and the color is consistent from any angle. S2719hs three-sided micro frame display can reduce visual loss and improve work efficiency by 18%. At the same time, it can be equipped with km117 Wireless keyboard and mouse suit, experience smooth operation, and master the important task.

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