Launched Xiaolong 4100 Wearable Device Platform

Our demand for smart watches has already exceeded the basic applications such as receiving mobile phone alerts. Today, we not only hope that traditional functions such as motion monitoring can be more powerful and intelligent, but also expect smart watches to have more functions and have longer battery life.

In order to better provide you with excellent wearable experience, we launched Xiaolong 4100 wearable device platform, which is designed based on ultra-low power hybrid architecture and can bring enhanced and richer wearable experience to the new generation of smart watches.

Lightweight and powerful

To achieve more functions on a square gauge, powerful performance is the key. Xiaolong 4100 wearable device platform integrates quad core A53 processor and Adreno 504 graphics processor, and is equipped with dual ISPs supporting up to 16 million pixel cameras. It achieves more than 85% performance improvement over the previous generation products, which can bring faster application startup speed and smoother user experience.

The peak version of the little genius Z6 with 13 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front camera

Enhanced scene

With the support of strong performance, Xiaolong 4100 wearable device platform can provide interaction, situation, movement, watch and other modes to deal with different scenarios, fully realize the enhanced experience of smart watches, so that smart watches can more specifically meet the different needs of users in various use scenarios.

Equipped with double-layer screen 2.0, ticwatch Pro 3 provides intelligent and lasting use modes

Long endurance

With more and more functions, the endurance of smart watches is also important. Xiaolong 4100 wearable device platform adopts advanced 12NM process technology and dual DSP architecture optimized for low power consumption to bring more lasting endurance performance to smart watches.

Today, we will introduce two smart watches equipped with Xiaolong 4100 wearable device platform to feel the powerful features of the next generation of smart watches.

Little genius Z6 peak Edition

As a smart watch for children, the peak version of little genius Z6 adopts a distinctive design style. The watch strap with magnetic flash buckle and 360 rotating dial can fully arouse curiosity and meet children's desire for exploration.

With the support of Xiaolong 4100 wearable device platform, the peak version of xiaogenius Z6 is equipped with a 13 million pixel rear camera and a 5 million pixel front camera. In addition, the rear camera also supports 8x digital zoom and PDAF phase focusing, bringing a more powerful video call and shooting experience.

Xiaolong 4100 wearable device platform based on 12NM process technology supports low-power location tracking and enhanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology. It has long-lasting endurance performance for the peak version of little genius Z6. Parents can guard it all day and rest assured.

TicWatch Pro 3

The design style of ticwatch Pro 3 is simple and atmospheric. The stainless steel body is full of metal texture, and the silicone strap with saddle suture shape is more high-end and elegant. Versatile appearance, which can be integrated into various scenes of work and life.

Ticwatch Pro 3 adopts innovative double-layer screen, 2.0, 1.39 inch AMOLED screen and FSTN LCD screen, which can provide two different display modes and bring two use scenarios of intelligent mode and persistent mode.

In intelligent mode, the AMOLED screen of ticwatch Pro3 can present rich functions and interactions with gorgeous colors and fine definition. In persistent mode, the backlight FSTN LCD can display key information such as time, motion data and heart rate, and bring an ultra long battery life of up to 45 days.

Ticwatch Pro 3 supports independent calls, is equipped with wear OS system, and has a rich and stable application ecology. In terms of sports health, ticwatch Pro 3 has 13 sports modes such as mountaineering, swimming, cycling and yoga, and adds the blood oxygen saturation detection function to master its own blood oxygen indicators at any time.

With the characteristics of high performance, low power consumption and comprehensively enhanced scene experience, Xiaolong 4100 wearable device platform helps to create a powerful and scene rich smart watch and bring an extraordinary intelligent wearable experience.

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