LED Lamp Strip Installation Wiring Diagram_ Five Methods of Installing LED Lamp Strip

What is led light band

LED light strip refers to the assembly of LED on strip FPC (flexible circuit board) or PCB hard board, which is named because its product shape is like a strip. Because of its long service life (generally the normal service life is 80000 100000 hours), and very energy-saving and green environmental protection, it has gradually emerged in various decoration industries.

LED light band classification

LED lamp strips are generally divided into flexible LED lamp strips and led hard lamp strips, but they generally also include old-fashioned lamp strips connecting LEDs with wires, such as flat three wire 4.3w/m, flat four wire 6.48w/m, flat five wire 8.64w/m lamp strips, etc.

1. The flexible LED light band is assembled with FPC as the assembly circuit board and patch LED, so that the thickness of the product is only the thickness of a coin and does not occupy space; General specifications include 18 LEDs, 24 LEDs, 15 LEDs, 24 LEDs, 30 LEDs, etc. There are also 60cm, 80cm, etc. different users have different specifications. It can be cut at will or extended at will without affecting the luminescence. The FPC material is soft and can be bent, folded and wound arbitrarily. It can move and expand freely in three-dimensional space without breaking. It is suitable for irregular places and places with narrow space. Because it can be bent and wound arbitrarily, it is suitable for any combination of various patterns in advertising decoration.

2. The LED hard light strip is an assembly circuit board made of PCB hard board. The LED can be assembled with patch LED or in-line led. Different components are used according to different needs. The advantage of hard light strip is that it is easy to fix, and it is convenient to process and install; The disadvantage is that it can not be bent at will and is not suitable for irregular places. There are 18 LEDs, 24 LEDs, 30 LEDs, 36 LEDs, 40 LEDs and many other specifications for patch LEDs for hard light strips; There are 18, 24, 36, 48 and other different specifications with in-line led. There are both front and side. The light emitting on the side is also called the Great Wall light bar.

LED light band characteristics

1. Soft and can curl freely.

2. You can cut and extend. 3. The light bulb and passage are completely covered in flexible plastic, with good insulation and waterproof functions and safe use.

4. Strong weather resistance.

5. It is not easy to break and has a long service life.

6. Easy to manufacture graphics, text and other shapes; It has been widely used to decorate and illuminate buildings, bridges, roads, gardens, courtyards, strata, false flower boards, furniture, buses, lakes, underwater, posters, plasters, signs, etc.

LED light band installation environment

When the LED light strip is used outdoors, it will be eroded by rain and ultraviolet rays. If 3M glue is used for fixing, the 3M glue will be reduced over time, resulting in the falling off of the LED light strip. Therefore, the installation of outdoor LED soft light strip often adopts the way of slot fixing. Where cutting and connection are required, the method is the same as that for indoor installation, but waterproof glue needs to be additionally equipped to consolidate the waterproof effect of the connection point.

Installation and wiring diagram of LED lamp strip

(1) The first kind of lamp strip wiring method: (welding method)

The first step is to determine whether the installed light strip / LED light strip uses high-voltage or low-voltage power (considering the power safety, it is best to select the light strip started by low-voltage power). After selecting the low-voltage LED light strip, you need to first observe that there are two dots on every three light beads on the light strip, and then weld the wire to the dots. However, some children's shoes will choose high-voltage lamp strips in consideration of brightness and illumination. If it is high-voltage, it is OK to plug it in with a pin and connect it to the household power supply of 220 volts.

(2) The second lamp strip wiring method: (terminal wiring method)

Firstly, all the lamp beads are connected in a mixed way and connected in series with a number of resistors. This is a lamp belt with specified 12V DC power supply. Directly connect the two output lines of 12V DC power supply (regulated or non regulated) to the positive and negative wiring terminals of the lamp belt, and then insert the power plug into the household AC power socket, or directly drive the lamp belt with 12V battery pack.

(3) The third connection method of lamp belt: (driver connection method)

First of all, the lamp strips with all lamp beads in series need to be equipped with capacitive ballast constant current driver (there is also a better switching constant current driver, which is suitable for driving low-voltage lamp strips). Insert the two pins of the driver plug into the wire core with two leads according to the correct polarity, and then insert the driver power plug into the household 220 volt AC power socket.

Five methods of LED lamp belt installation

â‘  Four wire led light strip has four wires in total, three rows of lights (note that it is not four rows of lights ), 24 lights per row of 1m, 24 * 3 = 72. Because the power of each lamp bead is 0.05W, the power of 72 bead LED lamp band is: 72 * 0.05 = 3.6W.

â‘¡ The bandwidth of four wire led lamp is about 22mm, the thickness is about 8mm, and the weight is about 0.25kg/m (4m / kg)

â‘¢ Each LED lamp belt must be equipped with a special plug (plug with transformer); When connecting, the transparent plastic cover plate must be removed, and then covered after connecting the test lamp. Do not connect directly with cover, so it is easy to short circuit!

â‘£ There is a "hinge shear" sign per meter, which can only be cut when the sign is cut. If it is cut wrong or deviated, it will cause one meter not to shine! Some will miss the mark. It's best to carefully look at the position of the mark before cutting, and cut it according to the local area where the center is not connected. If you look carefully, you can see.

⑤ When the LED lamp belt device is installed, it is usually placed in the lamp slot and straightened. It can also be fixed with thin rope or thin iron wire. If external or vertical installation is required, the clip and tail plug shall be purchased separately. The original clip is fully transparent. It is best to apply waterproof glass glue at the tail plug and plug after the installation, so that the waterproof function is better.

Precautions for installation of LED light strip

â‘  Do not turn on the LED light strip when the whole roll of LED light strip is not removed from the package or piled into a ball;

â‘¡ When the LED light strip needs to be cut according to the length of on-site installation, the light strip can only be cut at the place marked with scissors, otherwise one of the units will not light up. Generally, the length of each unit is 1.5-2m;

â‘¢ When connecting the power supply or two lamp strips in series, first bend the head of the colorful lamp to the left and right to expose the wire in the lamp strip by about 2-3mm, cut it clean with scissors without burrs, and then connect it with a male pin to avoid short circuit;

â‘£ Only led colorful lamp strips with the same specification and voltage can be connected in series with each other, and the total length of series connection shall not exceed the maximum allowable length;

⑤ When the LED lamp strips are connected in series with each other, try to light up one section for each section, so as to find out whether the positive and negative electrodes are wrongly connected and whether the light emission direction of each section of the lamp strip is consistent;

â‘¥ The end of the lamp belt must be covered with PVC tail plug, fastened with clamp, and then sealed around the interface with neutral glass glue to ensure safety.

⑦ Because the LED has single guide electricity, if the power cord with AC / DC converter is used, the power on test shall be carried out after the power connection is completed to ensure that the positive and negative electrodes are correctly connected before putting into use.

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