Makeup Tips for Dark Brown Hair and Green Eyes?

Makeup tips for dark brown hair and green eyes?

Makeup Tips for Dark Brown Hair and Green Eyes? 1

Just use dark colors-black sorta thick eyeliner and a dark brown eyeshadow with thick mascara. Hope that helps

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Is there any way of naturally darkening Dark Brown hair?

you can use vegetable based henna products. Just make sure there is no ammonia added

Makeup Tips for Dark Brown Hair and Green Eyes? 2

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How to dye hair with dark Blonde roots with dark brown hair?

When you did your hair before, were you coloring over another dye job, or was it your natural color that you dyed dark mahogany brown the first time? If you use the same color/brand etc and did your roots it *should* match, if your first time of mahogany was over your natural color. If you mix with black, its most likely going to go completely black (black saturates really well and will most likely just look straight black) I would suggest mixing a darker brown without the red tint to it, with the mahogany and try that. If the time you dyed it mahogany was over a previous dye job, your best bet would be to strip the colors out and dye your whole head the color you want, then it should continue to match if you use the same dye every time.

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Would I look good with dark brown hair..?

Hard to say do not know what you look like

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blue eyes dark brown hair fair skin how rare is it?

not rare at all.....its all in genes

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Will a Dark Red Show Up in Dark Brown Hair?

it prolly will. just not with kool aid. if you dye it with kool aid you will only see red tints in the sun light. if you use a box dye it might work cuz its more effective than kool aid.

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dark / deep burgundy on dark brown hair..?

wow thats a hot hair color i think you should definitely do it it will make your brown eyes pop and your skin glow

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What hair color goes good with dark brown hair?

haha i ve never heard of coonstripes before but im pretty sure you mean highlights but anyway, i would say pink,blue,or purple would be good. maybe a nuetral color? try something summery. hope i helped and good luck!

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How can I fade dark brown hair dye?

Home Remedy: Anti-dandruff shampoos, such as Head and Shoulders, will work to remove hair dye. Mix it with baking soda and apply it to wet hair while in the shower. Rinse the mixture out and repeat the process several times to remove all of the hair dye. Store Bought: store-bought hair color remover. If none of these work, try recoloring your hair back to your original.

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How do I bleach dark brown hair?

Buy Peroxide or whatever crap they sell in the beauty section of the drug store

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burgundy permanent dye for my dark brown hair?

you say your hair dresser is supposed to be dyeing your hair. so does she want you to buy the hair dye for her to use? what instructions did your hair dresser give you? did she tell you to bleach it? what is your natural hair color? i want to say, first and foremost, DO NOT bleach your hair unless you have instructions from your stylist to do so. even if she does tell you to bleach it yourself, i would think twice. if she's going to put the hair dye on for you, why would not she bleach it for you as well? also, i think it's very odd that your stylist wants you to bring her a dye from a store. every hair salon i've ever been to has had their own products, and, unless she has some other motive (a bad or good motive: maybe she is not a licensed hair dresser and needs you to bring her the product, or maybe she wants you to choose a store-bought color so that you can dye it on your own after she does the initial coloring) i can not imagine any reputable hair stylist asking a client to bring in a store-bought color. but again, i have to emphasize this: DO NOT BLEACH YOUR HAIR. bleaching your hair is a stressful and possibly painful process, and it can result in extremely dry and damaged hair, weird colors, and lots of trips to the salon to correct the damage and weirdness. unless your hair is black, you should not need to bleach your hair in order to obtain a bright burgundy color. i suggest you get a second opinion from another hair salon. even if you choose to go back to your original hair dresser, getting a consultation from another salon will hopefully give a different perspective and maybe a better result. p.s. even dark brown hair will react with the right dye to give you a bright burgundy. you should not need to bleach it. however, most store-bought brand hair dyes will not offer the vivid color you are looking for. you need a professionally mixed color, so you hair dresser should not be asking you to bring in a store-bought color.

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