Manufacturing of Dies and Molds

The design and manufacturing of dies and molds represent a significant link in the entire production chain because nearly all mass produced discrete parts are formed using production processes that employ dies and molds. Thus, the quality, cost and lead times of dies and molds affect the economics of producing a very large number of components, subassemblies and assemblies, especially in the automotive industry. Therefore, die and mold makers are forced to develop and implement the latest technology in: part and process design including process modeling, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, optimized tool path generation for high speed cutting and hard machining, machinery and cutting tools, surface coating and repair as well as in EDM and ECM. This paper, prepared with input from many CIRP colleagues, attempts to review the significant advances and practical applications in this field.

1. I want to find a company that sells industrial equipments or machinery to produce goat cheese?

I do not know if you are looking to process hundreds of gallons of milk into cheese, or start something at a small hobby farm. not sure how much specific for cheese though .. You may want to ask on the Yahoo Goat Groups .. there is a weatlh of information from those folks! Good Luck

2. How much do you know about TPU film forming methods?-HAITAO MACHINERY CO., LTD

How much do you know about TPU film forming methods? There are many TPU casting machines around us. They are all relatively good. People who have used them know that its effects are better. Instead, use TPU casting machines. For production, what kinds of TPU film forming methods can be divided into? TPU can be processed into products for different purposes by extrusion, injection, blow molding, calendering, melt spinning and other methods, and is widely used in many fields. TPU film is formed by extrusion processing of TPU particles, mainly including blow molding, casting, calendering or calendering sheet molding, and extrusion coating. Blow-molded TPU film: It can be used in shoe materials, waterproof and moisture-permeable clothing fabrics, medical and defense supplies, packaging, tents, sports and leisure equipment, sanitary napkins, toys, civilian daily necessities packaging and other fields, with a wide range of applications. Cast TPU film: can be used in shoe materials, waterproof and moisture-permeable clothing fabrics, weapon packaging, tents, sportswear, daily necessities and other fields; Calendering or calendering: Mainly used in the production of TPU sheet products, used in the production of transparent shoulder straps, medical packaging materials, safety glass laminated films, conveyor belts, interior materials, cushions and other products; Extrusion coating: Generally used to produce composite fabrics, TPU is coated with non-woven fabrics, industrial fabrics, and garment fabrics at one time. It can be used for garment fabrics, trademarks, gloves, etc.

3. help me!! when was the mechanism for lining machinery invented? i know it sounds boring but it'll get u 10pts!?

the mechanism for lining machinery was invented in the late 1800s. i think around 1877? i am not sure. it was definitely the late 1800s, though

4. where do I find information on importing plant machinery into Canada?

Ask the manufacturer of the equipment

5. hou many tons will i need for 2800 sg. ft. commercial bldg. interior of bldg. 30 ft ceiling,insulated on all s?

In order to figure the size of a central A/C unit you would have to provide a lot more information. Such as: What area of the country, because outside temperature and humidity have to be figured into the calculation. In a subtropical location such as south Florida the radiant energy from the sun becomes a factor. What is the insulation factor (wall and ceiling), number of windows and doors to the exterior of the building, load factor; which includes normal # of people occupying that area, machinery being used, lighting, (any source of heat) insulated floor or cement slab. Using an A/C unit that is too large can cause moisture problems within the building and the average temperature would vary each time the A/C unit turned on. The cost in electricity would be too high. Too small and the building would of course stay too hot and the A/C unit would run continuously and again cost more to run than is needed. Depending on what the building is used for the electricity cost to run central air is usually 50 to 70% of your electric bill. Going only with the specs you give I can only give a rough estimate. You would need at least a 4. 5 ton unit up to 5 or 6 Tons depending on a lot of the above factors and the intended use of the building. . You should gather your information and then see some A/C contractors and get estimates. Getting the correct sized and efficient unit will save you in the long run and make for a more usable and comfortable environment within the building. Depending on the size and complexity of the installation you can expect a cost of from 6 to 12 thousand dollars. I know that is not specific enough which is why you need those estimates. (Get more than one)

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