Medical Equipment Giants Cooperate with Baidu to Layout New Medical Business

According to the latest data, Neusoft's total market value is about 15 billion yuan and Baidu's total market value is about 38.4 billion US dollars. The two companies announced cooperation and layout of medical business.

Recently, Baidu and Neusoft Group officially announced their cooperation in Beijing to jointly promote the landing of artificial intelligence and the development of business model in key fields such as smart city and medical health. In the field of medical health, Baidu intelligent cloud will jointly upgrade cloud HIS with Neusoft group (hospital information system). Baidu AI will fully access his product system and carry out research and development in hospital intelligence, so that medical big data can be deeply applied in the pharmaceutical and insurance industries.

At the same time, a "CDSS (Clinical Assistant Decision Support System) special group" based on artificial intelligence technology will be jointly established to promote the application of artificial intelligence assistant decision support system in medical institutions. It is observed that the cooperation between Baidu and Neusoft is not the first time. In March this year, enterprise survey data showed that Shenyang Neusoft Medical System Co., Ltd. had industrial and commercial changes, and the new shareholders included Baidu online network technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., with a subscribed capital contribution of 22.520143 million yuan.

Moreover, according to the industrial and commercial relations, the business scope of Shenyang Neusoft Medical System Co., Ltd. has added on-board medical equipment and other businesses, and the legal representative is Liu Jiren, chairman of Neusoft group. This means that Baidu went further into the field of medical devices and directly took shares in domestic head medical devices companies.

In fact, baidu began to layout medical devices as early as 2018. In 2018, baidu established a "Baidu Lingyi" team within baidu. According to its official website, baidu Lingyi is located in "Ai enabled grass-roots medical treatment", which aims to improve diagnostic ability, reduce misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis rate and serve grass-roots patients through a number of AI technologies. On February 11 this year, enterprise search information showed that the business scope of Baidu online network technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. changed, with the contents of "class II medical devices" and "sales of class III medical devices".

In this regard, baidu responded that it would donate AI fundus screening all-in-one machine to 500 medical points in poor counties across the country, covering 56 million people at risk of eye diseases.

From 2018 to 2019, Baidu, Tencent and Huawei have laid out the medical industry one after another, and recently 5g has been fully launched. It is conceivable that the future medical ecosystem will usher in great innovation.

Liu Jiren, chairman and CEO of Neusoft group, once said publicly that medical reform must be a combination of powerful technology and medical system. At least half or more of the driving force in the future medical system comes from technology, data and artificial intelligence.

The medical model will certainly change, and prevention will become the core driving force of the medical system. Technology will play a more and more important role in hospitals. If a good hospital removes the technical factors, probably no doctor will see a doctor, because all their medical treatment bases come from technical knowledge and data generated by technology.

Artificial intelligence will form a basic platform for drug application, lifestyle management, including the organization of medical resources. The future medical treatment is Pan medical, which can understand more accurate information through wearing and family care, and connect through accurate calculation.

Today's artificial intelligence hopes to see diseases that even the best doctors can't see, but this is not the best direction. Artificial intelligence should help Chinese doctors who are not good enough to improve the efficiency by 5%, 10% and 20%, which is more in line with the needs of the people and the country.

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