Murano Dashboard Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light

There is a booklet in the glove box please read the maintenance reminder section then you can learn how to reset the maintenance interval. Plus in a hour or two of extra reading you will learn how to program the garage opener set the clock and set the automatic drivers seat and mirror positions and tilt and slide seats to exit. Your car is complex enough to deserve better maintenance at the Nissan dealership. And Nissan Technicians need work too!.

1. My brake light (the warning light) comes on when I step on the brakes??

Either it is low on brake fluid or the brakes need bleeding

2. Tire pressure warning light on 2009 Hyundai Elantra?

the tire pressure warning light is only a light that warns you when the tire pressure is below specs. each tire has a sensor inside of it...checke each tire and make sure the are at proper tire pressure. you can check on the driver side door frame for the proper pressure. if you do find a tire bellow spec inflate it and drive it around for a couple miles. the light should come off and if it doesnt then i would take it to the dealership. you may want to inspect your tires for anything obvious like, nails or damage. you dont want to waste time and money taking it to the dealership for something simple, your car care guide should also help you out. good uck

3. just had my pt cruiser serviced now engine warning light flashing what can it mean ?

Oil change places are notorious for not resetting the various whatever-they are -called's that let us know when it's time to change the oil, either by mileage or months. Sometimes, the dealership can forget to push a button, too. Do not panic. Just go back to whoever serviced your vehicle, and ask them to check it out. If they can not do it, take it to the dealership, explain to them what happened (vehicle was serviced; light came on a week later). It's probably something as simple as hitting a reset button. Good luck.

4. 1990 camry brake warning light comes on when hard on brakes.?

it may be in undemanding terms a undesirable sensor, yet you will might desire to bypass to a mechanic to get it fastened. the human beings at vehicle Zone, and places like that, are purely aspects supplyers, the biggest artwork on vehicles they do is placing in batteries and attempting out them. desire this facilitates

5. Dashboard warning light is on. Looks like exclamation point inside a horseshoe shape.?

Take the car back immediately. Immediately. Do not delay, they have thousands of your money. Also ask for the manual

6. check oil warning light

Get your head down the engine bay (after having parked in a safe spot, lifted the handbrake, and left the car in gear if manual or in P if automatic, of course) and see if you have any motor oil leak. Then check the oil level (with a cold engine, the engine off and on flat and level ground) and top up if required (best with the same oil you have inside; otherwise, if you do not know what oil is inside but you know its grade, same oil grade, i.e. if you have a 5W40 inside, top it up with 5W40). If you have no leak, have the oil, and the engine is making no clanking or metallic sound, replace the oil pressure/level switch and clean its electrical connector (they are inexpensive parts and they eventually wear and start leaking oil through the electrical connector). Clean any dirt/oil you see under the engine with a cloth and drive the car around for some time, then check if any oil leak reappears. If you are not leaking any oil and a new pressure switch/level sensor does not solve your problem, you have an electrical issue.

7. i have a vw golf gli hatchback 1996 and it keeps flashing a CAT warning light what does it mean?

It means your catalytic converter is failing, you need to see your mechanic, and it will probably need replacing after 17 years

8. Warning light on the dashboard is showing in my 4 year old?

My 2004 BMW had a problem like that too, occasionally the lights would not work but a few minutes later they would. Go look at the lights in the trunk and pull out the rack with all the bulbs in them. Then unhook the cable and look at it. On mine one of the pins was fried and had to get the wiring harness for my rear lights redone for like $400.

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