My Chinese Scooter Won't Start with the Electric Or the Kick Starter. Does Anyone Know What the Prob

You have to replace ignition coil and the electric points

My Chinese Scooter Won't Start with the Electric Or the Kick Starter. Does Anyone Know What the Prob 1

1. Help with my dirtbike ignition coil replacement?

The wire that goes to the terminal is the 12v wire from the ignition switch, the wire that goes from the- side of the coil goes the points or ignition module.Why did you replace the coil? Sounds like you misdiagnosed the problem in the first place

2. What causes my Toyota Ipsum to misfire and to lose pulling?

I do not know what a Toyota ipsum is but the first place I would look is ignition coil or spark plugs

My Chinese Scooter Won't Start with the Electric Or the Kick Starter. Does Anyone Know What the Prob 2

3. is an ignition coil and an engine coil the same thing?

the way youare wording it . yes . need more info

4. What is the plug wire order in the ignition coil?

if you know where 1-2-3 are, then 4 is across from 3, 5 is across from 2 and 6 is across from 1. 3-4 2-5 1-6

5. On a the mag/pulse sensor technically called a pickup coil, stator coil, or ignition coil?

you can turn the ignition onto the E side of the switch this take the current from the mag coil and does not use the battery side of things have you timed the engine 1/8 B.T.D.C and the points should just be opening 15 thow of a gap you can use a bit of rod or even a round cane mark tdc on rod put bike in gear jirk wheel back way till rod goes down 1/8 on rod points just open job done then fine adjust end plate

6. Will upgrading my ignition coil give me more hp?

It will make no noticeable difference

7. ignition coil issues 2001 chevy prizm?

it feels like the battery has went undesirable in it which will reason this to ensue frequently whilst they bypass this ineffective they are undesirable and gets replaced,except some thing replaced into left on in the motor vehicle that ran all of it the way down identity say its time for a sparkling one,in case you own a battery charger you may attempt charging it,yet be careful if it buries the needle on the charger the battery has undesirable cellular in it,and could could get replaced,sturdy luck with it

8. Is my ignition coil bad? What could this be?

yeah it sounds like the ignition coil or igniter is out. had same probelms on cars. they can just die out sometimes, you did nothing wrong. you can replace the whole distributor if you too mechanic savy. there are test you can do at home to check which. or i have seen this, you could have run really low on oil, not noticed the temp. gauge and the engine blew and now would need a new engine. haha check your oil level, if it's good you should not be this ahah

9. Engine not starting after melted Ignition Coil

going along with what others said, "boiling in the reservoir" will never be caused by a loose radiator cap or thermostat. It sounds then that you had already suffered a blown head gasket, and were getting exhaust gasses pumped into the coolant. This alone wo not wreck an engine, but if it catastrophically fails it will seriously affect your compression readings. Times like this are when you need to ask yourself how much your car is worth and how much you want to spend. No matter the outcome, it's going to be at least a thousand dollars to fix it

10. Pontiac Grand Am GT Ignition Coil?

about 30 bucks for the parts and 50 to put it together in my garage if it is the coil

11. Where can I find a replacement ignition coil for my 1947 Dodge pick-up truck?

you can wire a newer one up to it or get one off hemming motor news,they have sources in their that have access to some of the older ones,if it was me id wire it up for a newer model one,if you want to keep it original then go for the original one on it,if you change it you,ll need the bracket and the coil for it,you can reduce a 12 volt coil to 6 volts real easy,if 6 volts is applied to a 12 volt coil its automatically reduces the out put voltage on it,good luck

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